It was early fall that Scurf got into a very serious motorcycle accident that put him into a long term facility for the rest of his life, He  made contact with all of his close friends that he meant in the pass and explain the situation that he was in. Joe and Marty took it very hard and made their way up to visit him a few times over the last few years.

Marty was very excited when Scurf gave him all the information concerning cowboy Stew that he meant last year over in Europe. " Thank you Stew for getting this for me , I am sure you will contact with him ." It was just after New Years when Marty got a phone call from Stew to see if they would like to meet one another in May over at a fishing lodge that Stew bought a few years back.

The weather has just got over 50 degree as Marty drove is new Ram pick up truck up to Stew fishing lodge about 2 hour north of Boise. Stew was outside working on his tool shed when Marty pull up to the Stew huge Cabin that he just build. " Hi Stew Im Marty " As they began to shake one another hands. They had a great chat outside for a minutes before they went back into the cabin for a tour. Marty was totally amazed by the size of the place and was shock when Stew show him a secret sex room that he put in on the top loft of the cabin.

After the tour they both went outside and took a short walk down to the lake and sat down on two chair that was on the end of the dock. Marty told Stew the bike accident that Scurf  was in last fall and became real sadden by the news after he heard how Scurf well live the rest of his life. 

Stew open up another can of Bud and started to tell Marty all went down on the cruise over and Europe last year. " Fuck it sounds like you guy's have a great time with this Sam and Scurf Stew , Yes it was one of the best week I ever had ." It was now getting close to 1 pm and they went back inside to grab some lunch and to have a few more beers. 

The time was just after 6 pm they both took a ride on the 2 Rv that Stew has and went on a riding hike all over different trails before they came across another Rv rider name Del that Stew has meant a few times over at his ranch. Del and his family sold Farm equipment  for John Deer over the last 30 years just outside a good 30 minutes from Boise. You can see the look and both Marty and Stew eyes that they would both love to hook up with him. Del had just turn 25 and just got engage a few months back, He stood just over 5'9 weigh around 160 with short brown hair along with a few days growth of facial hair. Stew finally got the nerve up to invite him back over to his cabin for a drink. " Sorry guy's I can't tonight how about we make it for Saturday night". Sam then smile at Marty before they told him that Saturday night would be great.

Del then wrote down the address on a small piece of paper before he got back onto his RV to head on back home. Over the next few day's Marty and Sam did a lot of fishing and took many rides on the RV before Saturday came round. " Do you think he might be ok Marty , I am really not sure Stew we have to go real slow with this one. "

It was just after dinner when Stew heard the RV motoring up his drive way and yell over at Marty telling him that Del was here. Stew then open up the door to invited him inside. Marty was relaxing in the lazy-boy chair as he was watching basketball on the huge 82 Samsung TV."HI Marty how you doing , Hey Del glad you can made up here " The weather outside started to cool down into the low 40's before Stew ask they guy's if they would like to go out to his hot tub.Del explain to Stew that he has no bathing suit with him as Marty started to grin and smile. " Don't worry dude I have plenty around my friend " Del then told Stew that he was around a 34 waist. Stew brought out a spandex type boxer short for him to wear in the hot a few minutes later.

Marty was now changing as Stew and Del where in the Hot tub working on their 3 shot of Jack Daniels Whiskey that Stew brought down to the hot tub with him. Marty slowly came out wearing a new green speedo that he just bought before the trip, " How is the water guy's, It is fucking great Marty " Stew now got the since that Del was feeling of know pain when Marty caught Del staring at his crotch a few times. " Hey Del what are you looking at dude ? I love your trunks Marty ", Stew began to laugh as he sat on the side with a little semi on showing through his tight white underwear that he love wearing.

" Need to ask you something Del "

" Go for it Stew "

" Have you ever suck a man's cock ? "

" No Sir, I have not yet "

" Myself and Marty thought you might be interested dude "

" You could say that I am more Bi curious dude "

" I would properly prefer on getting suck myself "

" Cool how about you go and sit up on the side now and enjoy it "

Del was totally relax and nervous a bit as Stew and Marty both took turns sucking Del nice 6 plus dick as he began to shoot out huge amounts of pre cum all over Stew goatee and Marty Bushy trim beard. Stew then got out the bottle of Rush poppers as the 3 some got more intense as Del began to suck his very first cock.

" Fuck you suck so good Del "

" Thanks Marty "

Marty was now moaning with great excitement as his 7 plus semi cut dick and balls where slapping the back of Del mouth. Stew was deeply enjoying it all going down as he started to jerk himself off at the same time.

" OMG guy's this is fucking hot watching you sucking Marty dick Del "

Marty was in some sexual trace as Del was just about to get a huge load of man juice all down his throat.

" Fuck Del , I am close "

" Give the pussy spray to him Marty yell Stew "

" Give it to him , Give it to him "

" OH fuck Marty I want your spray, OH fuck please give it to me "

" Yes it is coming Del "

" Oh my fucking God here it is Del "

" Oh Jesuussssssss "

Marty quickly stood up as he was now shooting off his load of sweet salty beer and pussy spray all over the back of Del Virgin throat as he started to spit the rest up all over his lips and mouth.

" Holy shit that tasted great Marty " 

Marty was still shaking a bit as Stew started to shake the rest of his own cum off his dick before he went over to Marty to slurp up the rest of the bear spray that was hanging off his semi hard cock.

Del began to take 2 huge swigs of Stew beer that he had to wash the rest of Marty juice all the down his throat before all 3 of them went back inside. It was a short time later that they all got dry off from the hot tub, Before they went up to take a look a Stew new sex room that he build. " Holy shit Stew you did a find job, Thank you Marty " Del was still scare and nervous from what all go down.

" I take it Del you have not see a sling before ? "

" You got that right Stew "

" You like to dry it our Del ? "

" Sure why not Guy's "

Del was now swinging back and forth as Marty and Stew both began to undress themselves and Del, Stew slowly turn the lights down for the right sitting as Del became more nervous and scared from his first ever fuck. Stew rub all three of their hairy bodies down with sexual lotion and made sure that Marty has lots of his favourite cologne pour all over his face and sweaty chest.

" It time to make a real man out of you Del "

" Go for it Stew "

" Marty has the smaller dick , He will be the first one to open you up "

" You also need to take a huge snort of the poppers to relax you "

Stew then pass Marty and Del the poppers as he stood right behind Marty and began to help him guide his curve semi cut dick up Del Virgin ass. Del took a deep breath as he felt Marty cock split his small juicy hole open as it started to penetrate him deeper and deeper.

" OMG it feels so good Marty "

" Yea dude just relax dude "

" Yes Sir "

Marty was fucking the shit out of Del ass good and hard by now as Stew cock was sliding up and down on Marty sweaty cheeks. Stew was deeply enjoy watching Marty huge set balls slapping up against Del juicy ass. He then got down on his Knees and slowly began sucking Marty nuts as it was sliding in and out, in and out.

" Jesus Stew keep on doing that dude "

" OMG it starting to hurt Marty "

" Take another shot of the poppers Del "

" Yes sir "

The fuck is becoming more intense as all threes of them where close and showing off their own load. Del was the first one to cum as Marty watch the cum fly out all him as it lands all over his semi hairy chest.

" Fuck I close Del  "

" Give to him Marty , Give it to him "

Marty then scream has Stew felt his nuts going of with a huge load of his juice that shot off like a rocket all the way inside of Del bubble but asshole. All three of them where all shaking from the orgasm before Marty pull out real slow of Del ass.

" Holy shit that was hot Del "

" Yes Marty real good Sir "

" Fuck Stew you mouth felt great on my nuts just before I came "

" I knew you like that Marty "

Stew then got in front off Del who was still in the sling resting from the fuck that just went down. Marty then help Stew put on his red speedo with the hole cut out in front of it for his dick to go through. " You ready for one more cock Del as he was still aching a bit from the Marty cock. " Go for it Stew  why not dude."

Now it was Marty turn to stand behind Stew as his body was completely still sweating from fucking Del. Stew then took his huge 8 inch dick and slowly began to penetrated Del hole.The fuck was much more aggressive then Marty as he was deep thrusting  his cock good and hard as it was massaging Del prostrate gland. 

" Jesus Del love you ass dude "

" Holy shit Stew you a big and you are close and making me cum again "

" Keep fucking him Stew "

" Pinch my tits Marty "

" I need some more poppers guy's "

" Take a good riff and hang onto my speedo good and tight Del "

" Yes Stew"

"  Tighter Del'

" Holy shit that is hot Stew "

Stew was now in full throttle fucking the shit out of Del hole as the three of them were all close in shooting off their hot loads of cum. Stew then got on his tip toes and really began to bang the shit out of his sweaty hole real good, Marty was totally amazed with excitement has his own dick was close in shooting off .

" Fuck I am close Stew "

" Let me feel it against the back of my ass checks Marty "

" Fucking I am going to shot off now Del "

" Grab my trunks once more  Del "

" Please give it to me Stew "

" Let's come together Marty "

" Cool Stew "

" Ready Marty, Yes Ste almost their "

" Here it fucking come guy's "

Stew and Marty scream out loud as their cum come flying out of their cock like a machine gun going off as Del felt it hit the back of his hole. Marty and Stew where both slump over and where both totally exhausted from the orgasm they both had once again. As for Del he got not move for a few minutes as he started to scream when Stew pull his cum filled cock out of his ass. Del then got our of the sling and got down on his knees along with Marty and took turns slurping up the rest of Stew 2 loads that he shot off.

The time was well after 11 that Del got shower off before he got back onto his RV to head on home for the night. Marty then came Del his pre cum filled underwear for a present to remember him. Then it was Stew turn who gave Marty his sweaty smelly cum fill speedo that he whore for the fuck. 

Stew and Marty then watch Del slowly walk out the door as they both smile at one another. Over the last few day's Marty and Stew got real serious in fishing and did some cross bow hunting. It took Del a few day's to get over his soar not os Virgin ass, His wife to be caught him with the poppers jerking off as he was sniffing the underwear and speedo that they guy's give him. 

The End







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