'Come on Aaron. You know you owe me.' Jake was pleading me to accept his offer over the phone.

'Why should I. It's not like I'll be getting anything in return.' I didn't want to go with Jake. The thing with Jakes is he's a horn dog and can get a date with any one he wants. Besides me that is. 'Okay fine, but considered my debts paid in full to you.'

'Yes Thank You Bro.' I heard the click so I hung up the phone and I went and lay down on my bed. God it looks like it's going to be a long night tonight.

My names Aaron, I'm 21 and have been living on my own since the day I turn 18. The day I decided to tell my parents that I was gay. It was also the day I found out I had a gift for feeling other people's emotions. When I told my parents I was gay I felt what they were feeling. My step father felt anger and hate. My mother on the other hand, felt nothing, like emptiness had entered her body. I was the only child, so I had no support from anyone but my best friend Amanda. If it wasn't for her I don't know where I'll be now. I moved in with Amanda and stayed with her until I got things in order and I got my own house with everything I wanted. When my real dad died he left everything to me, money, two cars and a small four bedroom house. But now I have made my own family and they consist of my best friends and April, my real dads lawyer, that I had adopted as my mother. But also the military had got wind of my gift and been calling me to join them. I'll get more into that later. But back to the present and Jake.

Jake was a new guy that had moved in across the street from me about five months ago. He still lives with his parents at the age 20. He thinks be Mr. Hot Shot with nothing to worry about. Jake has the most incredible body, I mean like that gods had made him for people to fall in love with him. But not me I saw right pass that and saw the true Jake. The Jake that is a player and the one night stand kind of guy but tonight he is going to get a rude awaking. Jake called me because he has a date and his parents won't let him go out unless he has someone to babysit him. I owe Jake a favor or two because he got me out of a hot spot when a guy tried to come onto me and the guy knew I single. So he pretended to be my boyfriend and kissed me right in front of everyone at the college I go to. Oh I forgot also, Jake is bisexual so that also adds to 'I can get anyone I want' attitude.

I got up from my bed, took a shower and got ready for the stupid date and paying my debts. But getting ready I couldn't help but look at my body. I was one inch short of being 6' tall. I was 200 pounds of muscle. I had a nice six pack that I was proud of. I had the V shape body going for me. Broad shoulder and a small waist but I have a killer ass. The thing I loved most about my body booty along with my nice sized cock as well. I am 5 inches soft but 8 inches when hard, thick and cut too. Not like oh my god thick like a beer can but thick enough to make you feel full and stretch you a little bit. I know that because of the entire stupid losers I've dated. I'm a bottom guy so I love a nice long cock with a guy that can have sex 'til the next morning. With the guys at the college I can find them easy because they are 18 or 19 with a lot of stamina still. I was still admiring my body when that phone rang again, Jake no doubt.

'Hello?' I answer the phone.

'Hey, is that Aaron?' a guy answered back.

'Yes it is. May I ask who is calling and what for.' I was not in the mood for phone games. But I can feel this guy had power or from the military.

'This is Sergeant Drake. I'm calling because it seems you won't talk to anyone else. Now I'm taking time out of my busy schedule to talk to you personally.' I laughed to myself both because of my gift and the Sergeant sounded annoyed.

'Sorry Sir but I just don't understand how my gift can help you and the military. I'm also busy at the moment and I'm about to head out the door.' Now I was annoyed but the government wanting me for my gift of feeling emotions.

'Yes I know about your babysitting gig with your friend Jake that lives across the street from you. But I need an answer now. Will you join and help us?' Drake's voice got deep and powerful. This was kind of a turn on.

'Sorry Sir but I was hoping to get more time on the matter. Can you call me tomorrow and I'll have an answer'' I heard the click then the dial tone. Well that was rude and talk about being an asshole. I blew it off, knowing that they or Drake will call back soon.

I got in my car and picked up Jake. He was looking nice but I felt that same old feeling like he just can't wait to get his rocks off. The town was about 15 minutes from our houses. Jake just looked out the window waiting for me to ask the same old question.

'Okay sport, three Ws.' I asked even though he knew what I mean. Three Ws is Who, When and Where.

Jake looked at me with a smile and said, 'The usual spot at seven so you better step on it. Oh check this out. They are brother just got out of the military, Erick and Tylor.' I knew there was something else he wasn't telling me about.

'And?' I was getting more annoyed.

'They knew your name and personal wanted you to come with me.' He had a confused look on his face. But that's when it hit me. I got a huge migraine; it hit me so hard and fast. I started to freak out. I pulled over and got out and went to passenger side and opened the door.

'Move over, you're driving don't ask questions. My head hurts and I can't take any more of it.' Jake just smile and jumped over took off just as I was closing my door.

'Oh My God Bro, I Can't Believe You Are Letting Me Drive Your Mustang. I've Only Dreamt of Take It for a Spin. But now' wow, I guess I owe you.'

Jake just ranted on as I closed my eyes hoping it would help with the migraine. It didn't help one bit. But instead images flashed before my eyes. In the images I saw two hot guys. Both blond with marine cut hair, one had green eyes while the other had blue. They both had similar features but the guy with blue eyes was more gorgeous and I was feeling my groin beginning to stir.

I opened my eyes and Jake just had parked and was getting out of the car. He opened my door still smiling and asked if I was ok. I just nodded and got out of the car. We both heading inside the restaurant and grabbed a table.

'Well I guess we are early. I'm going to the head. Be right back.' Jake said and got up.

The waitress came over to the table, she recognized me but I can't remember her name. She was one of Jakes' one night stands. What a great night this is turning out to be so far.

'Hey Aaron, oh wait your babysitting again aren't you.'

I smiled and replied, 'Unfortunately yes, but this will be my last night doing it too.'

She smiled back at me saying, 'That's good. Maybe he'll finally learn to settle down. Anyway I'll come back when I see him and the other two join you.'

With that she walked off to the back and I sat there waiting and the blue eye stud popped back in my head. I shook my head trying to make the image of him go away. 'What is happening to me?' I said to myself. Just then Jake came back and was about to say something but instead he looked pass me and said, 'Erick over here.'

I turned around to where Jake was looking at and there they were. The two blondes, one green eyed and the other blue. My mouth just dropped opened. As they came close to our table I turned around and gathered myself. I just saw these guys in a flash image, was it a premonition? As they got to our table Jake introduced us.

'Erick, Tylor this is my friend Aaron. Aaron this is Erick and he is mine.' Jake pointed to the blonde with green eyes. Which meant the Tylor is my date a handsome blue eyed god. I stood up and shook both of their hands. Both squeezed my hand with strong grip.

Tylor held my hand longer and said, 'Please call me Ty.' His perfect white smile sent my head spinning. We sat down and began small chat. I sat quiet and used my gift to sense their emotions. The brothers both had the same feelings. They both were calm but had a weird vibe to them. I guess I was quiet longer than I expected and I heard Ty speak to me.

'Hey Aaron are you ok? Your very quiet.' He smiled again at me.

'Yeah I'm fine. Sorry I was just thinking.' I smiled back but it hit me again. Another image but more like a vision but this time it was a little longer than the first and more clear. I saw both Erick and Ty put something in my food while I went to the bathroom with Jake. The vision faded and our waitress came to take our orders.

'And you Aaron? The usual?' I felt so out of place I just nodded and grinned like an idiot. I started making small talk with Ty but at the same time I put everything together. Erick and Tylor were both here for me. I'm also going to bet they were sent by Sergeant Drake.

'So Aaron, I take it that you are not seeing anyone, since you are here.' Said Ty

'Yes I'm single and I wasn't really looking and now I really don't have to.'

I was working this guy. Hoping I can make him forget what he was really here for. That was for me and not in a good way. God Ty was just the guy I was looking for but too bad he was a bad guy, I thought. Our food came and while we eat I checked Ty out. He about 6'5' maybe about 250 pounds of solid muscle, he was build like a brick house. His t-shirt said it all. It was so tight and looked as if it was going to shred right off of him if he even moved. What really got me were his nice arms and pecs. He was smooth clean and cut no hair anywhere that I could see. Just looking at Ty made me horny so bad, I don't know how much more I can take.

'Please excuse me. I'll be back in a moment.' Ty said to me and got up and I got my first glimpse of his bundle in his jeans which were also pretty tight. I can tell he was packing a huge cock at least 8' easy. I wanted to follow him into the bathroom but I know I wouldn't want to end what might have started. So I sat and wait until he came back. When he came back I noticed I needed to go so bad also. But my little new gift of premonitions played back in my head and I was afraid. But when nature calls it calls. So I excused myself and Jake came with me.

In the bathroom I could tell Jake was hard and already leaking pre cum. 'God kid what are you two doing under your side of the table?' I said to Jake, he turned read. Jake leaned over and got a good look at my cock.

'Sorry kiddo, but this is off limits to you. You already got to take my car for a ride besides you got Erick.' Jake looked me in the face with disappointment and I didn't really care. He still has a lot to learn and those lessons he needed to learn on his own.

'Yeah you're right. How is Tylor? Please tell me I did good this time, right?' Jake said with his cocky tone. I just shook my cock put it way and washed my hands.

'Yeah you did pretty well tonight. Come on let's get back to your dates.' Jake followed behind me but I can feel his eyes on my butt. I blew it off because there was no way in hell I was going to let him have a piece of it. Call me a tease but there are things I like tutoring others with and my ass was one of them.

Back at the table Erick and Ty were talking. Just as Jake sat down his phone rang and he got back up and left me with the brothers as he answered his call. Erick and Tylor both looked at each other and I saw the wheels turning in their heads. This was my only chance to get to talk to both of them alone.

'Okay boys spill it.' I said to both of them bluntly and to the point. They both looked at me with shock.

'What you mean?' Erick answered for both of them.

'You know what I mean. Tell me I'm wrong that Drake sent you both after me tonight.' I said. The brothers turned white, they knew I had them both by the balls, figuratively speaking of course.

'Yes he did. He told us you were very gifted and if you found out the plan, you are to come with us one way or another. Do not worry about Jake. He with not remember a thing, just that he had a good time and he will move on to the next person on his list. You see Aaron you're not the only one with gifts. Erick can clear minds and plant memories that didn't really happen. Me on the other hand I can heal wounds and I'm indestructible.' Ty said lowering his voice so no can over hear us.

I looked behind me and saw Jake still talking on the phone outside the restaurant. I looked back at the two studs. 'Okay well let's go and get this over with, the sooner the better.' I got up and pulled out my wallet. I then felt Ty's hand on mine.

'Don't worry about it stud I got this. You can get the next one.' Ty said with a smile and pulled out three one hundred dollar bills and laid them on the table.

We were exiting the restaurant I could tell Erick and Ty were starring at my ass. Having both hot guys lusting over my rear end made even more proud of it. We meet up with Jake just as he was getting off the phone and looked over at us.

'Sorry Jake, but things have to be cut short. We are being called in and have to leave ASAP.' Jake put on a show of being disappointed. All I can do was roll my eyes and looked at a text I got from a number I did not know. It read, 'Meet U At Ur Place.'

We said our good byes', Jake and I headed to my car. When was I about to get in I heard an 'Awe' I looked over and saw Erick inject something into Jake. Jake fell back into Erick chest and was out cold. Then I left a painful sting in my right butt cheek.

'Sorry babe, I didn't want to hurt that sweet ass of yours.' Ty whispered into my ear and then I was out.

This is my first story. Hoped you liked it. 2nd part coming soon.



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