I walk in from work late once again. I see dinner on the table untouched and long cold. The sofa was set up for us to have a nice night in, but I had called you hours ago to let you know I'd have to work late and probably work tomorrow as well. I felt like an ass, you had gone through so much trouble. I undo my tie and leave my shoes at the door. Sliding my jacket off I hang it in the closet and strip down to just my black boxer briefs, socks, and wife beater; discarding the other cloths in the hamper by the door. I remember the day you put that in there, sick of me leaving my work cloths strum through the house. As I make my way to the bed room I see you asleep in bed, laying on your stomach with only a sheet covering you. I knew I should crawl into bed next to you and just go to sleep, but you looked so amazing laying there. Broad shoulders and muscled back tapering down into a nice waste, just a little meat on your bones and an ass, oh an ass that would drive any man to drink.

I climbed onto the bed and straddled that firm ass, taking my large hands and began massaging your shoulders. You gently woke up with a soft moan and stretched out. I worked my way out to your arms, back in to your neck, down your back and across your sides. I skipped your ass which caused a little whimper, and instead massaged your strong thighs and calves. Looking up I could see your were hard in your boxers and I knew you had made a pretty sizable damp spot on the bed. I shuddered as my own cock throbbed, begging to be set free. But this was all for you.

Moving back up I pulled on your hips and you brought your ass into the air. I pulled your boxers down and spread your soft firm cheeks apart finally getting a glimpse of that tight hot hole. I bend forward and flick my tongue against it; you moan and I see you fight to stop your toes from curling. I do this again and again until I slide my thick tongue into your tight ass. You let out a grunt and your hands grab onto the sheets. I reach in front of your and slowly stroke your cock as I eat your tight ass. You're pumping your hips, fucking my hand and my tongue at the same time. Completely in ecstasy. My cock has made its way over the waist band of the boxer briefs leaking a stream of precum to, throbbing with the pleasure I am giving you.

I flip onto my back and slide underneath you. My mouth envelops your cock as two of fingers begin to prob and open your ass. Your hips kick up a notch and your moaning becomes more constant. I can sense your getting close so I add another finger into your tight ass and I can feel your thighs shaking. You beg me, over and over not to stop. Please don't stop. Your whimpering afraid I will take away this pleasure, but I won't baby. I thrust my fingers into you and deep throat your cock in once swift motion and you scream my name. Your cock thickens and rope after rope of rum escapes down my throat and your ass becomes a vice on my fingers. Your orgasm lasts for minutes as a nurse your spent cock and begin to slowly scissor my fingers out of you.

I slide from underneath you and you collapse on the bed. Legs spread, panting, trembling, spent. But I know what you crave even more than my blowjobs. I slide my boxer briefs off and crawl on top of you. I tease your hole with my ridged cock. Its radiating heat and your hole opens for it ready and willing, desperate to be filled with something more substantial. I slide into you slowly, but your having none of that and you meet me with an upward thrust that sucks my cock into you and takes the wind out of my lungs. You start to wiggle your ass on my cock and I can feel every throb shaking me to the core. I grab your hips and begin to really fuck you. We both need this.

I alternate between hard quick thrusts, then changing to slowly grinding; I'll move into long dicking you and pull my dick all the way out to the head then slamming back into you. This goes on for thirty minutes. I'm dripping sweat all over you and from the assault your cock is hard again and throbbing. With every throb more and more precum dances out. I can smell it and it drives me insane. I switch angles so I can make us cum together. Your ass grasps onto me in all the right places and you get a constant prostate massage. Were both barley hanging on, limbs tingling, world fading away. You meet me pump for pump, the sound of our skin smacking against each other turning us both on more and more. Our balls drawn up and rubbing against each other on ever up swing. You have one hand thrown back on the thigh urging in deeper and harder.

Oh God! I push hard at the perfect angle and you scream out, ropes of cum covering the blanket on the bed and filling the air with a strong scent. The scent your ass with a death grip on my cock and hearing you call my name for the second time tonight is to much for me. I unload in your ass. I can feel this in my every bone, my body contracts and I shudder violently as my balls drain themselves dry in your ass. My eyes roll back and I can hear nothing. The next thing I know we are collapsed on the bed with me on top of you and my cock still planting firmly in your tight ass. I look at the clock and we fell asleep for over three hours. I kiss your neck and you shudder I know you're ready for another round.



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