What was I doing? 34 years old and out in the bars like some twinkie, looking for god knows what.

It had started that morning when I was talking to my friend Brad. He had asked me if I was dating and I told him I was so busy at work that I never had a chance to go out.

'Listen Mark, I've known you for years and ever since you broke up with Derrick you've just hibernated. You look great, have a great job and I don't see what your problem is.' He said, sounding miffed. Hell, he always sounds miffed.

There was some truth in that, though. I'd been with Derrick for 3 years and when he left, so did my world. Still, I was in good shape, short dark hair with a bit of grey at the temples, good body and a dick that didn't shame anyone. Plus I had a pretty bouncy ass, thanks to my mom's side of the family. However, I had not been out in over a year.

Time to change that.

So tonight, I threw on some jeans, nice tight t shirt to show off my pecs and headed off to the bars. My first stop was at Bar Lou, good drinks and a never ending parade of guppies. Just sitting at the bar relaxed me and the eye candy was yummy. Nothing too amazing caught my eye but at least I was out of the house.

Truth is, I missed Derrick. We had been great friends and the sex had been awesome. Deep inside me, he'd whisper in my ear that this was meant to be as he moved slower then faster, making us one and coating me with his seed. Fluttery kisses as we fell asleep made me feel safe and secure.

Then one day I came home and found a note that simply said, 'I have to go. I'll never forget you.' I was devastated.

That was over a year ago. Siting the bar and sipping my drink, I was still sad but finally realizing I had to move on. So I did, leaving the bar and heading right into a thunderstorm.

Taking shelter under an awning, I stared out at the torrential downpour as another guy took shelter under the awning.

'Raining like a bitch, huh?' He said, turning towards me. Looking at him, I almost gasped.

Identical to Derrick in so many ways, I thought. Taller than my 5'9' by about a head, this incredibly attractive man was a deep dark chocolate morsel with a shaved haed and a smile that would do any dentist proud. In a turtleneck and jeans, he defined built and I was momentarily speechless.

'Uh, yeah, it just started coming down.' I said lamely, not taking my eyes off of his.

Smiling broadly, he took my arm and pulled me towards him.

'You look like an old boyfriend of mine.' He said softly, reaching around to caress my ass. 'And you have that amazing bubble butt, too.' He continued as his hand continued its massage. 'I saw you the bar and was going to come up to you but you lef and I had to follow you.'

'What do you want?' I stammered, painfully aware of his hand cupping my ass as my cock started growing against the fabric of my jeans.

He bent down to my ear. 'You, baby, I want you.'

Taking me by the elbow, he led me to his car, opened my door and then got behind the wheel. Not saying a word, he reached over and took my hand, putting a couple fingers in his mouth and suckling gently. I was totally silent.

And hard. My dick was pushing against my pants as I looked at this black man slowly suck my fingers, making little moans of appreciation as he drove down the road.

Stopping at a condo complex, he pulled in and soon we were in his garage. Letting go of my fingers, he got out and came open to let me out. Taking my hand, he helped me out of the car and seemed to notice the bulge in my pants. One hand went down to rub my erection.

'I did that to you baby, didn't I?' He whispered as he kept rubbing my dick.

Nodding, I pressed my head into the crook of his shoulder and felt the powerful muscles of his chest as my refuge.

He tilted my head up and leaned down, his amazing lips brushing mine, pushing them open and snaking his tongue in my mouth, playing with my tonuge, all the while rubbing my almost painful erection.

'Let's go get comfortable, sweet baby.' He took my hand and led me into his condo.

Feeling hypnotized, I let him lead the way. While the brain in me was wondering what in the hell I was doing, my heart was following its path, and my cock was following its own path, too.

His bedroom had this huge bed with shades of brown covering its vastness. He sat me down on the edge of the bed and pulled his turtleneck over his head. Masses of layered muscle played with each other in the light of the room on his warrior like chest, covered in the lightest of hair with his large nipples thrust out proudly. As he reached for his belt, he looked at me, winked, and pushed his pants down around his knees.

Covered in silk boxers, his cock swayed against the silky fabric and I could see a drop of pre cum staining the print. Pushing those down, his dick sprang up. Blackest of black, the head large and needy, his dick had to be over 10 inches and thick. Large, hairy balls swayed underneath as he stepped out of his pants and boxers.

Turning around to light some candles afforded me a view of an ass that was carved from granite, high, tight and hard. His legs were smooth and athletic, moving in sureness as he turned back around, came up to the bed, put his hands on either side of my head and told me, 'Baby boy, I want you to suck me now, please.'

He gently put his cockhead against my lips as I opened up to his meat. Salty and good, I thought, as I sat there fully clothed and began the process of getting that fat monster in my mouth. Slurping on the head, tonguing the slit, my mind went blank, all I wanted was his dick. He slowly pushed in my mouth, encouraging me gently.

'That's right, baby, take this big dick. Just like that, nice and slow for me.' He continued to hold my head as he fed me his cock, sliding it in and out of my mouth as I slicked it up with my spit.

Sitting on the bed, my mouth full of his cock, I reached out and felt his taut thighs, my hands gripping his solid legs and I pushed my mouth further on his dick.

Oozing into my mouth, I licked the precum and moaned as he slipped more of it into my throat. Trying to not gag, I pulled away a bit.

'Baby boy, take it, take it slow, but I need you to take it, my sweet boy.' As he forcibly held my head and fed me more of that dick, at this point I had almost all of it down my throat.

Magically, my throat opened up and I felt all those thick, black inches move inside my mouth.

Reaching to take him more, I moved my hands around to his ass, that sweet and beautiful ass and felt in the cleft, probing this amazing warmth and a rosebud that had a ring of the softest hair circling the hole. Just playing with it lightly caused his cock to lurch in my mouth.

'Oh, baby, my sweet white baby, that feels so good, don't stop, take this dick, I want to feed you.' He crooned, stepping up the pace as his dick went in and out of my slick mouth.

Lightly pushing, his hole moisturized by sweat and exertion, I got a finger inside his ass, playing with the warm walls of his ass, feeling it grip my finger.

'Oh God, baby boy, that is it, that is the spot! My big dick in your tight little mouth, your finger feeling my hole, you are such a good boy, my boy and I want you to take this load, sweet boy.' As he pushed deeper into my throat, I fingered his moist ass and felt him stiffen a bit.

'Boy, I'm gonna cum, take my cum.' He softly whispered as he pistoned in and out of my mouth, his cock slick, leaking and ready.

Looking up, sucking away, I met his eyes. Warm, brown and twinkling, he once again winked, gripped my head and unloaded a torrent of sperm.

Holding me in place, I let it course down my throat, this slightly sweet cream as I pushed my finger one last time into the recesses of his ass.

'Yea, baby boy, that's it. Let me feed you this milk, drink it down my baby, take it all and suck me dry.' He pressed into me as I slaked my thirst, licking his head clean as his cock pulled out of my mouth. One last swallow. I looked at his cock and suddenly a creamy blast came from its eye, covering my face with jizm.

He reached down and licked my face clean as I pulled my finger from his ass. Then he did the most amazing thing, his kissed me and I tasted more of his cum from his own mouth. Moaning and grinning, he looked down.

'My sweet baby boi, my little white boy, now it's your turn. I'm going to take good care of you.' He smiled, cupped my chin with his big palm and told me to undress.

And of course I did. And that's the next story.


Topper Chef


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