Victor the Gladiator

He swung the sword in the empty air to feel its weight. The blunted training sword had definitely seen better days, but everything about it spoke of a higher quality than what Victor was used to. The shield was in better shape and even though Victor preferred to fight with his other hand free, Liam insisted he used a shield today for his training with Derry. The fighting would be a way for the lord to assess Victor's flaws and skills. The gladiator had now built a healthy stress because his future depended on it. If he didn't show any promise or if the difference in aptitude was too great, Liam might reconsider his place in the Black Dove.

"Don't tire yourself before it begins."

Lord Rose entered the paved backyard with two servants behind him. One was carrying an umbrella and the other a cup and pitcher of wine. Liam was wearing a typical garment from the South islands, which is quite unusual for any native of the Central country, especially nobility. Victor wasn't about to complain, however, the garment looked like some kind of delicate bathrobe. Liam's was white, almost sheer, knee length and complimented the lord's peach complexion. The fabric was wrapped in a way that left most of Liam's chest bare and yet managed to hug him in all the right places. Victor always thought his lord was handsome but he never thought he was in particular shape. It was a nice surprise to see that although Liam was long and lithe, he also had defined muscles in his chest, arms, legs and a desirable round ass. The sexiest part about Liam's piece of clothing was that every time he moved, it seemed to be about to completely unfold and reveal the rest of Liam's skin. Victor said with a smile:

"Of course not, my lord. I wouldn't dare make you waste your time with a boring show."

"Well you will waste my time if you offer me a show. Today isn't about style and flourishes! I want to see if you can win against real warriors."

Victor was taken aback. He didn't know him very much but the lord was usually in jollier mood.

"...But I appreciate the spirit. I do love when someone wants to please me."

This time the lord gave Victor a smile and even a wink before he sat in a chair outside the ring drawn in chalk. Derry came along:

"All right, I'm here. 1 PM, perfectly on time."

"One could say: barely on time"

Liam's tone was cold.

"What? What's gotten into you? Or not into you, hahaha? You're usually the one wh-"

"Enough! Gear up and start battling, some of us have other things to do today."

"Fine, fine, my lord"

Derry removed his shirt, revealing a sculpted torso and a bit of body hair, and put on a leather armour like Victor. The younger gladiator was quite starstruck at meeting his childhood idol, even though Derry wasn't much older than him.

"Ready, boy?"

"Yes, sir!"

Derry took a confident step forward and swung his sword with speed and strength. The slash wasn't aimed at anything and was meant to simply seize the opponent's strength. Victor knew that and wasn't about to make it easy for Derry, the other would discover his strength when he would chooses to show it, so Victor dodged. The effort was greater, in this situation, than if he chose to guard but it was worth it to prevent his opponent from dictating the flow of the fight. It didn't count as an opening but he could see some surprise in Derry's eyes and Victor had to force himself to stay focus and not look for the same expression in the lord's eyes. Victor stayed light on his feet and dodged, dodged and dodged again. Derry didn't seem fazed when he swung again, but this time Victor followed his dodge with quick slash at his head. However, before his sword could reach Derry, the older gladiator brought back his sword with unexpected speed, smashing against Victor's shield and compromising his attack. This time Victor was the one surprised and Derry took advantage with quick kick in the chest, sending Victor flying backwards.

"I stopped using any strength in my slashes the moment you made that ridiculous effort to dodge. Then, I kept waiting for you to 'surprise' me to use it. I get what you were trying to do but it was too obvious and thus easy to counter... Ready for another round, handsome?"

"Yes, sir"

"Are you blushing 'cause I called you handsome!? Hahaha"

If Victor was trying to hide it, there was no use to bother now, so he chose to slash at Derry to make him stop laughing and focus on their match. This time, Victor only dodged when Derry's blow looked too heavy to guard against and tried to be as aggressive as he dared. And it seemed to work because although he couldn't say he was winning, he wasn't losing either. They traded blow for blow and the two strong men were now working quite a sweat. Victor had to constantly adjust his slippery grip on his sword and Derry quickly wiped his brow whenever he could. Victor was getting tired and this status quo didn't look so great now.

"Getting tired already, handsome!"

Victor knew Derry was only trying to destabilize him so he kept silent and focused but the other came back again:

"We're working quite the sweat here. Real men smell here! I bet you like it... Don't be offended, I like it too.... Maybe I even like yours especially... Don't pay too much attention to mine though because it might not be exactly mine. You see, I had quite a lot of action last night and didn't have time to wash yet."

The young gladiator was rigorously phasing out Derry's words but his mention of last night brought back Victor's own memories of yesterday's action. The experienced warrior saw the loss of concentration in his opponent and assaulted him with a flurry of slashes that brought Victor to the ground again.

"Well, that was pathetic"

The deep voice came from ridiculously tall man who entered the courtyard. The man must have been 6'7 and he was large too. Victor now understood Liam's unusual outfit because it must have been for this new guest who was wearing a similar one in yellow. Victor could have said he was a South islander even without it, obviously. His skin was a dark chocolate color. He was followed by two men in light armour who had similar skin tone, if a bit lighter. One of them had long hair worn in a hundred neat little braids and the other had a perfectly shaved head like their tall master. The two guards were muscular and had short swords at their hips but neither of them was as intimidating as their colossal boss. The islander looked like he might be in his late thirties and he was quite muscular, so much so that his robe looked more vulgar when compared to Liam's elegance. Victor hadn't met a lot of islanders but this one was fairly handsome even if he was also scary.

"Victor, Derry, thank you. You are both dismissed. Derry please show Victor where the changing room is."

"Yes, sir"

Derry walked away and Victor followed him.

"Don't listen to that douche, you were fine."

"I lost twice..."

"Hahaha, did you expect to win? I have been doing this for far longer you, know your place! Still, I think Liam can do something with you."

"Liam? Himself? Does he know how to fight?"

Derry's look at that question was strange.

"I've never seen him fight... but the way he knows so much while coaching me tells me he might. You wouldn't expect a lord to be anything else than the money in a gladiator company, but Liam is the one who coaches every training and dictates the strategies in matches."


"Yes. If I can give you one advice with Lord Rose: NEVER think you know him."


"Oh he might surprise you with nice stuff, but better be surprised by a kiss than by fire!"

Victor knew it was only a metaphor but he couldn't help to imagine what a kiss from Liam would be.

"Are you blushing again?! You're swooning over him too?"

"There is no "too"! I'm swooning over nobody!"


Luckily they reached a small building linked to the manor. Inside, there were long benches, pegs to hang your clothes and towels.

"There are clean clothes in the dresser over there and the showers are in the back."

Showers? Was it raining inside?

"You don't know what showers are, do you?"

"Unless its rain, no."

"Come on, I'll show you."

Derry brought him at the back of the room. A large globe was hanging from the ceiling over an empty space. Derry went to the wall, touched a metal wheel and water came pouring out of the globe like it was a raincloud.

"You can adjust the temperature of the water, like this. When you're done just turn it all the way counter-clockwise."

Victor was amazed at the shower. Where did the water come from? How long could it pour? So many questions he didn't dare ask his senior gladiator.

Derry went under a second globe. The two showers were separated by a tall slab of semi-transparent glass. Victor could see Derry, through the hazy glass, remove his clothes and throw them out of the shower so he did the same. He looked again at Derry's side but could only see the outline of the man's body so he stopped being such a creep and went under the water. He had to try many times to get use to having water fall on his face before he could find a way not to feel like he was drowning. He was enjoying the warm water run on his body, through his hair, over his muscles and all over his most intimate places when he heard noise. A faint moaning and the irregular splash of water. He turned around and looked at the glass separating him from the other warrior. The picture wasn't clear but it looked like Derry was leaning on the glass with one hand and rubbing his long shaft with the other. Of course, Victor didn't look away and he unconsciously started to touch himself as well. He was jerking off slowly and steadily, fixated on the sensual blur of Derry. Victor was pulled out of his trance when the other man gave a deeper moan that almost threw the younger one over the edge. At that moment, Victor was tempted to make a few steps and join Derry on the other side for a more hardcore action but he had already been teased so much by him that he didn't dare give the other the opportunity to laugh again. Instead, guided by his lust he reached the glass and adopted the same position. He put his hand "over" Derry's and jacked his dick harder and gave audible moans. Derry seemed to appreciate because his rhythm picked up and he grew louder. Victor was feeling the water less yet so much more on different parts of his body. The shower's caresses were turning him on but it culminated when Derry groaned and he slammed his large penis on the glass, leaving steaks of white behind. The alluring stains on the other side of the glass were soon obscured by Victor's own mess. Spent, he turned around and let the water clean it all away. He stayed there a little longer, enjoying the new sensations and absorbing all the memories of this new life.

When he finally got out of the shower, Derry was already gone from the changing room. Victor dressed himself in new clothes and decided he would try to find Ella so she could fix him something to eat.

Liam the Lord

Neither Victor nor Derry made a comment and simply walked away at his sudden request. Liam was their master and he deserved their obedience but still, he usually tried to be friendlier with his subordinate. That being said, his guest was early and Liam didn't like for his different lives to mix, so he had to send them away.

"I hope I didn't offend them too much by insulting their talent and I hope I didn't offend you by being early Lord Rose."

Well, I'm pretty sure only Victor felt targeted by your remark, otherwise you would be fighting my best gladiator. As for me, I'm not offended but GREATLY annoyed. Then again, your mere presence would do that to me.

"Of course not Prince Oro."

Prince. What an empty, pompous title. It's been ages since the islands were conquered by Central's true monarchy.

"I was glad to receive your invitation. I sure enjoyed your company at the market's ball last week and not a lot of Central's nobles have invited me to their homes."

"Well, I also enjoyed your company, even more than your colorful story about the islands!"

"I will be happy to tell you more about them but the day his getting warm, perhaps we should go inside."

Warm? Isn't it ten times worst where you're from? But I guess we're heading there anyway.

"You read my mind."

Liam took Oro's arm and led him inside. He gripped his large bicep and was again surprised at how tall the southerner was. Liam, a tall man himself, wasn't used to look up at someone when he spoke and the feeling was exacerbated by being so close.

"We could go in one of my living rooms? Or in the dining room if you're hungry? But I think we would be most comfortable in my boudoir, if you don't find it inappropriate"

Liam had used his most innocent yet seductive voice. Being so blunt would usually be risk with nobility but Oro wasn't exactly classy.

"Then to the boudoir we shall run."

"Let's not run, I wouldn't want you to tire."

"You'll find that we, southerners, don't tire easily!"

Liam entered the small room with Oro.

"The room isn't very large; perhaps your guards should wait outside?"

"Two, Three both of you wait outside."

"Your guards are named Two and Three?"

"Southern warriors have to earn their names. A ritual is required but they are still in training."

"I see. Southerners are so intriguing; I cannot wait to get to know you better!"

Liam closed the door and when he turned around Oro was already standing over him.

"Oh you want to know me better don't you."

The "prince" leaned for a kiss. Liam cocked his head to dodge but Oro kissed his neck instead. His kiss was firm and warm. Liam had luscious lips but the southerner's even thicker lips were serving him well. The lord grabbed the "prince's" shoulder with one hand and a large and firm pectoral with the other.

"I wore this outfit for you. Do you think it suits me?"

"Better than Central clothes, that's for sure. I can see that ass that I will make mine now. But your robe will be even better on the floor."

Oro ripped the robe from Liam's body and threw it across the room. He took a minute to look at what was underneath. Liam wasn't shy about his naked body so he allowed a long and thorough look. After all, he had nothing to be self-councious about. He wasn't has built has his gladiators or Oro but he was in great shape and more than anything he had a 8.5 dick and great ass. Liam kissed his guest and untied his robe. The lord took a quick look at the dark body while he forcefully sat him on a chair. Oro was RIPPED from head to toes. Enormous pecs, a million abs and thighs like tree trunks. The best part, however, was hanging between his legs. The biggest cock that Liam had ever seen and balls the size of plums. The hard shaft was about the size of a smaller man's forearm.

Liam kneeled at his guest's chair, who looked at him with pride and lust. Liam buried his face in the man's crotch. He gobbled a testicle and sucked on it, earning praise from his foreign friend. Then, he started slowly, slowly licking his way up. He held Oro's dick with both hands, like a toddler would hold his bottle, and started to suck on it. He slowly trained himself to swallow a little more every time he went down. After a while he could take half of it down his throat.

"Your hungry aren't you? No real men around here, hunh? Ohhh. Yeah, that's it little boy. Hmm. Yesss."

Eventually, Liam jaw started hurting a little bit and he wasn't going to reach his goal like this anyway. He stopped and looked at the foreigner with a begging look. In half a second, Oro picked him up the ground and sat him on himself, face to face. They kissed voraciously while rubbing their manhood against each other. Liam's mouth was full of Oro's tongue but he was holding him so tight that there was no slowing down. Liam pushed on the ground to lift himself. He grabbed the enormous penis and aimed it at his hole. For once, Oro seemed fine with taking it slow. Surely he knew it had to be slow or not at all with this kind of size, the alternative was pain and wounds. Liam lubed himself as much as he could with saliva and reached inside himself, at his vast experience, to relax and numb the pain. He surprised himself and his guest by being able to take it all in, in a matter of minutes. For a while, Liam just sat there, rocking slowly on the behemoth dick while kissing its owner. The feeling was intense. It was scary because it felt like Oro's shaft was reaching as far as his throat from inside but at the same time, being at the limit of what his body could take was giving him such a rush that it was hard not to enjoy it so much. Oro kept making out with Liam passionately. The dark skinned man grabbed at Liam's ass, squeezing it, gently slapping it and eventually nudging it up and down. Liam felt somewhat ready so he obliged his guest and started bouncing up and down. At first, he kept the amplitude minimal but slowly making it bigger. Now comfortable, Liam was rising almost a foot into the air before coming back down on the dick that never left his hole. Oro's deep manly moans were filling the room but Liam couldn't keep quiet either. Usually not much of a screamer, the lord was overwhelmed this time. He was loud, inconsistently switching from moans to groans, to gasp, to flat out screaming. Liam felt the desire concentrating inside him. He tried to hold it in but with a hammer punching his prostate it was hopeless. He gushed a white load on Oro's chest and abs before slowing down the fucking. Oro scooped up some of the lord's cum and hungrily licked it off his hand.

"Little Lord Rose tastes good. Now let me show you how I taste!"

Liam was not feeling like blowing the monster cock again.

"Already? I thought Islander's had stamina."

Liam's tone was challenging and playful but Oro seem to take it like a slap in the face. He held Liam in position, on his dick, while he stood up and violently kicked the chair under him.

With enough space, he roughly laid them on the plush carpet and started fucking Liam on his back. Perhaps it was the rough change of position or the fact the he came a few minutes ago, but Liam was feeling more pain than fun now. He considered asking his partner to stop but somehow, with enough pounding and the fact that his sexy black islander was getting slick with sweat, he got hard again and the pleasure came back. Liam grabbed Oro's butt. He took his time feeling the thick muscles underneath and held on those hard cheeks while the "prince" was aggressively pounding his way to climax. Oro's grunts and slowing rhythm indicated he was near completion and that was all it took to get Liam over the edge again. He didn't even need to jerk it out of himself because the gigantic penis inside him was shoving it out on his own. The second orgasm was much more intense. Liam felt boiling blood fill his head, his balls and rectum squeezing tight, he plunged his fingers and nails and raked Oro's manly ass. The last part seemed to surprise the southerner in a good way because he came in a loud exclamation. He filled Liam's inside with a thick sticky load. When he pulled out of Lord Rose, the later felt like he lost ten pounds.

Oro was lying on his pack panting. Liam gave him peck on the cheek and rose. He then walked a few steps to a faucet hidden behind a paper screen. He started the water.

"Are you thirsty?"

"I am thank you."

Liam reached in the cabinet underneath, took two cups and filled them with water. Then he reached underneath again for a black vial and a knife. He used the knife to pick Oro's skin and blood from under his fingernails and dropped them in the vial. He put back the vial and the knife in the cabinet and smilled at another completed mission. He then brought his most recent lover the cup of water. Neither of them had really wanted anything else than this from today's meeting, so Oro dressed himself and left with his two guards.

A few minutes later Ella came in the boudoir where Liam was still.

"Your guest just left, my lord. Do you have anyone else coming over today? For how many should I tell the cook to prepare dinner?"

"No one else today, just ask Derry and Victor what they're doing but it should be just us tonight."

"Very well, my lord."

"Ella, wait!"


"Would you call me a healer?"

"Right away, my lord! Are you unwell?"

"I'm okay right now... but I think I might be very sore later, so..."

"I see. I will call sir Mendel. I heard he did some good work at the Golden Desire."

"How dare you call me a whore! And stop smilling I'm your master dammit!"


Author's note:

I plan on still writing the main story but for the next chapter I would like to do something different. I would like to do sort of a prequel chapter about one of the character's first time! Let me know in the comments if you have a suggestion for which character it should be! Victor? Derry? Liam? Sym? Someone else?


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