Carnal Desire: What Dreams Are Made Of

Chapter 2: Cruella de Vil

After Monday morning's rude awaking Logan finished his shower and dressed before reaching for the black telephone handset on his nightstand. He dialed the number for his best friend demanding, "Man get over here quick and pick me up."

About fifteen minutes later Logan heard the faint sound of a familiar horn honk and was out of the house in a flash over his mother objection. "You get back here and clean up your room young man!" She demanded as her son exited the house. "Where are you going?"

"Back in a while mom," Logan said his voice trailing off as he dashed out of the house, disregarding his mother's orders.

Since Logan's arrival in California where he met Brandon and Hector he on many occasions had fantasized about sexual encounters with either one of both of his new friends. He'd also had similar thoughts about other boys and girls who'd befriended him since he arrived. Logan was hopeful that one of his friends might become his secret seducer - his lover - or maybe one of them would fix him up with a hot chick or gorgeous guy to satisfy his sexual appetite. However, Brandon and Hector were the boys who most frequented his dreams whether the dreams were all girls, guys or a mix. Logan had to do something to take control of his life. For him there had to be more than masturbation and dreams to fulfill his carnal desire.

As Logan ran across the wet morning front lawn to meet Brandon he continued to wonder if dreams were all there would ever be. Never a real life sexual tryst such as he continued to dream about. Logan jumped into the front seat of the car; however, as soon as his butt hit the seat he realized that he'd forgotten the soiled bedding in the hamper in his closet. As he and his friend drove away he hoped that his mother wouldn't snoop around his room, but he wasn't about to go back.. Even if she found the soiled linen he was at a point in his life when he didn't give a damn.

For months after the Austin family moved across country from Saratoga, New York, to the San Fernando area of California along with their only son Logan, he'd found it difficult to make new friends for many reasons. The main reason: an overprotective critical mother.

In Logan's opinion, as he grew into a man, he was sure much of his mother's reasoning was flawed for an educated person. Since he could remember she had been something of a shrew. She wasn't a religious person, but definitely conservative. When she met someone new her diabolical behavior drove people away, especially Logan's friends.

Within a few hours or days after introducing a new friend Logan's mother would admonish her son to abandon the friendship. In her opinion, for one reason or the other, these boys or girls were not of the socio-economic class to associate with her son no matter who they were. Due to her behavioral characteristics Logan had nicknamed his mother Cruella de Vil. The character from one of his favorite films: 101 Dalmatians.

In fact the film had fostered feelings within Logan for a dog of that breed, but his mother steadfast, forbidding adoption. Logan had suffered years of emotional and verbal abuse from his mother. She was the master of maltreatment and manipulation. She used her academic education as a weapon to undermine those she came in contact.

After years of insults and humiliation Logan had learned to no longer bring new friends around the Austin home; instead, he would meet up with them at school functions, at their homes or at one of the local teen hang outs. By the time Logan reached the new high school in California he had become somewhat of a recluse; however, Brandon Bane was the friend who had been responsible for bringing Logan back from the dark side to become a gregarious people person again.

Brandon Bain was the athletic outgoing redhead who befriended Logan after he moved to California. During those early days at the new high school the two became fast friends; however, for the reasons outlined the two decided to protect their friendship by keeping it a secret from Logan's mother. For months during their senior year the two boys maintained a platonic friendship. The two assisted each other with their course work throughout their senior year, but Logan had yet to introduce Brandon to his parents.

Although Logan had spent many hours at Brandon's home, Brandon had not spent any time at his best friend's house. However, all of that was about to change that morning in late June.

As the two enjoyed coffee and doughnuts together at the local coffee shop Brandon invited Logan to spend the holiday weekend at Brandon's house after he learned that Logan's parents would be out of town over the Fourth of July weekend. Once they finished their coffee the two headed back to Logan's house to seek permission. As the high performance red Mustang convertible roared up the driveway of the Austin's property. Brandon gave his dog the command to remain behind in the backseat while the two boys scrambled out of the car and hurried toward the front entry.

The boys were there to ask Logan's mother's permission to allow him to spend the holiday weekend with Brandon and his family at their house. "Sorry about all this buddy, but mom's such a nasty person," Logan said.

"No problem buddy... I had to meet your mom soon or later."

Having heard the roar of the Mustang's loud exhaust Cruella stepped out of the house to investigate. She stood at the doorway with the scowl of a termagant splashed across her face - a look of disdain that quickly turned to a look horror. With her little golden Pomeranian in her arms she looked horrified as the boys approached.

With Logan's mother's immediate appearance at the front door Logan said, "Oh shit... Cruella don't look happy."

Brandon laughed at Logan for calling his mom Cruella as they approached to the front door and said, "Let's go for it."

Mrs. Austin jumped back inside, slammed the door and shouted from behind the closed door, "Get that vicious beast away from me and Pom Pom."

At that point Brandon and Logan stopped in their tracks looking at each other with pensive looks of surprise. Then they turned around to see Brandon's Australian Sheppard bounding up behind them. The two boys stopped to let Bozo catch up before taking another step. Brandon had not taken the dog back to his house; instead, opted to return to Logan's house first to ask Mrs. Austin about the weekend.

As the dog approached and sat down behind his master Brandon reached down to retrieve the leash from the ground, gave the heel command and led the dog back to his car. Once the dog was secured by lease in the shade of the front bumper he returned to his friend who was standing at the front door of the house.

Inside the Austin's comfortable three bedroom ranch house Logan's mom was still quaking with fear behind the closed door from the sight of the large dog. Logan said, "You can open the door now mom... Bozo's been secured."

Cruella cautiously opened the front door to peek outside before inviting her son and his friend inside.

"Gee mom, Bozo wouldn't hurt you or Pom Pom," Logan said as he followed his mother inside.

"My dog's not vicious Mrs. Austin," Brandon said.

The boys followed Logan's mom into the pallid living room: a room reminiscent of an embalming chamber at a funeral home. After a few seconds of silence Logan asked, "Mom, bein you and dad are goin out of town for the Fourth of July weekend would it be okay if I spent the weekend over at Brandon's house?"

"We need to sit down to discuss the matter," Mrs. Austin said.

Once the boys were seated on the plastic covered furniture Logan's mom, still standing with her dog in her arms, took control of the conversation. She began to grill Brandon about everything. She wanted to know why her son had not introduced his friend sooner.

"Why haven't I met you before now young man?" Mrs. Austin asked. "Logan has spoken of you before, and he knows his friends are welcome in our home," she said somewhat sarcastically.

"Don't know, but here I am now ma'am," Brandon said. "Ask me anything you want to know."

Logan's mom gave Brandon a contemptuous look before she was on him like a tick on a hound about everything from his car, dog, to his unkempt surfer haircut. She questioned him as to whether he did drugs, was he in a gang or was he homosexual. California had a reputation for all these things, so before Mrs. Austin was ready to give her blessing and let her only son spend the July fourth weekend at his friend's house she wanted answers. Of course she would prefer Logan go with them for the long holiday weekend.

"Logan tells me you're older than him. Why does an older man want to be friends with a boy so much younger?"

"Actually there's only like nine months difference in our ages. I can explain that if you want," Brandon said. "As far as our friendship we're just friends from school who enjoy a lot of the same things; cars, rock and roll, surfin, swimin and hangin out together with friends..."

Mrs. Austin interrupted before Brandon could finish. "Don't' be flippant with me young man. You understand most of the things you mention lead to serious trouble."

There was silence and then Mrs. Austin asked, "So, you want Logan to spend the Fourth of July weekend at your house... Why and what's your motivation?"

"No reason in particular. My folks are throwin their annual Fourth of July party to kick off summer, and I thought since Logan told me you and your husband were going to be out of town why not invite him over for the four days and party... "Course you and Mr. Austin are invited, but you're goin out of town."

"You think you've got all the answers... Do you think you're smarter than me young man." Cruella didn't give Brandon a chance to reply before she said, "Yes, we are supposed to be out of town that weekend for four days and I prefer Logan accompany us. So, before I consider leaving Logan alone with strangers I need to confer with his father about the matter. I also want to get to know something about your family... I hope you understand."

"Yes ma'am. I understand your concerns. Whatever you need to know I'll be happy to answer... Or maybe you want to call my mom."

"Yes, I'd like to do that," Mrs. Austin said getting a notebook and pen.

Mrs. Austin handed Brandon the pad and writing instrument before she launched into diatribe questioning Brandon at an alarming rate. She rattled off acquisitions and more questions about Brandon, his parents, who all was going to be in attendance at the party, was there going to be alcohol, were Brandon's parents going to chaperon. It seemed as if the questions would never end.

"I'll let mom know you want to talk to her when I get home later on... Mom and dad work in the film industry and are at the studio much of the time," Brandon said. "Here's our phone number," Brandon said handing pad and the pen back to her.

Every since Logan could remember his mother had been a source of embarrassment. Although Encino was an upscale community in San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, Logan's parents were aware of LA's negative reputation. Mrs. Austin, a high school teacher, in a seedy neighborhood, feared for her only son's safety. Hearing that Brandon's parents both worked in the motion picture industry she was not impressed. Since arriving in California the school teacher mother had also become aware that California had a reputation for child molesters, sexual perverts and a high number of homosexuals.

Stories abounded about Hollywood and the motion picture industry being a haven for abnormal behavior. Being overprotective Logan's mother didn't want her son molested or to fall in with the drug or homosexual crowds; thus, considering all the negatives she'd heard she wanted to formally meet Brandon's parents to be on the safe side. "Maybe introductory cocktails or dinner would be in order so my husband and I can meet your parents. Just to get to know them as long as you two are going to remain friends," Logan's mother again said with a sarcastic tone. "I do hope you understand."

"Sure, I'm cool with that ma'am."

A little turned off by the suggestion Logan could not understand his mom's unfounded concerns. It wasn't as if Brandon was the girl of Logan's dreams who he was bringing home to announce their engagement, just two teenage boys seeking permission to spend a long holiday weekend together.

"Logan you need to spend some time cleaning your room before you boys disappear for the afternoon," Mrs. Austin said. So strip the bedding off your bed and put it in the washing machine... Then put clean linens on your bed and vacuum the floor."

Logan thought to himself, thank God she hasn't been in my room yet today, and said "Will do mom."

Logan was on his feet moving towards the bedroom with Brandon behind him asking "Need some help buddy?"

"Sure, between the two of us it shouldn't take but a few minutes."

On the way to his bedroom Logan was hopeful the room had aired out. As the two entered the bedroom Brandon in a humorous tone said, "Wow, this place smells like old sex."

"Sorry about that odor... I had a problem last night."

Brandon was well-aware of what caused the lingering odor and said, "You must've beaten the shit outa that thing all night long to produce a smell so strong... Lucky your mom hasn't been in here this morning," Brandon said again in humorous tone.

"I guess," Logan said.

Logan flushed with embarrassment was having trouble facing his buddy who'd discovered his secret. Logan took the bedding from the hamper and in a playful move shoved the damp sheets in his buddy's face. Brandon in turn reciprocated with a double nipple cripple before Logan exited the bedroom towards the laundry room. The teen put the bedding into the washing machine, turned it on and on the way back picked up clean sheets. The boys continued to laugh and joke as they made up the bed. Then Logan gave the floor a quick vacuum before they slipped out of the house unnoticed.



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