Carnal Knowledge: What Dreams Are Made Of

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Chapter 4: Poolside Blowjobs

After two back to back blowjobs on the lanai a somewhat weak-kneed swear soaked nude teen collapsed into one of the chairs to regain his strength. In the meantime, Brandon lit up another joint. After a couple hefty hits he said, "Here babe," passing the joint over to Logan.

"I'm good," Logan said holding his hand up as a gesture to push away the offer. "What I really need is something cold to drink."

Brandon took another deep hit before laying the joint on the glass top table. Before he departed for the house Brandon said, "Sure thing buddy." And then asked, "Beer, whiskey or water?"

"Ice water's fine."

Brandon disappeared into the mansion. A few minutes later he returned carrying a big glass pitcher full of water and ice cubes along with couple empty glasses. He poured two big glasses of water and then handed one to his friend before he said, "Think this is enough to get you cooled down."

"Yeah," Logan said as he grabbed the glass, gulping down hefty mouth fulls, spilling some of the cold liquid across the front of his naked body.

Brandon took a sip of his water before he picked up the joint and lit it again. He took a couple more hits. After few minutes He asked, "So, what'd you think buddy?"

"Think... Think about what?"

"The blowjobs... Everything you thought a blowjob would be?"

Oh yeah... You definitely know how to give a great blowjob," Logan said.

"I must say buddy I'm impressed with that dick of yours, especially the head... The way you boned up... Measured up... I've thought many times about how big you were erect... Now I know," Brandon said.

"Would my size of made a difference to you? I mean if I hadn't measured up to your expectations would you have kicked me to the curb?" Logan asked.

"Nah," Brandon said. "But I do like guys I blow to be at least a handful and stay hard. Hell, one friend's is like only four inches... Very pretty and tasty dick... I can swallow the whole thing all the way down to his bush."

"Do I know him?"

"Nah," Brandon said. "He's one of the guys I know from the studio."

"I'm glad you like mine," Logan said.

"I don't look for guys too much bigger than me either... Big ones are overrated and ain't all that satisfying to suck and damn sure ain't that enjoyable to take up the ass," Brandon said.

"I think I can understand that," Logan said.

One guy I know from the studio goes nine inches all boned up," Brandon said.

"That's a fuckin whopper!" Logan exclaimed. "Nine inches... So, how big are you boned up?"

Without another word Brandon stood up and dropped his red floral print Hawaiian swim trunks to the lanai floor. A huge hard cock, about eight inches in length, sprung from inside the swim garment, slapping back against his hard stomach with an audible smack. The stiff member stood tall at about a forty-five degree angle throbbing pointing to the sky as if ready to launch a payload into orbit.

Brandon reached down took hold of the shaft with one hand and then the other on top of the first. The head and about half inch or more of shaft protruded past the top hand: an amazing sight for Logan to see.

"Wow!" Logan exclaimed. "Wow, I've only seen a cock that big in magazines and in my dreams... And look at that mushroom head on that fucker."

"From what you've told me you ain't seen a real live dick since you were like about thirteen or fourteen," Brandon said.

"Yeah it's been a few years that's for sure."

Brandon took hold of Logan's cock and stroked a couple times before he said. "You ain't too bad yourself buddy... What do you go about six and half seven inches?"

"Almost seven."

"But the head on yours is a real thing of beauty," Brandon said. "Looks like a piece of art that was sculpted."

"I've always been kinda proud of it."

"Hell I could suck on that thing all day long," Brandon said somewhat envious. "I'm sure gonna enjoy givin you blowjobs... That's why I had to do you twice."

"Thanks for the compliment," Logan said blushing a bit.

"Now Hector, he's another who's got a fine looking head on his dick... For me the head is what defines a dick... The difference between a good-looking dick and a great one is the head," Brandon said.

Hector's name echoed in Logan's head further arousing his curiosity. Hector had been in more than one of his dreams. He put those thoughts aside and asked Brandon, "Kinda curious... How'd you know I'd be receptive to you givin me a blowjob?"

"Come on buddy... The story you told me about your dreams this mornin and the way you were eyin my dick back in my bedroom... I knew you needed a good blowjob," Brandon said. "Besides I've wanted to suck your dick for a long time."

"Thanks buddy," Logan said. "You know I been wantin to suck you too."

Brandon broke the conversation and said, "Come on... 'bout time for a swim."

With that Brandon went running towards the pool nude and jumped in with a big cannon ball splash. Logan still a little shaky couldn't get what Brandon had said about Hector out of his head. He'd never seen Hector naked, but yearned to see his nude body. Finally, Logan walked over and jumped into the pool. The two swam laps for about fifteen minutes before meeting in the shallow end of the pool where they let their naked bodies make contact, rubbing their hard members together below the waterline. Logan asked, "So, Hector, he's well-hung and has an exceptional appearing cockhead?"

"Yeah baby... His dick is to die for buddy... So succulent and his body... He's got a bitchin bod," Brandon said. "He's Brazilian and they say that Brazilians have some of the biggest and most beautiful dicks in the world."

"I've never seen him naked, just couple times around the pool without a shirt," Logan said. "He's got a fine lookin natural upper body."

"We'll have to get together... Get him naked with us to compare... I think you'll be impressed," Brandon said.

"So... Kinda curious is Hector queer or straight?" Logan asked.

Brandon said as he hoisted himself up on the edge of the pool his hard cock eye level with Logan's lips, "He's queer... So you ready to do me?"

Logan looked over the massive member facing him sizing it up. As he scanned Brandon's manscape he noticed his red bush was tightly trimmed and his pink nipples were erect. Logan observed that his friend's nipples were bigger than his. He reasoned the trimmed bush was because of his swimming in high school. He grasped the larger than average size cock and began to move in for the kill.

Brandon's beautiful pink knob was poised for Logan's mouth. Logan lowered his mouth onto it. His plan was to replicate every move Brandon had done to him. He knew he was not going to be able to swallow the whole thing, so he began working on the cockhead.

As Logan tried to take more of his friend's cock deeper into his mouth he gagged. "Don't try to take the whole thing all at once... That'll take practice," Brandon said. After Brandon said that Logan decided that he would concentrate on just the glans.

Brandon said, "We aren't little kids like you were around in New York."

Logan continued tantalizing Brandon's plump pink cockhead. He would lick the cockhead and then stroke the saliva slick eight inch member with his free hand while the other hand played with Brandon's balls. He began to taste precum oozing from Brandon's piss slit. He looked up at his friend and said, "Not bad... Pretty tasty stuff."

Brandon was reclined his eyes closed hands resting on the pool deck behind him to give Logan full access to his dick. After a few minutes of alternating between sucking and stroking Logan began to sense that the older teen was ready to explode. His large nuts began to pull up. As Logan stroked his friend's large cock and licked the head a powerful orgasm shot all over Logan's face and chest.

Logan was somewhat surprised as his friend leaned forward and began licking cum off his face. After cleaning his friend's face Brandon dropped into the pool and began cleaning Logan's chest. He began licking the hard nipples making Logan moan. Logan began playing with Brandon's hard pink nipples. As the boys played with each other's nipples below the waterline the two boys' dicks met.

The two circled changing places Brandon lifted Logan up to the edge of the pool where he began sucking Logan's hard member once again. To Logan it seemed as if Brandon spent an hour sucking his cock. Finally, another short spurt of semen shot into Brandon's mouth.

After Brandon digested the third load of cum the boys decided it was time for another invigorating swim before any further sexual activities. After a few laps the two went to the chase lounges where they kicked back to enjoy some sun and share another joint. Before long the sun was setting on the western horizon. Brandon asked, "You hungry?"

"For more of that beautiful tasty cock of yours," Logan said.

"I mean food... You wanta go get a burger or pizza?" Brandon asked. "Maybe take out?"

Either one's fine."

The two teens showered together to rinse the chlorine off their bodies. Of course there was some sexual grab ass in the shower, but nothing serious. Once out of the shower the boys dressed. Downstairs the light was flashing on the message machine. Brandon pressed the button to retrieve the message. Brandon's mother and Maria had met up with his dad and were going to dinner. They would be home late sometime around ten. The two of them and Bozo went to the garage to get Brandon's Mustang, and were off to the nearest burger joint.

As they drove away Brandon said, "Why don't we get something to eat and come back here for the evening."

"What am I going to tell my mom?" Logan asked. "She'll be expecting me for dinner."

"We'll go by and tell her we're goin to a movie and I'll drop you off after the movie ends."

"We can give it try," Logan said. "Nothin wrong with a little white lie."

The boys drove to Logan's house to tell his mother he wouldn't be home until later that evening. She wasn't there, so Logan left her a message and put it on the refrigerator. Once the note had been left the boys were off for food. After picking up burgers and fries the trio headed back to Brandon's house. On the lanai the boys put their meals on the table and then Brandon went inside to get a couple cold sodas.

Back outside Brandon gave Bozo his two plain burgers before he sat down to enjoy his meal. As the two ate their burgers, fries and sipped sodas they were looking at each other wondering what was next. Brandon began to cleanup the mess on the table. After that was done he said, "Come on let's go up to my room."

The two bounded up the stairs, but this time Brandon left Bozo behind in the yard. He didn't need his dog interrupting what he had in mind for the evening. Trailing Brandon Logan asked, "What you got in mind?"

"You'll see," Brandon said.

Once in the bedroom Brandon pushed his friend back onto the bed and then leaned his body forward pressing his hard member into Logan's crotch and scrotal area. With his hard dick resting against Logan's somewhat tender flaccid phallus and scrotum Brandon pulled Logan's shirt off and began kissing Logan's chest. He took one of his friend's nipples into his mouth. Logan cried out as Brandon kept sucking on the nipples pulling the erect nubs between his lips all while humping his erection into Logan's clothed crotch.

Brandon would take first one and then the other firm nipple into his mouth. He would draw the nub between his lips and then bite each one gingerly. As he held the swollen pink nipple between his teeth he let his tongue glide across the top and then begin circling. Logan growing hard yelled out, "Oh baby fuck me... Fuck me with that big fuckin cock!"

"In time baby," Brandon said.

Logan wrapped his legs around Brandon's body trying to pull his friend deeper into his ass crack. He could feel the head of his friend's cock poking his sensitive asshole through the fabric of his clothing. He begged again, "Fuck me," but Brandon wasn't ready.

Brandon began moving down the front of Logan kissing all the way to the bellybutton. He paused to pull off Logan's clothing. Once his friend was fully nude he let his nose root around in Logan's dark bush before grabbing his hardening cock and taking the angry appearing swollen member into his mouth.

Again, Brandon's magical tongue went to work on Logan's sensitive glans, circling the coronal ring before his tongue explored the piss slit. Brandon held the shaft at the base steadying the hard throbbing cock. The precum was as tasty as before; however, it would take Brandon a few minute longer than the last few times to bring his friend off. However, after few minutes Logan once again sang out, "I'm cummmmmmmmmin."

Logan unloaded low level orgasm into his friend's mouth. Brandon swallowed it and then began licking the remnants from the glans and letting his tongue extract the remaining semen from the opening. Once that was done he stood up and asked, "You ready to fuck me buddy?"

"I've never actually fucked anyone before."

Brandon looked at his friend and said, "You gonna fuck me tonight... I'm gonna teach you how it's done. Unless you're too sore."

Logan looked at his friend as if to say I don't believe what is happening before he said, "I guess we can give it a go."

"If it hurts let me know and we'll wait a day or two, but I want you to fuck me."

The two got off the bed and went to the bathroom. Brandon began explaining the process of anal sex and how it was different from fucking a pussy. After the two showered and Brandon took an anal douche the two were back in the bedroom. Brandon pulled the cover of his bed back, got up on his hands and knees, presenting his ass to his friend.

Brandon began directing his friend much like a film director on the set. Logan began to drizzle the lube into Brandon's ass crack and then began pushing the lubricant into his friend's asshole with his fingers. Logan rolled on a condom, got up behind Brandon's rump and took aim with his hard member. The spongy head made contact with the target. Just like in the dreams his friend's asshole was quivering in anticipation.

Every time Logan touched the brown quivering hole with his condom covered spongy cockhead it would open to invite the invader inside. After few times Logan gained entry. Brandon wailed with pain and Logan stopped. Brandon said, "Easy buddy."

By then Logan had forgotten about the pain in his member. Instead, he was worried about the pain he might be causing his friend. With just the big cockhead inside his friend's asshole Logan paused. Logan was unaware that his friend had taken a popper hit to make entry easier.

"Go ahead... Real easy... Let me get used to that big fuckin knob."

After few minutes Logan began to ease forward again. Brandon was groaning and grunting as Logan pushed forward. Even with the Amyl Nitrate in his system Brandon was experiencing anal pain.

"Oh man that thing burns goin in," Brandon said. "It's been a few weeks since I've been banged in the butt hole, so I needed to get used to that oversized cockhead."

Logan had not bottomed out; instead, he was teasing his friend pulling his cock out, drizzling more lube on the hole and then pushing back inside. Logan had done this a few times when Brandon said, "Come on buddy quit fuckin around teasin my asshole and fuck me."

Brandon's asshole was beginning to loosen up. Logan began to set up a good rhythm in all the way and out just to the coronal ring: back and forth across the prostate. Brandon said, "Reach around and play with my nipples."

Logan did as instructed. He began playing with Brandon's erect nipples while rhythmically fucking his friend in the ass. Brandon would gasp every time Logan's huge coronal ring would pass over the prostate.

"Fuck me... Make me cum," Brandon yelled. "Fuck me... Make me cum baby."

Logan sped up the rhythm. Brandon kept moaning and wailing for his friend to fuck him harder and faster. "Oh yeah fuck me like I am your bitch."

Logan could feel his friend's nipples get harder and his asshole begin to tighten up as he continued fucking him. Brandon was enjoying the fucking. He continued to wail, "Fuck me baby... Fuck me... Make me cum."

As Brandon finished the last scream of ecstasy Logan felt warm jizz from his friend's pleasure stick hit his arms and hands still playing with Brandon's nipples. Brandon began to milk his best friend's pleasure wand with his sphincter.

Brandon said, "Don't take it out buddy... I wanna feel it in there as long as possible."

The two pushed forward on the bed with Logan still inside his friend's ass. As the two lay on the bed Brandon said, "I'd like to sleep with you inside me tonight... Too bad you gotta go home."


"So, everything we did today was all you expected?" Brandon asked.

"And more," Logan said. "I hope we can do this more often... I don't want to go back to those God awful dreams."



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