'Sir, I have to go! I will not let Ty stay there another minute.' I was beyond pissed. I'm not going to let the person i love to near a murder.

'Aaron, please understand. It would be suicide if we just go now and charge in.' Sergeant Drake tryed to calm me down.

'I know sir but... ah. Fuck!' my knees buckel as pain exploded from my chest to my entire body. It has been 32 hours since Erick too Ty. The last time I talked to my love was when Ty started to move his body. Ty told me to come for him at any cost. God only knows what they are doing to him.

'Aaron, are you alright?' Drake's voice held concern for my well being.

'Ye...ah, just give me a minute.' i was still on the ground hugging my rib cage. The pain eased up alittle but I still felt like my heart was on fire. 'I don't know what or where the pain is coming from. All I know it started after I finished talking to Ty last night.' I slowly lifted my head up and looked at Drake.

'Aaron, either a small group goes with you or you stay here and I'll go get Ty back.' He was stern but his eyes said something different.

'Fine, when do we leave?' I got off the floor.

'Well leave in 5 hours.' Drake turned and left.

I stood there stunned, '5 hours?' that is too long of a wait. I bet he doesn't even know what its like to love someone.

I got back to my empty home. 'Why me?' was the question that popped in my head as I walked through the door. I went to the bedroom, even though I know Ty wouldn't be there, I still wished he was. I took off my hirt and went over to the full body mirror, in the coner of the room.

'I don't get it. Why did Jake like me and why does Erick like about me?' I looked at my half naked body. 'Is it my body they are in live with?' I ran my hand over my pecs, down my washboard abs. 'There is only one person I will only love in ther world and that is Tylor.' I sat on the edge of the bed with my head in my palms. All I want is to spend my life with the one person I truely love. Is that too much to ask?

'No its not?'

'Ty?' i rose up and looked around the room but no Ty.

'You still look hot as hell in those jeans.'

I tuned around again and in the reflection of the mirror, he stood.


'Aaron, I'm so sorry I can't be there in real flesh and blood but I knew you wanted to see me. What is wrong?'

'It feels like I'm going to loose you. I don't want you to...' I couldn't say the word. If Ty were to die my world and heart would stop.

'Aaron, nothing is going to happen. You are going to come for me alone right?'

I lowered my head and was about to tell him what Drake told me, but I stopped when Ty's voice whispered in to thoughts. 'Hes a fake babe.' WHAT?

'Babe, you got to hurry. I don;t have much time. But whatever you do, Don't Come Alone. I love you babe.' Ty's voice faded from my head. The pain returned and i fell to my knees.

'Aaron, what is wrong?

'Erick, whatever you are doing doing to Ty is hurting me also.' I looked up to the mirror and the traitor was now reflecting back.

'Now I see. I guess you can't love anyone else but Tylor. Well this is good news for me. If i kill Tylor then maybe you will die too. Then both of you will be out of my way.' Erick did an evil laugh. Ty was right it didn't work for him.

'We'll see about that. See you soon, Traitor.' I grabbed my pullover and drove back to headquarters.

'Aaron, we are all set to go. Heres your gear.' Kyle, the lab geek, tossed me a duffel bag. 'Suit Up!'


We got to the castel in the middle of the swamp. we where hidden but they knew we outside.

'Father, we need to get to Tylor fast.' whispered Kyle.

'I know. We need a way in with out geting noticed.' said Drake.

'They already know we are here. I'm doing my best to clock us. Its a miracle that Erick hasn't found us.' I replyed but showing my annoyance.

'Well what you suppose we do?' snapped back Drake.

'This...' I pulled my powers over earth and caused an empty tower to collapse. 'No worries no one was in it.' I told them as ran and leaped over the wall and landed inside.

'AARON!' yelled Drake was I continued to run inside to find Tylor.

I kept my self cloaked as I walked pass guards into room after room. Ty wasnt in the top floors and I didnt see away to get under the castle.

'Thats why you whould have waited for me.' whispered Kyle as he blurred passed me.I ran after him and was right on his heels as he turned corners and dodged the guards. 'Its here.' Kyle stopped at a dead end hall way.

'Okay we need to hurry. Ty is really bad.' I put my hands on the wall and pushed. The wall shook but swung open like a gigantic door. we took full stride and searched room after room again. we came to the final floor and I cloaked but of us as we entered.

'Aaron, there he is.' Kyle ran over to Ty. He was bounded to a stone table. I wouldn't have guessed it was my love if I only knew him by looks. Ty was a skeleton gasping for air.

'Oh my god!' I leaned over the table and put my fave to Ty ear. 'My love, I'm here you are going to be alright.' Ty counldn't speak but his words came to me in my thoughts.

'Babe, have Kyle heal me as best as he can and we'll' his words stopped as all three if us heard the stupid evil laugh.

'Ah how sweet. You came at last.' Erick laughed again.

'Kyle heal Ty as fast as you can.' I turned and face Erick. 'And I'll deal with him.'

'You so weak, you don't have a chance against me.' said Erick will a grin.

'Want to bet?' will in a half a second I slammed Erick into the wall behind him. And again I flong him into another wall.

Still laughing Erick picked himself up. 'My turn.' Erick knocked me into a wall before I could blink my eyes. 'This is funm, just imagine how the sex will be.' with those words Erick kissed me. I count control myself once his lips touched mine. It was toxic but exhilarating as his hands caress every inch over my body. I got my eyes to open but I saw Tylor and not Erick. 'Aaron, tell me you love me.' he continued to kiss down my neck.'Come on Aaron, you know you want to say it.'

I reached down deep inside of me to regain control. I thought of Ty, of when we met, when we first kissed and even time we made love to one another. 'I Love Ty And Not You Erick.' I gaind my strenght and drover Erick threw wall after wall but stopping once we hit solid earth.

Erick caughed up blood as he spoke. 'How... how can you see pass it?'

I let go of him and he fell to the floor. 'Ty always calls me Babe when hes talking from his heart. Which is everyone moment of everyday.' I felt nother but pure love surround me as arms wrapped my body.

'You see you can't break soulmates Erick. especially when I have so much love to my babe.' said Ty as he kissed my neck and gave me a squeeze.

'No how is that possible?' Erick looked up to see Ty back to normal.

'The Bonding DNA also copies anything that is attacking the body and fights back a hundred fold. I just had to heal here and there and finisht the bonding process.' said Kyle come out of the shadows behind us.

'So what we do with him?' I ask Kyle.

'Hold him down as I give him this.' Kyle pulled out a syringe with black fluid.

'What is that?' Ty asked.

'The Bonding DNA but reversed. I call it The Reaper. I latches on to DNA that carry the powers and destorys them.' Kyle spoke directly to Erick.

We held him down as Kyle gave him the shot. As Kyle withdrew the needle Drake came rushing over with the rest of the team.

'Go you two, get out of here and I'll explain everything to Father.' smilled Kyle at the both Ty and me.

Back Home

'God it feels good to be back home.' I said as we walked through the door.

'Yeah but one thing first.' said Ty

'Whats that?' I turn around and Ty pulled me into a kiss.

The kiss was passionate and felt like we madeout for hours. Before I knew it we were on the bed with our clothes scattered all over the floor.

'I love you babe.' said Ty in between kisses.

I rolled over so I was now straddling him. 'I will always lover and no one will ever have my heart but you.' I kissed down my loves neck, down his the middle of his pecs until I felt Ty's hard member wanting entry. I looked back up and Ty was smiling back at me. I loved my lips back to his as he pushed pass my bud and drived deep inside of me in one thrust.

'Oh yeah babe still tight and hot as I remember.' said Ty as he bit my bottom lip. Forcing a laud moan from me.

I wrapped my arms around Ty's neck and locked my hands together. I smiled, 'You still remember how I like it?'

'Yupe.' Ty placed his hands on my waist and began to lifting me up and slaming be back down on his shaft.

'Oh fuck... keep going.' and thats all the encouragement Ty needed. Ty kicked it into over drive and pound my rear end like a mad man. Every so often he would slow down make love to me.

'Babe, I want you on your back.' Ty rolled over with out even leaving my hole.

'Oh yeah, right there.' I moaned as Ty began thrusting in and out of me again.

'Ah yeah. That ass of yours has powers of its own.' Ty picked up the past and pounded away into me. I would tighten my hole so it feel like it was pulseing each time Ty's cock dived back into it.

'Oh fuck babe... I'm going to come.' Ty rose up and gripped my shoulders. 'I want you to come up me.' Ty kept up the past but jabbed the hell out of my prostate.

'Oh... ahh yeah. Ah fuck I'm coming!' I moan as my own cock shoot rope after rope of my man cream all over my chest and stomach.

Tys cock throbbed as he emptyed his load deep into my intestines. He rolled to his side and pulled me next to him. My back was to his chest and I could feel his heart beat.

'I love you babe.' said Ty as he cought his breath.

' I love you too.' I scooted closer and felt his warmth pass onto me.

Sleep was takeing up both from the fight with Erick and the intense love making.

'Babe this is where I belong. Holding you and helping you protect my heart because it will always be with you.'

I turned and face my love. 'Will never now and forever keep you safe, I love you more than you ever know.' I gave Ty one more kiss before we fell asleep in each others arms.



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