Derry the Experienced

Derry washed down his last piece of steak with a sip of red wine. Where was his manager? The young lord wasn't usually the type to make people wait around, even though he could with his station. Liam still wasn't there so he poured himself a fourth glass of wine but told himself it should be the last; after all, he had other plans for this evening. What was Liam doing? Was he with someone? The lord was renowned for being quite the playboy but he usually kept his actual relationships hidden. Just when Derry was about to ask Ella when Liam would get here, the lord came in and sat opposite him.

"I was told you won. Good job."

"Thank you, but it wasn't much of a victory. Sure it was someone from the Proud Helm but he was a newbie. Or at least I hope for them he was... Anyway, I defeated him so quickly the crowd booed!"

"At you or at him?"

"Huhhh... That's a good question! Him I guess, he's the one who lost."

"Yes, and that means the higher ups at the Proud Helm will hear about it, but don't forget who your public is. Wealthy and wealthier people and these people want to have their money's worth of a show."

"And I gave them one!"

*Sigh* "Derry I don't have to explain these things to you, you know them already. You are finishing your matches quickly, because you don't want to take any chances, because if you do, you might lose. You were a great gladiator before and now that you have come back and we work together, you are even better. Isn't that true?"


"There isn't a lot of other warriors that could be a threat to you right now, but when you'll face one, we will devise strategies, together. As for matches like today, I expect you to win and I expect to hear the glories of it from other people. Understood?"

"Yes, my lord"

"Good. On another subject, I just added a new gladiator to the Black Dove. I will need you to fight him tomorrow so I can evaluate his skills. Let's say 10 AM"

"Could we do 1 PM instead?"

*Sigh* "I assume you're not headed upstairs to sleep?"

"No, I have a reservation at the Golden Desire."

There are two brothels in the city of Coress. The first is the Love Palace. Although very large, there isn't anything regal about it. The whores range from kind of cute to plain ugly and the establishment is poorly maintained. That being said, the cheap cost makes it a popular place for commoner that gets horny. The second and more recent brothel is named the Golden Desire. The Golden Desire is even the most renowned establishment of its kind in the world. The whores are all beautiful and in perfect health. Their rooms rival the luxury of those some manors. Unlike the Love Palace, the Golden Desire also offers a variety of specialized "services" and they even employ wizards to tend to certain needs.

"A reservation? Not a virgin again!?"

"Yes! You know nothing turns me on more than a virgin hole."

"Why? I mean I guess there is something hot about it but there are also issues. You have to take it super slow, the other is awkward and virgin whores?"

"I don't know, I just enjoy being the one to teach them what sex is. And yes, they are real virgins! The Golden D. uses truth spells to find genuine virgins."

"My point exactly. They find them. These virgins don't want to be there and personally I like my partners to enjoy having sex with me."

"You're exaggerating! No one is forced to do anything; they choose to do it and are well compensated. And for the "enjoying it" part, that's why I only do it with virgin boys. When they cum, I know I made them enjoy it."

"Haha, it seems you know your vice quite well. Have fun and be in PERFECT shape tomorrow a 1 PM."

"Thank you, my lord, I intend to."


"Sir Derry! It is always a pleasure to have you here!"

"The pleasure is mine, or at least it will be. Is my room ready?"

"Almost, servants are lighting the last candles as we speak. I must say I was surprised you didn't choose your boy yourself. You usually take great care in choosing your partners."

"I know but I was quite busy today. Also, I thought it might be nice to change it up a little bit."

"That's what I thought you wanted! Don't worry, sir, I stayed close to your physical preferences: young, baby face, hairless, etc. But Eli, that's his name, has a different vibe then your previous ones."

"How so?"

"We found him living off the streets, begging most likely, in the old city of Amaris! There isn't much more than ruins and dirt out there, which makes for a harsh life. I doubt he will have the same... neediness the others had."

Most virgins at the Golden Desire are one time whores. They sell their virginity for a good amount and then go back doing whatever they were doing before. Therefore, unlike real whores, they have an idealistic idea of what selling their body might be. They hope they will end up in the arms of a charming and wealthy man that will woo them with class and care. So when they meet Derry, it's like a dream come true and they try to make the most of it, they accumulate the memories to dream about later in their average lives. The last one a week ago, was a good example. The boy might have been a bit on the chubbier side than Derry's usual taste but his cute blue puppy eyes and his big, juicy, perfectly round bubble butt had made him that day's pick. Sure, he was nervous, shaky and hesitant, at least at first. After ample preliminary and rimming, Derry got him on all four and slowly penetrated him with his thick 9 inch cock. A dick like Derry's would be tricky for a first time but a light numbing spell from the brothel's wizard usually kept most of the pain from the virgins. Once the boy got used to it, Derry went all out. He fucked the boy hard, very hard. He rammed him fast and deep, all to get his big round ass slap and bounce every time. The boy kept squealing and Derry kept fucking. Luckily for the boy, Derry came inside him in a matter of minutes. Then they kissed for a bit before Derry slid back in him again. The boy's hole was slick with the gladiator's cum and Derry fucked him slower, gentler. The boy came and him again. Derry fell asleep spooning him. However he didn't sleep much before the boy woke him up by taking his dick in his mouth, clumsily sucking him. Derry, tired, pat his head while the boy tried to slurp down as much as he could. Just when the boy was getting good, he stopped and saddled the gladiator. Derry eased his dick in the boy's big butt and let the whore ride him until they came. They cuddled again and Derry was ready to go back to sleep but it seemed the boy just couldn't get enough. He was playing with Derry's short chest hair, running his fingers in it, sucking on his nipples. The whore even tried to whisper "sexy" stuff in his ears. In the end, Derry fucked him out of pride, he wouldn't have it said that he was too tired to fuck, but he made sure the boy wouldn't ask for more. The warrior took him doggy style again, slapping his ass hard and often until both cheeks were red and the boy begged him to stop in between his ironical cumshots. Yes, perhaps a less needy one would be great!

Eventually, Derry was brought to the room and he entered. Inside, the room had no windows and the only light came from a dozen candles that plunged the room in an orange hue. The faint smell of wildflowers and spices was arousing but not nearly as much as the boy lying on the bed. He had messy fair hair and he was a bit short but was uncharastically well built for a virgin of the Golden Desire. He had strong biceps, sculptured abs and defined pecs with adorable pink nipples but his baby face and soft innocent eyes made Derry want to hold him in his arms and gently show him the joys of the body. The boy was only wearing a pair of tight gray cotton pants. The thin fabric was revealing healthy legs, a cute and round butt but also the boy's sexy bulge. The boy sat on the edge of the bed:

"Are you the gladiator? They told me I was to... meet a great warrior."

"Yes, it's me. What's your name son?"

"Eli, sir. What's yours? If I may ask?!"


The boy had a manly voice but young and shy. It was perfect. Derry sat next to him and waited for the boy to come closer. And he did. Eli sat closer, touching their clothed thighs, but he didn't seem to know quite what to do and had a hard time looking Derry in the eyes. The gladiator took the boy by the hip and brought him even closer. He put his other hand on Eli's shoulder and started to slowly feel the rest of his chest.

"How can a boy like you be a virgin?"

"I... Where I come from there isn't much... of anything... people don't really... sex isn't a priority"

By then, the boy was scarlet red and panting, his eyes were closed shot. Derry dropped a slow kiss in his neck, and then another.

"Maybe not a priority, but surely you had needs, surely you had admirers?"

"It's just that.... I... ohhh... I don't..."

The boy was cocking his head on Derry's every time he would kiss his neck again. There was stretching in his pants at the crotch.

"Do you like boys?"

"I... I've thought about them."

"Do you like me?"

Derry threw his hand down Eli's pants and grabbed his young hard dick, gently squeezing balls and penis alike. The boy caught Derry's hand, threw back his head and moaned. And as an answer to the warrior's question, he gave him a clumsy kiss. Only his small lips. Derry delicately grabbed his head and gave him a tenderer kiss. He rolled his tongue in the boy's mouth, stopped, and gave him another kiss to let him try. Eli was clearly new at this but he picked up confidence and tongue skills pretty quickly. They were now lying on the bed, making out. Derry was on his back and Eli was half on top of him, trying to unbutton the gladiator's shirt. When he succeeded, the boy began running his hands over the warrior's rippling muscles and short stubble, never going lower than his bellybutton. Derry didn't want to go too fast but he still wanted a bit more, so he removed all of his clothes and brought the boy squarely on top of his naked body. The boy made a face at the sight of Derry's 9 inches but his slow and tender kisses seem to calm him down. The boy still had his pants on but Derry could feel his hard-on against his own and he kept rubbing them together while making out and caressing his young virgin. Derry slid his right hand down the boy's soft pants and firmly grabbed his right buttock. He squeezed the muscles and deep tissue of the boy's ass again and again, he had a wonderful ass. He slid his other hand and started grabbing, rubbing and spreading them apart some more. The boy was moaning loader and Derry loved the pleasure he was giving him. His handling of Eli's ass was growing rougher and more vigorous and so the boy's pants started getting lower and lower still, until his dick flipped out and now rubbed against the bare skin of Derry's own shaft. The gladiator removed his mouth from the boy's kisses only to wet his right index, making it slick and dripping with saliva. He brought his finger down, lubricated Eli's hole and finally poked it. The boy gasped but Derry pushed further, past his thick knuckles, until his finger was completely in and he could caress Eli's insides. The boy was clamping his adorable ass on Derry's hand.

"Shhh, boy. Calm down sweet Eli. Just breathe, you're fine. Welcome it. Want it. I promise you'll like it."

The boy ended up relaxing and Derry fingered him properly. By the time he inserted a second finger, Eli had grown to like it, moaning and panting harder.

"I... I want you"

"I want you too!"

Derry removed Eli from on top of him, removed his pants and told him to lie on his stomach with his legs spread apart. Derry got closer, kissing his way up Eli's barely haired legs and started kissing and giving playful bites to his hairless ass. The boy was almost giggling but all turned to a deep moan when the gladiator delved his tongue into Eli's adorably pink hole. Derry ate, kissed and licked slowly, wanting to make the younger man as ready and aroused as possible. And it was working. Eli was pushing his butt toward Derry and voicing what he preferred.

"Do you want more"

"I do"

Derry slid a finger in, deep.

"Is that what you want?"

"Ahhh...I.. ohhh.. mmm, no"



"What do you want?"

"I want fuck me"

Derry gently flipped the boy on his back, spread his legs and moved closer until his dick was above Eli's. The gladiator looked at the boy's face: full of innocence and blushed with desire. He bent down to give Eli a long kiss and slowly slid his manhood inside. He felt the boy's tension in his lips against his. With his thick arms on each side of Eli's head, he held himself above him. The boy had his eyes shut tight but he could see the boy trying to feel the pleasure beneath the pain, every time he gave a careful thrust of his hips. The warrior bent down again and began to calm his lover by softly kissing his neck. He caressed him, whispered encouragements and compliments, he played with his hard nipples and fucked him increasingly faster and harder. Derry had reached a good rhythm when Eli finally opened his eyes and smiled at him. Derry kissed him and the boy wrapped his arms around his neck and the gladiator took it as a sign to kick it up a notch. He fucked deeper and harder. He gave him single powerful thrust and listened every time for the corresponding gasp. Eli let go of his neck and started running his hands on the gladiator's torso. He grabbed at his large and stubbly pecs. He counted his abs and reached his rippling back to pull Derry on him. Eli raised a leg above Derry's buttocks allowing the warrior deeper inside him. Derry fucked him faster and aimed for the boy's prostate. The uncontained moans of his young bottom rang dangerously good in his ears and he couldn't help himself to groan with pleasure. He felt his excitement build up. He felt his 9 inch erection get even harder. He felt Eli's warm and soft hole with acute senses. He felt an overpowering ejaculation take over his being, pulsing through his body. He gave a deep and low satisfactory cry and rolled dead on the ex-virgin's side. He looked back at Eli and was glad to see the boy's abs wet with his own cum. The room was warm but the boy crept closer and rested his head on Derry's chest. Derry embraced him with one arm and fell asleep almost instantly.

The next day, Derry woke up with Eli huddled against him. The gladiator almost woke him to play again but he had to be home at Liam's manor, in top shape. For a boy as precious as Eli, Derry would have usually taken the chance and hoped his would notice the lack of energy but not with Lord Rose. For starters, Derry had very little doubt he could hide it from the clever lord. And he owed it to Liam, to be a trustworthy gladiator. Liam had found him when Derry was a name long forgotten, whipped him back in shape and organised a comeback worthy of legends. But above all, Derry was scarred of Liam. The lord might jest, he smile and act casual but if really looked into his eyes; you could see a soul sharper than any sword and darker than dried blood.

On the way back to the manor, Derry thought of Eli again and the boy's smooth skin. Perhaps it was the blossoming boner but Derry never noticed the cloaked shadow following him through the manor's gate...


Adam Monroe

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