I took Pat's cock in my mouth and started sucking. Horace tells me "take it all" So I did right down to the base, and about the time my chin hit scrotum, Horace landed the hardest smack I've ever felt across my ass, driving Pats hard dick another ½ " further than I believed possible. I pulled back and Horace said, "Do it again". Again, I deep throated Pat and as soon as I hit bottom, SMACK! This continued till Pat came in buckets. Some while Pat was all the way down my throat and the rest across my face.

My ass was on fire and I had leaked so much pre-cum between Horace's legs, it felt like I had cum. Horace placed 3 more really hard swats across my ass then he rubbed it gently. "Get up boy" As I stood up I became aware of how much Light was bouncing off the screen right where we had been. Anyone in the theater could see everything that had just happened. "Now I want you to go to everyone in this theater and offer them your services, suck their dick, let them suck your dick, AND make sure even if they say no, you ask them to spank your ass. Okay?" "Okay Horace, but what happened to Dan" I replied. "Your in good hands. Go do what your told and tell them Horace sent you. But don't you cum till you get back here OK?" "Yes Horace", And I set off. The first guy I came to was an old white guy, he looked at me like I had 3 eyes, "Hey, Horace sent me to ask if I could suck your dick ", "No" he replied, "Well maybe you want to fuck my ass?" "No I'm good." "Would you like to suck my cock?" Was my final option. "That I'll do!" He swallowed my whole 8" in one gulp. He worked it like a pro, till I could feel I wasn't far off, so I stopped him. "I can't come yet" I told him, "WHY?" He asked I explained Horace said I couldn't. "SHIT", he replied and obviously angry. "Sorry, would you spank my ass before I go." "FUCK yeah I will you little tease of a whore!" He stood up and slammed me against the wall and wailed 4 HARD whacks across my ass. No One else wanted to suck my cock There was a very fat African American that never answered my question, he stood up and I thought was going to smack me. Instead he shoved me into a seat and under his belly was a cock so fat I could hardly get it in my mouth. He took forever and when I thought he was about to cum, he pulls out and stands me up pulling my by my arm down front to where Horace was setting he bent me over with my head in Horace's Lap and sticks that dick that felt like a 2 liter coke bottle slowly and gently up my ass. I was not quiet. When he started to pound that monster in and out of me I was louder than that bitch on the screen, at one point I rose up and could see a small crowd gathered at the doors in the back. Horace released his big ass dick as well and guided my head down and my mouth took his slick uncut dick. The fat guy was rough and was fucking me hard and making me face fuck Horace with his thrusts. When it was time he abruptly pulled out, pulled me off Horace and spewed volley after volley of hot cum across my face and chest, I sat there, waiting to see what was next. "Are you done?" Horace asked. "No?" I replied. "Ask the young man for your spanking". Shit, "Will you spank my ass? I asked "oh hell yeah!" He replied, and lifted me by my arm again and started dragging me to the emergency exit, I panicked what are you doing! Horace called out "T-bone where you takin' dat boy?"

"I'm taking him out to the back lot and I'm gonna' beat his faggot whore ass!" "No your not. bring him back to me, he's mine." "FUCK!" yelled T-bone and half threw me at Horace, then bent me back over into horace's lap kicked my legs apart and took one hard swing, the swat was hard but the pain came from the smack on my dangling nutsack. Horace stood me up told T-bone to go; he and I started walking up the aisle, which seemed more full than earlier. Horace asked "Well boy you done or you want to keep going?" "I think I'm done." I replied. "Well not quite." Horace said. "First I need to cum, and I need to see you come. And we need to get you to your car." "My keys! Where the fuck are my keys?"

"I got your keys in my pocket. You're fine. Now I'm gonna' fuck that ass, and your gonna' put on one more show. You ready?" I realized we were in the lobby again, and I was the only white guy I could see. "I can't be out here!" I protested. "Ms. Kim went home we can have you wherever we want you" Horace explained. Then he led me up the stairs to the main lobby. "This is Sam one of ms Kim's nephews and he wants to watch you suck my dick, then your gonna drive me home"..."But I don't have any clothes" I tried to argue. "Yeah, and you're standin' butt ass nekid in the front lobby of this theater, with a beautiful hard on." He said with a smile, "now suck my dick!"

I could've have said no to this "request", but I didn't. In the main lobby of the theater, with many folks on the sidewalk out front heading to the clubs in the center, shielded from view only by the reflective glass wall I dropped to my knees and allowed Horace to face fuck me.

We had just started and Sam yells out " Hey you guys cool it, Cops!" I look up and see a DeKalb county police car pulling up to the curb. Sam opens the office door and yells

"Naked guy in here, Horace go!" I dashed in the ticket booth and he pushes me under the counter. Just as the front bell rings, he slides his chair up against me with his legs on either side of me. With my face in his crotch, he buzzes the cop in.

"Evening Sam", the officer says "We got a call there was someone running around naked and forcing himself on folks. So I gotta walk through".Sam argued "Nobody naked here, not allowed!" .

The officer must have stepped away from the counter because Sam flipped a light switch on and off. Then said " you do me " and he slid one leg of his shorts up releasing his hard on. I had to stretch a little to get it in my mouth but did and he slid forward and I was able to give it my full attention. After a few minutes Sam started to make some sounds that let me know he was getting close. "I heard the cop say You ok Sam?" "fine I'm fine" Sam replied, squeezing my head between his knees trying to stop my movement. Instead I started using my tongue all around the head of his cock. I could hear the cop droning on, and Sam was squirming and I kept stimulating him with my tongue. The cop snickered and said "Well Sam, I'll let you get back to it" and as soon as I heard the door Sam grabbed my head and started Face fucking me like a mad man! When he did come he shoved his cock as far down my throat as he could then slapped me across the face, hard. "You bad faggot!" he said. "I helping you and you make Sam squirm like woman!" got it, hates fags and women, now I see. " I put you out on street and see how you act" Sam almost screamed at me. "Please Sam, I was only trying to make you feel good" I lied. "I wasn't trying to be bad" again lying. "Please let me go find Horace, and I'll leave." "Get out! Go get Horace and get out!" Sam shouted. I went to the door and tried it but it was locked and I pulled again, Sam walked over and stopped behind me "bad faggot" he mumbled again. I started to turn around, when I felt a hard swat on my ass cheek, followed by another, then it felt like he was using both hands slapping as hard as he could on both cheeks. I couldn't help myself I started to beg him to stop, the more I pleaded the harder he hit, and the harder he hit the harder I got. Then he stopped. Just stopped, lightly touched my ass, and reached around and unlatched the door. "what is your name?" he asked quietly. "uh, I'm Tom" I answered. "Thank you Tom, go find Horace, go home, get rest, come back soon" Sam said very politely "I will" and went out into the lobby for the 3rd or 4th time naked and hard.



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