Awakening with farts – chapter 1 – FART PUNISHMENT.

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I had a sudden awakening one night in May. I was asleep when suddenly someone started farting in my mouth and the stench awakened me. Someone? It had to be necessarily my brother Kenneth. He was 27 and I was 25. He lived alone with me since our parents left us in charge of this dairy farm we both take care of. So it must be him, unless he had invited a friend to fart in my mouth.

-Is it you, Kenneth?

-It is me, lil bro –fart-, I have thought you needed some punishment tonight –fart- I will be a long while farting. I chose this punishment.

-But why? –fart.

-You have embarrassed me tonight in front of my friends. They thought I could be gay and you supported their opinion. Well, lil bro, I am gay, do you want to say something now? –fart.

-You know I like you, Ken. I don’t care at all. I want you to be happy. Sorry for having embarrassed you. If you think I have behaved badly, ok, I deserve this punishment. But please do not be too long –fart-. I feel like pissing but I can hold it. But I would like to return to sleep.

-Will you be mad at me tomorrow for what I am doing right now, Logan? –Fart-. Or will you have a shock?

-I don’t fucking care, Ken. Do it if you think I deserve being punished. I like you a lot and will go on liking you. No shock.

-That’s the best you have, lil bro. Years ago, when you were only fifteen a wasp stung you and you acknowledged that day, and later have said to me sometimes, that you are a masochist –fart- do you still think you are?

-I am sure I am, Ken.

-You are brave. Then take it as a masochist experience. Maybe you can enjoy the fact –fart- that your brother is farting in your mouth. And I don’t think you feel like puking.

-Well, do what you have to do, Ken.

-Do you always sleep just in shorts?

-I do, Ken.

-Can you explain to me why you have a boner right now?

-I don’t know why I have a boner. May it be because I feel like pissing?

-Maybe. Well, lil bro. I like to see you just in your shorts. Maybe you are shocked now when I tell you something, but remember you are brave. This can be some fun between brothers. I have been wanking over you since you were 15.


-I have. Do you hate me now? –fart.

-I don’t fucking care, Ken. You needn’t tell me who you are thinking about when you are jacking off. You can go on, if you needed my permission, wanking over me and telling me.

-Maybe I could do this punishment shorter for I intended to be farting in your mouth for an hour. It will be shorter if you collaborate with me.


-I want you to lick my ass –fart.

-Ok, Ken. I don’t fucking care.

And I started. It was something new. It had no importance for me.

-So hot, lil bro. I hope you don’t mind licking your brother’s ass. I suppose it must be very dirty.

-It is, Ken. But I want to collaborate. I want this punishment to end as soon as possible and we can be again dear brothers.

-And friends. Who would not desire to be your friend? –Fart- You don’t get easily shocked. Would you like to please me a little more? That way the punishment would finish –fart.

-What do I have to do?

-Well, Logan, as I saw you were not shocked hearing me I wank over you, I want to keep on wanking over you tomorrow and you could give me some ideas for my next masturbation.

-Tell me what you want, Ken.

-I would soon finish if you do this: you will take off your shorts and throw them to the floor. Then you will start to jack off. Maybe it is because you feel like pissing but, fuck brother, you still have a boner. You will jack off before me till you cum. I want to see you cumming. And then one last fart and this punishment will be over. You can think of the hottest chick you have ever been with or maybe as a masochist it is more pleasant to you to think either of your brother’s stinking arse or of his stinking farts.

I didn’t know what I was feeling. If it was only because I wanted to return to sleep or because I had a boner I couldn’t explain. I didn’t feel like pissing. Maybe I enjoyed the punishment. In fact I was still licking my brother’s stinking ass and he moaned. But whatever it was, I didn’t care and wanted this punishment to finish because I wanted to be my brother’s friend again as we had always been, so I said I would collaborate with him, took off my boxers and threw them to the floor.

-So hot, brother. Now please start to jack off –fart-. I am sorry to tell you that even with a huge erection your cock seems very small to me.

I started jacking off.

-I know, Ken. This is the cock I have. Maybe now you are disappointed.

-I am not disappointed. Instead of getting shocked you are doing what your brother told you to and continue licking my ass as you jack off. Good, lil bro. Give me some pleasure; it is nothing to you –fart-. I know it must be difficult to jerk off in constant farts, but you seem to like them. I like to feel your cock having pleasure.

I don’t know why but I cummed in that moment. Only two minutes. I expected my brother’s reply.

-So soon? Are you also a premature ejaculator? Well, I don’t care. If you have cummed it means you have had some fun. Now the last fart and we finish – very noisy and smelly last fart.

Then he took his ass off my mouth and I could see it. It was nice.

-Well, lil bro, if I were you I would sleep stark naked tonight. I won’t disturb you again and I like your body so much but I won’t rape you.

-I don’t think you are capable of raping me, Ken. Don’t think that.

-You have a hard on again. I think you should jack off again thinking of whatever thing you prefer, even about your brother’s farts. I am so glad you seem to have enjoyed this punishment. Oh, by the way, lil bro. I wonder if you mind making both coffees tomorrow morning. You don’t have to serve me; we will keep our cooking routines. But I would like you to prepare coffee for you and me. And I want to have my coffee first and when I finish you can start. Do you mind?

-I don’t. It’s the same to me.

-And it is not a punishment but I like you, you know that, and I would like you to prepare coffee without your shorts. I want to see your cock and your ass as you are making breakfast.

-I wonder what you want from me. But ok, I don’t fucking care.

-Never forget how intelligent and brave you are, Logan. Now I leave you alone so you can piss and have more pleasure before returning to sleep. Look at your dick. It needs some more action. Goodnight, Logan.

-Goodnight Ken.

I was alone at last and maybe I had to think a lot about what had just happened. I pissed first and returned to bed naked. Well, I am not going to tell now what I did, but it is true I had a boner. It took me two hours to fall asleep again.

Next morning I went to the kitchen and I was eager to see my brother again and check that nothing had happened and we could be good friends again. When I entered the kitchen I saw he had his t-shirt on but no trousers. He was sitting there in just his briefs. When he saw me he had an instant boner. I said good morning to him.

-Good morning, lil bro. I was waiting for you. Hope you don’t hate me after last night’s punishment.

-You’re my brother and I like you. And maybe it is true I deserved a punishment. That’s not important to me.

-Well, lil bro, you can prepare breakfast. Will you take off your shorts? You have a boner again.

-I have. Well, it is the same to me. I don’t want you to get angry.

I took off my shorts. I had an enormous erection then. He asked me to turn.

-Wonderful ass you have, lil bro. it will be a pleasure to see it as you make coffee.

-I don’t care to be half naked or the fact that you are looking at me with a hard on. I just wonder what you want of me.

-Of course I would like you to be my sexual slave.


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