'Oh God Clare! What am I going to do?' I said as sat down next to her under a tree in the school courtyard. It was spring time again in South Africa, yet the fierce rays of the merciless sun made it feel like summer, and at break times we were driven to take shelter beneath the many trees on the school ground. 'It's just a camp Alex, and I will be there, and about 25 other people,' she reassured me. 'Yes, but he's so hot and tall and popular an-' Clare cut me off and took my hands in hers. 'Yes Hugo is all of those things but so are you, maybe not as tall, but you're one of the hottest guys in the school too, and you're sweet and sensitive and gentle and smart AND popular. For goodness sake you were one of three to be chosen from our grade to be on the learner council this year. I can't wait for that camp!'

'Yeah well you aren't intimidated and head over heals in love with somebody who you may just have to have a conversation with for 3 whole days!' I whispered sternly

'Everything will be fine Alex, you'll see.' The bell for the last two periods of the day rang and we escaped the heat of the outdoors to the coolness of the classrooms.

I couldn't concentrate on anything but the eminent council camp of which I had to be apart. They had announced the new learners council members of Cape Town's Clearwater High yesterday morning, 3 learners from each of the five grades (8 - 12) and 15 senior members just from grade 12. Hugo, my ultimate crush and sexual fantasy, was part of the senior members and was named Deputy Head boy too, not to mention captain of the rugby A-team. Clare and I were part of the 3 from each grade. Clare and I had been best friends since we were 7 years old and I was elated at the fact that she would be accompanying me on this daunting camp to who know where - the teachers refused to tell us! The end of day bell disrupted my thoughts. I packed up by books said goodbye to everybody and headed off to the boys hostel on the east side of the school grounds. It was Friday and we would be leaving for the camp in an hour's time. I quickly had lunch in the cafeteria and thereafter rushed to pack my bag. Gerald my roomie was already there also packing for the camp as he, together with Clare and me made up the 3 council members. 'Hey, how far are you with your packing?' Gerald asked me as I grabbed a towel which hung behind the room door. 'I packed last night coz I knew there wouldn't be enough time after school, and I still wanna go take a quick shower before we leave.'

'Well you better hurry Alex, we leave in 30 minutes,' urged Gerald. And with that reminder a sprinted towards the showers. On arrival I found out that because everybody was going home for the weekend, they had already cleaned the showers and no one was permitted to use them until Sunday evening, when everybody returned for the start of another week of school. 'You can use my shower,' said a strong masculine voice from behind me. I turned around although I already knew whom that voice belonged to. 'One of the perks about being deputy head, getting your own bathroom and all,' said Hugo, leaning his long and chiselled frame against the immaculately clean bathroom wall.

'Uhm, okay, thanks! It's just down the passage, right?' I stammered. 'Yip, three doors away from your room. Hurry up though you don't have much time,' he said and simultaneously flashed me that crooked smile which immediately gave me a hard-on. Hugo winked and gestured for me to hurry up. I left the bathroom holding my towel in front of my boner and made my way to his room. I quickly stripped and jumped into his shower. It took me ten minutes to wash my hair, body and jack off to thoughts of Hugo's large hands caressing every contour of my body, him kissing every inch of my burning skin.

After my shower I returned to my room to find that Gerald had already left for the Girls' Hostel, which was adjacent to the men's, from where we would be departing for our camp. It took 2 minutes for me to throw on a some somewhat flattering T-shirt, shorts and sneakers, gather up all my bags and begin sprinting towards the girls' hostel.

Three teachers would be accompanying us and had already started loading the luggage into their respective vehicles, three of the schools Volkswagen microbuses. Before departure, they confiscated all cell phones and other electrical appliances, and off we were. The drive must have been about two and a half hours long, and for most of the trip I had been asleep on Clare's shoulder, she was after all an inch taller than I was.

The tedious drive finally ended and we pulled up into a place called Eagle-pond resort, which sounded quite promising. And indeed it was if you call two heated pools, luxury tents, each with two beds, a full bathroom, microwave and mini-refrigerator promising. The environment, in which this resort was nestled, was breathtaking now that spring had sprung.

On arrival we were immediately divided into tents and then into larger groups of about 8 with the 4 head pupils as the group leaders. And to my dread and despair, yet to my secret delight, I was placed not only in Hugo's group but we were designated to the same tent. Just the two of us!

The rest of the day passed quite uneventfully as we spent most of it discussing school matters in the resort's conference room. It was only after supper at about 8 p.m. and a few more discussions that we were finally allowed to relax and enjoy our resources. The rest of the night took place in one of the tents into which all twenty something of us were squashed. Nobody really noticed the stuffiness though, as we were all chatting and laughing and listening to Hugo and some of the other guys playing their guitars. I imagined Hugo holding me instead of that guitar, using his fingers to trace a slow and sensuous path down my spine and further down towards my ass'it was at that moment that I decided to get up and go to bed. I reckoned it much more preferable than blowing my load in front of everybody. I climbed over the tumult of people, said goodnight, much to their disappointment, and jogged to my own tent in the dark and chilled night air.

I changed into some sweatpants and long-sleeved t-shirt, boiled some water in the kettle, made a cup of tea, grabbed A spot of bother by Mark Haddon from my bag, settled into bed and began to read. It was only about 20 minutes later that I heard the zip of the tent being unzipped and Hugo stepped in, rubbing his arms vigorously for some warmth. 'Fuck it's cold!' I cringed at the 'F' word, as it was highly suggestive of something I would never have with the man of my dreams. 'I thought you'd be sleeping already.You left so abruptly back there.Are you okay? ' I wasn't sure whether his concern was genuine or feigned but I answered nevertheless. 'I'm fine, it was just getting a bit stuffy in there,' I lied.

'Oh likewise, as you can hear they're still carrying on like crazy people. Anyway, I'm gonna take a hot shower to warm up and jump into bed. It's fucking freezing!' I cringed again. Does he have to use words like 'hot' and 'bed' and 'fucking'? I must have physically cringed too because he apologised for his filthy language seeing as I was one who refrained from using swearwords etc. Which was true, I hardly ever swore. I guess it was the way I was brought up, the simple life on a grape/wine farm.

I continued to read while he undressed; now and then catching glimpses of his well toned backside, his long muscular legs and broad back and shoulders. It was a shame he didn't turn around for I had never seen his cock before and I'd always wondered what it looked like. He took five minutes in the shower and by the time he was done I had put my book away and was now lying on my side, facing the bathroom door, my eyes shut.

'Alex,' I heard him say softly, unsure if I was asleep or not.

'Yeah?' I opened my eyes to look at him standing there, in all his naked glory, his flaccid penis the size of a torch, his ripped abs, steam rising from his hot body and him casually drying his hair with a towel. I immediately closed my eyes again and he laughed softly. I was such an idiot, why am I so obviously gay in front of him. 'It's okay, I don't have hang-ups about by body, you don't need to close your eyes,' he said confidently. Of course you don't you Greek God. 'I just wanted to know if you have an alarm clock, battery powered that is, since everything else of our was confiscated.' I pointed to the tiny clock on my bedside table. 'You're genius you know that!' I blushed at that compliment. I did excel at academics and the fact that the man I have wet dreams about just complimented me on it, made my blush skin even blusher.

He pulled on a pair of boxer shorts and jumped into his bed. 'Night Alexander!' he said. Alexander? Nobody except my parents call me that. 'Goodnight'


Dane du Toit

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