Carnal Knowledge: What Dreams Are Made Of

Chapter 3: On The Lanai

Once outside Brandon gave Bozo a quick drink of water from the hose before he began to question Logan about what had transpired minutes before. Logan said, "Man, I'm so sorry about all that shit with Cruella... Let's go get a burger."

"Okay," Brandon said. He figured Logan would confide in him when he was ready. "Why do you call your mom Cruella?" Brandon asked.

Logan explained that the name was from the film 101 Dalmatians and then said, "We need to go someplace private where we can talk... Where I can explain some shit."

"Sure... My house... Or we can go get a burger and coke first and then talk at the park," Brandon said.

"All that shit with mom... I'm hungry... Burger and coke sounds great," Logan said.

Brandon loaded Bozo into the backseat before the boys drove off to the fast food place across from the park. After they got their food orders they walked across the street to the park. Sitting across the table from each other on park benches the boys ate their burgers and sipped their drinks in silence. Bozo wolfed down a plain hamburger and drank some water from a cup before Brandon began throwing the tennis ball for his dog to fetch.

After few minutes of watching Brandon throw the ball for Bozo to fetch Logan said, "I'm so embarrassed about all that took place back at my house this morning... Not just the grilling Cruella gave you... but everything."

"No problem buddy," Brandon said. Again, he threw the ball for his dog to fetch.

After the apology the two resumed their conversation as they continued sipping their drinks. Brandon threw the ball again and said, "So what's wrong... What do we need to talk about?"

"You're my best friend," Logan said. "And I got a confession to make."

"Damn buddy I'm not a priest," Brandon said with a laugh. "But I'll listen."

"You gotta promise what I'm about to tell you... You'll never tell anyone," Logan said. "Cross your heart."

Brandon made the childish cross across his chest motion and asked, "Tell me what's goin on buddy."

"I've been havin these fucked up dreams for months. All I do is jerk off 'cause I've never had sex... I mean I'm eighteen... Never had real sex 'cept in dreams," Logan said relieved that he could get all that off his chest. "I'm afraid I'm gonna jerk my cock clean off my body one of these nights."

Brandon laughed as Logan continued explaining to his friend details about his dreams. He further explained that the dreams were by his standards to be somewhat kinky.

"You know there is a secret Sex Club in Los Angeles such as in your dreams don't ya," Brandon said.

"Yeah, I'd heard that... Maybe that's why it shows up in the dreams," Logan said. "You ever been to one of them shindigs?"

"Nah," Brandon said. "Never been lucky enough to get an invite."

Brandon assured his friend that he'd had similar dreams and not to worry. Then Logan dropped the bombshell. "Problem is you and Hector been in my dreams... I think I might be queer. Queer for you... Or both of you."

"Wow." Brandon said. He didn't want to show surprise at something he'd suspected for a while. He threw the ball for his dog to fetch again. "Maybe you need to tell me more."

"I don't understand... I not sure who I want to have sex with," Logan said. "I'd like to get a real live blowjob, some pussy or get fucked in the ass like in my dreams."

"So... Problem is you don't know if you're straight or queer?" Brandon asked.

"I guess," Logan said. I just want to have sex with someone."

"Hell, that's what most of us want," Brandon said. "Do any of us know for sure who or what we are? I sure don't."

Logan looked pensively across the table at his best friend before he asked, "Have you ever had dreams about havin sex with guys?"

"Hell yes... I've had dreams and fantasies same as you've had," Brandon said. "I've not only had dreams such as yours... I've had actual experiences... Mine started about ten years old... "Oh, and I've had dreams about havin sex with you."

Logan reacted with surprise by that revelation, especially about him bein in Brandon's dreams.

"I only wish you'd opened up to me earlier... Maybe we could have helped each other," Brandon said. "Maybe we could've become jack off buddies."

"I think I would have liked that."

"Let's go to my house... Go swimming," Brandon said.

Brandon wanted to get Logan to his house and maybe get in his friend's pants. After admitting to having similar dreams Brandon, his dog and Logan loaded back into the Mustang and began driving in silence.

Brandon asked, "Need to go by and get your trunks? Or skinny dip?"

"Probably better get my trunks."

As quite as possible Brandon drove up the driveway to let Logan still thinking about what Logan had told him. Logan hoped to get in and out of the house without his mother seeing him and begin questioning him. He made it in and out in a matter of seconds. The Mustang slipped out of the drive and departed for Brandon's house. On the ride over Brandon began telling his best buddy about some of his dreams and sexual stuff he'd been involved in since he was fourteen.

The older teen told his friend about the seventeen year old child actress at the studio who had seduced him and taken his virginity the summer he was fourteen, and then proceeded to blow and fuck him silly for the next four months, sometimes two or three times a day. Brandon would wait to tell Logan his secret about the boys with whom he had sex.

"I think we all need a time in our life to experiment," Brandon said. "That's what bein young is all about... Tryin things out before we know for sure who or what we are."

"You're so damn cool man... Finally, I got someone to talk to about this shit," Logan said.

"Have you ever talked to your dad about stuff? Sex stuff and about your mom and how she affects your life?" Brandon asked.

"My dad works all the time... He's never around... We don't get to talk much."

"Why do you think that is?" Brandon asked.

"Pretty evident to me... He's tired of hearin Cruella's crap. Plus she ain't given up no pussy... They sleep in different bedrooms and have since I can remember."

"Damn man that's sad," Brandon said. My mom and dad seem to enjoy a great sex life together. They sleep in the same bedroom... Sometimes I hear them when I'm downstairs... They can get pretty vocal makin love."

"Hell, my mom and dad don't even talk to each other unless it's about bills or some shit like that. I've never even seen them kiss, 'cept on the cheek."

"That's so sad man. My dad is always bringing mom flowers or buying her shit and they kiss all the time," Brandon said.

Once the two arrived at Brandon's house they were met by Brandon's mother on the lanai. She explained to the boys that she and Maria were going off for the afternoon to finish shopping for the big party, and that Hector wouldn't be home until late in the evening.

Brandon smiled and said, "Logan and I are goin swimmin... Oh, Logan's mom may be callin you."

"About what?"

"She's curious about the weekend, the party and all... Got some questions," Brandon said as the two pushed off along with the dog towards his upstairs bedroom.

Once in Brandon's bedroom Bozo jumped on the bed circled a couple times and then dropped down in a ball of fur. In the meantime, the two boys began to strip out of their attire and begin changing into swim wear. After shedding their street clothing into two separate piles on the floor the two boys stood nude admiring each other's bodies. Logan was not shy standing in Brandon's presences naked. The boys had seen each other nude on a few prior occasions, but this time was different. Logan stood eyes transfixed on Brandon sleek athletic well-tanned body and maleness.

The main differences between the two boy's bodies was Brandon's body possessed muscle definition and that golden California surfer tan with darker freckles spread around; whereas, Logan's skin was a creamy lighter color. As they stood looking at each other Logan was especially taken with the size of Brandon's thick flaccid cut cock hanging at least five maybe six inches over his scrotum showing a nice plump pink cock head; whereas, Logan's flaccid cock was only about half that size. Logan could see Brandon slight smile as they checked out each other's stuff. There was no doubt the boys were sizing each other up.

Neither of the boys was hung like porn stars, but they had nothing to be ashamed of in the manhood department; however, as they stood nude before each other Brandon appeared more well-endowed flaccid. In the few seconds of nudity both their cocks began to grow a little before pulling on their swim suites. Both boys secretly longed to see each other boned up.

With swim wear in place and T-shirts covering their upper bodies the boys left Bozo asleep on the bed to go downstairs where they were met by Brandon's mother and Maria who were enjoying drinks on the lanai. "Would you boys care for lemonade?" Maria asked.

"Sure." Both answered in unison.

The boys sat at the table enjoying their lemonades conversing with the two adults before Brandon's mom and Maria got up to go back inside. After a few minutes Brandon's mom returned kissing her son on the forehead good-bye, handing him a couple twenty dollar bills. Once she was gone Brandon looked at Logan with a big white smile and Logan looked back. Logan thought to himself, damn this guy is gorgeous with his blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair and surfer's tan. The sun tended to lighten Brandon's hair during the summer.

"Now that the adults are gone tell me more about your dreams," Brandon said.

Logan began telling his friend about the most recent dream. They conversed back and forth questioning each other about certain aspects of the dream.

"So, do you think in a guy guy relationship you're a bottom or a top," Brandon asked.

"I dunno... I'd like to try both."

Maybe Brandon was reading Logan's mind because as the two sat side by side conversing Brandon put his left hand on the arm of the chair covering Logan's right hand as they continued to talk. After a few minutes caressing Logan's hand with his fingers Brandon got up and disappeared into the house. When he returned he said, "I wanted to make sure mom locked all doors, and get a couple of joints."

Brandon opened the tin displaying the marijuana cigarettes inside. Logan couldn't believe his eyes there were about a dozen of the biggest fatties he'd seen. The redhead blazed one up, took a big hit in deep before he passed the joint to Logan. "Good thing your mom ain't here to see this... She'd shit herself," Brandon said.

As Logan took a big hit, but he had to take a second before passing it back because he was laughing. The boys passed the joint back and forth a few times before burning the fatty down to a roach. Brandon didn't have a roach clip handy, so he dropped the roach to the tile floor of the lanai. It was the late 1960s; Logan was no stranger to weed moving from New York to California, but not a hardcore marijuana user.

After the two teens finished off the fatty they sat back in the chairs in silence for a few minutes letting the drug kick in. Before long Brandon's hand found Logan's hand once again. With his right hand buried inside his swim trunks Brandon's left hand began caressing, fondling and stroking Logan's fingers and hand. After few minutes Brandon began scratching the tip of his forefinger across the palm of Logan's hand. Again, Logan was no dummy. He knew what the signal meant. Brandon said, "I'm glad you told me earlier about your dream and me being in it... You've been in a lot of my dreams."

Logan asked, "So, are you queer?"

"Bisexual would be a better description... I got both girlfriends and boyfriends... But prefer sex with guys."

"That's cool... Sounds like something we might enjoy," Logan said.

Emboldened by the conversation Brandon looked at his friend and asked, "So, you want a blowjob?"

"Now!" Logan exclaimed as he sat across from his friend in shock.

Brandon got up, turned to his friend and pulled him to his feet. Standing face-to-face Brandon's fingers began playing with the two nubs beneath the fabric of Logan's T-shirt. His thumbs began to flick the nubs. He watched them get hard and the more he played with them the harder they got. Logan could feel his cock inside his swim trunks getting hard. It was a little painful pressing against the fabric of the swim trunks. Brandon continued playing with Logan's erect nipples with his thumb and forefinger watching and waiting for a reaction. Logan moans with pleasure from Brandon's sensual touches.

As the two stood face-to-face Brandon said, "You have the most alluring eyes and such soft auburn brown hair baby. You don't know how many times I've dreamed about this moment."

The younger teen sensed that he was not the first boy or girl to be seduced by his poolside friend's charm. "I want you baby. I wanta give you a blowjob and then let you fill my ass with your love."

Wow, Logan thought to himself this guy is for real. He wants to suck me and have me fuck him right there on the lanai. Every move and utterance Brandon made was so seductive. The two fired up another fat joint. They passed it back and forth as they stood stroking each other. Logan was developing a heavier buzz than his friend. What they were smoking was grade "A" grass. Logan had never been in a situation such as he was facing before - with a girl or a guy.

Suddenly, Brandon pulled Logan's T-shirt over his head and let it drop to the floor. Then Logan felt Brandon's thumb inside the waistband of his swim trunks. He pulled the swim suite down and Logan stepped out of the garment. Brandon took Logan's swollen member in his hand to stroke it and said, "Oh my that's a nice size dick baby... Really a nice knob... Bigger than what guessed."

"Ouch," Logan said.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm still a little tender down there."

Brandon dropped to his knees and said, "Let me kiss it to make it better."

Brandon began kissing and licking his best friend's cockhead. Logan's heart was racing ready to jump out of his chest and his cock although painful was pulsating with each beat of his heart. He was aware this was going down to the finish line. With great care Brandon grasp his friend's cock at the base. He held it steady for his mouth to engulf the larger than average glans.

The masterful cocksucker worked the glans with his tongue, circling the tender crimson ring. Then he would kiss the head before the tip of his tongue licked the oozing precum from the piss slit. Suddenly, semen shot from the opening into Brandon's mouth. He cleaned the glans with his tongue before standing up.

Logan could feel Brandon's warm wet tongue circling and tantalizing that erect nub while his thumb and forefinger played with the other one. Logan was gasping, moaning and writhing under Brandon's touch. He had never experienced anything such as what was happening to him before.

"The first time I saw those headlights I knew one day they were going to give me pleasure," Brandon said in muffled voice, "Do you enjoy me sucking and biting on them?"

"Oh My God," was all Logan could reply. Then Logan repeated it again as he felt Brandon's warm wet mouth engulf his flaccid cock covering the pink cock head. Brandon's tongue was circling Logan's crimson coronal ring and the cock began to swell. Then Brandon's tongue would sweep up across the dome tantalizing the piss slit. Again, Logan was moaning and groaning uncontrollably.

"My my so tasty," Brandon said of Logan's precum.

Brandon, unlike other boys was an artist at giving head. The two other young boys Logan had engage in blowjobs with would just get on a cock and bob up and down. Logan had never before experienced the amount of foreplay with previous blowjobs from friends in New York. Brandon knew all the right moves and spots to bring total pleasure while performing oral sex. He also knew when to slack off and then when to go back to work. Logan sensed that his precum was starting to flow. He said, "I think I'm close to cumming."

"Uh huh," was all Brandon could utter with a mouth full of plump cockhead.

Back in New York the couple kids that Logan had experimented with sexually would signal when it was about time to cum and then the cocksucker would pull off and finish the job by hand. For some reason Logan sensed that Brandon wanted to take all his juice and suck him dry. Brandon continued working his magical tongue around Logan's cockhead.

Finally, Logan exploded another powerful orgasm in his friend's mouth almost crumpling to the lanai deck as he did so. He held onto the table and Brandon so as to not go down. Logan could feel his cock pumping rope after rope of spooge into Brandon's mouth while his friend was sucking his balls dry, swallowing every drop. After a few minutes Brandon ceased working his magic on Logan's softening phallus.

Brandon returned topside where he looked at a weak kneed Logan and asked, "Is that what you wanted?"

"Oh yeah."

"Was it all you thought it would be?" Brandon asked.

"More," Logan said, "Now let me do you."

"In time," Brandon said. "In time."

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