I awoke slowly the next morning. The curtains were still drawn and the room was semi-dark. I stretched while burrowing my face into the soft pillows. The duvet was heavy and warm upon me and I pulled it up over my head. I lifted my knees and looked around under the covers. I breathed in the sleepy air and it smelled of Hugo. I breathed even deeper. I moved to his side of the bed, my laying where his had, my skin touching the sheets that his had touched and resting my head on the pillow that told of Organics shampoo and Armani cologne. Always Acqua di Gio. I closed my eye sand listened to the sounds around me. The rain had stopped and the only sound came from what was probably the kitchen.

I rolled out of bed and into a robe that I found tossed over the armrest of one of the leather armchairs. I stepped into the passage and stole towards the kitchen. The tiles were cool beneath my bare feet and it seemed as though the weather had changed completely since the day before. I walked into the open plan living area and kitchen and moved towards Hugo who was busy at the oven. He was wearing only a pair a pair of black boxer briefs.

'Good morning,' I said as I planted a kiss between his shoulder blades and thread my arms beneath his and rested my hands on his shoulders.

'Good afternoon,' he replied and turned around to face me. He held my face in his hands and kissed me deeply. I tasted buttered toast on his lips. Our tongues explored one another's mouths, like teenagers upon finding a long forgotten cove or secret garden. Nostalgic visions and feelings of our classroom romance pervaded my mind and I remembered the knowing glances from across the classroom, the stolen kisses behind the clubhouse, the feeling of his warm skin when he made love to me during our secret midnight meetings. Hugo pulled out of the kiss and I rested my head against his bare chest.

'That tasted really good,' I said.

'You know what will taste even better?' he asked as he pushed me toward the island counter and lifted me up onto it, 'garlic butter toast straight out of the oven.'

He kissed my nose and turned around to tend to the oven. I playfully grabbed the elastic waistband of his briefs, which gave me lovely view of his tight ass that was slightly less tanned than the rest of his body, as he bent to take a tray out of the oven. He put the slices of toasts on a plate and set them on the counter next to me. He stood between my legs and we took alternating bites from the same slice of toast. Now and then he would kiss my neck or cheek or rest his forehead against mine.

It wasn't long before the light, tender kissing turned ferociously passionate and the toast became a distant memory. I wrapped my legs around Hugo's waist and pressed my hard-on against his solid abdomen. The robe I was wearing slipped from my shoulders and I freed my arms from the sleeves. Hugo's large hands slid beneath the robe and firmly grabbed the waistband of the briefs he had lent me. My arms, now around his neck, helped me lift by bum slightly and he pulled the underwear off in one lightening fast movement. I felt the cool air of the room lap against my inner, naked thighs and I pulled Hugo closer to me. As he kissed my neck and shoulders and chest, my hand reached for his manhood and I fished it out of the front pouch of his briefs. I stroked the length of his cock and it lay hard, hot and throbbing in my palm. Hugo lifted me off the counter and carried me to and laid my down on the solid wooden dining room table. He positioned me at the corner of the table and my legs dangled off the adjacent edges.

'Wait jus a sec,' he said and rushed off into the pantry. The table was cold against my back and I slipped my arms back into the sleeves of the robe that was still tightly tied around my waist.

Hugo returned two seconds later with a bottle of olive oil, his cock still protruding out of the front of his briefs.

'No KY?' I asked, chuckling.

'The bathroom is too far away,' he said grinning widely.

He placed the oil on the table next to me and stood between my legs. He slowly slid his hands beneath the robe and sensually massaged my thighs and, in no rush, worked his way up to my groin and pelvis. I breathed deeply and his simple touch made my toes curl. His hands reached further beneath the robe until they closed firmly around my hips. Hugo pulled me to the very edge of the table. He removed his hands and proceeded to uncover me from the waist down. His hands traveled to the back of my thighs until my legs rested in the crook of his elbows. He lifted them up on either side of him until my calves were up against his chest, perpendicular to the rest of my body. My legs were now slightly parted and his cock rested between them on top of mine, leaking precum on my belly. Hugo kissed my calves. His manhood slipped from between my legs as he continued his kissing and licking from my calves to the back of my knees to my thighs. He spread my legs further apart and paid his attention to my inner thighs and groin. The wetness of his tongue sent a shiver up my spine and every hair on my body stood in arousal. He playfully nibbled on the soft skin of my thighs. He dragged his tongue across my perineum and I moaned loudly. This encouraged him further and he flicked his tongue over my pink, eagerly awaiting rosebud. He explored further and, as I relaxed at the warmth of his mouth and breath against my hole, pushed his tongue into me. He savored my ass for a few minutes before coming up for air and dragging his tongue all the way from my ass, over my taint, scrotum and from the base of my cock to the very tip. He lapped up the precum that had pooled on my midriff. He breathed in the scent of my skin before standing up straight once again.

Hugo reached for the bottle of olive oil and poured a few drops onto my perineum and on his fingers. I could feel the thick liquid run down to my anus. Hugo's fingertips prodded lightly at my opening and I released my sphincter. He slipped his index and middle finger in easily and I moaned even louder.

After fingering me for a while he withdrew his digits. He proceeded to lather his and my penis with the oil. He bent my knees slightly towards me and I felt him position his cock head at my hole. It felt hot and big against me and I released against it just as Hugo thrust into me. I held my breath at the overwhelming size of his cock and fullness of my rectum.

'Breath baby, you have to breath,' he whispered as his hands slipped beneath the robe and covered my entire chest. I began breathing again at the feeling of his palm against my heart. I placed my hands on his forearms and felt his muscles flex as he pulled me back and forth on his cock. Hugo's green eyes fixed on my big brown ones and he lowered his face to mine. The kiss was electric and insatiable and my whole body felt alive as I panted and writhed beneath Hugo's heaving chest and hips that steadily pounded me in long, languid strokes. My prostate ached at the constant rubbing of Hugo's cock against it.

My legs dropped to Hugo's sides and my back lifted off the table. Hugo weaved his arms under mine and placed his hands at the base of my neck and my shoulders. My feet found his bulging calves that strained as he plunged himself deeper and faster into my lean body. My hands reached for his back and I felt the sweat that began to drip down his muscular frame. He was still wearing his boxer briefs and I tucked my fingers under the waistband and dug my nails into the flesh of his buttocks. I felt his glutes work furiously under my palms and I pulled him further into me. Hugo's pace quickened and the length of his thrusts became more irregular. I could feel he was close, and so was I. Every movement of his now made my muscles twitch and the pleasure his thrusting evoked in me was excruciating.

Hugo gave his deepest thrust yet and spilled his hot sticky seed into my depths over and over again. The sheer excitement at the feeling of his juices coating my insides induced a glass shattering moan and I orgasmed all over us. Hugo continued to pump slowly into me and pushed me back onto the table. My legs were still wrapped around him and he climbed onto the table on top of me, with his manhood still fully lodged within me. He turned us over so that I was lying on top of him. My head was cradled in the crook of his neck and my legs were spread on wither side of his. He cupped and squeezed my small butt cheeks in his strong hands. After a few minutes his cock slipped from my ass and his semen dripped slowly from my well-used hole. I moaned softly as Hugo leisurely slipped his middle finger in and out of my anus and lightly traced wet circles around it.

'That was amazing,' he spoke into my hair.

'I know,' I agreed and kissed his Adam's apple.

'By the way, your mom said we should come for supper,'

'Can't we just lie here for a little while?'

'Of course,' he said and kissed my head.


My eyes opened as Hugo removed himself from under me and shuffled to the bathroom. I listened as he relieved himself, then brushed his teeth and turned on the shower.

It had been three weeks since my dad's birthday and the night at the river. I didn't think anybody was surprised that we entered my parents' house hand in hand the following evening. Everybody just couldn't help but smile. We had sat next to each other, among close family members huddling around the dinner table strewn with a multitude of leftovers from the previous night's celebrations. Our knees touched and at every fleeting opportunity I felt the heat of a large hand on my thigh. I realized that food would never satiate me the way Hugo could. After supper we had sat in the lounge and chatted to my aunts, uncles and cousins. They had many questions about my life overseas which I tried my best to answer and make sound more interesting and less reckless as possible. That was my past and I had dealt with it. When the conversation became less coherent and the teapots had run dry Hugo and I headed back to his place. Most of my family had left and it was just Hugo and myself. That night, like so many others to come, he made slow, sensual love to me in his bed and I fell asleep with him still inside me.

Hugo emerged from the bathroom and I watched as he dried himself and got dressed. It surprised me that someone who did the amount of physical labour that he did went so well dressed to work, or maybe he just looked really fantastic in everything he wore. The faded jeans, checked shirt, woolen scarf, pullover and rain jacket made him look like he had stepped straight out of a country road advertisement and I yearned for him to come back to bed even if it was just to get him undressed again.

Being a viticulturist and winemaker meant that he had to get up in the wee hours of the morning to go to work in the vineyards, and it being winter meant that it was beginning to get pitch dark outside whenever he left. I shifted to his side of the bed, something I tended to do nowadays, and looked at clock on the bedside table. It read 05:00 am. He removed a pair of sexy, manly leather boots from his cupboard and came to sit on the edge of the bed near my knees. I nudged him and he shifted towards me. He smiled at me and put on his shoes.

'You should go back to sleep, it's still dark outside,' he said in his forever deep, sexy voice.

'Will you be back for lunch,' I asked.

'No, unfortunately. We're expecting a huge rainfall in about two days time and there's a ton of work that needs to be done before then. Not even the workers are getting a lunch break today.'

'That's too bad, I was really looking forward to a little lunchtime snack,' I said grinning widely.

'Maybe,' Hugo spoke slowly while lowering his face to mine and caressing my jaw with his thumb, 'when I get back tonight we can have big snack. We can even have it on the kitchen counter if you want to, or on the dining room table. It'll seem a little more appropriate, don't you think?'

'Yes,' I whispered as his thumb brushed over my pouting lips.

'Besides, I'm sure you have a full day today?' he said, all of a sudden so matter-of-factly.

'Nope not really, probably just hanging out with my mother. It's so sad.'

'What about those job interviews you were talking about?'

'They're only next week, which reminds me that Katie still needs to send me my references. I think I'll give her another call this morning,'

'Well there you go, now we both have busy days ahead of us,' he chuckled, 'now, I have to go. I'll see you this evening.'

Hugo bent down and kissed my cheek before leaving the room. I heard him busy in the kitchen for a few minutes before the front door opened and closed and there was complete silence.


Dane du Toit

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