Two of us were shaved now and it was the third guy's turn to get his head shaved. This was the task of the formerly hairy guy whose head and body were so nicely shaved clean now.

Number three then was kneeling down on the floor and starting masturbating. The others stood around him in a circle again and did the same. While his penis got thick and big in his hands he told us that he wanted his hair to be shampooed and then shaved off with a razor with all the shampoo in. He also wanted to be fucked while his head was shampooed and shaved.

We decided that we would put him on the table in a way that he was standing at the table at the long side and put his chest on the table with his head hanging over the edge of the other side of the table. That would be a good position to fuck him from one side of the table and to wash and shave his head from the other side.

After we all had shot our sperm on his head and worked it through his one inch long hair with our hands we brought him into position. I was the first one to fuck him and I also brought my dick into position making it grow big and thick in my hands. Then I pushed my penis into his ass and started moving inside him. The other shaved guy then took some water out of a bowl and wet his hair. Then he shampooed his hair with a big load of shampoo.

The shampooed head found the erected penis of the guy shampooing his hair and started to suck it while he jerked off his own. In the meantime I had emptied myself and I helped the next guy bringing his dick into position and when he started fucking I was lying under the table looking into the eyes of the man with his shampooed head.

We kept eye contact when the shaving of his head begun and when his first wet hair fell down on my face I got a huge erection again which I served with both hands. More and more hair was falling down on me and with one hand I continued jerking off and with the other hand I spread the wet hair all over my shaved head.

In the meantime the guy who was shaved now had the second shot of sperm inside him and the next guy had started fucking him. Another guy with thick curly hair had crawled under him and he stimulated the balls and dick of the man being shaved with his curly hair. Then he sucked the guy's penis and kept on until that third head was finished.

Now the man who had shaved the head took a lot of shaving cream and applied it all over the head. He took the razor again and shaved the third guy's head again in all directions and made sure that nothing was left on the head.

The guy with the curly head was still sucking a very big penis and finally he swallowed a big shot from the guy with his now clean shaved head.

I was sill lying under that shaved head with all his hair on my shaved head and body and seeing his shaved head above me I got my orgasm as well. I caught my sperm with my hands and massaged it into the shaved skin of his head.

Number three and me went into the bath tub and we washed his hair from my head and body and my sperm from his head. Then the next guy who had not yet been in the row to fuck him came into the bath and the fresh shaved guy offered his ass to him to be fucked under the running water of the shower. I was still in the bath as well and sucked his thick penis while he was exploring his newly shaved head with his hands.

I started masturbating my hard dick while I was sucking the shaved head's one. We finally managed to have our orgasms nearly at the same time. The first shot of sperm went into the ass of the fresh shaved guy, the second shot went from the shaved guy's dick into my throat and the third shot came from mine and went into the bath tub.

Now we were three shaved heads and we sat down on the floor and had the three unshaved guys standing behind us. They started jerking off again and sent their sperm on our shaved heads. We then massaged our heads with the sperm and finally we three got under the shower to wash our shaved heads and sending our own sperm out which mixed up with the water raining down on us.



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