For the three heads left to be shaved we decided that we wanted to do it in a simultaneous masturbation, headshave and fucking session like a ballet. The three unshaved guys were now sitting on the floor building a trangle with each one masturbating his penis. Each shaved guy was standing above a hairy head and starting to jerk off as well. We then managed to have our orgasms all at the same time. The shaved heads shot their sperm onto the heads of the guys sitting in front of them and worked it through their hair with both hands. That was then accompanied by the sperm that the sittings guys had caught with their hands and lifted up to their heads as well.

The effect of all that sperm in the hair of the three was a hair styling effect. Their hair was standing up from their heads as their hair got dryer and that was the perfect preparation for their heads being shaved now.

They got up from the floor standing in a row now next to each other with his shaver behind him. We all started jerking off again and when all our penises got hard and thick again the front row bowed down a bit to offer the back row their arses. The back row continued masturbating their dicks and with their middle fingers of the other hand they found the wholes of the front row and prepared them for taking a huge erected penis.

We pushed our dicks all at the same time into the opening holes and started fucking the front row guys in simultaneously movements. The front row now also was highly erected and now the time had come to take the clippers and shave the front row's heads.

We shaved a long track across the middle of their heads and made sure that this track was as close as possible to the skin. The three in front of us screamed of joy and we continued shaving track by track until only very short stubbles were left on their heads. That then was the time that we all had our orgasms again. The three shavers sent their sperm into their front men and the three front men shot theirs through the bath.

The three stubbly guys now themselves wanted to shave their heads clean while they were fucking us now. The clean shaved heads now were the front row and were kneeling down in front of the others. Again we all started masturbating and when all penises were big and hard again each member of the front row got a huge penis in his mouth and started sucking it while jerking off his own.

Now the three standing guys covered their heads with shaving cream and when all three heads were white from all the shaving cream they took their razors and started shaving their heads against the grain to make them really smooth.

Whenever they stopped shaving for cleaning the razors with water they fucked our throats and when they were shaving again we sucked their dicks and kept them thick and hard. After they had all finished shaving their heads they touched it with both hands and enjoyed that so much that their dicks got bigger and bigger.

They now could fully concentrate on fucking our throats and they touched our shaved heads which made us crazy. We masturbated our dicks while our throats were fucked and finally three kneeling guys swallowed a nice shot of sperm and the kneeling guys sent a big shot of sperm through the room.

We finished our session having a shower one after another and watching a guy with jerking off under the water that was falling down on his shaved head. The others stood outside the shower watching the masturbating guy under the shower and we supported him with both our hands on our own dicks.

As a few hours had gone by already I got the feeling under the shower that my head needed shaving again and so I did that with one hand and with the other I made my penis grow and I gave the others watching me a shower with my sperm.



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