Chapter 4 – Ken’s shit.

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I was in our living room at exactly 2:40 and I became really aroused watching my master brother lying on his stomach and showing me again that hot ass I had previously given pleasure to. I was horny knowing that very ass was gonna feed me some shit now. Come on, Logan, I said to myself. Your master brother is the person you like most and the one you really desire to have sex with. He cannot notice any disgust in you. I have watched a lot of small movies and even was able to smell that shit, just remembering the smell of my own crap. I had seen guys having fun with shit in their mouths, playing with it and being somebody else’s toilet. The idea of being my brother’s toilet slave was making me hornier than ever. I had to be good now. He could not notice any disgust in me. Hell, I wanted to eat shit.

Saying no words, I approached the couch and found there was room enough to sit and grope his hot ass fondly.

-Hello again, master brother. I am hungry now and will eat some shit. I need you to tell me if you like the way I touch you. I want to turn my fingers, nose and tongue into new tools for your sexual pleasure –all that time I was erotically groping that wonderful ass that soon would feed me - I will sniff first. I expect some farts before I am eating, please, master brother.

And he did fart. He said he was a little nervous and did not want to disgust me.

-Ken, I am old enough and know what I am doing, with whom and why. Come on, I have to taste my master brother’s shit.

He started to fart as I was licking that tasty cavern, his ass. I licked every hair of his, horny with his farts in that erotic scented place where I was gonna be the toilet soon. I was looking forward to his poop but was in no hurry. Meanwhile I was being the toilet enjoying his farts with the psychological pleasure to know I would eat his shit soon. Soon the first turd surprised me. The smell was better than I had imagined. I wanted to play with it; I was not disgusted and kissed the tip of his first turd as lovingly as I had licked my brother’s glans before. I started to lick his crap, turning my tongue into an expert shit licker. I had to chew it and eat shit. It was little time in my mouth. I liked the taste and wanted that glorious moment of feeling his poop down my throat. I was so horny that unexpectedly I shot my load when I was eating his first turd. I had to tell my master brother.

-Ken, I have to tell you something.

And believing I was disgusted, he asked me with fear.

-Tell me, Logan. You can stop now if you want.

-It’s not that, master brother. I must tell you quite a different thing. I have enjoyed your first turd so much that I have unexpectedly cum on the floor. You can see it on it.

He looked at my cum and told me.

-Oh, my hot slave brother. I could never have expected you might cum with my shit. Tell me the truth, would you like more?

-I want to eat your whole shit today, and probably every poop of yours every day. I really desire to be your toilet slave.

-Then, return to my ass. Holy heaven, Logan. I never could think this could be funny for you.

-Now, please, master brother. I want to enjoy everything, your shitted arse, some new turds and a lot of farts.

I was again inside that scented hole and my tongue was a worm madly tasting shit and eating every new turd with desire and encouraging my brother to shit me all he had in his bowels. I ate and continued licking, I smelled and swallowed his farts and told him once and again I was the toilet now and really was enjoying myself. I think he shat four turds in my mouth, but I thought they were more because he was slowly breaking them as he shat, and I ate more than twenty pieces of my master brother’s crap. But finally he stopped and kissed my mouth which was full of shit! I loved that tender moment.

-I know, Logan, what my shit tastes like. I have tasted it many times in dudes’ mouths as I kissed them and of course I have to kiss my brother and lover who has given me so much pleasure and has cum with my shit.

-Thanks, Ken.

-Would you like to try more things?

-Toilet things?

-Toilet things.

-I am your toilet now, master brother and so far I like everything. I want to be your personal slave toilet.

-Good, my hot slave brother. Then open your mouth. I have to pee again.

I tasted his piss now mixing with his shit I still had in my mouth. It was a perfect combination and then I thought I was really born to be my brother’s toilet. Of all the pleasures of that day discovering I liked being a toilet was the greatest discovery. I was willing indeed to eat his crap every day. Of course I pissed my master brother’s mouth next. He wanted to suck my cock in that moment and I told him he could after he had used me as a complete toilet first. Then with unwiped ass, he asked me to keep my mouth open and started to spit. It was incredible: I liked everything that came from him. It was brother’s spit. It had a wonderful flavor.

-Now –he said after some minutes spitting- I’d rather you pick my nostril and try and eat some snot. If you like it, I can blow my nose in your mouth. But first I want to know.

Of course I picked some snot from his nose. I wanted to taste everything of my master brother’s products. I ate some snot and the taste surprised me. It was one of the most delicious things I had tasted from him so far and I told him and asked him please to let me be his handkerchief.

-Good, slave brother. So keep your mouth open.

My mouth was open and I was delighted with the rain of snot that came to me from one of his nostrils. I loved the taste and knew I was ready to be my master brother’s new handkerchief, so I implored him to blow his other nostril in his toilet slave brother too. I started to jack off again so he could perceive how I loved that viscous yellow rain and told him tomorrow I would pick up his snot little by little and I would be wanking and cum with it. After this new rain of pleasure, Ken kissed my mouth full of his excrements with so much tenderness that I almost cried but suddenly he surprised me by puking in my mouth. Of all my boners that day, I think that was my highest boner. I simply was surprised I loved puke so much but immediately had to take my hand to my cock, start a new masturbation and ask my master brother please to pour all his stomach in my stomach. I said “please, Ken, puke a lot”. He could not believe I had cum with his shit and I wanted to cum with his puke now. I was tasting rice again and told him that day I would eat the whole rice, natural and digested. He told me the best of puke is that it had many different flavors if one is capable to notice what the puker had eaten. He was puking a long river of digested rice in my stomach. I was jerking myself off and talking to him at the same time. I said he would be hungry later for he would have nothing in his stomach. And he answered that being hungry or not depended on me, for he would eat if I recycled later, i.e., he would like to taste every product from me. I agreed and asked him continuously to keep on puking. He said he would puke now for the last time; he had no more digested rice in his stomach, so I accelerated my masturbation and the moment his liquid rice came to my mouth previously perfumed with his stomach, I blasted my load on the floor and thanked my master brother for so much pleasure. I was unable to remember how many times I had cum that day and I asked him please to use me as his toilet every day. He kissed me and said he was going to blow me now.

Now he could. He asked me to sit comfortably on the couch, he sat on my right and with no more words he started to lick my balls. I thought I could not stand that pleasure. No girl had ever licked my balls before. My brother’s tongue became a dancer, telling me once and again how many times he had imagined himself doing that and today he could and I should have the pleasure of my life. Then he walked up my dick like an ant, slowly and fondly. Every movement of his tongue drove me crazy and I believed I was finally allowing my brother to lick my cock, which he desired so much. He was minutes licking my glans. I was not aware of having a dick before that day, but I was surprised I was having so much pleasure and I was not a premature ejaculator with him. I could hold it. The moment he swallowed my cock I started to moan so loudly that I was almost yelling. His face was happy. I was having so much pleasure and starting the days of my sexual happiness. I even thought it was good for me to have felt always frustrated before that day so I could discover how pleasant it could be to have sex every day with my brother. I was gay, I was a pig, and I was a masochist; I loved incest. With him I had it all, I thought as I was having one of the greatest pleasures of my life with his blowjob.

-I think I have to cum now, Ken.

-Cum in my mouth. I like the fact that you can hold it longer when you are having sex with me. And soon it would be customary and you will learn to last longer each day. But cum in my mouth. I want to taste my nephews again.

I filled his mouth with a long stream of cum and said.

-I would be stupid if I gave you nephews the other way, for now I know I prefer men and you above all.

-Lil bro, do you really want to be fucked?

-Please, Ken, I beg you, please, please, fuck me. Remember I am also your lover. I wanna be fucked by you and I am sure I will even enjoy the pain.

-Well, I will fuck you now. But remember I won’t rape you. If you cannot stand the pain, I will take my cock out immediately.

He rubbed his cock in my arse prior to thrust it. How to describe the psychological pleasure of having for the first time in my life a cock almost inside my ass now and knowing whose cock it was that would enter? But finally he dared. It hurt me but I loved it.

-Please, master brother; use your slave brother’s ass for your pleasure every day. You are very sweet and don’t want to give me any pain, but I love this pain. My ass is yours. Let me enjoy the pain now. I love it.

-I’m glad you like it, slave brother. But I will be calmer when it doesn’t hurt you. Hope you like fucking later and it gives you some pleasure.

He was all arms in that moment. He touched everything of me. He kissed my mouth once and again, still full of all his excrements, a complete toilet slave mouth. The taste of his products accompanied the pain of my first time. I moaned with happiness. My brother’s cock was now deep in my ass, entering my bowels, giving me both pleasure and pain. A perfect combination. I encouraged him to go on. I surrendered to my brother’s sweetness, nothing to object: let my sexual life be what you want it to be after today; in you I trust. You know how to drive me crazy. Now it hurt less and I told him.

-Fuck me every day, Ken, please. My ass is yours without restrictions. I love it.

-We have been all day having sex and you still have many things to know, Logan. Welcome to the sexual pleasure you deserve.

But finally it didn’t hurt me anymore and the pleasure was indescribable.

-Oh, master brother, please, fuck me every day and many times. Now I know I was born to be fucked. I was blind for sex. Your body is making me recover vision.

He was fucking me five more minutes and I thought I was gonna burst with pleasure. Not only his cock. He never stopped groping me all over and kissing me; the taste of all his excrements I had in my mouth. I was not jacking off for I knew I had to fuck him now. I had pleasure newly discovered coming over me. But finally he said he wanted to cum and I begged him please to fill my arse with his semen. I felt it inside me, filling me. Now with an ass full of semen I had to thank him for so much pleasure and asked him not to be shy and fuck me now every day more than once.

-Are you ready to fuck your master brother now, Logan?

-I have to.

Then he showed me his ass to fuck. And I did as he had done and rubbed my cock on his buttocks for a long time. Then he reminded me what I had forgotten: it would give him no pain; he had been sufficiently fucked before, and finally I shoved my cock and he started to moan. Seeing my master brother’s face of pleasure, I wanted to fuck him for more than a quarter of an hour as I was also groping him and kissing his mouth. My dick was exhausted and I knew I could hold it now longer, even though I was fucking again after three years, and no other than my brother’s hot ass. I wasn’t the master though I was the fucker now; I was still the slave. I wanted my brother to control both our pleasures every day and order me any fun he desired; my pain was his fun and my fun; the disgust which did not disgust me; the sexual toy I had become today, always ready for his pleasure, which was my pleasure too. I could hold it. I lasted for twelve minutes. Hearing him yell with excitement drove me crazy but he had domesticated my dick and now I could cum whenever I wanted because it had been working all day. He had asked me to cum in his ass and finally I did. I was filled with sweat when he kissed me again after our mutual fucking.

-Now you must be ready for me to be your complete toilet. Do you feel like pissing?

And when I answered I did, he told me to piss in his mouth again. I pissed him and awaited him to piss me next but he told me he could hold it and would piss me later. He said this at the same time that he was picking my nose, searching for snot, though I knew well I had none. But he found some booger in one of my nostrils and showing no disgust he took it out and ate it. Then he picked my other nostril. I even enjoyed his finger in there. Of course he ate it too. Then he opened his mouth and asked me to spit. I obeyed him and spat. He told me to go on. He wanted me to spit for a couple of minutes. I even cleared my throat. He swallowed my entire gob I was spitting him. It was funny, but after two minutes he kissed my mouth again and told me now he wanted to take me to g-spot and I should fart and shit in his mouth: he wanted to eat my whole crap.

-My master was brave enough earlier when he shat in my mouth though he might expect his slave could be disgusted, so I have to be as brave as my master brother was before and do it to you now. Ok, Kenneth. I will lie on my stomach on the couch and hope you have some fun.

He groped my ass affectionately playing with my skin and soon he was sniffing my crack. Then he started to lick my ass. That was certainly an unknown pleasure I was discovering that day of so many discoveries. Kenneth was a sex machine which never got tired and after taking you to heaven knew how to take you to heaven again. I was shy but I knew I had to do it, so I farted. Immediately my master brother praised the smell and asked me to be constantly farting, even when I was shitting, till he took me to g-spot. I was farting for ten minutes before I took courage and made up my mind to shit in his mouth. He moaned a lot then and praised the smell of my crap and was also a minute smelling and licking my first turd before he dared to eat it. Then he said he liked it so much that he had started to jerk himself off and he wanted to cum with my shit before I had reached g-spot. He asked me to shit a lot as he kept on licking my now shitted arse. So I was less shy and shat and farted while I still had his wonderful tongue pleasing not only my ass but my whole body. He never got tired and after three quarters of an hour I started to feel an indescribable pleasure. He told me he was cumming then and I was glad he was able to cum with my shit. I had finished shitting and prepared myself for my best orgasm ever. I finally told him I was cumming, in case he wanted to look at my face as I had done before.

-Logan, now you have become the most handsome boy on Earth. Keep on cumming, my hot lil bro. I hope you have just had the pleasure of your life. You deserve it.

-Never again could I feel this happy, unless it is with you again. Thanks, master brother. Never forget I am gladly your slave and please order me to please you, for pleasing you I also have pleasure, even some pleasures I could never have imagined.

-Now I order you to puke in my mouth. I want you to be calm and be sure that your master brother likes everything that comes from you. Come on, kiss me and when I am not expecting it, puke in my stomach.

I ardently kissed him then. He was my lover and I desired to give him a love kiss. I did not want to puke him then but I knew I had to do it. So I was passionately kissing him and delayed to puke him. But he ordered me now to puke, seeing I would not willingly do it. So timidly I puked a little and he yelled with pleasure, took his hand to his cock and asked me to puke him all, saying digested rice in my stomach had a wonderful flavor. I remembered how I had enjoyed his puke and completely surrendering now to my brother’s will I answered I would puke him all the rice I had in my stomach. But I kept on kissing him and puking as he was jacking off. I puked slowly for more than five minutes. I also told him that would be my last time and he prepared himself and when all the rice in my stomach, together with his shit, piss and puke that was in my stomach too, was finally in his stomach, he kissed me again fervently as he shot his load. I loved to be capable of making my brother cum once and again. Every time his cock exploded I felt I was born again. We had really become lovers. After he was calm, he said both of us would go to the toilet now and wipe our asses and brush our teeth, and then he would lick my pits and my feet.

I even enjoyed seeing how my brother wiped his ass and brushed his teeth later. Of course I did the same and then Ken told me to sit comfortably on the couch. He sat beside me, took one of my feet and started to lick. Never before had I felt a tongue on my feet. Again a new pleasure I enjoyed as my master brother was praising the smell and desiring every man he would have sex with in the future had the same smell. He thoroughly pleased one of my feet and then came to the other, asking me if it was pleasant.

-I thought it was impossible to know more pleasures today. But I like this too and with you I have it all. You can go on, Sir.

-Thanks, slave, lil bro. Go on getting pleasure.

He was five more minutes in my other foot and God knows how he was transmitting the pleasure to every pore of my body. He sniffed each of my toes and kissed them, then he licked them slowly and I never stopped moaning. But after five minutes he said he was gonna lick my pits now and he would jerk himself off again.

He put his nose on my left armpit and was sniffing a long while before he started to lick, reminding me he had wanked a thousand times thinking he was licking my pits and now he could finally do it. I told him as long as he desired them, he would have my pits every day or more than once a day: he was my master and could have them whenever he desired. His tongue there was also something new and I was never tired of looking at my master brother’s face and at his beautiful dick having pleasure at the same time. He said he wanted to be for long in that scented spot and I said I would allow him to be there as long as he wished, even if after now he decided to live there. He changed to my right armpit saying he could not hold it much longer and wanted to please my other pit as well. He started to erotically grope my entire chest. If I was litter or wood, I was burning now and the flames of brotherly sex scorched me. I moaned once and again and he could feel my arousal. But the arousal was his face, seeing how that hot man who deserved pleasure was enjoying himself. He asked me please not to have a shower soon and I promised him again after now I would only have showers when he told me. Finally I could hear him yelling, almost crying with emotion, as he was cumming with the perfume of my armpits. The floor was stained again, the seed of pleasure making it white. I asked him to let me drink that cum of his. He said I could and thanked me for the whole day today and for having given him such good moments. Then he said it was still too early in the afternoon and suggested we could spend all that time before dinner watching gay porn movies together and jacking each other off. I agreed for I did not want the hours of that splendid day to pass and I needed more incestuous sex.

He took three scat movies and chose one and played it. Then he sat beside me, grasped my cock and masturbated me. I was easy with him now and took his dick and jerked him off too. I said that the guys were hot and now I only wanted to see naked men. They started an orgy of shitting on the woods and eating and getting dirty in general. Ken suddenly blasted his load and almost crying told me.

-Oh, Logan, I think I am falling in love with you.

-I fell in love with you hours ago, Ken. I didn’t tell you but I think I saw it when you were fucking me. What shall we do now?

-First of all, let us kiss endlessly for minutes.

We started a long French kiss and were passionately kissing and touching for ten minutes.

-We are already lovers, Ken. We have to think if it would make sense we would become a couple. All I know is that I want to live all my life with a man like you.

-If you really desire it, Logan, we could try. But nobody can know this. You know our parents open with their keys many times and can surprise us any day. So, we can sleep in the same bed but when they come to visit, we should sleep alone, each in their own bed. And we cannot be naked the whole day. We should have our clothes on, not only to work but to live, except in bed, where we would always be naked, the door locked. And the rest of the day we can have sex with our clothes on, in case they came by surprise.

-I would like everybody to know that I am gay. I wish to tell all our friends, of course hiding from them the fact that I am now my brother’s boyfriend. But Dad and Mom must know nothing. We need common sense for we would not be easily understood. But please, Ken, I am your boyfriend now but I ask you please to never forget I want to be your slave for life.

-You can be. You will be my slave all day and my partner all day, only my partner in bed. As long as you enjoy it we will be master and slave for I also want to take care of your masochistic needs. But taking into account our health, we cannot eat each other’s excrements every day, but I suggest we could see each other peeing, shitting or puking every day and at least enjoy the smell and the sight. Do you agree?

-If it were not dangerous for health, I would eat your every shit and your every puke, but ok, I understand, so I agree.

We saw three porn movies that afternoon, jacking each other off as we saw them, but finally we decided to cum and have dinner. Then we came at the same time, kissed again, ate our cums and went to the kitchen, where my brother would make two omelettes. We finally sat down to dinner, both of us with enormous boners again. Saying nothing, Ken suddenly grasped my dick and started to jack me off, so I had to do the same and started to please again my brother’s hot cock. Both of us were savouring our first hours as a couple and when I called him master brother, he told me.

-Remember now, my dear Logan, we are very close to going to bed. Now I want to have only my boyfriend to please. We belong to each other now. We will be affectionate and erotically having brothers sex.

So I had nothing to object and devoted myself to just pleasing my boyfriend now as he was pleasing me too. We came together just after finishing dinner. I ate both cums while Ken was doing the washing up. And in just five minutes he came to me and gave me a real love kiss saying we would now go to bed together to share the sheets and the pleasure; I was only his partner now and I could choose what I preferred to do.

We started our life in common entering the sheets and then, when our bodies were close together, we started to kiss and I think we were like this for ten minutes and we groped our whole skin, moving erotically in bed as we touched, kissed and sniffed each other. I knew my brother was expecting me to be first to choose what to do. Of course I started sucking his cock again. I had not seen him cumming enough times, I thought, and I still wanted to please him, knowing he was now only my brother and boyfriend, but I even desired to be better with that hot man I was engaged to. He finally busted his load and I did not allow him to blow me yet. First I needed to be a long while licking his feet and pits. Then I told him he could blow me again and as the first time he was just as good and I thought I could not stand so much pleasure. His tongue was a snake in my paradise, and despite the fact that my cock had worked so much that day, I came so soon that I thought I was a premature ejaculator again but now I didn’t care. Then we were five more minutes kissing and touching before fucking again. I told him this time I would fuck him first. He agreed and turned to feel my cock inside him. I was not shy now and this time I enjoyed my brother’s inner skin for longer. I think now I was fucking him for ten minutes. He said he had always moaned too loud but now he had to learn to be lower lest our parents came one day and surprised us in bed fucking. I finally came and sighed and kissed him again. Then I turned so he could fuck me now. My ass was the room for my brother’s cock and I knew the more he entered the more I would be myself for it was very clear for me now that my ass was his. They were ten more minutes of pleasure feeling his cock inside me, just as he had entered my heart and my soul that day. He shot his load in a condom inside me and I felt I was fulfilled but after the night battle, we kissed fondly for another ten minutes and touched all over. Then we were awake for two more hours, making projects for our life in common and remembering tales of what we had lived together so far.

We have been ten years now living as a couple and as master and slave in the day. We have never been surprised. Our best friends know we are gay but of course none knows we are a couple. We have only twice had sex with the same man together but we have thought twice because it could be dangerous and we could show our love and have not repeated. Every morning when we wake up we kiss, then I prepare breakfast and we jack each other off as we are having it. Then after breakfast, unfortunately with our clothes on, after our daily job with the cows, I start to obey my master brother’s orders, but of course he pleases me every day and we cum more than five times a day. We see a lot of porn movies together as we have two computers and we decide to lock our bedroom so no one can surprise us with our cocks out. We only eat excrements once a month, except piss, which we drink once every day, but we always go together to the toilet and see and smell each other’s products. We have very few showers and generally we have one every three weeks. Since I matched my own brother I live in a continuous paradise and my sexual life grows. I have always thanked him for what he did to me in a single day and I always laugh when I remembered one day I was quietly sleeping when I had a sudden awakening to happiness among farts.


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