I slowly begin to wake up but my eyes were so heavy that I can't open them. I heard beeps and I can feel my body was heavy and sore. A door opens and the footsteps stop at my right side.

'Hey Ty, how is he doing?' the stranger asked. Ty was here? Why couldn't I feel his presence in my room? What have they done to me? A million questions begin to fill my head causing my head to hurt.

A moan escaped my throat. Making the other people in the room know I was waking up. I felt a strong hand squeeze my hand.

Ty spoke, 'Aaron, are you awake? If you are try to close your hand around mine.'

I took a minute or two but I got my hand to close around his and his hand was so soft but strong.

'He is awake. This is good news. He is healing quite fast for a newbie. I guess Father was right about him after all. Hey Ty?' the voice of the stranger, I now remembered. It was Erick the supposed brother of Tylor. Ty made it clearer that it was him.

'Erick, leave us please. Don't tell anyone that he is awake unless you really have too.' Ty's voice was stern.

'Okay fine. But I should let you know you or father will have to brief him on what has taken place.' Erick left the room and it was only me and Ty alone.

I tried to open my eyes again and got them opened but I couldn't see clearly. Ty stared into my eyes and I gained focus. Ty was so beautiful and god like I was so happy he was here in my recovery room. Ty had watery eyes and I seems like he hasn't slept in days. That was my first question.

'How long have I've been out?' I asked with a scratchy voice. My throat was dry I might have died from thirst if Ty didn't get me a glass of water. I sucked the water through a straw as he found his voice to answer my question.

'Babe, you have been out for four weeks now. God, Aaron I'm so sorry for doing what I had to do to you. Can you please forgive me? I promise here and now that I will not hurt you anymore. Please say something I need to hear your voice.' Ty took my empty cup away and I rest a brief minute before I spoke.


'Stop it! If you want me to say something can you at least let me try?' I cut him off and I knew he knew I was getting annoyed.

'Sorry babe.'

'Will you please stop calling me that? I'm not your babe....' As my word trailed off and hit his ears, it also made tears escape his eyes. He lowered his head and began to cry more.

'Yet that is.'

I knew Ty liked me the moment he saw me and I was pulled to him just as much that night we meet on a double date with his fake brother and my best friend, Jake. JAKE! What had happened to him? Is he okay? What did Erick do to him? And why do I really care?

Ty lifted his head and looked deep in my eyes. I smiled back and he returned the heartwarming smile that just made my heartache for him. But that will have to wait 'til later. I said only one ward, 'Jake'.

He held his smile and replied, 'Jake is fine. He is back home and has no clue what happen that night. He thinks you are away on business and won't be back for a long time.' I sighed and was happy he was ok. Even though Jake may be on my last nerves and bug the hell out of me. I still cared for him. He is like the little brother I never had.

The soreness in my body was going away and I scooted over so Ty can sit on the bed next to me. Without letting my hand go he placed my hand gently in his lap and just continued to smile at me.

'Okay scooter, spill it. What happened when I was out and where the hell am I?' I needed to know what went on while I was unconscious. Ty broke eye contact and spoke without facing me.

'While you were out, Father made the doctors inject you with an elixir that has boost your gifts into powers and will also boost your body to be fully indestructible. Just like me, but you are nothing like me. You are more than anything you can imagine.' Tylor explained and began to pull back my covers revealing my naked body.

My jaw dropped as I saw what my body had turned into due to the elixir. I finally knew why my body felt so heavy. I was bigger everywhere. I was taller about 6'6. More muscle was bulging out. I no longer had my six packs but now it was a full eight. As my eyes slid below my waist I had to stop. My cock had also changed and I was now damn proud of it. I was now freaking hung like a bull with balls to match. I my cock was soft at now its new length of nine inches. God I wanted to see it heard and see how much bigger I got. My prayers were answered and my cock started to wake up also. As my thick, cut cock began to get hard it moved up pass my navel.

'I see you might need some help with him.' Ty leaned down and licked slowly up from my balls to the tip of my cock. I let out a moan, wanting him to do it again and he did. Ty licked up and down my shaft and used his right hand to play with my balls. He tugged on them from time to time. God he was sending me over the top pretty fast.

I laid my head back down on my pillow and let him have at it. Ty's tongue was working magic on my cock and it must have stopped growing. Ty picked it up and let it flop down into my stomach and it hit my abs with a thud. Ty was torturing me but he caught me off guard and slid my rock hard cock into his mouth. His hot, moist mouth was heaven and I wanted to fuck his face so bad. But I let him suck on the head of my cock as it was already pouring pre cum.

I looked down at Ty as he kept licking my cock head like it was a lollypop. I was so far in into the pleasure that I hadn't noticed he changed potions and was kneeling between my legs.

'Fuck Ty, I've going to cum soon if you keep going.' I wasn't kidding. My balls had tightened up to the base of my dick. Ty took my whole cock to the back of his throat. I was shocked and was flying over the moon and beyond from his throat working my cock into overdrive. I couldn't take it anymore.

'Fuck Ty, I going to cum. Oh Fuck Here It Comes!' and come I did. I shot load after load into his throat. Ty lifted off my cock to where only the head was in his mouth as I continued to shot more and more of my man juice into his mouth.

After my climax, Ty sucked and milked my still hard on 'til there was nothing left. I lay back totally wiped out and still mind blown that Ty can take my whole cock into his mouth without gagging.

I must have fallen asleep because I woke up and the whole room was dark. But I felt someone lying next to me in my bed. Ty's head was resting on my chest and his right arm draped over my stomach. I didn't want to wake up he seem so peaceful lying next to me and I knew he belonged there. Just as I was getting comfortable with being him by my side, the door few opened and the lights shot on. Ty sprang up and jumped over me to the left side of the bed ready to fight and protect me.

Erick came into the room along with another older man. You can see the other mans age, as he had salt and pepper hair. He was nicely built but his face right off the bat looked at Ty then to me.

'Stand down son. I'm here to check on him.' The older man came over to my right side and dropped a bag.

'Get dress we have not much time and you need to know how we run things here.' The man's voice was deep and I finally remembered him.

'Yes Sir, right way Sergeant Drake.' I jumped out of bed and tore the bag open and began to get dress. I looked around at everyone as they were looking at my midsection. When I was looking at Erick's face his mouth was hanging open and his eyes where as big as baseballs.

I looked down as I was pulling up boxers I had found in the bag of clothes. I was fully hard and knew the reason why Erick had the shocking look on his face, he had seen all twelve inches of my hard member between my legs. I hurried and finish putting on my new cloths with a smile and proud of my new changes that was made to my body.

'Tylor get ready to head out. We will meet you at the chopper. Take Erick with you and he will brief you on the mission at hand.' said the Sergeant.

'Yes Sir, right away father.' Ty grabbed Erick by the arm and dragged him out of the room.

I looked over at Drake. He just waved his head to the door signaling me to follow him. I didn't want to say anything as we walked the halls of the facility I was sheltered in. Drake's voice broke the silence.

'Call me Sir or Father.' He didn't face me as he continued to speak. 'This place is temporary and won't be here in a few minutes. Son there are a few things you should know. You are right were you needed to be, that is right here with us. Your father will be proud that you finally joined us.'

I stopped walking as he said 'Your father.' Drake looked back and had a sad look on his face.

'Sorry to tell you this Aaron. But now is good time as any. Your father was one of us. He created his team and died protecting it. We are called Dark Rogues. Your father found a way to boost people that have gifts and turn those gifts into power along with the person. Aaron, you are far more powerful than anyone here and it is to be expected, since your father was very powerful himself.'

I was looking down and understand now why my father was always gone for long periods of time. Flashbacks of my father popped into my head.

'Aaron! Come on we don't have much time. We need to leave. My people tell me that we have been ratted out we have to move.' Drake grabbed my arm firmly and pulled out of the building to a waiting helicopter. I snapped out of it when I saw Ty look at me and had a serious look on his face. I jumped in and Drake sat in front of me told the pilot to take off. Ty squeezed my left thigh and leaned over to say something.

'Hey are you all right? Don't worry about a thing, I will keep you safe babe.' He gave my thigh another squeeze and straighten up.

I leaned forward to Drake. 'Tell me everything and why this team has been made.' I needed everything to be fully clear to me.

Drake told me that there were some people that were very gifted and had joined together to try and kill off anyone that was not gifted. The Purifiers as they called themselves had it in their minds that normal humans were not worthy to live in their presence. So they began to kill off humans and my father was a member to the murders but he broke away and made a vow to protect life and made Dark Rogues to fight and protect humans and other gifted humans that did not join The Purifiers. We had to change our location because someone gave information on our headquarters and we got Intel that they planned an attack to kill us in our sleep.

I leaned back and closed my eyes as I was soaking in the information. I was deep in thought when I saw a huge fire ball flying in our direction. I opened my eyes when I heard the pilot call back to Drake.

'Sir, you might want to look at this.'

I turned around and looked out the cockpit windows. In the distance ahead of us there was a faint orange glow.

'What is that? Is there anything on the radar?' asked Drake.

'No Sir, there is nothing and we are the last to leave HQ. I don't...'

'It's a huge fire ball and it will kill us in less than two minutes.' I cut off the pilot and I sat back and focus on the faint glow as it got closer to us. Everyone was quiet but the roar of the copper blades cutting the air.

'Sir!' the pilot called back with fear.

'Steady. Keep course. That's An Order!' Drake barked back at the pilot.

I keep my focus on the ball of flames. Just then I heard a big explosion and the whole helicopter shook but remained in the air. I opened my eyes and looked out the window to my left. Passing by us was clouds of black smoke. I looked around inside the copper, Drake nod his head at me with approval, the other members just looked at me, but when I got to Ty he was just smiling. My vision slowly faded into dark as I blacked out.

I woke up the next day but as I looked around I was alone. Well I was until the door opened and in stepped in Sergeant Drake.

'Well glad to see you are awake my son.' Drake gave me a warm smile.

'We need to stop meeting each other like this Father.' I laughed so did the sergeant.

'Yeah we do. But I needed to stop by and say thank you. You are the second person to ever save my life.'

'Let me guess my father was the first.' I smiled at the thought of really following in my father's footsteps.

'Yes he was.' Drake kept smiling as he stayed by the door.

I looked around again feeling empty and alone, even though the sergeant was in my room. And he seems to know who I was looking for.

'Don't worry he will be here soon. I had a small assignment for him.'

Just as he said that the door opened and in came my god. As his eyes captured mine, I felt passionate warmth grow in my chest. I knew it was his love for me and I use new boosted gifts and sent the warmth to him. Ty smiled but silence in the room was broke by Drake.

'Well I'll leave you two alone but don't be too long. You two need to get your things and move into your new residence.' With that the sergeant left the room.

Ty came over and got in bed with me. I looked into his eyes and I know right then and there I was in love with Tylor. We laid there for awhile just looking into each other eyes without saying a word. I send a need and desire for my ass to Tylor. Without saying a word Ty for out of bed and started stripping his clothes off. Just watching his muscle god get undress got me hard before he crawled on top of me. I wrapped my legs around his waist. I wanted Ty in me so bad it hurt. Ty's cock was getting harder by the second and I didn't want to wait anymore. His cock slid between my cheeks and rubs against my waiting hole.

Ty wanted me just as bad as I wanted him. He was leaking pre cum that was lubing be up nicely.

'Fuck me Ty. I can't take it anymore.'

That was all the courage he needed. He lined up his cock and began to push. I pushed back and the head of his cock along with a few inches impaled me. I wanted to scream my head off from the pain. Ty was bigger than I expected. We waited a few seconded to my surprised the pain went away instantly. I opened my eyes and looked at Ty.

'I told you babe. I don't want to ever hurt you again. You are my world now. I love you and nothing will ever change that.' with those words he kissed me passionately. As his tongue found mine, Ty thrust the rest of his cock into me. I broke the kiss to let out a moan. As Ty pulled back and plunged back into me his cock danced all around my prostate. I let out an ever bigger moan. 'God if he keeps this up, I won't able to last long.'I thought to myself.

'Again Ty, i want you to take me.' Again Ty pulled back, but this time he pulled all the way out and slammed back into me, all the way to the hilt. I was not in a trance for the pleasure Ty was give me. Ty keeps the rhythm up and he was forcing me over the edge every time his cock touched my prostate. I tapped into my give again and I sent my emotions to Ty.

'Fuck babe. Oh Fuck... Aw... Yeah!' Ty picked up his pace and no longer pulled all the way out. Ty leaned his head out next to mine and bite down on my shoulder. That was it I was no longer on the edge. I came, my cum coated both of our stomachs. With my climax going off, my ass muscles squeezed around Ty's cock.

'Aw fuck Aaron! I'm going to cum too.' He thrust hard into me and shot his man cream deep inside of me. I felt every pulse of his cum shooting into me. I came again and Ty noticed also.

'Oh you're coming again.' Ty began impaling me again. Ty pulled me up as he sat on his feet. I took over and rode his cock for everything it's got. I kept up my speed for another five minutes.

'Babe your ass is so tight and slicked I I'm not going to last much longer.' said Ty in between our kisses.

I slammed myself onto his cock and I tightened my butt muscles. This made Ty moan louder than I was. Ty pulled me closer into his body as he emptied another load deep inside of me. I seems this time he shot more cum than the first. Cum was leaking out of my ass.

Ty laid me back down on my back and let his entire weight on top of me. He wasn't heavy at all. We stayed in the position for awhile, Ty's cock was still in me but it was soft. I didn't want to move or let go of him, but Ty got up and started to get dress.

'Hey, where you going?' I asked afraid I was just being used.

'Where I'm going?' Ty looked at me with a confused look. 'Come on get dressed. We are going home.' Ty got my clothes from the dresser in the room and brought them to me. I got out of bed and got dressed. As I reached for my shirt, I felt something in pocket. I dug it out and in my palm was a ring.

'Babe read what is engraved.' I didn't look at Ty but I could tell he was smiling as he spoke to me.

I tilt the ring to read it. 'Ty's One and Only.' I was so shocked I didn't know what to say. I looked at Ty but he spoke.

'Mine says the same but has Aaron instead of Ty.' He smiled and come over to me and kissed me, this kiss was more passionate than when we were having sex.

'Ty, I don't want to be with anyone in this world, unless it's with you.' I kissed him again.

Our kiss was interrupted by a knock at the door.

'God, you guys are still here? Father just sent me here to tell you two to get home and we'll see you back here in three weeks.' Erick spoke with jealousy. But me looked at both of us and smiled. 'Congratulations now get the hell out of here.' Erick left us, still holding his smile.

Ty looked at me and gave me a quick peck on the lips.

'Well you heard Father. Let's go home.'



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