Scruff had quiet the Warriors for the last time, He got feed up with all of the biker brawls that they all got into and landing the majority of the time in the Emergency room. After 3 years away from it all, He landed a great job for Jack Daniels Whiskey as a sales rep which let him travel all over southern states.

It was so different seen himself get all clean up and totally change his appearance, He cut and groom his hair very short, Always kept his goatee trim and made sure he wears the best dress clothes for his business meetings. He got a huge bonus from the CEO of Jack Daniels and manage to put a nice down payment on a condo over in Louisville ,Kentucky.

The time was well pass 9 pm when he decided to go down to his favour place to grab some Buffalo wings and a cold draft beer, He was sitting quietly on the bar stool when he was approach once again by Joe.

" Holy shit Scruff is that you dude ? "

" OMG, what the hell you doing here Joe? "

" Just in town on business "

" What kind of Business Joe ? "

" I am here at a convention for the United Way '

" Wow, that sounds like fun ? :

" Yea Scruff, I am a Regional Manager for Metropolitan Pittsburgh "

" That great to here you did so well for yourself Joe "

" I just move into my new condo a few block from here "

" What are you suggesting Scruff ? "

" Would you like to come over for a drink "

" Yea why not that sounds like fun "

The two of them finished off their beers as Scruff signal to the Bartender to pay his tab. It only took around 10 minutes for the 2 of them to reach Scruff Condo. The Condo unit was located on the 10 floor over looking the downtown area. 

Joe drink down the 3rd glass of Scotch when once again he could not stop staring at the bulge that Scruff was showing off in his grey Hagger Slacks. " I see you have not change much Joe " as they both give each other a huge smile.

" I love you place Scruff "

" Thank you Joe, you should see the state of the Art steam room they put in "

" Cool loved to see that "

" How about I grab you a swimsuit and we can go down their to check it all out "

" Thank's Scruff sounds great to me dude "

" It looks like you are still the same size waist "

" You got that right. I am still a 36 Scruff "

The steam room was getting really hot as the sweat started to pour out of their bodies as they book took a huge swig from the beer they brought with them. It was shortly after that the door open up and another man walk in wearing a same type of speedo that they both were wearing. 

" Hi there guy's my name is Marty "

" Hi Marty Im Scruff and this is a good friend of my Joe "

" Nice to meet you Marty "

All three of them by now are totally exhausted from the steam room and decided to go and grab a cold shower for them to cool down with. Joe and Scruff could not help themselves starring as Marty was lathering himself all down with the soap from the dispenser.

Marty stood well over 6'1 with a very nice well condition body, He also weigh a solid 240 with a very well kept trim beard and was going bald a bit. His body was cover in blondish brown hair from head to toe. 

" Should I ask him up for a beer Joe ? "

" Why not it might be fun "

" Hey Marty would you like to come up for a beer ? "

" Thanks Scruff ,I need to finished off my report that is due tomorrow "

" Cool just knock on the door my friend , My unit is 1017 "

" Thanks see you in a bit "

It was shortly after 11 pm that Marty began knocking on the door before Scruff got up from his Lazy Boy chair to answer it.

" Come on in Marty "

" Anything I can get you for a drink ? "

" You have JD, I sure do "

It only took a few minutes before Marty wanted to know where Joe was, Scruff told him that he was in the bedroom getting change. Marty eyes fill up with amazement when he saw Joe walk out in his tight 501 jeans that had a hole in the crotch of them.

From there on it never took long after that Marty was feeling of no pain after his fourth shot of the JD Whiskey. Scruff got up slowly from the chair and walk over to were Marty was and began to massaged Marty broad shoulders.

" How that feel Marty ? "

" Fucking great Scruff "

" Hey Joe would you like to blow me ? "

" That well be fucking hot Marty "

" I brought some poppers with me "

" Holy shit Marty have not poppers in years "

Joe got down on his knees in front of Marty as Scruff took off his dress shirt and began slowly pinching his hard nipples. Marty took his huge bear paw hands and pull his zipper down before Joe pull the rest of his pants down to his ankles. Joe was totally excited seeing Marty standing right there in front of him wearing a pair of tight light blue underwear. 

All three of them took a huge snort of the poppers has Marty help Joe pull his nice 7 plus semi cut curve cock through the pee hole of the briefs. Joe and Scruff took turns sucking Marty as his pre cum was spurting out huge loads of cum all over both of their goatees.

" Hey Marty how about you fuck the shit out of Joe ? "

" Cool, I never fuck a man ass before "

" OMG that would be so hot Marty "

The clock was showing well pass midnight as Scruff began rubbing baby oil all over their sweating hairy bodies before he help Marty pull Joe's legs of his broad shoulders. Once again Scruff stood behind Marty and began planning and sucking his hard erected nipples as they all took another good shot of the poppers.

Marty took his hand to guided his pull back for-skin cock and started very slowly entering Joe's clean shaven hole, Joe began moaning with great pleasure as Marty cock was thrusting in and out like a torpedo.

" Holy shit Scruff his ass is so tight "

" I know all about dude "

" Fuck me Marty, Fuck me Marty "

The whole room started to spin as Marty took another shot of the poppers as the sweat was rolling off all 3 of theirs bodies by now, Scruff then took his hard dick and started to slide it up and down on Marty wet ass crack after each one of his hard deep stroke coming form his tool.

" Jesus guy's Im close

" Give it to him Marty "

" Fuck him good , Fuck him good dude "

"Pinch nipples Scruff "

" Harder Scruff "

" Holy shit here it comes Joe "

Marty quickly withdrew from Joe's ass as a huge load of pure white cum shot off like a cannon as it splash all over Joe's hairy sweaty chest, nipples, lips as some evan landed over on the hardwood floors across the soaking wet sheet bed. 

" That fuck so good Joe "

" Same here Marty "

" I never shot a load off like that before "

" I can see that Scruff shouted "

Joe and Scruff took turns scrubbing down Marty body with soap in the huge stand up tile shower before Scuff got down on his knees to see if Marty still has some cum left in him.Joe on the other hand was in the bedroom getting dress to head on home. Once he got all dress he went back into the bathroom and watch Marty shot off another load of cum all over Scruff lips and mouth. 

" That was so hot Scruff seeing you slurp up his cum "

" I knew you would like it Joe "

" Hey Joe please don't leave yet dude "

" Why not Marty ? "

" I want to give you something "

Marty and Scruff were all dress when he threw his sweaty pre cum filled underwear at Joe for him to remember him by, Thank's Marty that was kind of you " All three of them hug one another before Scruff open up the door for them to leave.

Over the next few day's . Joe jerk himself off several times sniffing and fantasizing about Marty cock fucking his ass once again. As for Scruff he got transfer 6 months later and got a much better paying job working for the Coke Brothers.

The End




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