I awoke the next morning to the scream of the alarm clock next to my bed, and I hastily quietened it with the side of my hand. I got out of bed, gathered my toiletries and made my way to the bathroom, taking a quick and lustful glance at Hugo still asleep on his bed.

I methodically hung my clothes up on the towel rail: t-shirt, Levis, socks and then underwear; in sequence of how I would get dressed. I zipped up the partition that separated the bathroom from the bedroom and scrutinized my frame in the full-length mirror. My hair was a floppy, dark brown mess although I actually liked it when it was arranged neatly. Then again, others liked the windswept look on me. My big, brown doe-eyes stared back at me, my average sized nose and, according to Clare, my 'oh so kissable' lips. Yet however kissable they may have been they had in actual fact never been kissed and the case of my virgin lips always made for a good laugh among my family members. I had told them I was gay at 16, and after a month of awkwardness, they ultimately accepted me for what I was and we carried on with our lives (Except my older brother though, but that's another story!). I took off the t-shirt and sweatpants I had slept in and stared at the nakedness of me. Unlike most people I didn't hate my body. Okay, I wasn't as confident to flaunt it naked in front of others like Hugo was, but I kept it in shape with a rigorous field hockey schedule. I would describe it as tight in all the right places, well-toned but not overly built like the bodies most other guys aimed for. My skin had a natural and tan, a shade darker than the summer tans of other white-skinned folks, and my cheeks a permanent blush beneath the darker skin. In terms of endowment, I was well endowed, average sized I guess, 15 cm when erect. Luckily I always saw myself as a bottom that is when I finally did have sex! The site of my penis aroused thoughts of Hugo's large piece of meat and I quickly unzipped the partition to steal one more glance at him sleeping. He looked so peaceful, turned towards the bathroom, pillows tossed onto the floor, head rested on his bicep, blanket drawn only to his waist exposing his chiselled torso and the light treasure trail trickling into his boxers. Hugo shifted in his sleep and I quickly zipped up the partition and jumped into the shower.

After getting dressed and escaping the steamy bathroom I was welcomed with the heavenly whiff of freshly made coffee and Hugo already fully dressed. 'I made you some coffee. You do drink coffee don't you? I kinda caught the aroma of it last night, and seeing as I was making for myself I thought that you wouldn't mind a cup either,' Hugo said in one long breath.

'Oh, thanks, yeah I kind of live on coffee,' I said, taking the warm cup from his big hands. I thought of his hands on my ass, totally enveloping the cheeks and spreading them apart to insert a long lubricated finger inside my hot, tight hole. 'Alex, you okay?' he said, waving his hand in front of my face. 'Oh sorry, did you say something?' I asked, irritated at myself for looking like an idiot in front of him. 'Is the coffee okay? Is it drinkable?' I took a sip and struggled to swallow the bitter liquid. 'That bad is it?'

'Sorry, but yeah it's quite disastrous. Next time let me make the coffee.' I said smiling shyly. 'Well, since you aren't going to drink my coffee we might as well go down for breakfast,' he reasoned. 'Sure, I'm starving,' I replied.

'Concerts,' said Mrs Grace. 'Each group has to put together a concert. I t can be about anything as long as there's a lesson that can be learnt from it. You have until 18:00 to prepare. Good luck. Oh, before I forget, Hugo and Gerald need to see Mr Carver in the conference room to discuss some of the suggestions you made during the violence at school discussion. And Clare and Alex need to stay behind so that we can discuss School Spirit for next years winter sport season. Now off you go and please be creative!'

I hoped that the group I was in would come up with something even though Hugo and I weren't there. I just hoped that they wouldn't make us do the embarrassing parts of the play just because we weren't there to help orchestrate the play. I pushed the thoughts of possible embarrassing moments that occur to the back of my mind and followed Clare and Mrs Grace to the conference room were we proceeded to discuss matters involving the enthusiasm and cooperation of learners during the forever and always exciting winter sports season. After discussing school mascots and flags and cheerleaders for what seemed like hours I looked at my watch and realised that it had been hours since the groups had departed to prepare their concerts, and that Hugo, Gerald, Clare and I had only about twenty minutes to learn our roles in our respective concerts. I looked around the conference room and saw that Gerald and Hugo had already left so I alerted Mrs Grace on the situation and she apologized for keeping us so long. After the 'sorry's and the 'no problem's Clare and I made our way to our various groups.

As I jogged closer to my group I could hear them giggling, some of them turning their heads to look at me.

'Hey what's all the giggling about?' I asked out of utter confusion.

'Uhm, you have to be Hugo's gay lover in the play!' said Sarah, a girl a year older than me, trying to hold back her laugh.

'What?! Why me? Why us?' I asked, feeling my cheeks go ruby.

'Because we came so late,' Hugo answered my frantic questions, 'but it shouldn't be a bid deal. All we have to do is embrace and fake make-out.'

His mouth twitched into an innocent smile, which made my knees weak, and I had to sit down. 'No time to sit down Alex. You and Hugo have to learn your lines, and quickly too. There won't be time for a final rehearsal,' said Sarah, pulling me to my feet. 'Anyway, you two make a cute couple. The whole bigger guy/smaller guy thing.'

'Whatever,' I brushed off her comment, although I secretly agreed with her.

The show kicked off at six that evening and my nerves were fraying. We were the last group and our turn had finally arrived. Our play was based on the ideas of acceptance, tolerance and understanding of those who are different from ourselves and consisted out of various scenarios which included cultural differences, religious differences, racism and homosexuality, hence Hugo's and my love tryst. Ours would be the last of the scenarios and end of the play in a romantic flourish. Near the end of our play I got ready for the embrace in which I would run and jump into Hugo's arms, wrapping my legs around his waist and thereafter lock lips. I readied myself for the embrace. I ran, in what was supposed to be slow motion, and launched myself onto Hugo, who effortlessly and unflinchingly caught me, wrapping his arms around my lower back. I took Hugo's head in my hands and just before our kiss I put my fingers in front of his mouth so that, unfortunately, our lips didn't touch. It was about one third a way into our 'kiss' that I felt something press against my groin, something large and long and hard and continuing to creep up my pelvis. The sudden confusion of what was happening took over my brain and my legs lost all vitality coming loose from behind his back. My hand slipped an inch and I could feel the softness of my top lip brush against the roughness of his. I became dizzy as I felt Hugo's hands loosen from around my back and rewrap under my buttocks to stop me from falling. The cheers from the audience/council members brought me back from the whirlwind into which my thoughts had just spun. I readjusted by fingers on Hugo's lips and my legs around his waist. A second later I was back on my feet and bowing for the crowd along with the rest of my group.

I was quiet for most of the night. I hardly spoke a word during supper and the leisure time thereafter. I was too involved in my thoughts of what had happened earlier in the evening, the growing cock pressing against my groin, the hands firmly grasping just beneath my backside, the heat of his lips. It wasn't until midnight that Clare and I dislodged ourselves from the rest of the group and went to have coffee in her tent. I told her what had happened during the play and her excitement worried me.

'Why are you so excited?' I asked her furiously.

'Because you silly thing, the guy of your dreams has the hots for you. I mean he had a friggin' boner while fake kissing you. Doesn't that mean anything to you?'

'A little I guess. Anyway I don't want to think about it too much.'

'Like that's going to happen.'

'Whatever, I'm going to bed. See you at breakfast. Oh shit!'

'What is it?'

'Hugo, we share a tent remember. Oh shit, shit, shit!'

'Go now, I'm sure it'll be fine.'

I unzipped the tent, stepped inside and zipped it up again. I could hear Hugo in the shower so I quickly changed and slipped into bed and tried to fall asleep before he finished. I heard the bathroom partition being unzipped yet I continued to pretend as If I was asleep. I heard Hugo shuffle around in his back before hitting the light switch. But, before the darkness could calm me, I felt the warm breath of another person caress my neck.

'Alex, I know you're not asleep,' said Hugo, moving closer to my ear.

'Hugo, what's wrong,' I said, turning to face the direction from where the voice was coming.

'I'm sorry for what happened tonight. I could feel it unsettled you a lot.'

'Don't worry about it, I was just caught off guard, that's all.'

'You must think what happened was weird.'

'Yeah, it sort of was.'

Nobody spoke for about a minute and the'



'I like you, like in a lot. But then you obviously realised that during our little episode'

'I wasn't sure what you felt'

'And I know how you feel about me. I saw you looking at me this morning. You probably thought I was sleeping.'

'You weren't?'



I didn't know what to say or do, but the sudden press of lips against mine stunned me. The roughness of Hugo's lips felt unusual yet pleasant against the smooth tenderness of mine. I parted my lips ever so slightly and felt the tip of Hugo's tongue eagerly push them further apart. Our tongues touched and tasted each other. I enjoyed the strength with which is tongue explored the cavity of my mouth. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. I felt a hand move to the back of my neck and plunge into my hair while another hand crept up and under my t-shirt, caressing my smooth torso. It finally came to rest just above the waistline of my sweatpants and our sweet kiss, my first kiss, finally broke.

'Do you mind if I, uhm, it's quite chilly tonight and I think if we both uhm'

'Oh shush and just get in,' I said shifting so that he could slide in behind me.

The warmth of Hugo's body quickly put me off to sleep, just before feeling his strong arms snake their way around my thin waist.

I awoke the next morning to find that Hugo had already left for breakfast. I quickly had my shower, packed up all my things and too went for breakfast. After breakfast we all packed our luggage back into the three VW microbuses and made our way back to the school. I didn't say one word during the trip constantly in thought of what had happened last night. I had not said a word to Hugo since then. But tomorrow was the beginning of another school week and his bedroom was just a couple of doors down from my own. There were many more opportunities, for me to bump into Hugo, to come.


Dane du Toit

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