Chapter 2 – Naked breakfast.

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-What do you mean slave?

-I’m surprised, lil bro, that you are wondering about the word slave and not about the word sexual

-I know what sexual means –I said as I began to prepare coffee-. But do you really want to have sex with your brother?

-I’d love to.

-But I am not gay, Ken.

-I’m surprised again that you say you are not gay but don’t get shocked at the fact of having sex with your brother.

-If I were gay, having sex with you could be nice, but I don’t feel gay.

-But you have a boner, lil bro.

-I know. Well, I don’t fucking care. Maybe it is the fact that my brother is looking horny at my nudity that arouses me. But slave?

-The word slave impresses people but I have had some sexual slaves so far and I still keep two. But nothing painful, Logan. I would be unable to do something painful to you. Slave means that as far as you have a boner, I will tell you what to do and you will do it, but it must also be pleasant for you. I like seeing your boner. And why does incest shock so many people? It is often a rape, but it can be pleasant when we are adults who consent and give each other pleasure. Well, lil bro, we are adults enough, you agree with me or am I forcing you? I want to know, are you voluntarily making coffee half naked?

-I am, Ken. It means nothing to me.

-And we are giving each other pleasure, or else can you explain the boner you have right now?

-Well, Ken, I admit that so far it is pleasant to notice my brother aroused at my nudity. Maybe I have a boner because of that. But I am not gay and I still don’t know what being your slave might mean. Coffee is ready.

-Come on, Logan. Try to have a nudist breakfast today and have coffee like that. But I wanna have it first, and you will have it when I finish.

-Ok, Ken.

I was surprised because I had hardly sat and Kenneth started to stroke my cock. I liked the fact that he was touching me and how he touched. So far I could give him a little incest. Then he put my hand on his boxers and asked me please to stroke his crotch. Well, I didn’t mind and we were speaking like this all the time he took to drink his coffee. I must admit that as a masochist I liked the fact that he would have his coffee first. All the time I was stroking his crotch and he was stroking my balls and my dick.

-You like girls and only girls, don’t you?

-I do like girls and only girls, Ken.

-Have you fucked many times?

-Just twice, bro.

-Not many times. And have you been blown many times?

-Twice too.

-Just two women?

-Just two.

-Not many to be twenty-five.

-I know.

-Well, I just want you to remember some facts. I don’t want to humiliate you. I simply want to tell you why you have such scarce sexual life. Well, if any moment you feel humiliated and angry at me, you can stop stroking my crotch. Can I tell you?

-I might guess what you are going to say, bro, but I don’t care unless you tell me lies. For instance, I know I am not bald. If you called me you bald man, I wouldn’t understand you because I know I have always had good hair.

-Of course I won’t say things like that. I want to tell you why you are not successful in your sexual life. Well, lil bro, you know that you are generally considered an ugly man.

-I know, Ken. I must go on with my sexual life knowing that –I kept stroking his crotch. I didn’t mind my brother telling me I was ugly.

-You could compensate that with interesting conversations, but I know you well enough and I am sure you tell girls about animals, plants or your desire to be a sailor one day.

-Well, I try to be myself even if I bore them with my conversations.

-Good, do you feel humiliated?

-Not so far, Ken. I know all that is true.

-Well, let’s go on. You could have a good body or not but now you know you have a pot belly.

-I know. I must do sport more often.

-And if all of this is not enough, your dick is very small and you seem to be a premature ejaculator. Do you always cum so fast when you are with girls?

-Not as fast as I cummed last night, but very fast.

-Well, Logan. All these are your problems but I am glad you keep on stroking my crotch.

-All you have said is true, Ken. Now you know why it is so difficult for me to hook up girls. But I don’t mind stroking your crotch and I haven’t felt humiliated.

-Good, lil bro. I will tell you some things now. To start with, maybe it is because I have lived with you every day of my life, I find you cute, lil bro. And do you know I discovered I was gay one day looking at you?

-Did you?

-I am a very dirty man. One day you smelled of sweat and you were covered in sweat. I loved that image. Till I was 15 I didn’t know I was gay and wasted my time wanking over girls, but not so often.

-And do you like me smelling of sweat?

-I love men when they smell of sweat. That’s the reason I don’t often have showers. I like keeping the smell of men on me. And you smell a bit today, and you are now absolutely hot. Do you mind me telling you?

-I don’t.

-If it was the same to you, I would have you unwashed the whole week.

-Well, Ken, I don’t mind not having a shower this week, but you must tell me every day if you like my smell.

-Do you find my smell disgusting? Tell me the truth.

-Well, Ken. I am used to your smell. I don’t mind.

-Good. About interesting conversations now. I like them, Logan. I like hearing you talk about animals, plants, sailors and the many things you usually tell me about. And you have something that makes you hotter than any other person. You admit things at once, things which people take years to admit, and you don’t get easily shocked. You are not shocked at the fact your brother is stroking your dick and sexually desires you. You were not shocked when I told you I am a very dirty man. We have always been good friends and I think now we can be better friends for you know all my secrets and don’t get shocked. You are both intelligent and brave. Some reason there must be for me to wank over you every day.

-Thanks, bro –I said really moved and starting to cry-. I still don’t know what slave means but I don’t care at all I am having some incest with you. Go on.

-I don’t care about pot bellies. I don’t like the fact that people may like a man a lot and dislike him if he has a belly. When you are a hot man, you are always hot –at that time, he shoved his fingers in my t-shirt and started to gently stroke my belly-. I could say the same about cocks. Your dick is the hottest dick in the world for me because it is my hot brother’s dick. And you know how to use it. So far you have no problem in allowing your brother to see it and touch it.

-I can show you my dick every day.

-And I have been stroking it for ten minutes and you don’t cum. You are not a premature ejaculator with me. A pity, lil bro, that you are not gay.

-Ken –I said really crying now-. I thank you so much. I am moved and I see you are very sweet. All of us need to find somebody one day who finds us attractive. I am attractive now for the most unexpected person: my own brother. But not only do I mind this small incest but I want to please you cause you deserve it. I am really moved, bro, thank you. I am not gay and still I want to know what to be your slave would mean but it is true I have a hard on, and now I can say that you have caused me this hard on. You said I am brave. Well I want to show you I am brave. At least I admit I would have no problem any other day to have breakfast without my shorts and stroking your dick.

-Then you could try jacking me off, but closing your eyes. I don’t want you to see my cock yet.


-Because I would like you to desire my cock and desire me. But you can close your eyes, grab my cock and jack me off. Will you?

-I will –I said with my eyes already shut. Then I was searching for his cock, found it and started jacking him off. He deserved it and I wanted him to cum. I was surprised I liked jacking off a cock. I had never done so before, except mine.

-Do you like it?

-I do and you deserve me making you cum.

-You have a huge boner. I would like to see your cock having fun. Would you dare jerk yourself off as you jack me off?

-I feel like jacking off. Masturbating you is a new experience. I will.

And I started to wank. It was a good beginning of the day. Jacking somebody off for the first time and wanking at the same time.

-I can see your penis head, Ken. Do you mind?

-Not at all. Go on and stop if you don’t like it.

-I won’t stop. I will make you cum. I still have some tears running down my face. You are so sweet and I am so moved. And surprised: I could never think I would have a boner jacking my brother off. I must tell you some things.

-Tell me.

-Yesterday night when you were farting in my mouth and asked me to jack off and told me I could think of hot chicks or about my brother’s stinking farts, I acknowledge I was thinking of your farts and the taste of your ass. Your farts and the surprise. I think surprises arouse me. They made me cum in two minutes. So I would like to ask you please to fart in my mouth again before I start my coffee.

-It is impossible I could ever find a dude hotter than you, lil bro. Ok, I will fart later.

-And later when you told me I could jack off again… I did when I was alone in bed later and of course thinking of my brother’s ass and of my brother’s farts. So this is the third time I am having an incestuous masturbation.

-You are so hot I almost don’t dare tell you my most private issues. Ok, I will, but you don’t have to do these things even if you are my slave one day.

-Tell me, Ken.

-I usually have very dirty slaves, who lick my ass, my pits and my feet, but I am dirtier than that. Well, I will tell you. You have the right to have an opinion of me when you know me –I was still jacking him off and whacking-. I like using dude’s mouths as toilets.

-What exactly do you do?

-You don’t seem to be shocked.

-Well, Ken, you used my mouth last night to fart. And instead of being shocked I have begged you to fart again in my mouth later.

-Well, in addition to farts, I piss there, shit, even puke, spit, blow my nose, all that.

-Ken, I don’t know whether I would be able to eat all those things, cause I suppose you would like to do all those things to me if I became your slave.

-You don’t have to eat anything if you don’t want. You are my brother and I don’t want you to feel disgust.

-Well, but I tell you that at least you can fart in my mouth often for I like the smell of your farts. Every morning, if you want, I may come to the kitchen without my shorts and jack you off. I would like to repeat this experience. And I am sure you are also sweet with the dudes you use as toilets and I am certain they like it.

-They do, lil bro. Are you not just a little shocked?

-Not at all, Ken. I am starting to know my brother is a hot respectful sweet man who is also brave, really brave. Now I will have to think if I am able to eat your poop, your puke and so on.

-You don’t have to. I could eat yours and enjoy it. Just as I could blow you, or give you my ass to fuck.

-Ken, I don’t want to take advantage of the fact that you are gay and are sexually aroused with me. You can do those things or not, if I am able to do them first. Let me assimilate things. So far I know I like jacking you off but I still don’t know if I can like gay sensations. But remember this, Ken. If I blow you first you can blow me. If you fuck me first, I can fuck you, or else no fucking. And you won’t eat my shit if I don’t eat yours before.

-You are very intelligent, bro, though I would love to blow you or eat your shit. Well, you are jacking me off. According to your own rules, can I jack you off?

-Not now, please. But you can because I have jacked you off. Ken, I cannot hold it any longer. May I cum now?

-Cum, lil bro.

I cummed and my cock experienced my first orgasm that day. Then I felt my brother was cumming on my hand.

-I know I have stained your hands. I didn’t want you to know when I would cum. Well, lil bro, it is your nephews that you have now on your hands. Would you dare taste them?

I did not answer, took my stained hand to my mouth and licked my nephews. I must admit I liked the taste.

-Hope you cum more nephews on my hand, Ken. I like the taste and I would like you to often cum with me. It might be harder for me to accept I am having gay sex and enjoying it, but it is not difficult to admit we are having some incest. Now, please, bro, before I start my coffee, could you please fart in my mouth? I would lick your ass too.

He stood up, pulled down his briefs and approached his ass to my mouth. It was nothing to me to see his ass last night, but it aroused me now. I started to lick his ass at once, waiting for his farts. I didn’t care it was so dirty. I wanted to lick it again and give him some more incestuous pleasure. He had praised me and said I was brave and I had to show him I was brave. I was thinking about this when I could smell his first fart. I asked him for more and he farted three more times.

-Are you happy now, Logan?

-I am, Ken.

-You can start your coffee now. But first I would like to see if you could let my cock in your mouth, just to taste it.

-I can do that, Ken. I close my eyes and search for your cock again –it was hot to be blindly searching for my brother’s cock-. Here it is. I have it in my mouth.

-Tell me, is it very dirty?

-I have never had a cock in my mouth, Ken, don’t know, but I like the smell and taste.

I was saying this to him when I was surprised noticing Ken had started to pee. I didn’t know what to do now.

-Come on, lil bro, what is it to you? Try and drink it. I can tell you drinking piss is a usual fetish and it is thousands of guys who do it. I confess to you that I like drinking piss and I would drink yours next.

Knowing that it was easier to drink his pee. Well, I was not going to puke and I said to myself I would drink his entire stream. It was only a minute. Then he asked what I thought of the taste.

-I don’t know, Ken. It is like somebody who has only drunk water all his life and suddenly you give him a beer to drink. He must get used to the flavor. I won’t say I enjoyed it but I think I could try more piss. You’d better pee in my mouth more often so I can know.

-Good, hot brother. Now please piss in my mouth.

-I want you to have pleasure and if you want to taste your brother’s piss, you will. It will be difficult for me with a hard on but I will try.

And my cock was in his mouth soon.

-I love tasting your cock, Logan, tasting your erection. Come on, lil bro, I want your pee. Give it to me.

It was not easy but finally I started to pee. A longer stream but all my piss was for my brother. I started shyly but seeing he moaned I pissed more secure. When I finally finished, he said.

-Delicious, thanks, Logan. Please keep on pissing in my mouth. I want all your piss today.

-Then I will drink all your piss today, Ken. I don’t fucking care. I want to know if I may like also the taste of my brother’s piss.

-Then, please sit down and have your coffee. Remember after now every time you have to piss, I want you to simply say: “Ken, open your mouth.”

-I will if you do the same that naturally.

And I finally sat down to have my coffee. It was now almost cold but I liked having my coffee that way. But I could not peacefully have that coffee. My brother liked playing new games, but I had a boner and I didn’t care. With one of his hands again in my cock, with the other he approached my nose one of his stinking shoes.

-Does it disgust you?

-I don’t feel aroused, but I am not disgusted either. I can smell your shoe if you want.

-Try to lick inside.

I licked inside for a while. Since it was not disgusting, it could be a slave funny new game and I licked and licked.

-Drink some coffee.

I took two more sips and then I saw him approaching my face with his left stinking sock. He used to wear socks even in May. He rubbed it slowly all over my face. Well, the smell did not make me puke, my brother was having fun and I smelled his sock.

-I wonder if you could have it completely in your mouth and bite it.

-Well, stick it in my mouth.

He did. I had the taste of his stinking sock in my mouth. I didn’t puke though I could not talk. It was wet with his sweat but in fact I still had a boner. I bit it playfully as a good doggie and then he took it out.

-It doesn’t seem to disgust you.

-It hasn’t disgusted me, Ken. I knew you were having fun and I wanted you to have more fun. I don’t fucking care.

-I wonder now if you can lick my foot.

-I will.

-Then, finish your coffee, kneel down and lick my foot. But remember you are a masochist. One of the greatest pleasures my slaves have is noticing the pleasure they give the man dominating them. So if you are going to do it, don’t do it carelessly. I am sure you can give me a good footjob.

I finished my coffee and knelt down. Ken put his left foot on my nose. I sniffed a little and took out my tongue and started to lick. I wanted to give him a good footjob and the smell would not make me stop. I licked thoroughly his entire foot and then I turned it and licked on the other side. He was moaning. I will try his toes now, I thought, and did so, licking each one of them slowly and fondly. He told me I had done a perfect job and asked.

-Would you like licking my other stinking shoe, my other stinking sock and my right stinking foot?

-I would.

-You can, but for that you must pay a price.

-What is the price?

-You must be stark naked and you must be like that for twenty-four hours. I will look after the cows today.

-I will pay that price.

-Will you allow me to grope everything of you and lick?

-I haven’t done so yet, but ok, you can touch whatever you like for I am sure I feel like groping you too.

He then stroked my ears gently, then my forehead, my cheeks, my nose and started to touch my lips and asked.

-Would you let me kiss your mouth?

-I have never kissed a man, but I would and I would rather kiss you first. So, let us kiss.

He kissed my lips and I felt something very strange. I really enjoyed my brother’s lips and asked him to keep on kissing. I was merging with that sweet man and our mouths joined in that endless kiss. He then started to move his tongue with my tongue and suggested a long French kiss. I was in no hurry and wanted this first kiss with a man to last and last. I think we were enjoying ourselves for almost five minutes, his moisture mixing with mine, sweetly discovering the pleasure of incestuously kissing.

-Ken, you sweet man, I would be an hour kissing you but I want to take off the clothes I still have on for you to enjoy my nudity.

-You can, Logan –he said stroking my chin and making me on fire.

I took off my sneakers with no socks and he asked me to approach my feet to his nose.

-Ok, bro, here you are.

He sniffed my left foot and praised the smell. He said he wanted to lick my foot then and every day cause it had a wonderful smell.

-Maybe I am not saying the things that might be expected of a slave, but please let me be first for everything. You can lick one for I have licked one of your feet. But only one.

-Ok, lil bro. You are not my slave so far, but I prefer them thus, rebel people. Now slaves are called submissive men, but I want them brave, rebellious, with their own personality.

He licked only my left foot then, but sniffed and gently kissed both. Then I took off my t-shirt and he groped my chest slowly up and down, stroked my nipples and asked me permission to lick them. I said ok and he licked them. I was in heaven. Then I raised my arms and he knew I did not want him so far to lick my armpits, but he sniffed and kissed both. Then I asked him permission and knelt down and taking now his right shoe I started to sniff and lick; then his right sock, which I also had inside my mouth and bit; and then I started to lick his foot, quite convinced that I desired my brother’s pleasure and thinking I should do a better footjob now. I took some minutes. I knew very well his smell did not disgust me and I wanted to feel him moaning and I was quite sure I would also lick his feet every day, no matter the smell. The footjob was again careful and long. My saliva went through every pore, every toe, every nail and I liked him moaning.

-Enough, lil bro. Would you like to see me a bit more naked?

-I certainly would.

-You can take my t-shirt off. But wait –seeing I was willing to take it off now-. When you take it off, you can grope my chest, stroke and lick my nipples and then, when I raise my arms you can try to sniff and lick both my armpits.


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