It had been a long week since the passionate filled night. I was in a particularly foul mood from work and you had been receiving a bulk of my bad mood for no reason. It was Saturday and I had shot down every idea of things to do; you were sick of it. I get up to get a beer from the fridge and you decide enough is enough. You push me against the wall and whisper in my ear your mine and don't your forget it. You push me against the wall and kiss me, hard passively. My knees shake as I'd forgotten this side of you. Our hard cocks rubbing against each other through our jeans. You reach down and grab my bulging, throbbing cock. Biting my lip and grinding harder into me. I slide down to my knees and break your belt open, desperate to taste that leaking throbbing cock. It had been to long since I tasted it. Your pants fall to the ground and I pull down your jock with my teeth, inhaling your cock to the root before you registered your jock is down.

You moan deeply and I suction your cock up and down from head to base. Rolling your balls in the process. You start to rock your hips, sliding in and out of my warm wet mouth as I greedily swallow all your pre cum. You grab my hair and ram your throbbing cock balls deep in my throat, gagging me. Tears well in my eyes as i take your whole rod. You worry that you are being to rough on me until you like down at my cock trying to break my zipper; throbbing between my legs at the assault. Your thrusts become more sporadic as your balls draw up you getting closer and closer to unloading.

I'm urging you on, flicking my tongue across the head as u pull out and tightening my throat as you slam in. Right before you explosion you pull out shove your swollen balls in my mouth demanding they be licked and sucked. I bathe them and worship them, the balls of a stud. Going further I nibble the sensitive area right between your balls and your tight hole. Your body spasms at this and you decide it's time to take back control and show me who controls my body.

I'm drug me to my feet. You begin sucking my hard as rock cock as I moan and arch my back. Slowly you slide two fingers into my tight hole working it and loosing it up. Then you slide a third; you use your fingers to find my love nut and stroke it. The sensations are almost too much to bear as I scream your name. You pull your fingers out and pull off my cock. Standing up you turn me around and slam your cock balls deep into my ass sending shock-waves through both of us and making our balls tingle and surge. It won't take long.

You slide your cock slowly and powerfully in and out, twisting your hips as you pass my love nut. I press against the wall trying to keep my balance as you slowly fuck my load out of me. My tight ass causing you o latch onto my shoulders for support; it feels so good around your cock. I begin to moan deeper and louder as my orgasm approaches. I'm whimpering and quivering. God I don't think I've ever felt like this. I can't take it, every muscle in my quivers. I scream from deep inside and I erupt against the wall without touching myself. Shot after shot rockets out of me, my ass grips your cock like a vice sending you over the edge and you dig your nails into my shoulders as you explode, coating my insides with your big pent up load. I'm feeling every throb and it forces more cum out of me. Draining us both dry as you make me yours. And I will never forget it.



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