Explosive Orgasms

By midnight the dimly-lit hotel room came alive once again as the Sex Club marathon reached its pinnacle. Sex Club was a smorgasbord of fine young meat. After three explosive orgasms a reenergized Logan crept back into the huge bedroom suite searching the buffet afresh for that special delight that awaited him that June evening.

Logan had been dreaming about fucking the delightful little devil for the past six hours; however, the little scamp continued to elude his grasp. In Logan's mind his biggest regret that evening was that his first and most powerful orgasm had been wasted on a total stranger, not the person of his dreams. Like most first time carnal events Logan's powerful orgasm came quick and was meaningless.

Anew Logan's eyes prowled the room with the stealth of a Ninja Warrior surveying two dozen or so hard-bodied drop-dead gorgeous naked young men entwined together in small piles on king size beds. Like a pirate in search of treasure Logan stood ready to plunder the elusive booty; however, since reentering the suite all he could see were shadowy characters wrestling around on the beds squealing with glee. Youthful excitement filled the room. All were there to fulfill sexual fantasies, engaging in different sexual acts that would produce explosive orgasms - a test of libido.

The libidinous young men engaging in carnal knowledge did so for complete sex prowess. The boys wanted to see how many times they could go in a twelve hours time period. The room lit by wall sconce lighting and Lava lamps was awash with music of the day. The sound of music overshadowed much of the squeals of sexual excitement. Some participants were homosexual; others bisexual, while others were straight men, just there to experiment and fulfill fantasies. A few were there to lose their anal virginity.

One of the banners posted under a wall sconce light on the wall just inside the entrance to the huge bedroom suite seemed to be the mantra for the evening. The illuminated message read: "Every young man deserves the pleasure of anal penetration at least once in his lifetime."

The Sex Club's asstabulous group sexual marathon was an invitation only event open to select males 18 to 26 years old. An invitee had to be a high school graduate. Many were college students. Prior to an invitation all participants were vetted and then each contributed three hundred dollars for a full night and early morning of as much sex as each invitee could handle. The club was not a poor man's club. Two dozen participants made the club containable as well as profitable for the organizer. The donation covered everything needed to fulfill one's sexual appetite from six in the evening to six the next morning. Of course there was alcohol, marijuana, poppers, cocaine, condoms as well as other things needed to fulfill a young man's carnal desires.

Also present were a couple of hired security guards standing by to make sure everything stayed clam and confined to the suite along with an off-duty EMT. Alcohol and drugs turn off the reasoning part of the brain and then when high levels of testosterone are introduced to the equation men can no longer suppress their desires for sex. Security was also there to enforce the rules of Sex Club: no photos policy inside the hotel suite.

As with all clubs Sex Club operated under certain rules and rewards. The first rule of Sex Club: "You do not talk about Sex Club." No participants or club staff spoke to outsiders about what happened inside the walls of the hotel suite during the twelve hours event. There would be prizes for winners and two runner ups.

Those that accomplished the most carnal events won prizes as well as those that lasted the longest. The first time did not count. Of course there were prizes for other things such as the biggest penis; fattest, length and largest glans. Sex clubs were in their infancy, therefore law enforcement and the media had begun to take an interest in these clubs. Another rule was the club never met at the same location and locations were subject to change at a moments notice. One of the hotel's night managers, attending college, pursuing a Masters degree in business, staged the affair. Of course he was pocking a portion of the cover charge.

After the required shower and anal douche Logan reentered the room refreshed: primed and ready for another round. The party had been a high school graduation gift from his best friend. Although the bed sheets had been changed and participants showered after each group's orgasmic climax the hotel suite reeked of unadulterated raw sex, even with an air recirculation system. Logan with white towel wrapped around his slender waist gazed around the room. He was there that evening to fulfill his fantasy to engage in anal intercourse with as many young men as possible as a top and bottom before dawn; however, his primary goal that night was one special ass he'd been dreaming about fucking for months.

The recent high school graduate's youthful eyes searched the room for that special person. Lo and behold! He spotted the elusive ass that had been evading his grasp. He began to move towards the foot of the big bed with a bottle of lubricant clutched in one hand and his angry swollen member in the other. As he closed on the foot of the bed the object of his desire lay there in a classic sixty-nine position with his dark legs dangling over the foot.

As Logan stood at the foot of the bed he gazed down upon the two young men who lay opposite each other on the white sheets below engaging in oral sex. There on his back with a pillow stuffed beneath his buttock was the object of Logan's dreams. There was no need to see the lad's hidden face. The boy's smooth olive complexion, darker scrotum, black bush and distinctive green, yellow and blue colors of the small South American flag tattoo identified him as the object of Logan's desire.

Logan's hard cock began to jump with anticipation. His larger than average cockhead swelled as more blood flowed into his cock. The coronal ring darkened to a deeper crimson hue. He gasped at the sight of the sweet ass he'd been searching for all evening. The top, his hands and knees planted into the sheets on each side of the bottom's body, had his head buried to the pubic bone of the bottom's crotch. Logan smiled as he watched the top ease up off the bottoms cock.

Once the cockhead appeared the top's tongue began licking the glistening glans like a school boy licking strawberry ice cream from the top of a cone. With the bottom's ass propped up on the pillow it was positioned for entry, ready to accept Logan's hot throbbing cock, dripping with precum.

Logan stooped down, grasped the bottom's ankles and began to lift the legs into the air. As he and the top lad's eyes met on the way up there were no words exchanged. The top knew what to do. Logan pushed the bottom's legs towards the top. The top pulled first one leg and then the other back placing them under his armpits. With legs locked under his armpits the top reached around to begin spreading the bottom's smooth ass cheeks apart offering up the formerly hidden treasure to Logan.

With ass cheeks spread there was that pot of gold for which Logan had been searching: a blemish free hairless engaging ass. The top smiled at Logan before he went back to performing oral sex on the bottom. Each boy continued emitting muffled moans of pleasure.

Before penetrating the bottom Logan began to dribble droplets of lubricant with the precision of a bombardier onto the bottom's brown butt hole. Each time a droplet would splash down on target the bottom's sphincter would winch as if trying to gobble up the lubricant. Logan's fingers began pushing the pooling lubricant deep into the bottom's rectal cavity.

The bottom would tighten his sphincter around Logan's finger as he finger fucked the lubricant deep into the rectal cavity. Logan watched the bottom's wrinkled asshole quiver and open each time his spongy cockhead touched the target.

Since Logan completed puberty he'd been ever so proud of his larger than average size glans. His cockhead modeled the characteristics of swept wing F-117 stealth fighter culminating at the base with a prominent crimson coronal ring. A thing of beauty: the diameter of the ring much larger than the Silver Dollar size shaft. With a glans that big Logan knew entry would not come easy for either party. As Logan stood at the foot of the bed gazing down on the brown eye he licked his lips. He wasn't sure whether he should eat the beautiful ass first or fuck it. Lust over took his thinking prompting him to abandon any idea of eating the ass below.

Although Logan was impressed by the bottom's beautiful hairless edible chocolate starfish he made the decision to fuck it first. As he held his throbbing cock in hand the head dripped copious amounts of precum onto the inviting asshole. As each stringy droplet touched down the bottom's sphincter would winch, opening and closing - an invitation to invade.

Before Logan invaded the awaiting asshole he needed to cover his cock. With the bottom's ass was well-lubricated Logan tore open the packet and rolled on a condom. Once snuggly in place he began to guide his ridged ramrod towards the target. Once inside Logan would deliver a warm load of whitish nectar into the tip of the condom. The bottom's eager asshole began to open wider an invitation for Logan to penetrate him.

As Logan's spongy cockhead made sporadic contact with the bottom's brown eye he grinned. He took his time touching and teasing the bottom's anal entry. He would push the soft knob in almost to the thick coronal ring and then withdraw it. Then he'd drip another droplet of lubricant on the target.

Every time Logan's spongy cockhead touched the sphincter the opening exposed more pinkness of the abyss. With each nudge the asshole opening became larger signaling unbridled anticipation - readiness to gobble up the awaiting cockhead. Once Logan tired of teasing the bottom's spastic sphincter he moved into position for full penetration of the well-lubricated pucker.

After a few minutes of priming the bottom's awaiting anus the teen's cockhead popped past the anal sphincter rings into the rectal chamber. The bottom went ridged. His toes curled as if suffering pain; therefore, once initial penetration had been achieved Logan stood frozen at the foot of the bed letting the pain subside before pushing in further.

Then, Logan slowly began to ease the remaining six inches of his throbbing member deeper into the bowels of the bottom's warm lubricated quivering asshole until it bottomed out.

Once Logan's balls and fluffy bush made contact with the smooth bottom he rested for a few seconds. Logan slowly withdrew almost the full length of his of hard cock from the bottom's ass, leaving just the cockhead inside. Then he began to slither his snake rhythmically in and out of the bottom's slick tight hole.

The rhythm of the R&B music playing made things easy. The teen could feel the bottom eagerly swallow-up every inch of rock hard cock every time he pushed forward, and every time Logan would push in the bottom would power back.

The bottom's legs began to move surrounding Logan's neck digging his heels into the top of Logan's back pulling Logan forward as he powered back after each thrust. All the while the sixty-nining couple continued to enjoy sucking each other's plump pink knobs. The threesome continued their nonstop sexual escapade while a new boy appeared on scene. He took his position in the foray burying his face between the top's butt cheeks letting his tongue get lost in the depths of the boy's pristine pink pooper.

With a tongue now buried in the top's ass he squealed with delight. A second lad took position behind Logan. He began to play with Logan's sensitive nipples while pressing his member into Logan's ass crack. As Logan's nipples became erect and more sensitive from the boy fondling them bolts of electricity shot straight to his cock.

The boy standing behind Logan pressed his swollen member deeper into Logan's ass crack while flicking both nipples. Then Logan felt slick fingers exploring his asshole. Logan shrieked blurting out strings of expletives to note the pleasure. He tried to relax his sphincter in anticipation of a good finger fucking; instead, he felt a rather large cock slide in his ass. All the while a crescendo of muffled groans and moans of pleasure could be heard coming from the pile.

Muffled moaning and groaning was all anyone could expect to hear from the piles of twisted and contorting bodies enjoying sex. Three more boys arrived and began taking their respective positions in the orgy, sucking any free cock or fucking any unused hole available.

The teenage foray had grown in size and sexual intensity. As the young men mounted the mountain of moaning and groaning sex starved teens all strained to satisfy their carnal desires. One Asian teen stood on the bed standing with his legs spread over the two boys sixty-nining, his hard cock ready to plunge into Logan's mouth.

Logan began to suck on the Asian's cock while he and the Latino continued power fucking. By then the boy standing behind Logan had his cock buried eight inches up Logan's ass. All the boys could feel their bodies building towards simultaneous explosive orgasms.

Suddenly, Logan awoke, screaming out an orgasmic war whoop cry. As he jerked and squeezed his angry swollen phallus it began pumping bullets of semen from the barrel. Like a machine gun rapid robust ropes of white spooge that had the consistency of a vanilla milkshake exploded over Logan's body. Two ropes shot over his head onto the wall. The third splashed across his face and ran down his chin while the fourth hit his chest targeting his sensitive erect right nipple. After the outburst the teen lay paralyzed with fear on his bed for a few seconds.

Logan's body convulsed as he lay there in a state of delirium. His heart beat at an abnormally fast pace as he breathed rapidly. His upper body and face covered with thick whitish goo that possessed the odor of bleach - evidence of his powerful orgasm. The sheets on his bed pulled and rumpled surrounded him wet with semen and sweat. Logan had awoken from another of those wild ass carnal dreams.

His mother yelled from the kitchen, "Are you alright baby?"

"Yeah mom," Logan said in a tone filled with mild anxiety. "I'll be okay... I just stubbed my toe getting out of bed... I'm on the way to the shower."

The room reeked with that obnoxious odor of sex and sweat. Logan stood naked and motionless in the middle of his bedroom, in a state of confusion. He prayed his mother wouldn't burst-in to check on him.

Logan hurried around the bedroom pulling the pile of sheets together apprehensive that his mother might be in the room in a matter of seconds. He clutched the clump of bedding to his chest using the sheets to wipe the remnants of cum from his face and upper body before wiping the wall down. He then opened the window to let the early morning breeze blow through the room, airing it out. He wasn't sure whether to put the sheets in the clothes hamper or wait to take them to the washing machine after he showered.

Finally, he stuffed the bedding into the hamper before he entered the shower. Logan had been dogged by vivid sexual dreams for years. As the warm water rained down on his head he looked down at his semi-erect penis hanging all red and angry looking. The phallus still had buoyancy after being beaten into submission. Logan knew that he had to find a partner to fulfill his carnal desires before he permanently injured his manhood.



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