Victor the Gladiator

The carriage makes a racket has it rolls over the uneven cobblestones of the streets surrounding the old coliseum. Obviously these streets were not used to hosting such a fine vehicle. Victor was alone in the carriage as the driver was sitting outside, tending to the horses. The interior was luxurious: silk pillows, velvet cushions and embroidered drapes. Never had Victor known such refinement and it was only making him excited to reach the house of his lordly host. Victor felt mixed emotions has he passed streets he grew up in because never did he hoped he would be passing them sitting in something that was probably more expensive than anything he ever owned. His amazement only grew stronger when the carriage entered the alleys of the upper city. Houses and estates bigger than some of the lower neighborhoods. Victor couldn't help but wonder which one was Lord Rose's. The carriage was moving at slow pace leaving Victor plenty of time to enjoy the ride.

The only other carriage that Victor had seen this close was the one at the Love Palace. It was an old and unused one that they had in courtyard as a fancy prop. Apparently, when they first brought it in the whore house, people were making the line to have a ride... each other. People even had a contest to see who could make it move around the courtyard just by fucking hard inside. However, that was a long time ago because hardly anybody was going there anymore and for a reason. The one time Victor had gone to see inside he had been overwhelmed by the smell of sweat and semen. Nowadays, it was a refuge for perverts who liked to touch themselves while looking at others flirting and kissing in the courtyard. On more quiet nights you could hear the heavy breathing and sound of men jacking off. Victor was getting hard in his pants but he tried to focus on the scenery instead because it wouldn't do, to great a lord with a boner. Although something told him this one might not be against it...

Eventually the driver turned into a street where the manors looked more recent and headed for one of the smaller ones. Smaller might not be a good word as the building alone looked to be the size of two small inns and the front yard could hold at least two more.

"Sir Victor, I hoped you traveled well?"

A tall woman in a feminine pant suit opened the door and welcomed him out of the carriage with a gloved hand.

"Humm, yes, thank you... milady"

"Oh I am no lady sir, only milord's butler. You can call me Ella but only if you must."

She said so with only the hint of a smile as Victor tried not to look embarrassed of his mistake. Ella guided him through the front door and into a long hallway. Candles were burning at regular intervals on each wall illuminating colorful paintings but Ella's long strides didn't leave Victor much time to admire the deco. She finally turned into a small boudoir where two armchairs and a small table were sitting on a magnificent red and gold carpet. A small fire was burning in an ornate hearth. Liam was sitting in one of the armchairs; pensively starring into the fire but when he saw Victor he rose with a beaming smile and beckoned him to sit in the opposite seat.

"I hope you are not too tired from your day's exercise?"

He asked with mischievous smile that made Victor wonder if he was talking about more than the fight. Victor answered some banalities while Liam poured both of them some dark red wine from a crystal decanter. Victor thanked his host and tasted the nectar. It was richer than what the cheap kind had him used to so he resolved to sip it slowly.

"Have you thought about my offer?"

"I have but I still haven't made a decision yet."

"Oh please! Spare me the "hard to get" game. I am offering you wealth and comfort and in exchange you just keep doing what you are doing only in a more competitive context. Unless that is what's making you scared?"

The lord was clearly trying to stab at his ego but Victor was not going to fall for it. Although he was surprised that the lord wasn't wasting any time beating around the bush.

"Don't get me wrong, I am interested but I wonder why someone like you would want to have me. I value my skills but I have seen golden gladiators and I don't know if I compare."

Victor wouldn't beat around the bush either. The lord wasn't being shy in the way he looked at Victor and he wanted to know if this arrangement would include pleasing the lord in the arena AND in his bed. Even if it was the case it would still be a good deal as the lord was rather good looking and the props of being a golden gladiator are undeniable. Surprisingly, the lord seemed pleased by the question. Liam put down his glass and sat back in his chair.

"The reason why golden gladiators look so strong when they fight is because they have worthy opponents and have no choice but to go all in. As for how you would compare we can't know until you try. And why did I choose you? Well your skills are promising but more than that, I liked your attitude. You stayed calm; you made good choices and had good reflexes and those things we can build on."

Not really the area that Victor was aiming at with his question but it would seem he would not get it out of the Lord this way. Victor was about to ask another question when Ella came back.

"My lord, sir Derry has come back from his match and I am pleased to announce that he won!"

"No surprise there... Give him some food and have him wait for me in the dining room, I will be there shortly."

Derry was a famous name in arenas. The youngest fighter, at 16, to win the golden sword. But that was 10 years ago. The year after he won, he suffered a big defeat and stopped fighting altogether until a year ago when he came back as part of brand new company: the Black Dove. Victor was a bit disappointed that Liam wasn't going to present him because Derry had been his first male crush. The one who actually made him realize that he preferred men. His father had brought him as a boy to see a match of the famous gladiator and Victor had been taken. He remembered jerking off for weeks to the memory of young Derry's strong body and typical tanned skin of the West country.

"I suppose we will continue this discussion when you are less busy my lord?"

Victor was already looking forward to the carriage ride home.

"Absolutely not! As you can see I have no time to spare dallying. You join my company today or never. Make your choice!"

Perhaps it was Liam's otherwise sympathetic tone, or his straightforwardness, maybe it was the way he wasn't treating Victor like a peasant or the way he was undressing him with his eyes but somehow Victor had forgot he was dealing with someone of a station a million miles above him.

"I.. hum, I think... Yes! I will join you my Lord."


Liam rose and made a move to leave.

"Wait, what happens now? Do I begin training soon? And if so, whe-"

"We can discuss all this tomorrow."

"What time should I expect the carriage?"

Liam was halfway out of the room by then but when he heard the question he stopped. Victor was scared he had overstepped the limits of Liam Rose's amiability but the lord turned around with an amused smile.

"My sweet, strong, naive little gladiator. You are not going to live below Quartz street ever again. You are a golden gladiator of the Black Dove now! Tonight, Ella will find you a room in my manor and we can discuss your taste in living quarters later. Good night."

The lord walked out of the room and left Ella and a dumfounded Victor.

"I heard you had a fight today so I took the liberty of preparing a warm bath for you. Is that all right sir Victor?"

"Yes, thank you"

Ella guided him up a flight of stairs and into a large room with a grand balcony. Only when he saw an immense bed that Victor understood that this was a bedroom, his bedroom. Victor was scared it wouldn't be his room when Ella guided him through another door inside the room. Luckily it was only the bathroom thought "only" might not be the right word. White marble was covering the floors, walls, counters and ceiling and two large glowing orbs were filling the room with soothing light. Even more soothing however were the two men standing half naked in the room. They were exact twins. They had the same nose, the same thin lips, the same slicked jet black hair, the same pale white skin, the same almond shaped eyes of the East country and the same lightly toned bodies. The only thing keeping them from nudity was a small white towel wrapped at their waist.

"These are the Kyen brothers, they will take care of your cleaning."

Ella said it as if it was the most common of things and she left.

"A pleasure to serve you sir. What fragrance would you prefer for your soap?"


Victor knew what soap was but he'd never seen it. It was commodity far too expensive in the lower cities.

"Lord Rose prefers scents of citrus. Would that suit you?"

Victor was glad for the suggestion and nodded. The brother who had yet to talk went to bowl on the counter and started mixing some fragrant oils in a white cream while the other invited Victor to undress and get in the large bronze tub. He removed his clothes and gave them to one of the brothers who put them away in a basket. He lowered himself slowly in the water to adjust to the hot temperature and he got a weird feeling of apprehension. Never in his life did he have someone to wash him. Would they just pass him the soap or would they actually scrub? The Kyen kneeled on each side of the bath with a bowl of soap. They took some citrusy cream in their hands and started to rub it on his skin. They had a gentle but confidant touch so Victor closed his eyes and abandoned himself to their care. They would only wash a small section at a time, a shoulder, a bicep, a pectoral and then they would rinse it. Soon enough they were done with the torso and Victor smiled with anticipation of what would be next. The quiet one took some soap and leaned further in. He plunged his hands in the water and applied the cream on Victor's private parts. His penis grew hard and the man washed it slowly. He pulled back the skin and rinsed the head while his brother was starting to handle his testicles. Victor enjoyed and moaned in appreciation. He found the talkative Kyen's leg and brushed it up until he reached under the man's towel and squeezed a meaty buttock. Immediately, the man firmly slapped his hand away.

"Please refrain yourself, sir! We are not prostitutes but carriers of cleansing and purity."

So they were only here to wash... that was a downer and so his dick grew soft. The rest of the bath was more or less awkward so Victor was glad when the talking brother announced he was clean. Victor stepped out of the bath and into the brothers' toweled embrace. He was ready to go to bed when he was stopped.

"Will you not take a Root massage?"

"A Root massage?"

"It is a massage with great spiritual meaning in the East country. The massage is given to you standing to help you relax while strengthening your roots because you must stay straight as a tree."

"Sure. Why not?"

The twins took some non-fragrant oil this time without the cream and lighted some scented candles instead; thought Victor couldn't tell what it smelled like. One of them went behind him and the talkative one went in front of him. Victor was still completely naked but it seemed to be the way to go. They started with his shoulders and with four hands at the same time the benefits were quick to come. Victor closed his eyes and felt his day's work melt in their expert hands. He couldn't help but be impressed by their synchronicity; they were always doing parallel movement at the same time on opposite sides of his body. When one would push on his chest the other would push on his back on so on. Every muscle they rubbed felt like a new one under their talented hands. When they finished his upper body they kneeled again and started at his calves then his tights. From the earlier situation, Victor thought it would be over now but the quiet one grabbed and fondled his ass. He looked at the talking Kyen who was now oiling Victor's hardening penis and balls.

"I tought you guys didn't do that?"

"We do not satisfy your whims and pulsions but this is part of the cleansing."

And on that he squeezed Victor's organ in an intricate way between his fingers that sent tendrils of pleasure through his body. He repeated and varied his hold while massaging his balls with the other hand. Victor is a handsome man, he takes care of himself and has a confidence that brought him in countless beds but never in his life did he meet someone who could make him feel such bliss. Victor was now loosing himself in the aroma, the relaxation, the pleasure, that he only noticed the fingers up his rectum when they began to stimulate his prostate. He felt like he was discovering senses and nerves that existed only to take him to the paradise he was feeling now. It was like every small draft was the caress of a thousand virgins. He could feel every hair on his body, every pore exuding delight. He doesn't really know how much time passed but somehow it still feels like it wasn't enough when he felt himself cumming. But his ejaculation was the hardest he ever felt. His knees almost left him and he had to hold himself on the brother in front of him not to fall. The poor lad got a face full of semen for his troubles but took it gracefully and stood up to wash himself.

Victor thanked them and they left him right away. He realised then, that he still hadn't moved since the massage and he took a difficult step toward his bed. He felt like he was a hundred years old when he made his way through the room and simply threw himself on the sheets, unable to lift them. He laid there for a while. The feeling was quite enjoyable. It was like every fiber of his body was turning into soft pillowy clouds. He couldn't move an inch and couldn't make the difference between his head and his foot, but it was worth it. He felt like he was out of his body, floating, carefree. He thought of his day, his victory, the whore, the carriage, the manor, Liam. Liam. The lord clearly wanted him but seemed in no hurry to make a move and maybe that's what was bothering Victor. Yes, it must be, because otherwise Liam wasn't exactly his type. For starters he was a tiny bit taller than Victor and eerily graceful. Victor liked his partners to be gruffer but still there was something very attractive about the young lord. His lithe build his thick lips and vibrant eyes that seem to dance between gray, green and blue. Victor imagined what his body would look like without his fine clothes, what his mouth would like around his dick. His dick. If he still couldn't feel his body he could feel that part. He felt it immensely. He felt his penis grow hard, harder and harder still. The rush came faster and more powerful than ever before. He didn't have any time to understand that his back arched dramatically and his penis stated squirting gallons of cum. He felt a wet and hot splash on his face and on his chest. More on his chest and on his stomach and finally his body calmed down and his dick fell back in a puddle of cum on his abs. The ejaculation brought back control over his body so he stood up and found a towel to wipe himself. He walked back to the bed and snuck under the covers this time. The massage must have had some weird after effect. He fell asleep with a grin on his face.


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