It's true I didn't need more head from my sex slave. After feeding him two loads of hot jizz I was feeling a bit greedy but Marc new more about greed than anybody so as he slobbered on my partially erect member I developed other ideas. I've pissed on guys before. Hell I've done everything to everybody. But forcing someone to drink from the tap was unchartered territory. Beer piss is said to be the nectar of a good Master. I thought, 'I'm a good Master...and Marc is a good slave. This is a no brainer.' When you've had two intense orgasms back to back it's safe to say that your dick becomes a little sensitive. Mine was tingling like it needed a shot of penicillin. And despite my cruelty Marc lovingly bobbed up and down on my pole desperately trying to please me. I lay back reeling from the satisfaction of my conquest. I would be the envy of every gay dude who has ever fantasized about conquering a straight guy's mouth. Yes Sir...I was floating on a cloud of desire. As I relaxed my body I could feel everything letting go and then it happened. Marc paused when the first drops of urine trickled past his lips. He jerked violently away with a look of terror on his face. I slapped the handsome, blue eyed stud sternly across his jaw yelling, 'COME BACK HERE! YOU'LL TAKE EVERYTHING I HAVE TO GIVE!' His face was twisted in disgust as I pushed my dong back into its receptacle and relaxed myself again. The urine spewed in spurts at first. Marc coughed and shook his head desperately. I twisted his tender nipples and forced his head back into place as I was sure I could finish pissing in my new human toilet. The entire process might have lasted for one minute but I'm certain that this one deed reduced a confident, straight stud into a boy that now felt less than zero. It was obvious that I had absolute power over the perfect, male slave.

I left him alone for two weeks trapped inside his cock cage with a plethora of mixed feelings that would probably take years of therapy to resolve. Five days after our last meeting Marc texted, 'When are you coming back?' I replied, 'Why? Miss me?' He answered, 'No, I hate you. I just want this cage off my junk!' I liked feeling like I was a phantom that only appeared at night and only when I wanted him. I also loved knowing that he couldn't have sex with anyone else. On the night of our third meeting I instructed Marc to use an anal flushing device. It's a cheap, black rubber pump that I call the 'Ass Plunger.' Instead of water I told him to flush himself with red wine. I thought the wine enema would give his puckered hole a nice rosy color while giving him a little buzz. I let myself into his apartment a few minutes earlier than he expected. I could hear him grunting in the bathroom with water running and the sound of a wine bottle clanking against his heated, marble floors. I kept his bed covered in snow tire chains that I locked into place personally. I did this so that Marc would be forced to sleep on the floor. I removed the chains and lit a few candles. Marc came out of the bathroom wearing a towel and a wounded, distraught expression. He was walking with a tense stride as I am sure he had never shoved much of anything up his ass. The thought of this boy's mangina going to waste is a terrible thing. The sight of his firm, rounded ass would have given a Pentecostal preacher wood. I stripped down to my boxers and relaxed on Marc's soft, feather, down comforter. I told him to lose the towel and find me a Jim Beam on the rocks. Like a good little man servant my boy toy was on his knees, head bowed with a glass of whiskey presented to me as instructed within a minute. I sipped the liquor asking, 'Do you know what I have planned for you tonight Marcster?' He sighed, replying with a flat monotone voice, 'I'll probably beat me...make me drink your piss...or hang me from the balcony by my nut sack. What ever it is I am here to please you SIR!' He finished his little rant with a canned, Colgate smile to which I stood up and punched him in his stomach. Hitting Marc in his ripped abs felt and sounded sort of like punching a slab of beef. He actually hurt my fist a little but I don't think he noticed because he was writhing on the floor coughing and moaning in discomfort. While he lay before me I unlocked his cock cage and told him to get on the bed. I made the handsome devil kneel on all fours facing the foot of the bed with his perfect ass and free balls facing me. He didn't hesitate to obey and as usual Marc's body told a different story than his lips did. Within a few minutes of my stroking, spanking and probing Marc's ass I noticed his cock was fully erect. I could feel him shiver when I stroked it. It wouldn't have taken much to make this guy cum but I had a point to prove. I yelled, 'Arch your back like a good BITCH!' Straight guys watch a lot of porn and they know what an arched back will do for a woman's hot ass. Marc looked back with a red face of shame as he arched his back making his shapely, white buttocks pop up as if they were on display in the pages of a blue boy magazine. I spanked him hard grabbing a handful of his plump ass cheek asking, 'How do you feel right now?' He groaned deeply saying, 'I...uh...I feel I like a dumb bitch.' I cracked up laughing and yelled, 'Spread your ass cheeks!' As I predicted his hole had turned a deep shade of crimson from the wine enema. It's rare that I want to tongue a dude's ass but this was one of those rare moments that I could barely think of anything else. I knelt lower and began probing the bastard with my tongue. The first touch of my wet tongue prompted a sharp hissing from his lips. His back arched a little more and he squirmed as I probed deeper. He smelled like a mix of clean sweat, red wine and fear. I loved tasting him but my biggest satisfaction came from his reaction. His breathing became erratic as he whispered, 'Oh my...thank you SIR! That feels so good.' I lifted up and spanked him several times leaving hand marks on his creamy, white butt cheeks. My tongue found its place again but this time I began rolling it around the edge of his sphincter. He was moaning in pure ecstasy I stabbed my long wiggling tongue deeper inside him. This boy was getting worked in ways he never imagined and there was no denying that I held the key to his passion. I figured I would keep this taunting and tormenting going until I heard him say exactly what I wanted. Each time Marc's hands reached for his cock I would smack him hard. I wanted him to get off without masturbating and after a month inside a cock cage this broken man would not be a challenge. I kept up the licking stopping only to taunt his tight nut sack with a few harsh slaps. If someone were to walk in on us they would have imagined that Marc and I were normal, gay couple. His facial expressions were the classic picture of a man being turned out completely. His eyes were half shut, his mouth was gaping open and there was no sign of Marc's resistance to be seen. And that was when it happened.

Marc began to bob his ass up and down like a horny, bitch in heat. He was moaning so loud that I actually had to stop for a moment to laugh. I shot some cold whiskey across my tongue and dove back in like a champ. He felt my cold tongue go where the sun don't shine and the stinging of Jim Beam made him hiss, shriek and moan even louder. He started vibrating and as clear as a church bell I heard him sing out loud, 'FUCK ME!' My eyes popped open in a moment of complete shock. 'Uh what?' He said it again like a sex starved, nymphomaniac, crack whore, 'FUCK ME! FUCK ME PLEASE! I WANT YOUR COCK INSIDE ME MAN!' Who am I to deny a bitch some dick? Normally I would have made this boy work for it by servicing me but I really felt like playing in the Butt Cave. I smacked him on the ass and said, 'I'm gonna cut you some slack junior. I'm too big to hump you from behind the first time. Turn around and you get on top.' I lay back with my arms behind my head. Marc turned around on the bed and caught a glimpse of my naked body. I don't think the narcissistic prick had ever noticed how hot I am. I lift weights regularly and run about ten miles a week. I'm a little thicker than he is but everything I have is in the right places. This boy stared at me with hungry eyes. His boner was bouncing and twitching like the catch of the day. For an instant he tried to stroke himself. I squeezed his nuts saying, 'Don't even think about touching my property.' I squirted some lube in his hand and he began to massage it first on himself and then on my thick, 9.5 inch monster. The sight of him in such an undignified, awkward position was making my nut sack coil. His beautifully conditioned body was covered in glistening sweat while it seemed that every muscle was flexing. Marc fell into his role as bottom slave so naturally that the lines between blackmail and seduction had grown terribly difficult to distinguish. I looked upward noticing for the first time that he had a mirror above his bed. I was going to have fun tonight but surprisingly I wasn't half as excited as my slave...

To be continued:



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