It was mid May when Scurf decided to go over to Europe on a single cruise of the Greek Islands. He shortly made his way up to his cabin shortly after 1 pm for him to take a little nap before the munster safety drill was to take place.

The ship has many single men and girls on that where there for a week of heavy drinking and partying and to meet new people, During the first couple of day's Scruff didn't drink to much and got turn off from all the twenty years old plus girls trying to hit on him, There were  all looking for a some type of a older sugar daddy man to put their hooks into them.

During the third day Scurf had his eye on a fellow name Sam who was on vacation from the RBC bank in Edmonton, Canada. Sam weigh a solid 150 with short blonde curly hair and a very well kept trim goatee and could make the front cover of any gay bear cub magazine. 

Scurf was shock when Sam told him about a fellow name Marty that he meant down in Florida last winter. " Holy shit Sam he should it is like someone with the same description that meant and got to know , did he have wrestling background ? " It took Sam a few seconds to think and answer, " Yes he did Scruff and he work on the wrestling circuit all over the states and Canada. " They both smile and started and began to laugh at each out after it was the same person.

" I bet he fuck you in his wrestling trunks "

" No Scurf , It was him in his speedo dude "

" Same thing Sam "

" You right there Scurf "

" He sweat like a pig and loves wearing Brute aftershave "

" It was not brute that he had on, I think it smell like Lagerfeld  Cologne "

" Evan better my friend "

" You like to fuck my ass Scurf ? "

" Sure how about we go for dinner and some drinks first and then head back up to either your or my cabin then "

" Cool Scurf let say we meet at the entrance to the dinning room at 7 : 30 pm "

Scurf decided to head on down to the sauna room to grab a good steam before it gets to busy later on. The steam room was reaching a good 100 degrees as Sam was sitting on the tiles peacefully when the doormen once again. He  then took a huge deep breath and gasp before he smile at the gentleman who sat down right beside him.

" Hi there I'm Scurf "

" Nice to meet you please call  me Stew "

They both started to question one another as Scurf got totally excited when Stew told him that he was a cowboy from Idaho and has his own 300 acres family ranch that he runs with his Father and Uncles.

Stew was great looking also and was real piss off with all the girls hitting on him everywhere he went for drink or to relax by the pool. He was around 6'1 with huge brood shoulders and weigh around 220 with shirt dark black hair 70 style moustache and a dark hairy muscle chest with nice erected nipples.

" Fuck it getting to hot in here Scurf "

" It sure is Stew "

They both got up and left the steam room  to take a cool shower before they went back in. Scurf was the first one back in the room and shortly after that Stew came in wearing a towel along with a small bottle of poppers.

" Holy shit Stew are those poppers dude? "

" Yea they are Scurf "

" Fuck have not done them in a long time "

" You like to try some "

" I sure do my friend "

Stew got up and took his towel off and sat up on the bench just above from the place that they were both sitting. Scurf to a huge snort of the poppers and then pass the bottle to Stew for him to take a Snort. 

" Show me how a biker suck a dick Scurf "

" I "LL show you dude "

Scurf began to suck Stew nicely form mushroom 8 inch curve dick just after another shot of the poppers. He lips and mouth began going up and down on Stew shaft all the way down to a huge set of hairy cowboy nuts. Then came Stew pre cum that shot out huge juicy loads of his juice as Scurf became more excited from what is all going down his goatee mouth and throat.

" OMG Scurf that good "

" Holy shit you know how to suck a dick "

" You like it Stew? "

" I love it , dude make me cum "

" I need some more poppers ? "

" Here take some, then pass the bottle to me "

" Fuck I'm close, Fuck dude I'm close "

" You want it Scurf "

" Yea give it to me Stew "

" Here it comessssssssssssss "

Stew scream as 2 loads shot of seconds apart from one another as it fly's all down the back of Scurf throat during the same time as Scruff was orgasming. Stew then stood straight up on the bench to shake the rest of his load all over Scurf cum filled mouth and goatee.

" Fuck that was good Scurf "

" I feel the same Stew "

" I meant a young Cub bean name Sam a few hours ago "

" Yea I know for sure he would love a three some tonight after dinner "

" OMG that sounds fucking hot Scurf , I got a huge suite cabin on deck ten "

" Would you guy's like to meet me there at 10 30 pm , That would be great Stew "

" I need to ask you one more question ? "

" Go for it , The cub would like to get fuck with the person wearing their underwear on "

" Cool I just bought some new Colt sports spandex briefs  "

" By the way Scurf my Cabin is 1077 can you remember that "

" I sure can Stew see you around 10 30 dude "

" Yea see you too my friend "

Scurf was all excited from the action in the steam room and can't wait for Sam what all went down. Sam was waiting only a few minutes out the dinning room until Scurf show up wearing a very nice dress shirt and base brown slacks. Sam got totally all excited when Scurf told him what went all down in the steam room earlier in the day. 

" So do you want to joins us Sam "

" Are you kidding dude , I sure do Scurf "

" I think it is getting close and we should get our drink tab sign "

Scurf could not keep his eyes off of Sam tight bubble checks as they where both heading off to Stew cabin on deck ten. Sam began to knock a few times on the door before Stew got up to invited them both in.  Stew was dress like a real cowboy as he wore his 501 wrangle blue jeans, checker board button dome shirt, cowboy boots and a huge belt buckle that was wrap tightly against his 38 inch waist.

Stew and the boy's where well into there fourth beer by now as Sam started to feel of know pain.

" You are 100% right Scurf he is a hot bear cub "

" I know you would like him dude "

Sam and Scurf both took their time and began to strip Stew all the way down to his underwear as Sam was totally amazed seeing Stew standing right in front of him in a pair of white Colt spandex sports briefs.

The three some was was over a good hour as Scurf was the first one to shot off his load of man juice all over Sam and Stews goatee and moustache mouthes. Sam then got up and head on over to the bed and lay down on it with his legs up.

Scurf help Stew rub some type of heart active massaged oil all over their bodies and help Stew pull his massive cock through the hole in from of his briefs. They all took a huge load of the poppers as Scurf started to help Stew push his cock up Sam hairy small hole.

The fuck is going on for well over 20 minutes as all three of their sweaty bodies began to vibrate with sexual pleasure. Stew began to get more aggressive as Scurf stood right behind him pinching and sucking his hard sweaty erected nipples.

" OMG  Scurf kept pinching them dude "

" Fuck Stew , Fuck me dude "

" I wants your juice dude "

" Im getting so close guy's

" Give to him Stew, Give it to him dude "

" One more snort of the poppers Scurf "

" Oh shit here it comes "

" OMG Sam here it comes "

" Give it to him Stew , Give to him "

" Yea, Yea "

" Jesus Chrisssssssssssssst "

Stew quickly pull out of him real fast as the cum flew across Sam hairy chest and splash all over his face, mouth ,eyes as some evan hit the back board of the bed. 

" Holy shit Sam that was great "

" OMG that was the best ever guy's

Sam ass was real sore by now as he got up from the bed and went into the bathroom to grab a cool shower. Scurf still  notice there was a great amount of Stew cum still left hanging off of his dick and got down on his knees to slurp up the hot load of Stew sweet honey cowboy cum.

The next few day's they had many sexual encounter together and made sure they all have each other phone numbers and addresses before they left the ship. It was well after 9 am on the last day of they cruise that a Taxi pull up to where they stood and Marty got out of the door.

" Holy shit is that you Scruff and Sam "

" Hi Marty it sure is dude "

" This is Stew who we just meant him on the cruise Marty "

" Hi there Marty. I heard great things about you "

" To bad you guy's are not on this cruise "

" I guess is just bad timing Marty "

" Got to get going guy's , Please stay in touch "

" We will for sure Marty "

Stew, Scurf and Sam as all three of them went their different ways to their gate at the airport for them to catch their flight back home.





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