I knew you were ready for another round when we woke up, but I wanted you to beg me for it. I walked around the house naked, half hard and exaggerating my movements. Your eyes drank me in and every time you made a move or me I'd dodge and slink away to another part of the house. Your cock was rock hard and when I started to leak precum I knew I had you where I wanted you. You walked up to me and looked me in the eyes, almost panting with desire and that look took my cock from simi to steel .

-In the moment- I bend you over the arm of the sofa. Your ass looks so inviting. I lean in and open your cheeks to find that sexy rose bud. I lick it, driving my tongue into it, making you moan and whimper. My hand reaches around your leg and begins to stroke your cock. Your hips pup your cock into my hand and your ass on my tongue. Your legs shake and if not for the arm of the chair you'd fall over.

I replace my tongue with one finger and then another as I open your ass. Standing up and keeping my fingers firmly in your hole I move to your side and slide my throbbing and eager cock into your amazing mouth. God how that feels so good. You slowly taking me in deeper and deeper. Working my balls up.

I can't wait anymore, I pull my cock out of your mouth and move back behind you. I tease your hole with the head of my cock and you move your ass back trying to get it inside of you. You grunt in frustration and that's when I slam it home. You scream out in ecstasy. I know just the right angle to slam into you to hit your prostate and make it feel so good. Your cock throbs and fires a thick glob of precum right onto the sofa arm.

I grind into you first, making your ass mine. Making you want it, then I slowly slide out of you and slam back in, making you moan. I repeat this over and over this two stroke combination making your tremble. Using my thighs I push up hitting a different angle and begin a barrage of powerful strokes. You brace against the arm of I may fuck you off the sofa. Our moans can be heard through the walls as we take each other to another world.

I pull your hair and use your shoulder as leverage to slam into you harder and harder your cock bobbing underneath you a continuous line of precum leaking. Your mouth hands open in a constant moan. I lean over you continuing me rhythm and whisper in your ear.

"God your so sexy, you turn me on more than any one ever has."

"Your ass is to tight baby, it makes me feel so good."

"Do you like it, like my big cock working you just the way you want it?"

This makes you even hornier and you meet my every stroke with one of your own. I know your starting to get close, your ass is starting to quiver around my cock, god I love this feeling. I love fucking the cum out of you. You try to hold on but my big cock slams into you and explode.

At the last moment I change positions I grab you, using my left arm around your chest and right arm around your belly and I fall backwards into a sitting position drilling my cock deep into your ass and causing your back to arch as I travel even deeper inside of you. You're sitting on my lap and I'm using my legs to fuck up into you and bounce you around on my cock. My arms are still locked around you and your hands find mine.

Your whole body is red, as you try to hold on; I look over you and see your balls tight against your body, begging you to let them go, to let them release the man juice that they are storing up. I shift my weight a little and angle my cock to keep a constant stroke on your prostate. You make a faint sound, back collapsing against my chest and seconds later I feel your ass contact around my cock and see your load sailing into the sky. This sets me over the edge, squeezing your tighter to me I throb in your ass and shoot my pent up load, making your ass mine. The feeling me biting into your shoulder and cumming in you forces more cum out of you.

We lay there you in my arms panting. I rub your head and nuzzle into your neck as we lay there drenched in sweat and your cum. We roll over and fall asleep with me curled up behind you pulling your close to me.



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