Eli the Thief

Eli secured his foot in the crease between two stones. It was the third time he was scalling the side of Lord Rose’s mansion. It wasn’t very high, only three stories, but the masion was fairly new so the ivy wasn’t thick in the plaster between stones almost intact. Eli was a good climber but even he could only find this one spot that was good enough to make a quick climb. Luckiliy, this spot was well located. The first two stories were a living room and a hallway at this spot but the third story was occupied by Lord’s own bedroom. Eli crouched on the baclony near the windows and made sure the room was empty. Like the two times before, it was empty and dark. He made sure he saw the Lord’s personal carriage leave before he went up. He gently pried open the window and moved inside soundlessly. Eli didn’t like to go back stealing more than once to same house but finding the flaws in the wards of this mansion had been arduous and he wanted the bounty to be worth it. He would have stolen more a few jeweled rings and bangles at a time but the difficult climb made it hard to bring back anything bigger and if he was to come back he couldn’t take more than a few at a time or the rich nobleman might notice. Tonight however but be the final night. He would steal everything valuable he could fit in his satchel and never come back. He made sure to step lightly but even he didn’t the plush carpets would most likely swallow every sound. Eli walked to the jewelry bow on the Lord’s dresser and opened it. To his horror the box was empty. Perhaps not empty, but full of worthless copper coins instead of jewels and gemstones.

‘’Is this not your liking?’’

Eli froze, considering his options. The voice came from across the room behind him. The person was too far to catch him if he bolted toward the window. Or maybe he knock the person out and take the time to find something valuable before leaving. The lights flared up and Eli started toward the exit. At the last second he noticed a shimmer between him and the open air of the balconny but he had to much momentum and still crashed into the invisible ward. He managed to keep his feet but his shoulder and elbows were aching with pain after taking most of the blow. A quick glance around the room told him to ward extended all around the room. No escape.

‘’Don’t try to wiggle your way out like with the outside wards, I can make them fullproof on this smaller scale and you would only hurt yourself.’’

‘’You’re a magi!?’’

Those able to practice magic were rare and generaly stayed at the king’s castle or the academy except to peform expensive spells for those who can afford it. Shocked, Eli looked at the other person for the first time. When the other spoke the first time, Eli thought it might be a butler, a zealous servant or even one of the gladiators Lord Rose kept around.

‘’Oh I don’t think I qualify as a full-fledged magi but I do have a few trick up my sleeves.’’

Eli was now stunned. The person was none other than the lord himself. He was longing casually in an oversized armchair and smirking at Eli. His expression was playful but his eyes had a faint danger to them. Eli swallowed hard. The lord had seen his face and could comandeer legions to catch him IF he managed to escape. Fighting him seemed like an even worse scenario. Never mind the fact the he was at least  6 inches taller than Eli, he had admitted to knowing magic and injuring him would put him on the most wanted list. Guards had to be coming soon to get him now, pehaps he could use that moment to dash outside the wards and escape. Eli glanced at the door and tried to listen for incoming footprints.

‘’Are you expeting someone?’’

He said it with a tone that suggested no one was coming.

‘’ Someone has to come at some point unless you plan on keeping us here forever.’’

‘’You seem awfully eager to be rid of me. I’m the one you’ve been stealing from so if want to start begging for your life,now would be a good time.’’

‘’I won’t beg.’’

Eli had begged enough for this lifetime.

‘’Suits me fine, I don’t respond well to begging anyway.’’

The lord rose from his seet, straightend his embellished jacket and walked slowly toward Eli.

‘’But I’m sure we can find something I would respond favorably too.’’

Of course. This was nothing more than a game to a rich nobleman. He caught the mouse and now he would fuck it. Eli watched the lord come closer. He was tall and graceful. Not exactly Eli’s type but he supposed the lord was handsome… So he crossed what space was left between them and sensully brought his hands inside the lords jacket and carresed his sides thorught the thin white shirt underneath and gave him his most sultry look.

‘’I’ll do whatever you need of me my lord.’’

The lord gripped his shoulder and whispered in his ear:

‘’That’s what I wanted to hear. But you can take your hands off me. You work at the Love Palace so if I wanted to fuck you I could just pay for it.’’

Eli took a quick step back and tried to hide his worry. The lord already knew who he was, where he worked. This was not a random thing, he had been waiting for Eli.

‘’What do you want from me?’’

The words came harsher than he wanted them too but the lord seemed unfased.

‘’I have a task for you. One that requires your skills and I’m not talking about sex. I think you’re worth much more than that.’’

The lord said the last part with a fake smile but his voice had an edge of sincerity to it that stuck Eli harder that he would have expected. Eli had been used in many ways before but it’s the first time someone openly acknowleged he was worth something. The words gave him shivers and he grinded his teeth trying to repress kinds of emotions he didn’t want to feel for someone who was blackmailing him.

The lord walked over to a cabinet, took a small vial with red liquid from it and handed it to Eli.

‘’In exactly three days, I want you to enter the residence of Prince Oro of the summer islands and make sure in ingests the contents of this vial. Don’t worry about the color, it becomes transparet when diluted. ‘’

Eli knew better than to ask what the liquid did.

‘’ Am I suppose to break in or… seduce my way in.’’

‘’Oh I just want it done. But I’d rather you didn’t sully yourself. I wouldn’t want anyone remembering seeing your pretty face there. ’’

‘’And what’s in it for me?’’

Eli knew he was more than pushing it. But at the very least, he wanted it to be said aloud that the lord wouldn’t come after him for the thefts.

‘’What’s in it for you?’’

The lord’s dangerous leer was back has he walked toward Eli again.

‘’You can keep what you’ve already stolen.’’ That was worryingly unexpected.

One step closer.

‘’You can take that box of copper coins.’’ Cold sweats were now runing down Eli’s back.

One step closer.

‘’And you will earn my respect.’’ He langourously ran his hands through Eli’s short curl. ‘’And if you’re half has smart has you ought to be to be standing here, you should that is more valuable than the rest.’’

Eli dropped his gaze. The lord was too intimidating to look in the eyes anymore.  But he wouldn’t be ignored. The broght his hand under Eli’s chin and tipped his back to force him to him in the eyes while he rubbed his thumb along his jaw.

‘’What’s wrong? Are you doubting my generosity? Doesn’t a sweet boy like you deserve as much?’’

Eli flushed red against his will and the lord started patting down the muscles of Eli’s right arm.

‘’ Maybe you want me to show you I’m a good guy.’’

Now the lord was opening Eli’s shirt halfway down his chest where the buttons stop.

‘’I don’t hurt does useful to me. I tend to take good care of them.’’

The lord had his hand lazily brushing inside his shirt and when he grazed a nipple, Eli couldn’t hold back a lusty sigh and lord responded with a small clear laugh.

‘’Do you want me to take good care of you?’’

This time lord Rose took his groin in a delightlfully firm grasp and Eli gave a loud pent up moan. Eli gripped the lord’s shoulder to hold himself has he started to massage his crotch. He was pleasuring Eli through his pants with one hand while expertly unlacing his pants with his thumb. The lord was using his other hand to pull Eli’s head back by his hair so that he could all the sexual sensations play on his face. When his hand finally entered his pants and gripped the bare skin of Eli’s penis, he could keep himslef from kissing the lord. The made out slowly and slopilly until the lord pulled Eli’s shirt over his head and began runing his unoccupied hand across his smooth chest.

Eli was in erotic bliss and felt himself get to close to completion already so he took a step back and fell to his knee. Unlacing breeches was second nature to Eli to his a split second he was welcoming the lord’s large tool in his mouth. He worked and slurped dutifully on it. He made it so wet with saliva it was dripping down his chest and soaking the lords balls. The lord ran his hand through Eli’s short curls and enjoyed himself soudlessly until Eli was able to get a moan out of him by deapthroating him.

A few minutes of oral pleasure later, the Rose gently pulled Eli back up by his hair and locked lips with him. Eli didn’t care about looking tough and unimpressed anymore and simply wraped his arm around the lord’s neck. Then he was lifted off the ground and he locked his naked legs around the taller man’s waist. Rose grabbed Eli’s juicy butt to hold him and walked them to the bed with surprinsing grace considering he still had his pants around his ankle.

The lord tossed them both on the bed and rolled on top of Eli to maintain their making out. Rose’s cock was now dangerously rubbing against Eli’s hole and Eli was welcoming it loudly. The lord pulled back just enough to remove his jacket and shirt and  then fell back on Eli. The lords hand disapeared from fondling Eli for a short second during wich his pentrated him. The full length of the lord’s thick 8 inches inside him in a single thrust made Eli gasp and whimper with surprise, pleasure and sweet pain. Eli hadn’t considered the lord a manly man, far from it. But at this moment, Eli had never met a man more virile than him as he gave Eli such satisfying pleasure with confidant thrusts.

Eli couldn’t tell how much time had passed exactly but no more than 3 or 4 minutes of sharp to and fro must have gone by before Eli locked his legs tighter around the lord’s narrow waist as his thrust got harder and deeper. Their was no holding it back so Eli came and moaned loudly has he ejaculated all over his own stomach. The lord gave a short laugh and proped himself more comfartably on his hands has he fucked Eli in controlled paces that brought him to climax too. He pulled himself out Eli and squeezed  a hot load in three suirts across Eli’s chest and throat.

The lord took a minute to catch his breath with his dick still sticky in his hand, then he hopped off the bed and pulled his pants up since they never left his ankle. He wiped his hand and cock before re-lacing his pants and shrugging his jacked and shirt back on.

‘’ Well that was certainly enjoyable but I have a meeting in a few minutes.  There is a bathroom attached to this room so feel free to use it.’’

He walked toward the door ready to leave.

‘’Oh and you may use the front door now, when you leave.’’

Eli was left naked and filthy on Rose’s bed. He smiled to himself and went to the bathroom to wash himslef. Under the warm water of the shower, Eli couldn’t help thinking about those few great minutes of fucking. Without realising, he was hard again and stroking his sensible member. He thought of the lord’s perfectly shaped penis. He thought of it inside him,  of it in his mouth,in his hands, of it pressed against his own, of it slapping his ass or rubbed against his face. All jerked off and panting from a second orgasm, Eli begun washing himslef a second time.


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