The rest of the year passed without much eventfulness. The new learner carried out their menial jobs (all of the big events were planned for the following year) and exam season soon kicked in. Between all of the studying and new responsibilities, time spent with Hugo was unfortunately limited, and I passed all my subjects with a 90% average and once again entered the summer holidays a virgin.

This too had gone by pretty uneventfully as I spent the weeks before New Years on our farm riding horses, pruning vines and swimming in our over-sized pool. Christmas went by quite enjoyably though. Spending some 'quiet' time with my parents, three brothers Brian (21), Stephen (18) and Jake (7). All of them knew that I was gay, as I had come out to them at the beginning of that year. Brian, who was studying Theology, was obviously was clearly troubled by the thought of having a 'faggot' brother, and only spoke to me when it was absolutely necessary. Yeah it hurt, but I had Stephen, who was completely cool with my being a homosexual. Jake was way too small to even comprehend what 'gay' meant.

Just as my vacation started getting way too boring and hot I received a phone call from Clare.

'Hey Alex.'

'Hey Clare...'

'Oh God I can already hear the boredom in your voice.'

'Yeah I know, please save me from this place!' I pleaded.

' I guess I called at just the right time. Do you want to go to Langebaan for New Years.'

'Oh Yes! I could totally do with a cool sea breeze right now. But just the two of us?'

'Maybe we could ask Nicola and Jason and Terri and Dane to come with. The Holiday house is huge so everybody would get their own rooms anyway.'

'That sounds fan-tas-tic!'

'Oh yes, my sister is coming with to chaperone and drive us around blah blah blah. We are coming to pick you up tomorrow. By the way, have you heard from Hugo?'

'Yip. He sent me a Christmas card and box of chocolates from up north where he spent Christmas.'

'Dude, so corny...but cool.'

'Yeah whatever. See you tomorrow.'

And with that my life had been saved. That night I dreamt of me sitting in Hugo's lap, resting my back against his chest. His strong left arm keeping my legs apart while his right is plunged down my unzipped jeans. His hot tongue traces a trickle of sweat down my neck and his fiery breath burns the skin off of my slender shoulders, waking me in a pool of sweat and semen.

By 10:00 the next morning I was on my way to Langebaan with Clare, her sister and four other friends. We arrived in Langebaan at around 14:00 that afternoon, and after discussing the various levels of numbness of our arses, decided that after a quick lunch we would head out to the beach and thereafter chill in the house for the remainder of the evening. New Years eve was only the following day, so storing up our energy would be essential.

The beach was heavenly. The ability to escape your mundane life and come here to soak up the sea and festive atmosphere was rejuvenating. After letting Clare smear liberal amounts of sunscreen onto my back Dane, Nicola and I darted towards the ocean and revelled in its refreshingly cool waves. After about twenty minutes of swimming and splashing around we settled into a suspension in the shallow waters, feeling the small waves gently nudge our anchored bodies from side to side. I suddenly felt a twitch in my groin as a hand lightly brushed the side of my neck and across my shoulder. 'Terri, why do you always like to sneak up on people and...'

'Hey Alex,' I heard Hugo say.

I immediately spun around and launched myself at Hugo, and falling back into the shallow water with a splash.

'What are you doing here?' I squealed with joy

'We also have a holiday home here, and this place is always pumpin' around New Years. Oh, Hi guys.'

I looked around and saw Nicola and Dane staring at me wide-eyed. Shit! I just totally exposed myself. I wasn't planning on telling anybody about my being gay until after school!

'Uhm Hugo, can I catch up with you later?'

'Yeah sure, I wanna go say hi to Terri, Clare and her sister anyway.'

Hugo left and I slowly turned to face two of my very close friends. Both of them wore shocked smirks. I smiled shyly.

'Yes, it is exactly what you're thinking,' was the only way I could put it.

'So you are...' started Dane.

'Gay,' finished Nicola.

'Gay,' repeated Dane.

'Yes, I know you may not agree with it but I can't stop it and I've been like this since I was little, so please don't judge me and I'll understand if you don't want to be friends anymore...'

'Shut up Alex! How weak do you think our friendship is? Do you really think that Nicola and I would discard our friendship just because your gay.' I heard Dane say, my eyes starting to water.

'Yeah you can't get rid of us that easily,' joked Nicola wrapping her arms around my waist, Dane draping his arm over my shoulder. I was ecstatic that I had chosen them as my friends all those years back.

'Oh my Gosh! Alex, are you gay?'

'How did you, uh, how?' I spluttered at Terri's words.

'We saw what happened from where we are sitting, so I ran over hear to ask,' said Jason

'Uhm yeah I am.'

What followed was one of the warmest, most heartfelt embraces, from Terri and Jason, I had ever experienced.

I really did have great friends.

'So what is the deal with you and hotness Hugo? Come on, spill it,' urged Terri, straightforward as always.

'I guess we're...I don't know...going out...whatever that means. Anyway, who said that Hugo was gay?' I said

'Oh please, the way he tolerated you all over him, and doing so with a huge grin. I think it's pretty obvious what he feels for you,' was Jason's logic.

'Well Jason, you would react the same way I'm sure,' I said.

'Yeah, but we're very close friends. I wasn't even aware you and Hugo ever speak. Besides don't try to hide the truth from us when it's already out,' ended Jason, his hand ruffling my hair like an older brother.

That night we stayed indoors playing Scrabble, Monopoly and charades and cooking up a storm with a variety of fondues. It was only around 3:30 in the morning that we all finally turned in for the 'night'.

'Alex...Alex...Alexander...' said a distant voice just beyond my dream of grapes and fondue.

'That is so random,' escaped my lips.

'What?' said the distant voice again.

I opened my eyes and saw Hugo staring at me with a huge grin.

'What are you smiling at? How did you get in here?' I managed

'Firstly, I'm smiling at you and your sub-conscious babble. Secondly, Dane let me in. Come on, sit up and put this in your mouth.'

'Excuse me! Put what in my mouth?'


He was sitting on the floor in front of me so I looked down to where his hands were and, in them, saw the biggest bowl of cornflakes in my 16-year-old life. I reluctantly took the bowl from him and started stuffing the breakfast down my throat, if only to cure my excruciating hunger. Hugo just sat there and watched me chew and swallow spoonful after spoonful. On my final spoonful, a stream of milk escaped my lips and trickled down the side of my chin. I made to wipe it off with the back of my hand, which was suddenly seized by Hugo's, as he inched closer and kissed the milk off my face. I once again felt the prominent twitch in my groin. I fought the urge not to push him on his back, straddle him and grind against his hard body until I come in my shorts. I handed the bowl back to him, stood up and quickly walked to the bathroom, snatching my bath towel from the armchair.

'Alex, are you okay,' asked Hugo

'Yeah I'm fine, just fine, just want to have a quick shower.' I said as I closed the bathroom door.

'I'll see you later then,' he said as his footsteps disappeared down the hallway.

I masturbated to the thought of Hugo's lips on my skin and the sculpted calve muscles of his long legs that stretched from beneath his shorts.

The New Years party was hosted on the beach just half a kilometre from the house. We arrived to the huge crowd, each around their own tiny bonfire, cheering local bands that kept everybody heartily entertained. Our little group of friends made our way to where Hugo and his friends, some of which were our friends too as we were all from the same school, had set up their little fire. We all sat around it in a big circle enjoying the electric atmosphere and each other. At around ten, two hours before the New Year, Hugo and I went for a walk along the moonlit beach. As we became indiscernible from the crowd, he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. He lowered his head and what followed was a passionate kiss that left me literally breathless. We walked a little further and looking up I realised that we had walked all the way back to Clare's family's house. I looked up at him and saw his soft eyes. My heart melted and my body slumped into his. His hands wrapped around my back and slowly travelled towards my ass, finally cupping them. He picked me up and I in turn wrapped my legs around his waist. I ran my fingers through his medium length hair. I kissed his thick neck and felt the heat of his skin against my cool lips. I could feel his erection through his pants pressing against my ass. My own erection pressed against his granite torso. He traced my jawbone with his tongue that slowly made its way to my lips and plunged into my mouth, massaging my own tongue.

'I'll only do it you want to,' he whispered into my ear, his cheek stuck to mine.

'I want to,' I whispered back.

And with that, he carried me inside the house, up the stairs and into my room...


Dane du Toit

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