We entered the room, me still in Hugo's arms, my own twisted around his neck. I switched the light on as it was pitch black inside the room and I didn't want Hugo to trip and fall with me in his arms. He bent down and placed me on the edge of the bed and began to unbutton his green and white striped shirt. My heartbeat raced and my head began to spin.

'Wait! I'll be back in a sec,' and I rushed into the bathroom, bolting the door behind me.

I sat on the edge of the bathtub and looked at my self in the full-length mirror. I brushed a wisp of hair out of my eyes and stood up. I looked pretty good tonight. My tanned skin accentuated my big brown eyes and the blush of my cheeks matched the red t-shirt that clung tightly to my body. The skinny jeans I had put on, to keep the slight chill of the night air away, showed off my toned legs and narrow hips splendidly. The suddenly remembered that Hugo was still in the room waiting for me. My heart began to race again. I rested my hands on the basin and steadied myself. I remembered that night in the tent, just after Hugo came out of the shower... I opened the tap and splashed some cold water on my face as I came to terms with the fact that he was going to rip me apart. I quickly dried my face and looked into the cabinet under the basin for a tube of lubrication. I found a tub of Vaseline. I took the tub from the cabinet, straightened up and turned around to look at my tight ass. I sighed and opened the bathroom door. The room was dark again but the moonlight lit up the room from the sliding door, which Hugo had just opened, that led onto a balcony overlooking the ocean. There he was, half sitting on the balcony railing. He looked so calm as if he had done this a thousand times. He had completely removed his shirt and shoes and his jeans were rolled up at the bottoms, bearing his ankles that led to his large yet perfect feet.

I walked over to the balcony and leaned against the railing opposite of him. He looked me up and down and smiled.

'What?' I enquired, curious about what was going through his head.

'Nothing, I was just admiring your beauty,'


'Really, do you have any idea how breathtaking you look? The light wisps of hair that you effortlessly brush out of your eyes every time, your large eyes that one could just drown in, the way the moonlight radiates off your perfect skin, the way your clothes take the form of you chiselled yet slender form. The way you feet...'

'Okay you can stop now,' I said, feeling my cheeks go red.

'Nope,' he started moving towards me. 'The way your feet look so smooth and your toes that are perfectly aligned. Your fragile hands that I fear I may crush when I take them into mine.'

He was standing right in front of me now and I could feel his breath on my forehead. I didn't know what to do.

'I found...uhm...I've got some vasel...shit, I don't have condoms,'

'No worries,' he reassured me as he pulled a string of two condoms from his back pocket.

'As long as they're not latex, because I've only got Vaseline,'

'Don't worry they're lambskin, I'm allergic to latex and the synthetic types,'

'They must have been expensive though,'

'It's worth it,'

I smiled at his now serious face. He took me by the hand and led me inside. He cupped my face with his huge hands and kissed me again with the penetrating urgency of a man on heat. I reciprocated. We seemed to have been moving at quite a speed because by back suddenly crash into the one of the room. Hugo's hands climbed up my t-shirt, one up my back the other up my hairless chest, brushing over my hard nipples. They moved even higher, caressing my smooth underarms and lifting my t-shirt up and over my head. He tossed it onto the armchair without even glancing in its direction. His kisses spread from my lips down my neck and to my nipples. He sucked on each one until my knees went week and I fell to the floor. I looked up and saw the zipper of his jeans. I unbuckled the belt and unzipped the jeans, pulling them down to his ankles. I tugged down his tighty-whities and his huge cock almost knocked me unconscious. I admired its enormous girth and immense length, it must have been close to 11 inches fully erect. There was a dense bush of dark hair at the base or his penis and his balls, with a light covering of air, hung low. Hugo's penis was circumcised which accentuated the many veins that snaked their way from its base to just below the large purple and throbbing head. I took his pole in my hands and felt the soft texture of the skin and the ridges where the veins protruded. I slowly moved my right hand up and down it length while my left hand massaged his scrotum. I looked up at Hugo's face and saw that he was looking up at the ceiling, biting his bottom lip. I resumed my stroking of his huge member that now leaked precum. I licked the tasteless liquid from his piss-slit and I could feel Hugo's muscles tense up. I licked his cock starting from the base all the way up to the head, concentrating on the point where the head and the shaft met. Hugo groaned. I took the head in my mouth and sucked on it. Luckily I had a big enough mouth to pleasure Hugo substantially. He leaned closer and his cock slipped deeper into my mouth. I continued to suck, pulling him in until he was about halfway inside my hot mouth. I settled in to a rhythmic sucking action, every time taking his penis in a little further until I could feel his head begin to enter my throat. Gags reflexes began to deter his pleasure and my ability to pleasure him, resulting in him retracting his pole from my mouth.

'Sorry,' I apologized for my inexperience.

'That's okay, we'll try it again another time,'

He took me by the hands, lifted me to my feet and led me to the bed. He told me to lie down on my back and he came to lie over me, my legs on either side of his body.

He kissed my face and neck, shoulders and chest. Nobody said anything as we communicated with out hearts and bodies. He worked his way down my torso to my belly button to my bulge. He unzipped my jeans. I lifted up my butt and he pulled the pants down my smooth legs.

'No underwear...I like,' he said seductively.

'It shows through the jeans,' I said with an equally seductive smirk.

I opened the tub of Vaseline and coated his middle and index fingers with the clear substance. I spread my legs further apart while his fingers searched for and found my tight hole. He pressed his fingers to the opening and I reluctantly relaxed, letting them enter. The feeling wasn't unusual, as I had fingered myself before, but just not so deeply. He caressed my insides, finding my pleasure spot. He made tiny circles on it, increasing pressure. I began to moan with pleasure. He moved his head to my 6-inch boner and took it in his mouth. I gasped as he began to suck me off, taking my whole length into his mouth and throat. The swallowing rhythm of his throat intensified the pleasure and I was close to bursting. I planted my hands in his hair as the pleasure reached a maximum and took over my bodily control. I came in Hugo's mouth and he swallowed every drop of cum. He removed his fingers from my ass and came up to kiss me. I tasted my cum on his tongue.

'Are you 100% sure you want to do this,' he asked

'Yes, Hugo, you have no idea how much I want you in me right now. I need you to fill me up.'

Hugo got up and fetched the condoms from his jeans pocket, opened the one and put it on his cock. He took large amounts of Vaseline and smeared his sheathed sword with it. Thereafter, he took two pillows and placed them under my lower back, elevating my ass. He continued to smear Vaseline on my pink pucker.

'I think that's enough Vaseline,'

'I don't want to hurt you,'

'You won't,' I said although I knew the pain would be inevitable.

'Your sweet, but still, the more Vaseline the less the pain.'

I touched his warm cheek with my hand and admired his muscular frame in the moonlight, the light covering of hair between his pecs and the ridges of his abs.

'If you want me to stop, just say stop,' he reassured me.

'I don't...I won't...just fuck me please,' I urged him.

Hugo's body covered me completely and because he was so much taller that I was my face was inline with his chest. I could feel him trying to position his cock for penetration. The anticipation gave me a hard on. I could now feel the head of his cock put pressure against my hole.

'Just relax Alex, just relax, it's just me and I love you.'

'I love you too.'

And with that, his cock entered my tight hole, a quarter of the way in. The pain was excruciating as it surged from the walls of my rectum through every vein, bone and muscle in my body and teared out through my eyes. I dug my nails into Hugo's back and bit into his chest, stifling the screams. The pain shot through me like bolts of lightning for about ten minutes in which I cried, screamed, bit and scratched from the pain. Hugo remained as still as a statue, allowing me to mutilate his body while I adjusted to the size of his penis. After about 15 minutes he pushed his cock in a little further. I winced. He withdrew and pushed, withdrew and pushed, each time a little further until all 11 inched of his meat was lodged inside me; its heat radiating throughout my body. Hugo finally settled into a rhythmic fuck and the pain began to disappear, being replaced by an odd sort of pleasure. The sort of pleasure that itched for more, that consumed and became greedy for more pleasure. I was now the one in heat as I licked and kissed Hugo's chest and neck. He fucked me with slow even strokes. I wrapped my legs around his lower back and his tempo increased. His strokes and pace became erratic; fast and slow, fast and slow. It was now the pleasure that consumed every atom of my being. Hugo and I became one and I moved my hips in sync with his. We melted into each other, feeling each other's pleasure, each other tension as we came closer to our impending ecstasy. Hugo's body was heavy on mine and I struggled to breath, adding to the fantasy of being at total submission to this god. The sweat that we generated between or torsos lubricated my cock and the pleasure extended form my ass to my cock as well.

I could feel the end coming as Hugo's every muscles began to spasm. His thrusts penetrated deep within my bowels and his grunts amplified. He exploded in a rampant frenzy of thrusts and the friction of his hard belly against my cock caused me to gush for the second time that night. As Hugo relaxed and rested his spent body over mine I writhed beneath him in waves of euphoric splendour, moaning loudly in the process.

I finally stopped writhing and Hugo slipped off of me and came to rest beside me. I turned to face him and kissed his chin.

'What's the time,' he asked.

I reached over to the bedside table and turned the clock to see the time.

'Eleven thirty,' I replied.

'Shouldn't we get back to the party?'

'Yeah, okay it is almost midnight,' I reasoned.

Hugo and I quickly cleaned up in the shower, dressed and headed down to the mini bonfires. As we reached ours, Hugo assumed his position with his friends on one side of the fire and I with Clare on the opposite side. I smiled at him as our eyes met and he beamed back. The illumination of the fire wasn't necessary to see the afterglow, of what had just happened, on our faces.

Someone with a microphone began counting down the seconds to the New Year. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, we all started counting along, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...HAPPY NEW YEARS. There was champagne and fireworks everywhere yet unable match the celebratory feelings I had inside that stemmed from the guy on the opposite side of the fire.


Dane du Toit

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