I knew we had left the highway, but had no idea where. We traveled down a very bumpy road and at a stop sign after a very rough railroad crossing, I heard him say quietly, "yeah baby" so I increased my efforts, "oh yeah, suck that dick" a little louder, Then "OH FUCK!!!" and he grabbed my head and face fucked me like a piston! He came so much I couldn't take it, but when he shoved it down my throat I had no choice, straight down my gullet.

"Whoa boy, that's enough now" Horace finally groaned. With that he started driving again, and then he chuckled, "you that good all the time or just when your trapped naked?" I could feel my face blushing, "I don't know" I eventually replied. "I bet the naked exhibition caused a little of that animal instinct" Horace laughed again. "Well now it's your turn!" With that we pulled into a place I had never seen, looked like a gas station/bar, and we were in the sticks. The parking lot was gravel and there were trucks and a few motorcycles. "What are we doing here?" Horace got a big grin on his face and said "You need gas". We pull up to the pump, and he says, "you better go pay" I'm sure the look of shock on my face said all it needed to, but I replied "Are you nuts?!?" "No" he said, "I'm home and you can't get far with nuthin in the tank, and I'll take you in and introduce you. And with that he got out of the truck taking my keys with him. I sat for a second, but just a second, and jumped out and as quickly as I could without shoes, I followed Horace.

As we entered the convenient store side of the building, the guy behind the counter asked "What you got there Horace?" "Just someone I found on the road. Some bad guys took his stuff and he's had a rough night. " The Guy behind the counter sort of winked at me and said "Tell Hugh to pour him a drink on me."

As we walked into the bar area, it was like cheers "Horace!" No one in the bar even batted an eye and the naked dude. I guess after all I had done that day it was becoming normal. We sat down at the bar after Horace placed a napkin on my barstool. Horace whispered something to the bartender, they chuckled and then looked and me and the bartender winked. I was handed a beer bottle, and Horace a glass of something. The bartender went from one group of guys to the other, whispered to them and each one looked over at me and smiled. "What's going on Horace?" I had to ask. "Nothing to worry about, I told you, it's your turn" He looked at me with a gleam in his eye. "We're just getting ideas for the show" It took a minute for it to seek in, "What show?" I blurted out. The whole bar chuckled. I looked around the room and saw the usual country bar crowd. Older farmer looking dudes in jeans and overalls, and 2 older black guys about Horace's age. There were 3 younger guys, that I had to question if they were older enough to even be up, let alone in a bar. In the back corner and the last table the bartender visited were to very butch women, one very large and solid woman, and one short and very slim. There was a a bit of conversation then some loud raucous laughter, then the bartender left their table looking at me and smiling. He returned to the bar and whispered something to Horace. Horace then told me to go and pay for and go outside and pump my gas. I did as I was told.

Slowly crunching across the gravel lot to my truck under the bright lights I start filling my tank, I look over my shoulder and see the whole bar peering out the window. The sight of being oogled got my attention and I again started getting an erection. I had been a little plumped since we arrived, but now I quickly rose to full mast, I decided to turn around and maybe diminish some of my exposure. As the pump cut off I heard the crunch of the gravel and turned around to see the cute guy from behind the counter walking toward me carrying a rather large dildo. He walked up to me and started kissing me and rubbing the dildo across my chest. "How bad do you want to cum?" he asked. "I need to come pretty bad" I half whispered, this guy was so hot he took, my breath away. "Good, cause I want you to take this dildo and fuck yourself. I want you to come for me AND I don't want you to touch your dick. OK?" I took the dildo in my hand it was big not as big as the one from a few hours ago, but about 6" around and a good 9" long. "I've never cum with out touching myself, but I'll try" I said with less than a strong conviction. "I know you can do it, now do it! Right here" I made a quick look around, and started to insert the dildo in my ass. I bent slightly forward and inserted it all the way in. As I pulled out I felt it hit my prostrate. I'm sure I moaned a little because the cute counter guy said "yeah, like that fuck yourself" I tried to find a way to mimic the strokes of my earlier fuck and in doing so was able to get my own cock swinging, but not slapping against my stomach. I heard the guys coming across the gravel but I didn't look up. I could here them talking trash about the fag whore, and the slut fucking himself with a dildo. Then the cute counter boy started matching my strokes with the dildo with smacks across my ass. The dildo would drag across my prostrate, I would shove it back in, my ass would get a hard SMACK, and my cock would slap my stomach. This went on for a minute or two when a car pulled up in the lot, no one moved and I didn't even look up, I was getting close. More remarks about my well used ass, my big cock, and more swats to my ass and I could feel the orgasm building, then it hit. My legs gave way and I fell to the ground, on my back I lifted my legs and kept pounding at my ass. Counter boy dropped to his knees straddling my head and took both my nipples between his finger nails and I crossed the edge I didn't see it, but I could fell my cock rise off my stomach throb a time or two and shoot 1, 2 ,3 the 4, 5 and just a little 6. Counter boy leaned over and licked the head of my dick causing an orgasm after shock and made my legs start quivering. Then I heard them all groaning, and moaning I opened my eyes as the fellas standing around began to shoot on the ground. I slowly pulled myself up on my truck, Counter boy helped my up and brushed the gravel off my back. All the guys made their way back into the bar, The lesbian couple in the window made a clapping gesture and disappeared. As I came back out of the cloud I looked around and realized there was a sheriff's car in the lot. I freaked out, but Chad, the cute counter guy, assured me that he was only pissed he got here so late. "That was one of the hottest shows Horace has brought us" He told me " You want to come back in for a drink?" As good as the offer was, that orgasm took the wind right out of me. I thanked him for the offer but needed to get home.

It was after midnight and from the directions he gave me it would be late when I got back home. I drove home the 45 minutes naked with no moon roof. On Interstate 20 several truckers honked. Maybe in anger, maybe in lust: I really didn't care. The surface roads were another challenge, At every traffic light homeless folks asking for money and female prostitutes not real friendly about naked guys, the male prostitutes and the drug dealers don't seem to care your naked till you tell them no thanks. Then they start yelling you're naked. I've never been happier to be home. I pulled into my driveway and under my carport. I waited till my auto on lights went off and slowly opened my door and snuck out. I chose to open the back door, and as I entered the backyard I heard my neighbors voice "It's about time you got home, I think you've sucked everyone's cock today but mine" WTF, I thought and dropped to my knees, outdoors, butt naked and barefoot, one more time...



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