Auter's Note: Sorry readers, but my computer took a long nap and I almost lost Part 3, but I'm back. Part 3 was harder to write because my dream jumped around and I was in different roles in the dream. But I have worked it in a way to get the story organized. Hope you like this 3rd part.

'Father why? Who could have done this?' Tears begin to escape my eyes as everything settles in.

'Aaron, get a hold of yourself. I don't know who or for what. But the traitor in the Dark Rogues has to be stopped. Aaron I need you to consentrate. we cannot let Tylor's death be in vain.'

I woke up from the dame dream I've been having since Ty and i started to live together. I look down at my ring on my left hand and I see Ty. 'Ty I love you so much. I don't ever want to lose you.' I say to myself. It's been five months since Ty and I have been together. i know that dreams are not just dreams but they are my power of premonitions and they always come true. Aside from the premonitions i can feel other people's emotions. I also can force my own emotions into another being, so they feel what I feel. but one power I love the most out of my list is the control of others. Sadly though I can't control Ty and thats one thing I would never do anyway. i jump as my cell phone rang on the bedside table.

'Hello?' I answer.

'Hey Babe, I;m just checking to see of you are awake.' Ty's voice is exactly what I needed to hear.

'Yes Love, I am awake. What's up?' I get out of bed and head to the bathroom of our two story house.

'I just wanted to say I love you and I got some good news for you too. I would say guess but I know you already know what I'm going to say.' said Ty sarcastically.

'Um give me a sec.' i use my power of forseeing. 'Yeah, my old house has sold and they money is being put into my account as we speak.' I say back giggling, Ty knows by now I know what happens in the past up the last second. But I also see what is to happen in the Next hour. 'Okay Love, let me get in the shower and I'll see you at HQ in thirty.'

'Babe, i would be jealous of your powers but I'm married to you and that's all I could as for in this world.' I could feel Ty's body tingle as he spoke.

'Aw I love you too. I wish you were here so I can show just how much. I'll see you soon love.' i love Ty more than he even knows. It hurts sometimes when he is not by my side.

'Ok, see you soon and hurry up.' We hung up and I jumped into the shower.


Sergeant Drake

'Father, the tests are complete and we are ready for the combining process.' said a young researcher.

'Good private, are you sure this will work this time? I don't want a repeat of what happened to the last Rogue. I don't want Aaron to be harmed in this.' I lowered my voice, no sure who may over hear us. The traitor in the Dark Rogues is still in the shadows.

'Yes Sir, we tested his blood along with Ty's their blood bonded perfectly. But Sir, are you sure you want to do this to the only family you have left?' the researcher looked deep into my eyes.

'Private, I know my nephew and Ty will be safe. I have no doubt in my mind that they will be okay.' My heartaches at the even thought of losing Aaron, the only bloodline left of my family.

'Sir, if I may speak freely.' I only nod in approval. 'I would rather we wait until we found out who the traitor is in the Dark Rogues before we move forward. I also believe that Aaron can take out The Purifiers. I really don't understand the need to boost him and his powers further.'

Now I'm getting annoyed, 'Well with his new bonding, we call can sleep soundly at night.'

'Sir, I know you care very much for your nephew. But this is going far beyond over protective.'

'Hold your tongue! There will be no more discussion over this matter. Just finish the prep work and be ready for the bonding process.' I left the room. How dare that kid speak to me of being over protective? I have a right to be protective of my family.


The Traitor

'Knight, what says you?'

'Your Holiness, the Dark Rogues still has no idea that I'm the wolf in sheep clothing. They are idiots as you have put it. But the attack on the Headquarters failed. Aaron, the son of Joseph is more powerful than we have expected. He destroyed... Hold on someone is coming.'

The door opens and in walks Tylor. 'Hey bro, Father needs us in the lab.'

'Yeah sure. I'll be right there, I'm on the phone.' I answer back with a smile, if he only knew.

'oh, who are you talking to?' Ty asked.

'Jake, he wants another date.' I replyed hoping that will send the stupid bugge away.

'Ok, well hurry up and tell him I said hi.' Ty left and closed the door behind him.

'Stupid kid, sorry but it seems that I have to go. I will update you again soon.' I hung up the phone and went to the lab.

I don't see why he must have Aaron, he can't be turned. The same thing will happen to him as his father, Death. Why does the Master want anything to do...? No... Noo... NO! My Master is in love with him? It can't be. I'll make sure that my Master will stay mine, even if i have to kill Aaron myself. If I fail then I'll be back to replace my Master and take over The Purifiers.



'Sorry I'm late Father.' I came into the lab and stood nest to Ty. Ty immediately reached for my hand and heald it in his. I looked over at him and he just had the amazing smile that I love.

'Nice for you to join us Aaron.' said Drake.

'Sorry again, Sir.' But I wasn't really sorry I just wanted to get this thing over with and have some alone time with Ty.

'Anyway, my researchers found a way to boost you and Tylor. Both of you will be stronger and faster, consider yourself to be god like. You both will be injected with a bonding DNA. This DNa was taken from every power from the Dark Rogues. But Private Kyle here will explain how the process will worl. Private.'

Kyle turned around and faced Tylor and me. He wasn't bad looking pretty young to be in a lab coat. The coat did help hom look a bit attractive but not as much as Ty. I laughed to myself but stopped when Kyle spoke.

'Thank you Sir. Aaron, Tylor you two need to strip down and lay on the beds. What we will do first is you both will be put in a deep sleep. Then the process will begin. We will inject ten eight ounces if the Bonding DNA...'

'Wait a minute you will shoot eighty ounces of Old DNA into your bodies?' Ty cut off the Lab Geek.

'Come on Ty, you aren't scared are you?' I said to Ty with a challenging tone. I walked over to the medical bed and began to take off my clothes.

'I don't think so babe. I'll go first then you will go after I wake up.' Ty took off his clothes and got into the bed I was going to get in.

Kyle spoke before I could, 'The process takes time, back to what I was saying. Once all the Bonding DNA is in your bodies, the DNA will attack and attach to every cell you have. After a full 24hours the Bonding DNA will be completely part of you.' Kyle looked at the both of us with an evil grin.

'Well Love, your plan just got shot down and it...' I was interupted by Drake.

'Ok boys, play nice or I'll have Kyle inject the DNA while both of you are still awake.' Drake's voice was stern.

Ty and I looked at Kyle, who was still grinning at us. i just walked over and got into the other bed.

'Ok, Dr. Jekyll. Let's get this thing over with.' I extended my left arm readyto be put asleep.

Kyle walked over to a table across the room to get the needles and the DNA. Ty got up and came to my bed, kissing me. I brought my right hand behind Ty's head to bring the kiss more loving and heartfelt. We were interrupted by Kyle clearing his throat.

'Love you babe. See you when we wake up.' Ty gave me another quick kiss before returning to his bed.

'Love you too. I want another when we wake up.' i smilled at Ty and turned my attention to Kyle.

'Ok you will be sound asleep in a few moments.' Kyle stuck the needle in my left arm. I already began to feel drowsy. I looked over at Ty and blew another kiss to him before my eyes close shut.


Aarons's Premonition

'Come On Son, Where is the traitor?' Drake's voice was deep.

'I can't track him. He's being cloaked by some power... I...' I concentrated harder but all i could see was a dark shadowy figure. The traitor stopped moving and another person joined him.

'Master, the deed is done. I did what you have asked and they both are dead.' The traitor spoke in a sinister voice.

'WHAT? You were to only kill Tylor not Aaron! Aaron is to live and be brought to me.' I switch targets and focused on the second person. I inhaled deep as the vision came clearer.

'Jake, I'm sorry but there is nothing I could do. Aaron is too strong to turn.'

Jake? Jake is the leader of The Purifiers? i opened my eyes and looked up at Drake. 'Sir, Jake is the Leader of the Purifiers. He just met up with the traitor.' Drake looked away from me and asked, 'What else?'

'One moment.' I focused back on to Jake the traitor but what I saw shocked me.

'I'm sorry Master. I was hoping you would forget about Aaron and love me instead. Bbut what seems to be is that you are weak and I need to take control and finish what you should have done years ago.' The traitor snapped Jake's neck. 'The Purifiers are no more, they shall now be known as The Holy Crusade.' The traitor pushed Jake's body away from him and got into a helicopter. I opened my eyes again but didn't say anything.

'What is it Son? What did you see?' Drake pulled my face so i was looking into his blood shot eyes.

'Father, the traitor just killed Jake. Whoever the traitor is, he is now in control of The Purfiers. But they are not called The Holy Crusade.' DRake moved his hands to my shoulders. 'Well my son, Its seems war is now upon us. So its time to wake up.'

'AARON! AARON!' I heard Drake's voice and my body was being shaken. 'Aaron, Come on Aaron wake up!' Drake shook me again, this time I was up.

'Thank God You Are Awake.' Drake let me go and threw clothes on my lap.

I looked around, the lab was trashed, i turned my head to find Ty. He was gone his bed was empty.

'They took him. Aaron, get up and get dress. We have to trakc down the traitor and find Tylor.' Drake looked down at me, his eyes were blood shot.

I didn't hesitate, i got up and put on the clothes. My body didn't change but i felt full of energy. I knew what to do. I closed my eyes and drew a deep breath. I focused in on my love; where ever he is they would be there too. I immediately saw Ty; he was still out cold, being carried by a giant in a white cape. I never had seen the person before. Something is different my premonition was wrong.

'What is this? You were to bring me Aaron not this sorry soul.' It was Jake who spoke.

'Sorry Master, but Aaron didn't wake up as expected and the old bastard wouldn't leave the room for me to grab Aaron for you. So i had to blind him and grab his thing instead.' It was Erick, the traitor.

'Erick, you have failed me for the last time. I'm stripping you of your gifts and...'

'Ha ha, I don't think so. I thought I was in love with you Jake. But I realized I was in love with people with power. But you are weak compared to Aaron.' Erick grabbed a hold of Jake and twisted his neck. 'I'm now the Master here. Take that thing to The chopper and prepare to leave this wasteland. The bombs will be going off soon.' Erick vanished and the giant walked on to the helicopter waiting.

'Father, Jake was the leader of The Purifiers. Erick wsa the traitor but he just killed Jake and took over leadership. We have three minutes before bombs destroy this HQ.' I looked at Drake square in the eye as i told him the rest of what I've seen. We made our way to the helicopters. Headquarters was fuller cleared but now it layed in ruins.



I wasn't asleep. i was aware of my surroundings. Even though I couldn't move my body I was still able to tap into my powers to understnd what had happened. Erick, my best friend was the traitor all along. I should have known something was up, but now I have to kill him. Jake was gone also thanks to Erick, I guess. But the reason to Jake's plans were to get Aaron. Try to change him into a Purifier and then move on to take over the world. Well there is no way in hell that's going to work. I must be half way around the world because I'm in some castle in the middle of a swamp. They just dumped me in a room. It wasn't bad but I wbould not plan a vacation here. But what really pisses me off is that I feel so hopeless. I need to find away to get my body up and running again.

'Yes sir, he is in here.' A guard spoke to Erick outside the room. They both came in and looked at my sleeping body.

'Lazy rat, how come he has not woke up yet? I guess that Bonding DNA didn't work for him.' Erick did an evil laugh but it didn't suit him.

'Sir if you are right about Aaron, then we mind as well just kill him.'

'No we have to make sure Aaron will come for him. Until Aaron gets here, we can't kill this sorry sack of shit.' Erick raised his voice. The guard left the room but Erick stayed and stared at me on the bed.

'Tylor, if you cane hear me which i doubt it. You are not fit to be with Aaron. He is too good for you. But me on the other hand I'm just as strong as he is. Once i turn Aaron to hate the nongifted humans there will be nothing in my way to cleanse this world of the weak.' Deep in Erick's Soul i saw the he loved him. His love for Aaron doesn't even come close or comparison to the love I have.

I need to speak to my love. I need to know if he is okay. I'll have to thank father once i get back for the new boost. I cleared my mind of all thoughts. I focused on my goal of talking to my lover. Aaron was in a copter hes head hanging low as if he was going to cry, but he wasn't.

'God, I love you so much babe' i tried to say out loud but only to Aaron. I guess he also heard me. Aaron raised his head and looked around but he couldn't see me.

'Babe don't worry, I'm still alive and well Focuse on Me and speak in your mind.' It took Aaron a moment to concentrate but he got it.

'ty, WHere are you? Tell me where you are and I'll be there shortly.' His words were still filled with worry.

'Babe, calm down and don't worry. I'm ok.'

'But... there is a 'but' in there, what is wrong?' I like it when he tries to be the man.

'I can't move my body. I'm being held in a room, in a castle, in the middle of some swamp. Erick...' Aaron cut me off as he heard me say Erick.

'Death will come to him soon. As long as you are alive I'll find you easyer.' Aaron was not filled with hate and bitterness.

'Aaron, stop! Don't be like that. Don't let hate control you. JUst come to me soon and we will take Erick down together. Babe, I love you.'



'I love you too. I will be there soon.'



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