I started to turn around, when I felt a hard swat on my ass cheek, followed by another, then it felt like he was using both hands slapping as hard as he could on both cheeks. I couldn't help myself I started to beg him to stop, the more I pleaded the harder he hit, and the harder he hit the harder I got. Then he stopped. Just stopped, lightly touched my ass, and reached around and unlatched the door. "what is your name?" he asked quietly. "uh, I'm Tom" I answered. "Thank you Tom, go find Horace, go home, get rest, come back soon" Sam said very politely "I will" and went out into the lobby for the 3rd or 4th time naked and hard.

I found Horace sitting in theater #1 with a young black guy attached to his cock. "Hey Horace, you busy?" I asked "Hee hee, naw nutin' important, You want to go streakin" he laughed. "Not really, but if that's my only choice" I replied. "Okay son, that's enough, gotta take care of some business" he said to the young man blowing him. The twink looks up at me with a nasty look on his face till he sees me, "what the fuuuu.." he kind of squealed. "Your naked!" it almost sounded like a question. At this point in my ordeal, being naked and hard didn't seem that odd. "Yes he is." Answered Horace," and I think you need to eat on his ass before we go". Before I could respond he had the guys face deep in my ass and all I could do was bend forward and allow it to happen. Horace let out a low chuckle and ground him deeper into my ass, he took my cock in his hand and lightly stroked it. "Yeah we got a bit more fun to have before we go, you need to fuck this ass doncha son?" he half asked half ordered the twink with his tongue in my ass. "SURE" he said a little too enthusiastically for my taste, and Horace allowed him to stand up and away from my ass but kept his hand on my back so I didn't stand. "you done here tonight or you planning on playing some more?" Horace asked the young man, "I'll be done when I fuck that" the guy kinda squealed. He was a touch effeminate. Horace instructed" we're gonna get out of here, but I think out back will be a good place, if you know what I mean. This white boy ain't never been back there" then they both laughed.

Horace let me up and we left with me leading the way and Horace guiding me holding both of my arms behind, as we walked own the center aisle I could here guys getting up and following us and it sounded like a crowd. Horace turned me to the left when we got down front and we headed for the emergency exit, "I can't go out this way" I protested. "Shut up and do as your told" Horace said as he shoved me through the door. No alarm went off, there was no light, of course. It was very dark outside. I could see okay, but it was dark. I could see the traffic on the road, but it was a good distance away. Horace pushed me over to a stack of pallets and placed my hands on them. "Don't lay on these, you'll get splinters " Horace advised "Come on and fuck this ass!" Horace said rather loudly. I heard the young guy giggle, then I felt what seemed like a very warm beer bottle push it's way through my cheeks, and thud against my sphincter. "Horace stop him it's too big!" I pleaded. "Naw it ain't, you'll be fine" Horace assured me. "any body got any lube?" I heard Horace ask, and I looked over my shoulder to the crowd of 10 or 12 Black guys 2 older white guys, one being my neighbor, and what appeared to be 5 or 6 very disheveled homeless looking people. The latter were back against the wall and I couldn't make out their gender let alone their skin color.

At no time during this did the nelly guy let up the pressure on my ass hole, and it was starting to work. He was slowly starting to get access. I heard some whispering and the giant receded slightly and I felt some cold liquid squirt into the area between me and he. Then the pressure started again, only this time it went in a little, then it stopped and the pressure again and I could tell more entered. Again pull back, and more pressure more entry. About the 5th attempt the head popped in. It felt massive, but the patience and perseverance was an amazing experience. It took about 10 minutes to get in. I can't explain it, but I was in complete and total control of this massive black cock. His control was incredible. It is the biggest dick I had ever experienced, and the fact I was outside naked behind a building was having no bearing on my pleasure. The young guy behind me finally made full entry, I could feel his balls bounce against my ass, and his coarse pubes scratch my back. Then the fucking started, the first thrust was unexpected after 10 minutes of gentle slow entry, when he slammed into my ass I was completely taken by surprise. I know they had to hear me grunt across the building. Then I felt my nipples being pinched, followed by my cock being stroked. There was someone sliding under my legs and positioning themselves under me and nelly guy. I could feel their hot breath on my balls and then their tongue. Every time I started to look under me someone yanked on my nipples and I my head jerked up. Someone grabbed my head and started kissing me hard and deep, So for the second time today I was in the middle of an orgy. Only this time it's outside. Still, I'm the center of attention. My big dicked effeminate lover hadn't slowed down since he started. It's impossible to judge time in a situation like this, but it seemed like 20 minutes of constant pounding, with my balls and taint licked. My dick slapping my stomach my nipples being kneaded and a tongue down my throat, constant stimulation and no release yet for me, though my dick slapping against my stomach and the huge piece of meat dragging across my prostate was having it's effect on me. I could feel the beginning of an orgasm building and I began to grind into my lover with increased vigor, when suddenly it stopped. All of it. Someone spun me around and pushed me to my knees. There in my face was the biggest piece of cock I had ever seen when it shot a huge string of cum right at my face, and I felt the tongue on my ass again. There must have been 5 or 6 spurts of cum landing in my hair, my goatee, almost my eyes but I shut them. When I opened them again There was a different dick in my face and then 2 then 3 and they one by one unloaded a volley of sperm onto my head and shoulders, the last 2 I saw where 2 of the homeless guys. The world was still spinning and someone was still working my ass with his tongue It was getting to be too much and I had to stand up, underneath me was another of the homeless guys as naked as me. He just smiled and kept stroking his rather smallish dick and quickly shot a stream of cum across his chest. He looked up at me and smiled. Just like the first time, as the euphoria cloud lifted, I was barefoot, naked, covered in cum and alone. This time I'm outside in a crummy part of town, and 2 busy African American night clubs are between me and my truck. I called out Horace's name, but no response. Even the naked homeless guy was gone. I walked slowly and carefully through the debris toward the end of the building with no fence across it. The furthest to where I was, of course. I found a piece of newspaper on the ground and wiped some of the cum from my face, and not effectively. Then I continued to creep toward the corner of the building.

I'm not sure what I expected to do. I knew Horace had my keys and he and they were not available. I had no idea how to get to my truck in this state, naked and covered in cum, and I still had a fucking hard on! I knew that some of the guys used this lot at the end to cruise without spending the 20 bucks to go inside, Hell I had a few times. Maybe one would be sweet and help, or maybe they would freak out and leave or call the police again.

As I got close to the corner on of the cruising guys circled the lot and caught me square in his headlights. I could tell because he stopped then quickly speed off! SHIT! Just as I suspected. Men cruising are always nervous. When I peeked around the corner, there was Horace waiting with a huge smile on his face. "Told ya there was gonna be some fun" he said, and I was so relieved to see him I started to hug him. "not like that son! your a mess!" He handed me a paper towel and I wiped my face. "Where now?" I asked. "It's time for me to be home, you ready" The thought of walking through the parking lot didn't thrill me, but sleeping but behind the building didn't either. " Are you sure we can make it without getting beat up?" I asked as we started walking toward the front corner. "Naw, I can't promise nuthin'." 3 of the parking lot cruisers past one even stopped and whistled. I couldn't help but pause and look back. "come on son!" Horace demanded, and I like a little puppy followed.

The parking lot we had been in was dark no lights but the few headlights that past, the front lot was lit but not great. The sidewalk was like sunshine, I couldn't see shit as Horace pulled me around the corner into the brightness! All I could hear was laughter and a few shrieks. I realized we were right in front of one of the nightclub que lines. It was the end of the line, so we were a good distance from the bouncers, and these folks weren't waiting to start partying. The guys were all pissed, to have to look at a naked dude, and the girls were having a ball with it. I heard Horace explain I had been mugged and he was taking me home. The girls were intent on touching the naked white guy, and the guys were getting more pissed I know a few pics were taken, I saw the flash, I know Horace lingered just a bit longer than I was comfortable with, but I know it was for a reason. "Okay ladies, funs over let me get this poor guy home" Horace kinda yelled over the crowd and he took my arm and started pulling me across the parking lot. My truck was not where I left it it was under one of the security lamps we got within 15 feet of my truck and Horace apparently hit the panic button on my truck. I ran for the drivers side door and Horace shouted "Other side son!" So I dashed to the passenger side, he got in and took his time unlocking my door. I jumped in, a little put out. "Horace why'd you do that?" I asked, " Needed your attention, now take out my dick and start suckin".

As we backed out of the parking lot he rolled down both windows, and I noticed he had removed the moon roof. I knew we were heading to the highway, but other than that I had noo Idea where we were headed. "Just suck my dick and make sure I can see yo dick" So I did, I used all of my skills trying to get this man to come. I deep throated him I used my tongue, I went all the way down on him and used my tongue on his balls. That got a hmm out of him. I worked and worked on him, not paying a bit of attention to my surroundings again. "We got an audience " Horace said I paused long enough to look up at the cutest bear trucker I'd ever seen. He gave me a thumbs up and I went back to sucking. I sucked Horace with everything I had left. And he gave little indication of pleasure or getting close, just a humming noise occasionally. I knew we had left the highway, but had no idea where. We traveled down a very bumpy road and at a stop sign after a very rough railroad crossing, I heard him say quietly, "yeah baby" so I increased my efforts, "oh yeah, suck that dick" a little louder, Then "OH FUCK!!!" and he grabbed my head and face fucked me like a piston! He came so much I couldn't take it, but when he shoved it down my throat I had no choice, straight down my gullet.



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