You come home after a long day at work. You're sweaty and dirty; you're muscles ache. You sit on the couch with a thud exhausted. I walk over to you and slowly massage your shoulders. You sign and tilt your head back. I reach down to the hem of your shirt and slip it over your head and of your arms. I go back to working the tension out of your shoulders. The massage is slow and your grimace a little before the tension starts to melt away. I move forward and begin massaging your chest. My fingers lightly grazing your sensitive nipples. You take in a sharp breath and a little color starts to work its way across your chest. I slide my hands out and begin massaging your bulging biceps. I pay attention to the joints working with your body to release the tension. Your head tilts back as your upper body begins to feel free of the strains of the day. I massage your neck next, sensually moving my hands drifting up to massage your ears and temples. You moan, a moan unnoticed to you but fueling the fire in me.

I move around the couch until I stand in front of you. Your eyes are closed and a gentle smile comes across you face. I begin by taking off your work boots and socks. Rubbing your sore feet, desperate for a little attention after being on your feet form 11 hours today. I slide my hands up until they find your belt; unbuckling it I slowly slide your zipper down. Looking upon you the color has spread from your chest to your shoulders. I can feel the bulge when I unzipped you. You mouth hands slightly open and your tongue sneaks out to wet your kissable lips. You lift your hips allowing me to pull your pants off, but make a small sound when I leave your boxers on. With your pants off I now take up working the tension out of your calves. One calf at a time I place your leg in my lap and slowly work them. I place your leg back down and sit up on my knees. I move up to your thighs. They are the tightest and need the most attention. I pay close attention to how your body reacts when I massage in different ways. I continue to rub higher and higher on your thighs once the tension is gone. You face is now flushed as well and the bulge in your boxers is covered by a dense wet spot.

My hands slid into your boxers through the leg openings. My fingers playfully run against your balls eliciting a deep whimper and causing your legs to open wider, body language begging me to touch you. Your throbbing cock pops out the opening in your fly and the constant leaking of your precum makes my mouth water and makes it shine in the light. I lean in and slowly blow across your cock head making your thrash. Pulling off your boxers your cock slaps against your stomach. You open your eyes just as I'm standing up. I'm wearing nothing but a pair of low cut black boxer briefs and black tank top with my baseball cap and boots. Your jaw hits the floor as I stand you up. I pull you into a kiss; a kiss so hot your grip onto my shoulders for support. We moan through the kiss and your cock spews precum all over the front of my boxer briefs and hard cock. We break the kiss and you make a move for my cock, but I turn you around and put you on the couch on your knees chest bent over the back. I massage your ass, grinding my cloth covered cock against you. Bending down I open your ass and slide my tongue deep into your hole. You push back into me moaning deeply. My tongue continues its assault on your hole, soon joined by two fingers.

I roll over leaving my two fingers deep in your hole, massaging all the right spots as your body quivers. I look up at your still untouched cock. I lean up taking the long strong of precum into my mouth as I go. I take your cock smoothly to the hilt. You begin to thrust your hips sending my fingers deeper into your hole and your cock deeper into my mouth. You begging me not to stop. Your legs are shaking continuously now and I can see your balls drawing up closer and closer. You thrust your hips working them in earnest as your move towards orgasm like a locomotive with no brakes. I tighten my throat and add another finger to your hole that I use just to massage your prostate. You scream loudly, rattling the walls as the hit the wall. Your cum surges out of you floods my throat. One, two, four, seven, eight. Eight ropes of cum escape your mighty balls as your ass clamps down on my fingers making my cock twitch and pulse.

I swallow it all and slide my fingers out of your hole as you collapse against the back of the couch, legs turned to jelly. I slide off my boxer briefs still soaked in your precum. I pull you with me into a sitting position and my cock slides effortlessly into your tight and hot hole. We moan in unison as you feel every throb of my cock while it opens you up. I'm taking this slow as your body is completely exhausted. I won't last long as your moans and huge load have me hanging on the edge. With you now resting in my lap and my entire cock inside you I begin to slowly rock. At this angle my cock has a constant contact with your prostate, working it over and without end. I don't know how long this lasts, but when you rest your hands on my thighs and begin to match my rocking with your bouncing I know I can pick up the pace. Your cock is now rock hard again and drooling. I reach around you and begin stroking you. Our moans fill the house and the whole world fades away. We yell in unison that we are close to cumming. I pivot my hips more on the upswing and you collapse against my chest head thrown onto my shoulder. We connect with a kiss, only our second of the night, but one that would set the world on fire and we unload. Your cum fires up to your chest as your fingers intertwine with my hand holding your chest. My cum fires deep inside of you, being milked in the most amazing mix of pleasure and pain that is your contracting hole.

We struggle to breathe as we lay there, covered in cum and sweat. Gently kissing each other with you still resting on my lap. You lay your head on my shoulder and begin to fall asleep. Spent we drift off to dream land.



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