I could all but walk for the rest of the week that followed New Year's Eve. I managed to use the bathroom as little as possible and, when the pain and tenderness had finally subsided, was glad that my friends could finally stop making fun of my 'funny walk'. I also found blood on the sheets the day after my first time and I made sure I washed them before anybody found that they're were stained. Through all the pain and discomfort of that first time, I felt light of heart, soul and mind. I floated through everyday on a cloud of complete content, thoughts of the impending school year pushed far back into the darkest crevices of my mind. But it was not long after our trip to Langebaan that school once again raised it's occasionally ugly head and no sooner had it begun than it was already half way through the year.


I am warm and happy. I open my eyes and realise that my head is positioned on Hugo's shoulder. He is asleep and his chin rests on my head. I can feel his breaths lightly ruffle my soft hair. I untwine our legs and silently remove myself from the bed. I am standing in my room in my house on the farm as I recognise the dark Venetian blinds that shield the sliding door. I open the blinds unlock the sliding door and step out onto the balcony overlooking the pool and tennis court. The sun begins to appear behind the mountains that make up this valley of farms and its rays kiss my forehead... 'Alex...Alex...wake up love.' I hear somebody whisper in my ear.


'Come on you're going to be late for your hockey match. It's already 9:30 and you play at...'

'11:00, SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! I'm going to be late.'

'Just hurry up and you'll be fine.'

'I wished you wouldn't have woken me up though. I was having such a good dream.'

'Was I in it?'

'That's what made it soooo good.'

'Anyway, you can tell me about it later, here's your towel. You can use my shower.'

'Thanks love,' I said lifting myself up to kiss him. His lips were still as rough as always, but I liked them that way, it suited his sometimes ruggedly handsome persona.

'Well, if you don't get a move on, I'm going to have to bring the shower to you. I've got a bucket somewhere I'm sure.'

'Okay, okay, I'm going,' I said leaping out of my hostel bed.

'I'll see you down at the hockey field.'

'Sure,' I replied jogging down the hall to Hugo's en suite to take a shower.

How could I have forgotten to set my alarm on such an important day? Today's sports day was the biggest on the sports calendar as it was the last of our school's winter sport season. One of our schools greatest rivals had come to play games of rugby, hockey, netball, and chess on our home soil. I was the captain of the A-hockey team while Hugo was captain of the A-rugby team. His match would start at twelve and mine would end at twelve. Perfect. I could watch his whole match. I showered, tidied my room and slipped into my hockey clothes. I grabbed my graphite hockey stick and ball and made my way to the hockey field where we'd be playing. From a distance I could see Jason and Dane already warming up with the rest of the team and I hurried to join them.

We walked away from the match victors, beating our rivals 5 goals to 1. I had scored 4 of them. Hugo's match went off well too and they won 45 to 11. All in all the day was a huge success. There was a huge barbeque planned, by the teachers for the hostels, that evening and we had the afternoon to revel in our glory.

I was in my room, half- undressed (shin guards and shorts), when Gerald came in and said that Hugo wanted to see me. I put my hockey shirt back on and went over to his room. He was sitting on his bed wearing just his shorts. There was a bloody gash above his left eye.

'Damn, did that happen during the match or after?' I joked

'During,' he replied.

I took him by the hand and led him into the bathroom where he proceeded to sit on the bathroom counter. I searched for the bottle of Dettol I knew he kept in his cabinet and gently cleaned his wound. It was a minor gash and had already started to clot.

'Thanks,' he said pulling me closer with his long, strong legs and leaning his head down to kiss me. He hopped off the counter, entwined his fingers in mine and led me back into his room. He locked the room door and went and sat in his chair by his desk, swivelling around to face me. I got down on my knees and kissed my way up his thighs. I could taste the saltiness of dried sweat on them. I buried my face in his full lap and he pulled off his rugby shorts and jock strap. His colossal cock stood like the Empire State Building in front of my face. I began at the base and licked the full length of his 11 inches, occasionally stopping to ever so slightly nibble the underside of his cock, to which he moaned loudly. In the eight months after Hugo had taken my virginity I had become an expert at giving head and I once again took Hugo's cock like a professional. I swallowed the full length, using my throat muscles and tongue to massage and pleasure his tool. I buried my nose in his thick pubes and inhaled his manly scent. I was so intoxicated with his musky scent that I began sucking even harder, Hugo, reacting to my urge to make him cum, slowly started fucking my face. His speed increased and I tightened my mouth around his cock making him shoot his load deep into my throat. The only cum I could taste was when he took his tool out of my mouth.

He stood his 6ft3 body up in front of my 5ft9 frame. Taking me firmly by the hips Hugo placed me on my hands and knees on his desk. He grabbed a bottle of lube from his desk drawer and smeared my ass with it. He inserted two fingers into me and finger-fucked my ass, opening me up. He removed his fingers from my wet hole and lubed his huge cock liberally. I was shivering from anticipation as I felt his cock poke at my hole. Hugo bent over my back and whispered in my ear, 'Ready?'

'Ready,' I answered.

He kissed the side of may face just as my ass stretched to its limit as he skewered me from behind. My legs almost collapsed on the edge of the table but I managed to steady myself. Hugo was still bent over my back, his arms on the outside of mine, his large hands covering my smaller ones and his head in the crook of my neck. The sweat from his body transferred to mine and began running down my arms and legs. I opened my eyes and saw a few learners walking around outside the hostel. Hugo increased his pace and every thrust his cock would brush over my prostate making by quiver with pleasure.

'I think I'm going to blow,' I said out of breath.

Hugo pulled out of me and turned me around so that I was lying on my back. He speared me again as he lifted my legs over his shoulders and bent me like a pretzel. Hugo placed his hands on either side of my head as I placed mine on his moist chest. I looked at Hugo above me as he fucked me hard. Every muscle in his torso stood out, his neck was a deep shade of red and his deep green eyes were focussed on mine. I was getting close as his thrusts became deeper, my ass rectum burning with an intense pleasure. The pleasure transferred to my penis as I came all over my chest. I wrapped my legs tighter around Hugo's neck and pulled him closer to me. He was close; I could sense it in his urgency.

He mouthed, 'I love you' as he thrust as deep as he could, releasing his seed deep into my bowels. The warm liquid tickled my insides and I could feel it trickle out of my rectum and down my ass. Hugo lifted me up off the table and went to sit in his armchair, his cock still inside me. I slumped into his body and hung my legs over the armrest. It started raining outside and he pulled the blanket from the foot of his bed and covered us with it. I almost immediately fell asleep, the warmth of Hugo's body guarding me from the cold that settled in around us.


I woke up about two hours later still in Hugo's lap. His breathing was low and steady, his chin resting on my forehead. I kissed his collarbone and he jerked awake.

'Sorry, I didn't want to wake you,' I apologized.

'It's okay,' he said softly and kissed my cheek about five times.

He effortlessly picked me up and carried me towards the shower. We cleaned each other up and I sneaked to my room making sure people didn't see I still had my hockey clothes on. I quickly changed and met Hugo and the rest of the hostel kids at the schools club-house where the teachers were barbequing and the learners celebrating the days success.


Dane du Toit

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