On the 28th of December 2002 I made the decision to leave for London, England to pursue a career in modelling. The decision was not made lightly as I had thoroughly discussed it with my parents, brothers, friends and even my therapist. In the I decided that I needed a break, I needed to get away from all the bad memories and the good memories that made the bad ones even worse. As far as my academic career went, I would put my 93% year-end aggregate to good use much later. By the 12 of January I said good-bye to my family and friends outside the international departures terminal and left South Africa, for much longer than was ever necessary or helpful....

On arrival at Heathrow Airport I was met by Katie Crawford who gave me a big hug and expressed her utter delight at having me join the modelling industry. We left the airport soon after I landed as most of the paper work was handled by her and I just had to sign a couple of things. We climbed into the back of a black Mercedes and drove off into the huge, towering city. After about twenty minutes the car pulled up at an old building. Although it was old it was well kept and restored and had was architecturally stunning.

Katie turned to me and smiled, 'We're here. This is where you're going to be living! You like?'

'It's amazing! Wow, seriously! But, how am I supposed to afford this place? I don't have any money and I can't expect my father to pay for it, and...'

'Don't you worry about that, the agency is putting you up for the first three months until you start booking events and other work. You only have to start paying rent thereafter.'

'But what if I suck and I don't make enough money and...'

'And nothing! Firstly the rent is split among four since you'll be staying with three other models and with a face and body such as yours, you won't be out of work for long! So stop worrying, everything will be just FINE!' Katie said patting me on the knee, 'shall we go in. It's still early so we may just catch all of your housemates.'

'Yeah, okay, I hope they like me,' I said unsure.

'Of course they will,' Katie reassured me.

And with those final words we stepped out of the car and into the building.

The apartment was HUGE. It had very high ceiling, large chandeliers, a kitchen with a walk-in fridge, four bedrooms all of which were ensuite, and an open plan living room/ dining room and lounge. It was the most beautiful and surprisingly modern apartment I had ever seen. 'And now it's time to see your room,' asked Katie, motioning me down the hall, 'Hi just have a quick phone call, it's the last room to your right.' I heard the front door close as Katie stepped out of the apartment.

I slowly walked to and stooped at the second last door near the end of the hall. I placed my hand on the handle and gave the passage a look over. There were four rooms, two on either side of the passage. The door opposite mine was slightly ajar and I could see a small part of the room and into the bathroom. Suddenly someone walked out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel. My first instinct was look away, but the thought of another man, half naked, after such a long time made me look back. There was a full-length mirror against the wall that I was able to see. I could hear him opening and closing cupboard doors when half of his body appeared on the mirror. He had removed the towel and was now using it to dry his torso, his smooth, ripped torso. The towel hung over his mid-section and so I waited for him to start drying his hair, for his manhood to be exposed. Just as he lifted the towel to his head and I was able to see the tip of his penis, he turned around and lifted the towel over his head and started drying his hair. I silently sighed while noticing that he had legs that never ended and an ass that, I imagined, could fuck for ages. I tried not to think of Hugo.

He had a broad back and a dark tan. There were two intricately tattooed lines from each of his shoulders that met in the centre of his back and plunged straight into his crack. It intrigued me so much that I started walking towards his room. As I put my hand on his door I heard the front door open. Katie was still on her phone and there were no footsteps. The guy in the room heard it too and turned around. He looked into the mirror and I could see his face and now the rest of his sculpted body. He could see my reflection and I could see his, yet we just stood there and stared at each other. After about 30 seconds he moved towards the door and I moved back, a little too fast, and crashed into the opposite door. He looked me up and down, he didn't smile or say hello or even attempt to cover his naked body. I stared at his light brown, almost yellowish, eyes, full lips and slight cleft. Suddenly the door behind me was pulled open just as the hot guy slammed his shut. I stumbled backwards into the room but was caught by two beautiful girls. We all started laughing as I managed to regain my balance.

'Sorry, we didn't mean to scare you like that! You must be Alex, right? My name is Tamara,' said the girl who had blonde hair.

'Yes, hi, uhm...nice to meet you,' I said still coughing up traces of laughter.

'And I'm Jemima, and we're your roommates,' said the other girl, 'we were just tidying up you room, you see we were using this room as a place to...'

I looked at them, as they continued to speak, and nodded and said 'yes' and 'no'. My mind though, could only attend to the image of the yellow eyes.


Dane du Toit

[email protected]


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