The next guy to be shaved was a really hairy guy and he wanted to get rid of all hair on his head and body. We decided that the one whose head had been shaved before should shave the next guy.'s head. So it was my turn now to shave off his long hair reaching down to his shoulders.

We decided that shaving his head and body should happen at the same time as we had enough clippers and razors. We also decided that from now on we would start shaving a guy the way we had started with me. So we put the guy on the table lying on his back. I stood behind his head and the other four at the long sides of the table, two on each side. We then all started jerking off again and when we had our ejaculations I shot my sperm on his head and worked it through his hair with my hands. The others sent their sperm all over his body and massaged his body with it. The guy on the table then came as well and his sperm shot all over his body up to his face.

Now it was time to start the shaving business. We positioned him on the table in a way that his head hung down backwards over the edge of the table and I sat down under his head. Two people took his arms, the other two his legs and I took his head and at a sign we all started shaving him with the clippers we had pepared.

I shaved his head down to the skin and enjoyed feeling his long hair falling down on my body. His arms were shaved as well and then the two guys shaving his arms lifted them to reach his arm pits. In the meantime his legs had been shaved as well by the other two guys.

The guy.'s head, arms and legs were shaved now and only his body was left. He took his dick in both hands and started masturbating while his chest was shaved. Watching that my own dick got hard again and my next shot of sperm I worked into the shaved skin of his head. The guy.'s chest was shaved clean very soon and now only his penis and balls were left to be shaved.

It was my task again to release him from this last hair on his body. I took his penis and masturbated it until it got really big and hard and then I carefully shaved it with the body clipper and finished my work shaving his balls. After that I continued masturbating him and finally got the sperm out of him.

Now only the clean shave needed to be done. We covered his body completely with shaving cream and then started shaving him with the razors. His head we did not touch as he wanted to do that himself after his body was shaved clean. Shaving his cock and balls we made sure that he had a huge erection to make the shaving of the most valuable parts of his body safe.

When his body was shaved smooth and clean he got up from the table and stood naked in front of the mirror and we all admired his beautiful shaved body. He then asked us to be fucked up his ass while he would shave his head.

He bowed down forwards a bit to open his ass for the first one to fuck him and feeling the first penis inside him his own grew immediately.

He took shaving cream and applied it all over his head and with a Headblade razor he began to shave his head while he was fucked. Seeing his big penis I could not resist kneeling down in front of him and suck his dick. The first guy fucking him had his orgasm soon and then the second pushed his penis inside. It went on like that until the fourth guy had shot his sperm into the man shaving his head in all directions now. I kept on sucking the guy.'s penis and finally I swallowed his shot of sperm.

We then filled the bath with water and put the shaved guy into the water and washed all remains of the shaving cream off from his head and body. Finally he was on all four in the water and while I was standing behind him and fucking him he put his shaved head under water and enjoyed the sperm I sent into his ass.

I was so pleased to see the guy.'s shaved body that I decided to shave my body as well. Being still in the bath I took a razor and started shaving all my long wet body hair off. Coming to my penis and balls I masturbated until it got hard and doing the final shaving of these parts the other five were standing outside the bath, all masturbating and sending their sperm in my direction and from my body it dripped down into the water.

After that I pulled the other clean shaved guy into the bath again and we both dived under into the water containing all our wonderful sperm.



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