Have you ever been in one of those sexually charged situations that swept you up so high that you lost all control and all awareness of where you were?

I was in my mid thirties when this happened to me.

I was an active single gay man,. I'm 5' 10", 185 lbs Light Brown hair, naturally smooth, 7 x 6. I have always been an exhibitionist and I love being the center of attention. I lived in Decatur GA, a suburb of Atlanta. We had a small 70's era twin cinema; Now converted to a sleazy XXX theater. An interesting place around lunch time. Usually a very inclusive mix of men from all races, ages and economic levels. Hyundais to Mercedes in the parking lot. I would go two or three times a month watch a little porn, play with a cock or two and up until this day that's all that I ever saw happen.

This day I went a little later than normal, I got stuck on a call that lasted through my lunch and I decided to leave around 2 that day and just take personal time the rest of the day. When I arrived it was a different crowd than I was used to, younger mid 20's to mid 40's. There was not as much activity in the second theater so I moved to the first which had a little more light and was usually less active.

I sat on the side aisle seat and rested my arm on the back of the seat, and stretched my arm into the side aisle. I unbuttoned my shirt and my 501's in anticipation. A large African American guy came down the aisle and brushed my hand as he past. On his trip back up the aisle I was able to get a handful as he passed. He stopped just behind me and rested up against the wall. Using my left hand I slipped my pants under my may ass and down to my knees, as I did I became aware of a younger white kid 20ish setting behind me, and another tall slim white guy about my age walked past and into my hand in the aisle. He took a seat 2 rows up and about 4 seats from the end giving him a good line of sight to where I was sitting. I was feeling really horny, and decided I wanted to put on a show so I opened my shirt further and dropped my jeans to the floor. I looked back over my right shoulder to see if the black guy was still there and found him right behind me with a beautiful huge hard cock in my face. As I leaned into take his dick in my mouth the young guy behind me reached over my left shoulder and began to play with my nipple. That will always start things moving and it did this time too. The black man moved into my row, freeing me to lean back and allow my friend behind to tweak and pull both nipples. While my black lover played with my head and ears. I felt someone rubbing my cock and didn't pay it much attention to who, I was focused on the cock in my mouth. By the time I realized it was happening my shirt had been removed and my younger lover was sucking and biting my nipples , my lovers started repositioning me so I was kind of laying back across the seat arms with my feet sticking into the aisle. A cock in my mouth and a cock in my right hand (my nipple boy had stood up and placed it there. Whoever was playing with my cock began sucking it, I felt my pants being pulled off, as well as my shoes and I didn't care. Someone was now licking my balls, and now fingering my ass. There was now a cock in my left hand as well. I glanced up and saw the tall skinny guy working his way between my legs, there was a heavy set Asian, leaning over the back of the seat from the row in front of me, sucking my dick another older black guy watching and stroking his dick, but I couldn't make out any details. There were hands on me and I couldn't see who they belonged to, and then tall and skinny penetrated and someone bit my nipple and the black guy grabbed my head and force fed me his huge cock and started power fucking my mouth. My tall skinny guy is matching him stroke and force. My nipples were being pulled and bit and sucked and I'm jacking two cocks at the same time, and I have no Idea where I am and don't care! It's an orgy and I'm the fuck doll. My nipples, cock, even my toes are being sucked, my ass and my mouth being fucked like mad, and my black lover shoots, shoots large and loud. It's so much cum it gagged me and I coughed it out into my beard and moustache, he pulled out and another cock took its place. It seemed to last forever but I'm sure its was only minutes I had reached my limit, I started to moan around the cock in my mouth and my Asian cocksucker pulled off my cock as I sprayed cum all the way up to my nipples, then tall and skinny popped his cock out of my ass and shot up and over my cock adding to the mess on my stomach quickly followed by the 2 hand jobs I was giving, it took a little longer for the old guy fucking my mouth to cum, but by the time he did, across my face, it was just he and I in the theater.

I'm covered in cum literally covered. Everyone involved, and watching unloaded on me. I'm naked, even my shoes are off and I'm laying across the high arms of the old theater seats. My final lover, his name was Dan, asked if he could help me clean up. I welcomed his help, and he left to find some paper towels. As I repositioned myself into a seat, my bare feet landed on my keys reminding me I was naked. It also made me aware that I couldn't feel any of my clothes. Dripping in cum I dropped to the floor and started searching for my clothes, and they weren't there. My shoes, my socks, my pants and my shirt, gone.

Dan arrived with some paper towels and 2 of his friends, both older ,60's , one black one white, and they help me look for my clothes. Dan wants to tell the owner ( a middle aged Asian woman) but I beg him not to. He and his friends get me to get up off the floor and all three start wiping the cum off my chest and stomach, when the red headed guy starts cleaning my cock and my balls, I start to tell him no. Then just sit back and enjoy the attention. What else can I do. They start whispering how attractive I am and how they wish they had been here during the fun. My cock grows immediately, hearing the compliments and all the petting and stroking, to its full 7 inches again. Dan who is playing with me too, suggest he call a friend to bring me something to wear. I agree, as their stroking is reawakening the craziness in me. Dan steps out to his car to use his phone and then Horace and Pat (the African American and the red head) continue their stroking and rubbing and whispering about how hot this is, and I kept getting hotter. Someone comes in that I never saw, and Horace insists we move to the other theater. I insist that being naked, I can't, go in the lobby. They maintain it will be safer for me in the darker theater; Pat keeps rubbing on my nipples and chewing on my ear really making me crazy! I explain again, I'm naked and hard! I can't go out to the lobby. Horace insists it will be ok, and he and Pat start pulling me up off the seat. After a few minutes of fighting I give up and go. We get to the back of the theater and Horace tells me to stand up against the back wall and he and Pat will go and clear the way. They leave me naked and hard up against a cold unlit wall. They had just left the theater when a younger redneck-looking guy comes in the darkness of the theater, and starts feeling his way down the wall. I, moving as little as possible, squeezed into the corner. Just before the red neck gets a handful of Tom, he leaves the wall and turns left down the aisle.

I moved back to my position closer to the door, when I felt something sticking to my foot. I bent over to see what it was when I simultaneously felt a hand on my back and a hard dick against my ass. Being lubed and fucked already his entry was very easy, either finding a guy naked and bent over was this guys ultimate fantasy, or he had been edging all day 'cause he came in like 5 strokes. All over my back, and lots of cum. He slapped my ass and said, Thanks! Pat and Horace arrived just as the redneck left. Horace tells me all is clear and grabs my dick and starts pulling me into the better lit lobby with Pat pushing from behind, "How'd you get all this cum on your back,?" Pat asked "Short fused redneck" I replied as I walked naked into the "empty "lobby.

The lobby directly in front theater one was empty. As soon as we got fully in the lobby my eyes adjusted to see 5 people including, one of my neighbors, the owner and her son applauding as we approached, each of them swatted my ass, hard. The unplanned humiliation and the spanking almost set me over the edge. I hurriedly walked into theater 2 expecting to sit in the back where it was darkest, but Horace had other plans. Still holding my raging boner he led me to the front row, and had me set on his lap.

Horace is an older man and rather stout, so a 185 lb man on his lap seemed an impossibility, till I realized the front row was missing some seats and some seat arms.

Horace again started whispering in my ear how hot it was to lead me naked in public, then he started talking through my whole humiliation, getting stripped and left covered in cum, then being abandoned and raped by a stranger, paraded naked and hard in front of strangers and people I knew, and having my ass spanked.

"I felt how yo dick throbbed when miss Kim slapped yo ass. You like that don' ya"

"uh, I think I do."I admitted. "You gettin' off on this nekid stuff too aint ya?" Horace continued. "Yeah I am" I admitted again. "Good. Cause we gonna have some fun. Horace chuckled. "First I wont you to lie across my lap, put your dick between my legs, and do what I tell you to."

I did as instructed. As I slid my cock "between " his legs I realized his baggy pants hung lower than I thought and my cock slid into his open fly. I could feel the teeth lightly scratch against the shaft of my cock entered. This also had my torso over a seat and my head at the edge of where a seat was missing and Pat was already positioned with his ample uncut and very hairy red pubed cock waiting. I didn't have to be told what to do; I took Pat's cock in my mouth and started sucking. Horace tells me "take it all" So I did right down to the base, and about the time my chin hit scrotum, Horace landed the hardest smack I've ever felt across my ass, driving Pats hard dick another ½ " further than I believed possible. I pulled back and Horace said, "Do it again". Again, I deep throated Pat and as soon as I hit bottom, SMACK! This continued till Pat came in buckets. Some while Pat was all the way down my throat and the rest across my face.  



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