Hugo and I spent that Christmas together, and alone, at my family's holiday cabin in the Drakensberg where snow blanketed the mountains throughout the year. We left on the Wednesday of the 23rd and arrived at the cabin in the late afternoon on the 24th.

Hugo proceeded to unload the car while I dusted off the long last used furniture and put clean sheets on the bed. By around eight that evening I had used my cooking talents to whip up delicious gourmet burgers and Hugo had a raging fire going in the fireplace. In no time we snuggled on the rug in front of the fire, munching on sandwiches, enjoying each other's presence. The rays from the fire radiated off my crystal wine glass and provided the only light in the cabin. Hugo silently sipped his Heineken.

'Beer isn't very good for you,' I said, inspecting the label on the bottle.

'And, wine is?' He replied, taking a whiff of my Merlot.

'It contains resveratrol which...'

'Stop, stop, stop, I get it. Wine is good, beer is bad. Why do you like wine so much anyway?'

'I guess I'm just use it because I my dad owns a wine farm and makes farm. I just never acquired the taste of beer. By the way, you better start drinking more wine if you want to be a viticulturist.'

Hugo went quiet and stared at the fire; I could see the flames in his eyes.

'Hey, you okay?' I said taking the glass off wine out of his hands and replacing it with my own hands. He shook his head and looked at me.

'Taste this.'

Hugo took a swig of beer and pulled my head closer. I smiled at the thought of what he was about to do. He touched my chin and tilted my mouth towards his. I slowly opened my mouth to his and he transferred the now warm liquid into my mouth.

'Mmm, I could acquire that taste,' I said moving closer to him to lick his lips.

I crept into Hugo's lap and wrapped my arms and legs around his solid body. Hugo sighed, slumped his back and rested his head on my shoulder.

'Hugo, is something wrong?' I asked leaning back to look at his handsomely rugged face; he hadn't shaved for a couple of days.

'Nope, it's just that I'm going to miss you.'

'I know what you mean, not being able to see each other everyday, I'll have to come and visit you at the university. At least it's only an hour away.'


His thoughts drifted off and I brought him back to earth by licking a long path from his collarbone to his jaw to his ear.

'I love you,' I said

'I love you too, you have no idea how much.'

Hugo began kissing my neck and put his hands under my jersey. I lifted up my arms and he swiftly lifted it off my slight body. I began undoing the buttons on his shirt and sliding it over his broad shoulders and down his strong arms. Hugo laid me down on my back in front of him and he began kissing every inch of my tight body. My nipples were erect and his lips tickled my ribs. He licked my belly button and continued all the way to the belt of my jeans. He unbuckled it and unzipped me, pulling off my jeans, underwear and socks off in one smooth movement. He was a pro at this already. Hugo buried his head in my smooth crotch and sucked on my balls and licking my shaft. He took the full length of my cock into his mouth and massaged it with his tongue. The warmth from his mouth sent waves of warmth through my body, replacing the superficial heat of the fire on my skin. Hugo continued to suck on my cock, concentrating on the head, sensuously lapping up the precum that oozed from my piss slit. His rough tongue was driving me crazy but I didn't want to cum yet. I pulled out of his mouth and grinned at his disappointed expression.

'Not yet,' I said.

'Okay, just lay there and don't move a single muscle. I'll be back in a sec,' and he disappeared for a minute, returning with a bottle of lube in his hand and a huge smile on his face. He stood still in front of me and stared at my naked body for what seemed like forever.

'Do you have any idea how beautiful you look right this very moment. Your skin is actually gold in the light of the fire as if it's radiating off every particle of your body. Your facial features as if Michael Angelo sculpted them. You should be a model, really!'

'Oh shush and get over hear, my ass is getting impatient!' lifting myself onto my elbows.

Hugo settled himself on the rug and manoeuvred me so that I was on my hands and knees my rear end at his mercy. Hugo spread my ass cheeks and massaged my hole with his talented fingers. I suddenly felt a shiver down my spine as something wet and pulsating poked at my rosebud. I moaned in agonising anticipation as Hugo tongued my ass, loosening me up, relaxing my tight ass. He removed his tongue from my rectum and replaced it with a lubed forefinger. He slid his finger in and out of me while massing my thighs and kissing my lower back, his lips scorching my skin. He inserted two more fingers into me and continued to slowly and sensually finger-fuck my ass. After 10 minutes of softening me up he removed his fingers and stood over me. He squirted some of the cold lube on my ass and covered his own cock with the slick liquid. He bent over my rear end and began inserting his 11 inch uncut piece of meat into my ass between my narrow hips. He placed his hands under my arms to keep me steady as he filled me completely. I moved back, making sure that I was full of his cock. Hugo began rocking back and forth slowly, letting me once again get accustomed to his huge cock. I contracted my ass muscles and squeezed his cock, maximising his pleasure. Hugo's thrusts became faster and harder and his hands under my arms were the only things keeping my in place. He wasn't wearing a condom and I could feel every vein and ridge of Hugo's red-hot poker as it stoked the deepest of my fiery passions. Luckily the cabin was quite a distance from any other or the neighbours would have complained about my loud moans and Hugo's heavy panting. He fucked me like that for about 20 minutes before I felt myself being lifted up off my hands and knees. Hugo had placed a hand under my stomach and one across my heaving chest and lifted me off all fours. He stood up straight, held my body close to his and kissed my neck feverishly. His cock was still lodged in my rectum and my legs dangled in the air next to Hugo's, which were firmly planted into the wooden floor. Hugo's sexual urgency made him drive me up against one of the cabin's large windows. He used his left arm to keep my upper body pressed against the window while left arms wrapped around my pelvis and brought my ass out closer to him. There he held me in a splayed position and fucked my brains out. My moans became screams of lust and my heavy breathing misted up the window yet at the same time my hands would wipe it away.

From the corner of my eye I saw movement outside and recognised it was one of the neighbours. He had full view of my naked body being ploughed but I didn't care. If anything, the thought of a complete stranger witnessing our hot lovemaking made it even more erotic. I smiled at the guy outside and he immediately skulked away into the darkness of the night. As Hugo's cock continually rubbed over my prostate and his wrist over my cock I was reaching my climax. I tried to find a foothold before cumming and found the backrest of a stool next to the window. But due to the force at which Hugo was impaling me I could keep the chair steady and knocked it over. Just as it hit the ground, streams of cum exploded from my cock and onto the window. I hung there, I mid air, convulsing in waves of euphoria for what seemed like an eternity, Hugo now slowly penetrating me. As soon as most of my orgasm had dissipated, Hugo picked up his pace again. His breathing became more and more irregular and I knew he was close. His body tensed up and he pulled me away from the window and we tumbled backwards onto a couch. Just as his ass hit the cool leather of the couch he burst his load into my depths. His cock spewed so much cum that it started leaking out of my ass from all sides. After 5 minutes of final thrusts he stopped and I rested my back against his hard torso, my head resting on his shoulder. We sat there for a long while before he picked me up and laid me down on the rug once again. He got a towel from the bathroom and wiped the excess cum from my ass as well as that on his and my cock. He grabbed a blanket from the couch and came to lie next to me. I draped a leg over his hips and rested my head on his large bicep. The raging fire had long before dwindled into glowing embers and the room was almost dark. Hugo covered us with the blanket and I immediately fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke to no Hugo. There was a box next to me head and I gathered it was my Christmas gift. I picked it up and opened it to find a silver guys bracelet inside.

'Do you like it? I didn't want to get one to big or it would suit your fine wrists. And it's platinum, not silver,' I heard a voice coming from the kitchen.

I got to my feet and ran and jumped onto Hugo. He caught me and we settled in for a long, sweet kiss.

'I love it,' I said ecstatic.

I wiggled lose from him and walked, still butt naked from the evening's activities, to the bedroom.

'Your presents in here,' I said, arousing a deep chuckle from my love and lover.


Dane du Toit

[email protected]


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