It doesn't matter how hot and sexy a slave boy is there is one rule that every good Master needs to adhere to. Make them hungry for you. It sounds like common sense that a dominant man is always going to instill the feeling that he's doing the slave a favor but you'd be surprised how many 'Dom Tops' screw up their game by getting too wrapped up in the conquest.

I turned Marc Lander from straight to bisexual using blackmail and male chastity. I'm good at warping a dude's reality but I knew that if Marc ever felt like I was too interested in him he would shift the power back into his court. He's extremely intelligent and that made it very hard to stay one step ahead. It was easier in the beginning because even though he didn't want to be turned into a sex slave I captured his attention by making the seduction interesting. But as his resolve diminished and Marc began to forget that he was being blackmailed I was walking a mental tight rope that could dump me if I got too close too quick.

When I fucked him for the first time I could have moved in and never left his side again. Marc is the type of person that everyone wants to be close to. The trouble is he has lived his life in an ivory tower and he isn't comfortable with intimacy. As much as it felt right in his arms I knew I was in danger of losing if I didn't split IMMEDIATELY.

So I disappeared again and I didn't text him at all. I won't lie...every day I checked my little 'pay as you go' cell phone for messages from the Marcster. It had become my portal into Marc's world and I revered the cheap, little phone as an object of the highest importance. Marc didn't write for days. I think he was either playing his typical mind games or he was too ashamed to admit that he wanted more of me. I knew I had turned him out but I still had to wonder if I could ever keep this slave without using blackmail. It was a question that had to be answered.

As predicted Marc started blowing up my phone as the date of his vacation grew closer. He begged me to take off the cage and I told him to drop by my apartment the day before his flight. He showed up wearing a gray Valentino suit with tiny, silver threads woven into the fabric. He was wearing shiny, Gucci sunglasses and a blue satin tie. His shoes were dark, gray Salvatore Ferragamo. They were understated perfection like everything about this exquisitely dressed man. He looked like a lady killer and the strangest thing about his appearance was that Marc had somehow either created the illusion that he was his old self again or he was actually still...very confident.

This was a red flag for me. I shuttered at the sight of him but with a little help from Bud and Jim I managed to conceal my concern. I nonchalantly invited him into my humble apartment. The first thing I did was snatch off the Gucci sunglasses. I dropped them on the floor and smashed them under my biker boots. He smirked a little as he cast his eyes downward. I'm guessing he paid about $400.00 for those glasses. They were awesome and that's exactly why I destroyed them.

I told him to strip and kneel beside my chair. He obliged my every whim with the natural charisma that made him so irresistible. It was late afternoon in New York and my entire living room was filled with golden sunlight. Marc's naked body glistened like a work of art. The sun danced magically on his fair skin and light brown hair. As he knelt before me my cock was aching. I tilted his head upward and gazed into his sparkling, blue eyes. His classic features, full, sexy lips and strong jaw line are an image that has been burned into my mind. I would never forget him and even though I held all the cards I was extremely worried that I might stumble.

Despite Marc's greatness I made up my mind that he would be broken if it took everything I had to do it. Seduction is like art. If you do the same thing over and over your performances turn out like Michael Jackson's last three albums...boring and predictable. A slave can fall into a comfort zone with his Master but it would take mind rocking sex to get someone like Marc into that headspace.

I stood leading Marc by his ear. I wanted him to crawl across the floor like a dog. I wanted him to feel submissive and less than human to me. Shelby moved away taking the entertainment center and the TV. I've found that I keep my body in better shape without a moron box to stare at so I didn't replace it. Instead I built my own entertainment center.

Against the wall was a solid, wood pedestal with a round hole cut into the center. There were two, short, bar stools; one on each side of the box. I made my slave boy stand on the two stools with his legs spread and his ass hovering over the wooden pedestal. His expression was a mix of curiosity and confusion. I could tell that his wheels were spinning and I also knew that Marc wasn't kinky enough to know what I had planned. Against the wall I had mounted a rack for a flat screen. Conveniently it ran directly behind Marc's spine and neck. I handcuffed his hands above his head and affixed them to a sturdy ring. He had only been straddling the pedestal for a few minutes when his muscular legs began to flex from the awkward position.

I paid a blacksmith to weld a phallus that basically looked like balls stacked onto one another. The smallest ball was at the top and the largest one was at the bottom. The phallus was welded onto a steel pole that fit perfectly into the round hold in the pedestal below Marc's anus. You may be thinking that I could have bought a dildo on a stick for this scene and that's true. But I wanted the phallus to be curved so that its smallest ball would put intense pressure on my slave's prostate. I wanted it made out of steel and polished to perfection. I love the look of gun metal and that's exactly how it turned out. Marc stared at the phallus with wide eyes. Two weeks before I used my big dick to wreck his virgin ass. The scary part for him was that the phallus was TWICE as thick. I didn't doubt that Marc would have an impossible time taking this thing but the point was that he needed to be degraded, debased and humbled. It was a tall order to fill and that's why I needed to bring out the big guns.

Marc whispered, 'Please Master! Let me entertain you another way.' I fixed the phallus beneath him. It slipped into its solid base with a rumbling, metallic clank. The weight of the object was menacing and I loved that it's heavy sound inspired fear in my captive. He struggled against his binding as his brain began to connect the dots. He was breathing hard and his legs began to tremble. I spanked his ripped abs saying, 'Don't worry boy. I'm not going anywhere. I'll be here all night...laughing at you.'

I put a head harness on his handsome face and locked its ball gag into place. I affixed a set of nipple clamps on a tension chain to his pert, little nipples and laughed as he squirmed. Even a man as hot as Marc looked ridiculous in this predicament. That was fine with me.

I lubed the curved phallus and asked him, 'Have you ever seen someone get impaled before?' I removed his cock cage and began fingering him. His entire body was tense and covered in sweat as he mumbled, 'No Sir.' He sounded like a retard with the ball in his mouth. I could feel his rapid breaths against my faces as he winced and wheezed with pleading eyes. I think Marc was beginning to grasp how crazy I am. I had all ready forced my slave boy to do things than he ever imagined possible and yet I still wanted more. I wanted to take this muther fucker on a thrill ride he would never forget.

With my boots I slowly spread the stools far enough apart that Marc was forced to split lower onto the phallus.. His eyes were wide with shock as the cold, steel tip entered him. I grabbed his hips and began to rotate his lower body so that the phallus would massage the opening of his asshole. He was breathing hard and beginning to whimper from behind the ball gag. I could tell he was having visions of adult diapers in his future. The truth is that Marc would need to see a doctor if I shoved this massive phallus inside him but I knew what I was doing. I left him trembling there for a long time. The fun part was watching someone slowly give up. Marc is a well built stallion with strong, muscular legs but no one can defy gravity forever. After I checked my voicemail messages, mixed a drink and put on some music I came back to check on Marc's progress. He was struggling and it was obvious that the second ball was ready to go inside him.

I laughed singing, 'Limbo, low can you go?' Marc hissed something that sounded distinctly like, 'Fuck you!' I wasn't sure what the bitch boy said and honestly I couldn't have cared less. I spread the stools wider and smirked as the second ball found its way inside him. Despite the gag I could tell that his mouth was now wide open as if his hungry ass was surprising him. I pulled hard on his nipple clamps with one hand and gripped my throbbing cock with the other. He moaned as I said, 'This is more fun than Disney World.' I left him there to hover while I called two boys I affectionately refer to as 'the Bobby twins.' They aren't twins; they aren't even brothers but they're both really cute, little Puerto Ricans that love to suck dick. The gay couple lives two blocks from me and whenever I call they're down for going down. The first Bobby is probably about twenty-two with a buzz cut and lots of stupid tattoos. I mean seriously he has like SpongeBob tattooed on his arm and all sorts of crap that needs to be scraped off and redone. The second Bobby has a Mohawk and if I had to guess I would say that he's about nineteen-years-old.

Both of the Bobbies have large, brown eyes and thick, juicy, DICK SUCKING LIPS. I love hanging with them because they will do anything I want. They walked in and started making small talk about the if I wanted to talk. They always giggle when I call them 'Bobby.' Seriously their names are like Humberto and Roberto but I can't remember which is which so I just say, 'Bobby! Take your clothes off!' And they do it.

The younger Bobby wreaked of marijuana. I spanked his cute, little bubble butt saying, 'Have you been smoking weed Bobby?' He snickered replying, 'No Papi.'

I was sure to catch the expression on their faces as they followed me into the living room. They both paused and stared at each other. Marc's quivering legs were struggling as he stood on his tip toes trying to avoid the massive phallus that would inevitably impale him. The first Bobby gasped and then both giggled like little, naughty boys. Bobby with the Mohawk asked, 'Papi, what kind of loco shit are doing to that dude?' They could barely contain their curiosity. As they rambled on in Espanol I sat down in my recliner and nonchalantly sipped whiskey. I love Latino guys because they are so adventurous and where most people would politely ask, 'Can I get in on this?' They just walked over to Marc and began groping him. Bobby with the buzz cut looked over his shoulder asking, 'What does this do?' He tugged on Marc's nipple clamp with an evil grin. Marc whimpered and both of the naked Latino boys were instantly sporting boners. Bobby with the Mohawk began blowing Marc and within a minute Marc was fully erect. His hard cock was bouncing as his body trembled from the whirlwind of stimulation.

Their hands were roaming all over Marc's exquisite form. I put my feet up saying, 'Bobby! Do me a favor and spread those stools a little further apart.' They spread them way farther than I wanted forcing Marc to collapse lower onto two of the balls. He cried out with a shriek that sounded sort of like someone being stabbed by a knife. I could tell he was in agony and part of me wanted to send the Bobbies home for being too mischievous. But after a moment I decided I was having fun watching Marc suffer. I whipped out my hard, 9.5 inch monster and snapped my fingers. The Bobbys looked back at me and grinned. Within seconds they were both on their knees doing what they do best. Mohawk Bobby was licking my sweaty balls while buzz cut Bobby sucked my dick. Marc was struggling against the phallus. He was losing stability but he still had control over how much metal went inside him.

For a minute I almost forgot he was there. I was getting some seriously awesome fellatio and listening to one of my favorite bands 'The Arctic Monkies' playing in the background. As Marc refused to be ignored I heard him begin screaming. I listened carefully to the sound of his voice to see if he was in some sort of trouble. He wasn't bleeding and the phallus hadn't sunk one bit deeper inside him. It was as if he was having a tantrum. Both of the Bobbies stared at him with curious expressions and then looked at me. I shrugged and pulled their heads back down onto my junk. The two Bobbies switched positions and now Mohawk was sucking dick and buzz cut was licking my nuts. Watching helpless Marc in agony while getting an expert blow job was complete Nirvana for me. My nuts began to coil and I lost all control. I shot my load down mohawk's hungry mouth and collapsed. I was buzzed, well serviced and a little exhausted. After all I had been screwing around with Marc since before dusk and it was now 9:30pm. With visions of the Marcster sliding deeper and deeper into degradation I drifted into a careless slumber.

I awoke thirty minutes later to the sound of Marc screaming. Mohawk was yanking on the nipple chain while buzz cut was spanking Marc's abs with a belt. I stood up and quietly walked behind them. Marc stared at me with a relieved expression; it was obvious I was disgusted with the Bobbies. In my best drill sergeant voice I barked, 'WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?' They both froze like little kids caught stealing candy. I took the belt from buzz cut and handed him a flogger with plastic stinger beads on its tips. 'Use this! And don't stop until he's crying!'

The Bobbies were sucked into a vortex of lustful sadism. They pulled on his nipple clamps so hard that it came off. I showed them how to illicit delicious screams by teasing and taunting Marc's bruised nipples. Buzz cut was flogging Marc's entire body including his cock and balls. We spread the stools further apart and now it was obvious that Marc had no way of stopping the impaler. He moaned loudly as his ass sank lower and swallowed one of the last balls. I reveled in the sight of this beautiful man being literally split in two. What he was enduring must have been intense because his eyes were glazed over as if he'd been smoking crack for a week. He was wincing, shaking and shuttering with every snap of the flogger and almost his entire body was now beet red. I stared him in the eye and laughed wickedly. A long stream of drool was hanging from his mouth. He looked freaking pathetic and I loved it.

I grabbed hold of buzz cut's arm and said, 'Do you hear that Bobby?' Marc was crying. The sound of a broken man is like music to my ears. I forced Mohawk down on Marc's tortured, throbbing cock. I imagined that the tip of the phallus must have been jammed right into his prostate. Marc sobbed with an expression that was a mix of torment and ecstasy. After literally two minutes of blow job Marc relieved himself into Mohawk's mouth. It was obvious that he was overwhelmed by sensation. The expression on his face was proof that the Marcster would never be the same again.

To be continued:



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