It was hard to believe that last night I had gone out to a bar and met this incredible guy after leaving, under an awning during a rainstorm. He had taked me back to his condo and gently, firmly fed me his big, black dick.

And here I was, looking at his kind eyes, pools of brown, as he told me undress, that it was 'my turn.'

Derrick was well over 6 feet tall and beautifully built. Smooth and muscular with thighs like iron, a chest sculpted out of marble and the most kissable lips ever made. His arms now were placed on my shoulders.

'Baby, you are a million miles away and I want you back here and out of those clothes, okay?' He asked softly.

Looking at him, this was exactly where I wanted to be. I lifted my shirt over my head as he helped me off with it, planting kisses on the way.

He slid my pants off and looked at my erection pressing against my boxers.

'Wow. Baby's got a hard on for his Derrick, doesn't he?' He said as he pressed his mouth against my dick, fighting against the fabric of my boxers.

'Let's get these off you, baby boy, Daddy Derrick wants a taste of that.' He said as he shucked my underwear off my legs and onto the floor.

'What a pretty little white boy you are, what a hard dick you have for me, I'm going to treat you right.' He whispered as he lowered his mouth to my groin.

I bucked up as those luscious lips took my dick and sucked softly the head as he took the rest of it into his warm, wet mouth. Seeing the outline of those lips capturing my dick almost sent me over the edge.

Spreading my legs, I placed my hands on his massive shoulders and pushed my hardness into his mouth.

'Mmmmmm, yeah, baby, my baby, Daddy Derrick likes that dick.' He paused as he looked at me, planted a kiss on my lips and then went back to my shaft. He moved down and licked my ballsac, rolling the nuts with his tongue. I was in heaven.

Slowly, his wide hands grabbed the underside of my thighs and pushed them up, exposing my ass to him. My ass is smooth and I heard him murmur as he lowered his face to the hole.

'Oh, my sweet white baby, this is Daddy's ass and he wants to taste it.' Smiling, he bend down as I felt the flicker of his tongue on my hole. Lapping it up like water, he wet me, slippery, and forced his tongue inside of me. I was moaning like a man possessed.

'Oh, Daddy, lick that pussy, you feel so good, your tongue feels so good in me.' I felt faint.

'Baby boy, I'm just beghinning.' He sat back on his haunches and smiled at me as he slowly moved a hand down to my ass and rubbed my hole with a large finger. Slowly teasin, he tickled my rosebud and the finger moved past my slippery ring into me.

Whoa. He looked me in the eyes and took his other hand up to my face, stroking my cheeks as he forced another finger into my needy ass.

'Baby boy likes that, doesn't he? He likes Daddy Derrick's fingers inside him? His tight little butt holding onto Daddy's fingers? Right, baby?' Never taking his eyes from mine, the hand stroking my face slipped a finger into my mouth.

I sucked like a newborn as I tried to grip his fingers in my ass. So needy, I had no idea I was so needy for this amazing man. He licked his lips as he fed me another finger in my hole and another in my mouth.

'Daddy wants baby white boy to be happy, to be taken care of, okay baby?' He licked my neck and all I could do was moan.

Slowly taking his fingers from my ass, I suddenly felt empty. Taking his fingers from my mouth, he touched his lips to mine, tongue in my mouth, kissing me like our lives depended on it.

Pulling away, he wrapped his arms around my torso and gently turned me over, putting a pillow under me so that my ass was raised.

'Now, baby boy, there's a sight. Daddy Derrick looking at his baby's ass. It is so pretty and Daddy wants to make it feel better.' He smiled as he grabbed a bottle of lube and squirted it directly onto my hole.

The coolness jarred me. 'Daddy, I need to feel you inside me, making me yours, please fuck me.' I cried out, insane and wanting him so badly.

'Oh, baby boy, Daddy is going to fuck you, make love to you, give you babies and make you happy.' As I looked behind me, I saw his amazing erection as he stroked it with lube.

His hands parted my ass cheeks and I felt his dick press against me.

'Okay, baby, Daddy's got his hard black cock at your asshole, so relax and Daddy's going to give you a good, long ride on his dick.' He grinned widely, I could tell, and then I felt his cock push into me.

My face buried in the bed, my ass in the air and his dick slowly taking my hole, inch by black inch.

'Daddy, that's too much, that's too much dick for me.' I squirmed as he pushed deeper.

'Oh baby boy, I want you to relax, to push against me so that I can go deeper into your nice warm, moist pussy.' He said firmly and I did as he told me.

He hit bottom and I felt stretched but so good as he started taking his dick in and out of my ass. God, I needed that dick, that black dick pumping my ass and he obliged.

Putting his hands on my shoulders, he drove his jackhammer into me as I muffled moans and felt full of his thick dick.

'Oh, baby boy, my white boy, Daddy Derrick loves this ass, it's his ass now, isn't it?' He didn't relent.

'Daddy, it's yours, this ass is yours, all yours, whenever you want it.' Almost crazy from the friction, I backed up against his dick.

'That's right, boy, back up on Daddy's dick, fuck that dick as it moves inside you.' He moved and his dick jumped inside me. He pushed my arms out from me and had me pinned on the bed, feeding my ever widening hole his large meat. I loved it.

'uh, uh, uh . . .' was all I could manage.

His sweat was dripping on me as I felt him slap my ass and hold the cheeks apart so he could see his pole in my slippery hole.

'Baby, Daddy wants to feed you some sperm, okay?' He asked as he reached under me to feel my hard on.

'Yea, Daddy, I'm ready for you to shoot, I want to feel it.'

And I did. He slowly rose up and then plunged one last time as I literally felt this rush of semen shoot into me, coating my insides. He kept on pushing, 'Baby, this is good ass and, shit, I'm still shooting into you!' Harder now, finishing his seeding, I felt him sit back, then kneel back as he moved his face to my ass.

'Oh, sweetie, Daddy is not done yet.' He said as he licked my ass.

'Now give Daddy some of that cum, push it out baby boy, push it out.'

And I did, feeeling the dribble of cum leak out of my ass and into his mouth.

Moving up, he moved my face to his and kissed me deep, feeding me his cum now in my mouth.

'There's a good boy. Taste Daddy's cum that was just in your ass. Drink it down, baby boy, Daddy's got more loving for you.' He reached down and with one large finger, pushed it back into my gaping hole as we kissed and I ate his cum.

Swallowing, I rolled over and smiled at him.

'Thank you Daddy' I said

'Oh, baby, thank you, there's still more.' He laughed softly as he reached in the bedside table drawer and brought out a short but wide butt plug.

Putting it in place, he puahed it into my happily sore ass.

'There, baby boy, keep the rest of that cum safe for now. Give your Daddy a kiss.'

And I did.


Topper Chef


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