Before I met Captain Koo Koo I booked a Thanksgiving trip to Tahoe with all of my best bros. It had become a ritual for my Wall Street friends to let off steam with boarding, drinking and chasing snow bunnies. Thanksgiving holiday for these turkeys doesn't mean family; it's all about the booze, women and gambling. I wouldn't have given the trip a second thought if Jason hadn't locked my junk up in his boner killing, wire cage. But the reality was he controlled EVERYTHING I did. I texted the butt pirate begging that he set me free for the long weekend. I didn't want to explain my metal contraption to the fat asses that work airport security and I really didn't want to go to a strip club wearing that shit.

I couldn't quite get Jason's game. He fucked my brains out and then kicked me to the curb like I was some dumb slut that's easier than third grade math. I hate admitting it but he made me want to be gay. Like...'Hi gurl...let's go to the club and get our La Vida Loco on' gay! I would have done anything to feel that 'desired' again. But the asshole never called and I went back to my normal routine...minus my erections. I learned to live life on lockdown using only the restrooms with very low foot traffic (you have to sit to pee). I caught the contraption on the stair climber in my gym...not cool. I liked that it made my package look bigger than it really was. But that was a catch 22 because women were staring at my junk all the time which only made matters worse for me. Despite its challenges I learned to adapt and I even figured out a way to get 'just' aroused enough that I didn't cause extreme discomfort. The sick part was that nothing really turned me on anymore unless Jason was in the mix. I guess that's what the twisted fucker wanted all along.

He told me to drop by his apartment after work and he'd let free willy be free. Let me tell you something...I got up that morning humming. I was so excited to finally get the cage off...AND to see my Master. I put on my best Valentino suit; it's gray with tiny, little bits of silver woven into the fabric. I figured 'Jason's a big homo. He'll love me all nice & shiny.' I looked and smelled good. I had my shit together and I thought I would make my Master happy when he saw how much effort I put into looking slick for him.

So he stared at me...all suspicious... with his crazy eyes and snatched off my Gucci sunglasses. He smashed them under his big, clunky boots. I could have bought him five pairs of boots for what those glasses cost. I was irritated because they were a brand new purchase for Tahoe. But to be honest I loved that I could never predict what he would do. He was like watching the Japanese stock exchange. I mean seriously...he doesn't make any fucking sense...and yet he always seems to cut through my crap and get right at dunno...someone who understands me.

What happened next was traumatizing. Jason strapped me to the wall and impaled my ass on this weirdo, science fiction dildo that looked like it came right out of a Hell Raiser movie. I could have used the thing as a boat anchor...and somehow (after hours) he managed to fit it inside my asshole. The torture...the ass destroying dildo...I took it all like a champ...but he had to turn the heat up just enough to make me crazy. Fagatron brought over two Mexican dudes and let them toy with me while he beat his meat. Whatever...I was cool until he put them on their knees and let them suck his dick. I AM THE ONE THAT HAS BEEN LOCKED UP FOR TWO WEEKS WITH NOTHING! And he just whips his junk out and let's Rico and Chico chow down. I was pissed, jealous and fucked over.

Jason doesn't talk much unless it's to say, 'You're a dumb bitch...I hate you...You're gay...You fucking whore...SUCK MY DICK!' It's always some mean, demeaning diatribe that rolls in one ear and out the other. I made up my mind after his Mexicans left that I was going to have a discussion. So after they unhinged my butt from the pile driver I lay at his feet submissively while he drank himself into an alcoholic stupor. He didn't seem to notice I was there until I began kissing his black, leather Harley boots. Blech...I made a mental note to buy him nicer shoes. He stared down at me and I whispered, 'Sir, this slave begs permission to speak.'

He was shocked sober. I think he thought I couldn't remember all the stupid rules he gave me. I may be pretty...but I pay attention. How else would I have landed my picture in the Wall Street Journal? When he gave me permission I took a deep breath and this is what I said to him:

'I realize that I haven't been a very good person. Honestly Master...I never thought about these things until you turned my world upside down.' I kissed his feet once more and continued, 'I drove over people like a steam roller and every time I caused someone pain it made me feel more powerful. I never experienced empathy...EVER. After you locked up my dick and opened my eyes I started seeing every person around me as a living, breathing entity that deserves my attention and my help. You have made me a better man. And much as I have valued our time together I have to ask you,...when will you set me free?'

Bing Bong...that was my silver bullet. I didn't dare look at him because I knew he'd flare up and beat the shit out of me. But I could tell that he was hurting. I wanted him to suffer the way he'd made me suffer. In the past few weeks I'd realized that...yes...I am submissive...but...I'm not trash to be toyed with. His voice cracked and I got a little wood knowing that I'd injured his big, fat ego. 'Not so smart anymore...are you MASTER?' He rambled something like, 'Get out of here! I'll give you an answer when you get back from Tahoe!' Wah...wah. I caught a glimpse of his tortured face as I slid on my clothes and crept, quietly out the door. His expression spoke volumes. This homo was in love with me! Shit...why wouldn't he be? All the same it made me smile.

The trip to Tahoe started out with a bang. I booked my flight with my best friend 'Chad.' Chad is a shorter, leaner version of me. People get us confused all the time because we look so similar. I've known him since my college, lacrosse days. Back then he was the pimp and the most popular guy in school. I think it crushed his ego a little that I took to Wall Street like a duck to water. The reality is that my Dad and my Dad's Dad have lorded over the American stock market for generations. New York is my town and when Chad touched down on the NYSE he got a double dose of my family's medicine. I trade double what he does and I don't mind sticking it in his face on a daily basis.

The fucker has instincts that I can't explain. He can tell when I'm mad, sad or in love. Today I was all of those things and also a little nervous to be walking around without my cage. It's weird....I hated the contraption the entire time I had to wear it but without the thing I felt sort of lost. My body was sore from all the torment and I must have been walking like a bull rider. I boarded the plane late. Chad was all ready seated and as I put my luggage in the overhead compartment he reached out and pinched my left nipple yelling, 'Titty Twister!' After having my tits clamped and yanked on by Jason and his Mexican boy toys I literally dropped like I'd just been shot. My face was twisted in agony as Chad laughed like a twelve-year-old. He was all ready pounding down beers and the flight hadn't taken off yet. Sitting with him in first class is sort of like hanging out at the Waldorf with Ozzy Osborne. But on this day Chad had his radar tuned into to me and I could tell that he knew something was going on.

It was two days into our vaca and I was having a blast. My asshole had regained its elasticity and all of the soreness had left my nipples. By Saturday I had begun to think of things other than Jason. Chad and I hooked up with Alex, Josh and Trevor. We did our usual Tahoe ritual of boarding until the lifts shut down and headed straight to our favorite Irish pub, 'Mulligans.' After everyone was drunk on Irish car bombs Trevor received a text from a chick named Ingrid. Ingrid is a German twat that works for Deutsche Borse. This chick has beefier thighs than I do. She is one of those freakishly muscular, European women that makes me wonder if she's packing heat. She offset her broad shoulders and meaty biceps with a brand new tit job last Spring . Trevor caught one glimpse of her new, designer ta ta's and went to chasing her like she's hot or something. I would rather date Rupaul but who am I to judge after everything I've done? Trevor didn't recognize the cell number which made me wonder if he was actually talking to Ingrid. The bitchy, little sour kraut has never given him a second look. Trevor is a junior trader; he basically works for me and I like to read his emails when I've got nothing better to do. Chad and I pass his personal messages around the office and laugh at how pathetic he is. In retrospect it made no sense that Ingrid would be texting Trevor on a holiday. She has no interest in men. We were higher than giraffe pussy by the time he started receiving messages from her. At that point you could have told us that Barack Obama was calling and we would have believed it.

She invited us to her suite at the Ritz with a final text that read, 'I have three hot, German girls here that are ready to party! Bring your buddies!' I remembered a German girl I fucked last year. She was a hot blonde with a kinky streak a mile wild. Ingrid is a dog but she has money and rich women are notorious for surrounding themselves with pretty people. We all bit on this little invite like it was a big deal. Within a half hour we were knocking on Ingrid's door with blood shot eyes and goofy grins.

Who answers? You guessed it...Dr. Evil. There stood Jason looking like the Devil himself. He had snow on his shoulders and in his hair. It was obvious that he'd probably been watching us from the balcony. Hell...he'd probably been stalking us all week like a FUCKING PSYCHO! My face went white as the guys were completely confused mumbling, 'Where are the German girls?' Trevor looked like he would cry as he said, 'Let me text her and figure out what the right room is.' Jason grinned replying, 'Guten Abend boys...Dis is Ingrid's room for you! Ja!' He motioned for us to enter and for the life of me I don't know why we did. I was paralyzed with fear as I leaned in and quietly asked, 'What is this?' He replied with a whisper, 'Your path to freedom.'

On the bar sat a mini keg of Heinekin and five frosty mugs. Jason pointed to the spread saying, 'I'll explain everything in just a minute. Make yourself at home and have some beer.' It made sense to everyone but me. I was ready to jump off the balcony or simply run. But I didn't dare disobey Jason because the truth is he had absolute power over every man in the room. The little black book detailed transactions, money laundering and inside trading between all five of us. It never occurred to me that he was smart enough to trap all of my friends but then nothing Jason does comes with a warning. I am still amazed at how he explained his position to my four friends as if he were selling them a time share. He politely laid out all of his evidence and told them that they could either play his game for one evening or face being ruined. He went about his extortion with charm and eloquence. I felt like I would puke as I sat quietly wondering what in the world he had planned. The frosty mugs had a powdery film on their edges that floated in the beer. It sort of looked like ice and within seconds it dissolved into bubbles. I sipped the brew feeling like a fly caught on sticky paper.

Have you ever seen a horror flick where everyone is partying and having a blast and all of sudden the killer shows up and it's a total shift of energy? These guys were speechless; they were all giving me the stink eye as Chad said, 'This is Marc's fucking fault! He lost the black book! He brought crazy to the table!' Jason agreed saying, 'Yes that's true and in his defense Marc has taken the bulk of the responsibility. What I am expecting of you is nothing compared to the sacrifices the Marcster has made.' Trevor, still mad that he didn't get to see Ingrid, chirped, 'What exactly do you expect of us?' Jason flipped on the stereo replying, 'Relax boys...drink your beer and I'll explain everything in a minute.' His music choice sounded like the intro for fight night on UFC. It was some crazy, death rock blaring, 'DIE MUTHER FUCKER DIE!' I felt the impending fear that I would be the muther fucker that would be dying. I wanted to run but Jason made it clear that everything would be over soon if we all just went with the flow. It was a 'damned if you do'moment where my entire being said go but my logic was kicking me to stay.

Jason started making small talk with the guys. He did shots with Trevor and talked to Alex, Chad and Josh like they were old pals. They started to warm up to his twisted sense of humor and as quickly as he'd blackmailed them he somehow won them over. I was stupefied and it became pretty obvious that Jason wasn't including me in the conversation. He basically made me feel like a loser and I hated feeling that way more than having my ass impaled.

A half hour passed and I felt a strange tingle in my neither regions. I'd felt that feeling before and as I stared around the room I noticed that all of the guys had the red, bloated face you get when you mix alcohol and Viagra. I glared at Jason and asked, 'Did you drug us?' He smacked me across the jaw saying, 'What have I told you about speaking out of turn boy?' My face went red with shame. The guys were all staring quietly like they were watching the principal getting ready to paddle someone.

Jason grabbed a fist full of my hair and yelled, 'Have you boys ever heard of a snake pit?' No one answered him as it was obvious that things were getting freaky. As Jason dragged me on my knees he calmly explained that a snake pit is when a naked chick is forced to kneel in a circle of hard dicks. He apologized that there would be no women available tonight and made a wise crack that it was nice of the 'Marcster' to volunteer himself as 'tonight's bitchcatore.' FYI... a 'bitchcatore' is an acronym for 'Bitch, Cunt...Whore.'

He made me strip for my drunken friends and then he added insult to injury. From the pocket of his black leather jacket Jason pulled out a pink, lace thong. The guys started to snicker as Jason yelled, 'PUT THIS SHIT ON BITCH!' I was trembling as I stepped into the girlie underwear. I could feel their stares washing over my body. They've all seen me naked but nobody there had ever watched me being treated like a sex object. Jason smacked my butt and with the most condescending tone he softly said, 'Let these men see that pretty ass! You look sexy in this thong.' The guys were squirming with arousal as Jason called out to the room, 'He's almost like a hot bitch! Huh?' My friends were so polluted that they fell right into the moment yelling stupid crap like, 'HELL FUCK YEAH!'

He forced me to my knees and told my buddies to drop trou. They were hesitant until his tone shifted into prison thug mode and he yelled, 'DO IT OR I'M GONNA FUCK EVERYONE OF YOU IN THE ASS!' Their pants hit the floor with lightening speed. My friend Alex is super hot. He's Greek and built like a god. He must be about twenty-seven with dark, wavy hair and a big nose. He has a huge dick and it was the only one in the group that was completely erect. Jason made all the guys strip and stand around me in a circle. He handed his leather bound paddle to Trevor saying, 'BEAT THIS BITCHES' ASS!' This was a table turned moment for me. For the last year Trevor had basically been my little bitch. I was always forcing him to run to Starbucks to fetch a complicated coffee order. Almost every day I'd tell one of the guys to pretend that Trevor fucked up the order so we could make him run back. He's a muscular, blond guy with horn rimmed glasses. He's the type that takes everything too literally. The dork never misses a workout and he weighs all five of his daily meals. Whenever I'd chastise him for screwing up the coffee order he'd always get a red face and look like he wanted to kick himself. After we got bored with that game we started coming up with other ways to fuck with him including the whole thing with Ingrid. I knew she had no interest in Trevor because she is a big, honking lesbo but I liked making Trevor feel like it had something to do with his inadequacies. I knew that Trevor hated me but I had no idea how much until Jason let him loose on my bare butt. I looked up to catch a glimpse of Trevor smirking as he unleashed a year's worth of frustration. He started out kind of shy but with a few encouraging words from Jason his big, beefy arms went to wailing. He lit my ass up.

I was wincing by the time he was done and my ass must have been three shades of crimson. A spanking seems dumb. But to a bunch of repressed, sadistic, straight guys jacked up on Viagra it was mesmerizing. They were all boner stiff. I looked up at the circle of hardons with a clear vision of what a snake pit really is. I was sniffling a little as Jason told Trevor to make me count the next twenty-five whacks. Chad, the muther fucker, was stroking himself as I eeped out all twenty five hits with a tortured, begging tone that only a broken man could make.

Jason stood in the background like an evil Svengali stroking his hard cock. All of the guys were jacking their dicks and it was obvious what would come next. He made me start with Trevor. The shithead is built like a Schwarzenegger wannabe and it's obvious why he works out a lot. His dick was short and pitiful. He was so aroused from whooping my ass that I had no trouble getting him off. Now I know what a girl feels like when she gives her first blow job in the eight grade. His muscles were vibrating as his pathetic, little prick hammered relentlessly against the back of my throat. I pulled away when I could feel Trevor's nuts coil and his entire body tense. He was going to shoot and I really didn't want to taste his high protein jizz. Jason commanded, 'Make him swallow it!' Trevor instinctively forced my head down and pumped a horses' load of spooge into my mouth. His handsome face looked like a red turnip as he removed his glasses and wiped the sweat off his brow.

Next came Josh. Josh is a tall, thin guy with a long nose and a pale, hairy body. He's nothing to look at but for some reason he always gets girls. It's almost a 'he's so ugly he's cute' kind of appeal. He's hung nicely but his uncut dick tasted like lint mixed with sour milk. Yuck...I gagged on his dirty dong as he stared down with an evil smirk. He was face fucking me and making me gag on purpose. Every time I would double over my 'friends' would laugh. So it became a little game with these douche bags to see how deep they could thrust into my throat. I was about to puke when Josh shot a warm, nasty load onto my tongue. His cum tasted like sour lemons mixed with warm Crisco. I swallowed the sullen seed with a scowl. I felt pathetic.

Next up was my best friend Chad. I would never expect him to go easy on me. After all he'd been living in my shadows for the last few years. Yep...he was the worst. He yelled, 'Trev...hand me that paddle. I'm gonna make sure this cock sucker pays for what he's done to us.' I wanted to stand up and leave but my mind said, 'Power through it.'

As I said earlier Chad looks like he could be my brother. He has the same hair, skin coloring and blue eyes that I do. He's about six feet tall and since we both played lacrosse and have been gym buddies for over ten years we have nearly identical bodies. He's ripped with very little hair on his chest. Chad has an Elvis Presley mouth that sort of makes him look like a snotty, little cunt. His upper lip curls when he's talking and he always has this sneering grin that makes me want to backhand him. Surprisingly he's hung very well. I'd say he's pushing eight inches and it was obvious that he wanted to play a game called 'gag the fag.'

I caught a brief glimpse of Jason who seemed to be intrigued by my interaction with Chad. His expression was attentive and curious as opposed to his usual drunk, lusty glare. Chad leaned low enough for me to hear him whisper, 'You suck this dick like a good bitch or I am going to beat your FAGGOT ASS! You deserve this shit for the trouble you've caused!' He smacked my tender ass without warning and crammed all of his thick dong into my mouth. I gagged instantly and doubled over coughing. Chad high fived Alex as he yelled, 'This is how it's done son!' I was thinking, 'Chad never told me he was from Alabama? But whatever.' He pulled me to my knees by my hair and started gently fucking my lips. He waited for about thirty seconds before he drilled down my throat again. I had learned to control my gag reflex from Jason but Chad was deliberately pumping right into my tonsils without warning. Again he made me gag. I must have looked like one of those dumb sluts on by now because all of the guys were laughing loudly. My nose was covered in snot and my eyes were running. I couldn't taste or smell anything but man crotch and I seriously could have puked from the smell alone.

After two more tonsil stabs Chad made me puke all over the fancy, pink Savonnerie carpeting. He spanked me sadistically as I was forced to wipe up my own barf with MY shirt. I could have killed my best friend at this moment but instead I went right back to sucking. Every man in that room had a wicked grin on his face as if Jason had possessed their souls and turned them into evil, Queers. It took about five minutes to make Chad cum. Instead of shooting down my throat he decided to get creative. He jizzed all over my face. I attempted to wipe it out of my eyes but more spanking ensued as I was ordered to leave it there until it dried.

Next up to bat was Alex. Alex is a gentle, sweet guy with first generation Greek parents and a nice, pretty girlfriend. He never did anything mean to anybody...until that night. His face looked like a schoolyard bully as he grabbed my hair and started fucking my mouth. He pulled his body close to me and said, 'Grab hold of my ass cheeks like Sarah does.' The other guys were slurping beer and snickering as they knew he was referring to his girlfriend. Here I was kneeling in a pink, lace thong with my boner popping out to the side AND my entire face covered in Chad's jizz. I never felt so low and so liberal at the same time. Alex is a beautiful, exotic man with a flawless body and a nearly perfect cock. His dong is a thick, uncut nine incher nestled in a mass of shiny, black pubes. He has a thin treasure trail leading up to his rock hard belly. His perfectly defined pecs are covered in a mat of chest hair that looks like it was painted on him. His skin is tan and even with zero imperfections. He has huge arms, broad shoulders and a perfectly shaped back. His legs are so defined that you can literally see his thigh muscles flex when he walks (even in trousers). His ass is a meaty, well shaped, hairy bubble. As my hands gripped his butt cheeks I could feel his glutes flexing. He was fucking my face...porno style. His nine inches slid in and out of my mouth with a rhythm that glided down my throat perfectly. Alex was more interested in getting off than making me throw up.

Despite his graceful thrusting I gagged several times...which for some reason was still incredibly funny to my idiot friends. Chad was whispering in my ear, 'Suck his dick faggot. You know you love cock. You're a real cock whore. Aren't you?' I was moaning as Alex pulled his dick out of my mouth and slapped it on my lips. A string of precum stuck to my nose as he groaned, 'Lick my balls bitch!'

Jason stood next to Alex and knelt as my tongue darted up and around Alex's meaty, low hangers. Alex was staring down at me through heavy lidded, dark eyes. He had a sexy fuck face and it was obvious that I was doing a better job than Sarah does. Jason told Alex to turn around and bend over the back of a chair. Alex didn't hesitate for one second. He instinctively spun around. He bent over showing me a front row view of his hairy, well rounded ass cheeks. My Master's strong hand gripped the back of my neck and plunged me head first into Alex's hairy crack. I could hear the other guys gasp in disgust as I instinctively began licking his sweaty hole. Alex's back arched as I spread his butt and dove deeper into him. I was nervous that I would find something funky back there but to my surprise his butt was cleaner than Josh's dick. After a minute of licking the rim my tongue slowly made its way deeper. He had been boarding all day and his body tasted like musky, salty male. The room went silent and all I could hear was the sound of Alex beating his meat. He began to roll his hips and moaned loudly.

Just as Alex's body tensed completely I felt Jason grab a handful of my hair and pull me backwards. He smiled saying, 'That's enough boy. I want you to eat his load.' My handsome, Greek buddy spun around just in time to shoot his massive wad directly at my face. The first spurt landed in my eyes blinding me. I opened my mouth to receive the rest and Jason guided the big, hefty dong past my lips. I reached out grabbing Alex's meaty ass cheeks and pulled his cock deep into my mouth. I could feel his entire body tensing up as he seeded my eager throat. He held onto the back of my head for almost a full minute as his body jerked spastically.

When I wiped the jizz from my eyes I noticed that everyone had suddenly been transported back to reality. Their buzzes were wearing off and the gravity of what had just happened was descending upon them like a sledge hammer.

As my friends scrambled nervously back into their clothes Jason knelt before me with a washcloth and wiped the sperm off of my face. He tilted my chip upward and smiled whispering, 'You are the very best. There has never been nor shall there ever be a more exquisite slave. It pains me greatly but my word is my word. You're free to go Marc. I'll return the black book on Monday.' I was in shock to hear Jason speak so kindly. And just when I thought things couldn't have gotten any more awkward he tilted his head and leaned in to kiss me.

Have you ever heard the saying, 'I would fuck him in front of my Mother?' A Sorority chick used that phrase to describe me in my college days. And now I suddenly found myself using it to describe Jason. Even though I didn't have to, I kissed him back in front of all the guys. I could feel their stares boring through the back of my skull but I didn't give a fuck. I would have done anything he asked me and that is the absolute truth. Our kiss ended way too soon. He smoothed back my hair and stood quietly with sad, watery eyes. He patted Chad on the back saying, 'You have a lot of pent up aggression dude. Maybe you should get your own slave boy.' Jason waved to the room saying, 'Gentleman, you are all free to go. Thanks for the good times.'

He walked into the bedroom of the suite and stripped. I watched him step into the bathroom and start a shower. The guys were preparing to do their walk of shame and Chad couldn't have gotten out of the room fast enough. I slipped off the pink lingerie and grabbed him by the arm. It was strange but I felt no shame standing before my best friend nude while he was clothed. Chad stared down at my naked body with a smirk and asked me what I wanted. I struggled for the words but as I opened my mouth I found myself blurting, 'I'm gonna submit my resignation Monday morning. I'm done with Wall Street.' He smiled his signature sneer and shook his head replying, 'See ya...Fag.' That was enough. I stuffed the pink thong in his shirt pocket and kneed him in the nuts announcing, 'You're a fag!' He dropped to the floor like a squashed bug writhing in agony. The rest of the guys drug him to his feet and silently ushered him out the door.

My mind was reeling. I could go back to the hotel with my 'buddies' and try to pretend that the sausage fest never happened or I could face reality. The reality was that I didn't feel embarrassed about anything. Chad and the fellas would probably never speak of that evening. They would walk around like brainless robots living day to day ignoring the wild demons that lurked beneath their gelled hair and fake smiles. They would wonder what happened to me but I would never give them a second thought. I felt electric. And then I pictured my life without Jason and all I could feel was void. He had blackmailed, raped, defiled, tortured and humiliated me....but most importantly he had set me free.

The fancy, marble bathroom was full of steam. My bare feet clapped gently on the stone floor as they found their way to the shower. I opened the glass door and stared at my Jason. He was covered in suds and bubbles. His pale, naked skin was shining in the dim light. His muscular body was a handsome sight to behold. I gazed at the freckles that dotted his broad shoulders and the rippling muscles of his well defined back. He looked like a powerful beast that could actually handle an entire room of stockbrokers. He was startled as I stepped into the shower beside him and whispered, 'It's not over until I say so and I'm not letting you get away that easy...' He glared at me with a half smile and one raised eyebrow. My hands nervously found their way to his body as I finished my sentence with a stutter...'um...Sir.' Jason hugged me so tight that I could barely breathe. He lay his hands on my face and kissed me deeply. His 9.5 inch cock was throbbing against my belly as his tongue danced erotically with mine. He leaned back with an evil grin, 'Yuck, you have dick breath. Brush you fucking teeth you nasty bitch.' I kissed my Master again and for the first time in my life I finally knew where my place was.

The End

A note from Jason:

Like a lot of the folks on Gay Demon I write mainstream fiction (ie: comic books) by day and dirty dirty stories by night. I've been into BDSM for over fifteen years and I have to say that it's the only way to fly. If you haven't ventured into the world and lived your fantasies then you... my friend... are missing the point. Here is a quote from a wise visionary...

'Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another.'

Thanks for visiting my filthy mind! And thanks for all your supportive comments! Be nice to each safe...AND DON'T FORGET TO GIVE ME SOME STARS...BITCHES!!!!!

Dastardly Yours,

Jason Bauer



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