One day a friend of mine who is a hairdresser suggested a Headshaving Orgy to me with five or six men who would like to have their heads shaved bald and have great sex during such a session.

We got six people together who were interested and on a Sunday morning we met at my friend's place to have fun together for the whole day. In the circle of six we started to tell each other what we would like and how the others who were not shaved at the moment could take part in the shaving of one of us.

As my friend is Indian and as I knew already that he is able to shave a head the Indian way which is to wet the hair a bit and then shave it off from a head within e few minutes with a razor knife my wish was to be shaved like that.

As the other four persons knew that way of shaving a head only from videos it was decided that I should be the first one to be shaved. To involve the others in preparing my head for the shave we decided that we wanted to try to use our sperm for wetting my hair. So I sat down naked on the floor and the others had taken off their clothes as well. They then stood around me and started the first circle jerk.

I jerked off as well sitting on the floor and waiting for the first shot from one of the others. It came after very short time when I heard one of them screaming of joy and I felt his sperm coming down on my head. Immediately I let my penis go and massaged the sperm into my hair. I continued shampooing my hair with the sperm and there was coming one shot after another from all members of our circle. Finally I caught my own sperm as well and added it to the other ones that already soaked my hair.

My hair was dripping wet from all the sperm and now I was guided to a table which had a hole in the middle. I was put on the table that my penis could go through the hole and then my legs, body and head was fixed with leather stripes that I couldn't move. I was able to move my arms and the table was constructed in such a way that I could reach my penis with both hands and jerk off again during the following procedure.

Then the table was turned a bit up that I was lying on it in a position of 45 degrees and that someone could stand behind me and fuck me up the ass.

The first one was standing now behind me and I felt his thick penis inside me. I grabbed my own dick which had grown big as soon as I felt the other guy's one inside me and gave my hairdresser a sign to start shaving my head.

As I felt the razor blade on my head the first long hair was falling down in front of me from the top of my head. That was the time the guy who fucked me had his orgasm and he then handed me over to the next one waiting in the row to fuck me. The third one in the row climbed under the table and sucked my penis while the shaving and fucking continued.

The next orgasms came from the guy who was inside me and from me at the same time and the guy who was under me swallowed my big shot of sperm I sent into his throat.

Now it was turn of the third guy whose thirst I had just satisfied with my sperm to fuck me from behind and the forth guy now sat under me to masturbate my penis. In the meantime the other two guys had stood around my head and helped to wet my remaining hair with more sperm that they shot on my head and I could again rub their nice warm fluid into my hair.

My head was shaved completely bald now and I touched it with both my hands while it was the forth guy's task to fuck me. Now my hairdresser was under me sucking my penis and caressing my shaved head with his hands. After number four had emptied himself inside me it was now my hairdresser's turn to do the final work on me.

He stuck his hard penis inside me and with both hands he applied shaving cream on my head. Moving his penis and the razor knife simultaneously he fucked and shaved my head again and when my head was totally clean shaved all over he sent out a huge shot of sperm.

In the meantime the others were standing around my shaved head for the next circle jerk and their sperm they gave my shaved head the final after shave which was far better then any chemical stuff you normally would use.



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