Do you know what a cock cage is? I didn't until I met Jason Bauer. The first time I saw him I didn't remember seeing him. The truth is I was the type of guy that looked right through people unless they had something I wanted. I am a winner...fuck that...I am a CHAMPION. To me everything is a game and I am always going to be in first place. Go ahead and say hate guys like me. I know and if I were you I'd hate me too. I played soccer and lacrosse in high school and college. I was a fraternity bro with rich parents and a cool car. I fucked every girl I could get my hands on and I never called them. I was privileged and let's face it...I'm fucking hot too.

My parents never paid any attention to me...especially my whore mother. She was a model turned socialite, gold digger and my Dad was a Wall Street King. They bounced me off to schools, camps and colleges like a ping pong ball and before that I spent more time with my Mexican nanny than I did with either of them. I guess that's why I don't really value people and that's why I'm such an asshole.

So here comes a dickbag named Jason. I was fucking this dumb bitch 'Shelby' from Florida. The little whore's knees trembled the first time she saw me. I turned her into my cum dumpster and tossed her white trash ass like used tissue paper. She would do ANYTHING for me and I have to be honest; it was pretty boring. Jason was her 'roommate.' I've never really understood a man that can be friends with a woman. Let's face it...girls are fucking stupid and all they're good for is cooking, cleaning and making babies. Who cares? Right? Jason is gay and it wasn't my problem.

Wrong...wrong...wrong....I underestimated the little pole smoker and before I knew it he had me in a very, complicated situation. Everyone on Wall Street double dips. We all have insider trade games going and it's only the careless and the really greedy ones that get busted. My mistake was letting that whore Shelby hang out at my apartment. Jason found my little, black book and all of my worst fears came to fruition. I don't think he realized how much terror he inspired in me. I mean seriously...the muther fucker made me cry the first time I realized he actually had my black book of secrets. I turned my entire apartment upside down searching for it and when he made it clear that he understood exactly what he was holding over my head my heart stopped. My best friend Chad gave me the number to a guy that was going to off him for me. That's how serious this shit is. Jason turned the black book over to his cousin! HIS FUCKING COUSIN WHO WORKS FOR FORBES MAGAZINE! He let me know that he would eventually give me back the book and made it clear that all I really had to do was something I had never done before...focus on something besides myself.

I figured the butt pirate would wanna blow me. After all I'm 6'2', a buck eighty five...and built with that perfect V that every faggot wants to have. The queer that cuts my hair tells me that I look like Paul Neuman. What ever! Girls always tell me I have pretty, blue eyes...and I think it's funny when gays check me out at the gym. Sometimes I strip down in the locker room and let the little perverts gawk at my naked body. I have a bubble butt...however... it has always been EXIT ONLY. Before I met hurricane Jason I always thought that any dude that put anything up his ass is just a sicko. I mean seriously who wants to play with poop?

So I'm thinking to myself that Jason would get on his knees...worship my dick and give me back my black book and I would be like...'See ya girlfriend.' Nope...the only thing he did to my cock was lock it up in this metal, medieval looking wire cage. I was freaking out the first four days I had my junk on lock down. I mean...dude...all I could do was piss. I couldn't rub one out...I couldn't even think about sex without extreme agony.

I've been boning my secretary since the first week I hired her. Her name is Chelsea and she likes to wear cashmere sweaters that make her tits pop out. I used to tell the little bitch that Wednesday was 'No panties allowed day.' She would come into work wearing high heels, garters and a skirt. At coffee time I'd slip my hand up into her world and make the little whore cum for me. Then I'd send her back to her computer while I played smell my finger with my best friend Chad. Wednesday came around and Chelsea almost cut my dick off. All day the horny, little slut was taunting me and all fucking day I kept making excuses to get rid of her. I finally signed off on her promotion just so the torture could end. Luckily HR sent me this middle-aged, soccer mom and you can bet your sweet ass she will never play 'no panties Wednesday.'

My worst nightmare came when cRaZy Jason used me like a little cunt. He took the cage off and forced me to do all kinds of sick, perverted shit. I had to lick his big feet...and suck HIS dick. I mean seriously? What gay guy would want ME to blow him? I thought they all loved pleasing. This muther fucker is meaner than I am. The beatings, the humiliation and all of the homo bullshit really fucked me up. At one point my dick actually got hard. That moment made me question everything.

Almost everything he made me do was a deal breaker. I would stop myself and think, 'I'm not going to put up with this BULLSHIT!' And then my mind would do the logical thing and circle back to what would happen if I disobeyed him. In the end I found out that you can survive almost anything and I learned to treat Jason like a game. The only way to win was to please him and that ain't easy.

My lowest point was when he made me drink from the tap. Yeah...I swallowed this fucker's piss...seriously...that's gross...but all I could think was, 'I have no choice in the matter.' After every humiliation in the world I was thinking that Jason couldn't come up with anything worse. Wrong again.

He left me with a belly full of cum, piss and humiliation. And yes...he put the cock cage back on my tortured prick. I didn't get the opportunity to ejaculate and I guess the point is that my dick doesn't matter. Jason is hung like a moose. He has some freakishly, large, porno dong swinging between his legs. My dick is pretty much standard issue...six inches...not terrible but nothing compared to HIS. He wouldn't allow me to touch myself and he called my little dick...get this enlarged clit. Low blow.

So me and my 'clit' went back to Wall Street. The only person that knows about my 'situation' is my best friend Chad. I was too humiliated to tell him about the gay stuff but he knew that someone was fucking with me. Chad is a douche bag. All he really cares about his own ass. EVERY FUCKING DAY he asked me if I got back the book, like he cares. The reality is that he's in the book too and if crazy Jason ever figures it out...he'll have a whole stable full of Wall Street Slicksters playing hide the salami. Part of me would love to see that happen. After all...why should I have to suck dick when they all get a free ride?

The second time Jason called upon me I had gone another two weeks in his psycho cage. I don't know what is more humiliating...that he fucks with me...or that he can pretty much take it or leave it. When he texted me I honestly felt a little tingle of fear mixed with anticipation...'FUCK YEAH FINALLY.' Part of me was curious to see what he'd do next and the other half was terrified.

So homo Jason tells me to buy this black, rubber douche pump thing and a bottle of red wine. What ever happened to a simple movie night? I follow his orders and gave myself a wine enema. I felt ridiculous but Jason has a way of making the unbelievable a reality. So here comes Dr. Evil and he wants me to get on the bed on all fours like I'm a pony boy. I do as I'm told and I could tell that he was really turned on. The only time he takes the cock cage off is when he wants to have sex. Let me tell you something dude...this guy has turned me out because I get hard every time I think about him. He was spanking my muscular, tight, bubble ass and probing me with his fingers. My dick was on FIRE! I was acting more ridiculous than Chelsea with my hips gyrating and my cock throbbing.

I couldn't believe how much of a slut he had turned me into. I LOVED IT! Then Jason goes down town on my ass like it's a piece of prime pussy. His tongue started delving into me and I could feel my dick begin to drip. He worked my ass like a Master...HA HA HA! An Ass Master! If I touched myself he would spank the HELL out of my nads. He made it clear that if I came it'd have to be on HIS terms. So...if you can't beat em...then let them screw you.

I started moaning with a red face of shame...and then the words came...'FUCK ME!' It was like, 'uh... who said that?' Jason was laughing and sipping his whiskey because he knew he had won. I was his property and there was no turning back. So he tells me with HIS cocky arrogance, that I have grown to admire, 'You get on top because my dick is too big to hump you with the first time.' Let's just pour some salt on the wound I have to play 'ride the bull?' So there I was...squatting over King Kong's Ding Dong and I realized that Jason is kinda hot. I mean he's definitely not as sexy as I am but he's handsome. He has red's buzzed really short. He's got freckles and an evil grin. It's obvious that he lifts weights and that

So my entire body was buzzing half from the wine and half from pure pleasure. I wanted him inside me. I wanted to please him and I wanted to be his bitch. I lubed up all the necessary parts and awkwardly landed on the tip of his cock. At first it didn't seem like it would be so bad. He worked in the tip and my ass muscles spazzed a little. He whispered, 'Take it easy...just the tip. Let that pussy open up for me.'

I started to roll my hips and push him in deeper...'WHOA!' Then it hurt really bad. I stared down into Jason's green eyes and he grinned. He spanked my ass a few times and said, 'I told you to go slow boy.' So more squatting and more trembling...and more sweating. Then my ass said, 'More dick please.' A few minutes later he thrust a good three inches inside me. I saw red. The pain was unbearable. Jason has a gentle side to him but whenever I show reluctance his dominant side kicks in. He spanked me some more and said, 'Take it BITCH! Your ass has a second hole.' His hands were running all over my body. I've never had someone touch me like that before. He was rubbing my abs, pinching my nips and groping my ass with firmness and determination. His touch made me feel...ugh...'Sexy.'

What he said about my second hole is true. I could never imagine taking 9.5 where no man has gone before but I was doing it. He laughed as my face was drenched in sweat and I moaned through gritted teeth, 'It feels like I'm gonna shit.' His hips started to roll in rhythm with mine and then I just slipped and fell down onto him like...'kerplunk.' OWWWW!

He was inside and it hurt like FUCK! Jason man handled me like a chick and rolled me onto my back. He was smiling as he stared into my eyes and he said, 'If you weren't so pretty I would have fucked you and been gone the first time.' I was ashamed that I liked hearing him call me, 'Pretty.' My entire body was tense as he whispered, 'Wrap your legs around me.' I held him in my arms and wrapped my long, muscular legs around my new Master. He had this look of pure satisfaction on his face. I could tell that he was happy and that made the pain dissipate. I thought to myself, 'No one has ever handled me.'

He whispered, 'I'm almost all the way in.' My eyes must have looked like saucers as I grunted, 'There's more?' Jason cackled loudly as he thrusts inside me. This was the part that was supposed to hurt the most but it actually felt AWESOME! He began to moan and groan as his body was gyrating. Yep...I was getting fucked and I dug it. He breathed hard and asked, 'Can you feel it?'

I didn't know what 'IT' was but I could definitely feel something going on in my asshole. It was like that big dick had gone in there and started drilling all the cum out of me. He told me that he was tapping onto my prostate. He started saying things like, 'It takes a big man to take my cock. We are the perfect fit.' He was definitely right because as he began fucking me harder and harder my head was spinning. I was sucking in air through gritted teeth and then I started moaning like one of those Asian chicks in the 'Me So Horny' song. I was like...'Mmmm Huhhhh! FUCK ME!' Jason grabbed hold of my hefty calves and lifted my legs into the air. I stared up at his flexing muscles and the veins that were popping out of the side of his face. I thought, 'This fucker is gonna have a heart attack and I'm never gonna get to cum.'

Like a jack hammer he was nailing my boy pussy and at that moment I decided I didn't want the black book back. Jason paused as he withdrew his python almost completely out of me and stared down with satisfaction. He was breathing hard and slowly he started to pump my G spot again. You know that feeling you get when a roller coaster takes you up and up and then hangs you at the very top? I was at the top and Jason was about to drive me home.

Mercilessly he started pounding my ass. I was literally screaming with this weird, high pitched pterodactyl sounding voice, 'YES, OHHH YESS! FUCK ME SIR JASON!' I exploded...with the most intense orgasm I have ever felt in my life. HOLY SHIT! It was like cum was spewing from places that I didn't know I had. When he pulled his meat out of me it literally stole my breath. Jason aimed his python at my face and I instinctively opened wide. He drenched me with cum. And then he held me in his arms. I don't know how it happened but I wanted him to stay like that all night.

Of course the fucker didn't. He slapped the cock cage on me and left minutes later. For the first time in my life I felt empty and alone.

To be continued:



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