Several nights ago, I had been lonely and sad over my single state. Today, as I entered my apartment, I had a whole new outlook not to mention a whole new hole.

I had met Derrick, this amazing 6' tall black man with skin of silk and a dick that made me squirm thinking about it. We had spent a glorious day and a half together as we bonded on a variety of levels. He had buried his shaft in my ass and claimed it as his own, swallowing my seed to bond us as one. I had suckled on his penis and looked at him deeply as he fed me his manhood with both kindness and discipline.

Now I was back in the real world, in a daze, cleaning up my place and myself, wondering where this was leading, if anywhere.

I washed up and changed, thinking about the new life that may be there for me.

Since I worked at home, I decided to do a little writing and sat down at the computer as the phone rang.

Answering, I was greeted with Derrick's low, sure voice. 'Hey baby boy, I was just thinking about you and wondering how you and that sweet white ass are doing?'

Laughing, I told him that we were both fine, 'I'll tell you Daddy, you wore me out, I can't sit down without thinking of you.'

He chuckled, 'That's good, you can be thinking about me taking this black monster and forcing it in that rosy red hole, can't you?'

'Oh, Derrick, that's pretty much all I have been thinking about - you have been incredible to me.' I finished, grateful for this man.

'Baby boy, we're just beginning and I want you to know that I want you and you know I own that ass, don't you?' His low voice was sure and firm.

'Yes Daddy Derrick, I do know that and that's what I want, you breeding me and letting me be your baby boy.' I was practically whispering as my dick sprang to life.

'That's my good boy, now I want you to get dressed in something nice so I can take you to dinner but I don't want you to put on any underwear, just put a little lube around those tight little ass lips, okay?' He growled.

'Whatever you want, Daddy.' I was hard, needy and ready to do whatever he wanted.

'Okay, I'll pick you up in an hour.' He hung up after asking for directions.

I ironed some clothes and then, as instructed, put some Astroglide around my hole, generously putting some inside myself as my dick nodded appreciatively.

Exactly an hour later, the doorbell rang and I took a deep breath and answered the door.

There he stood, 3 piece suit, charcoal with a blue shirt and matching tie - handsome in his smooth ebony skin and grinning like a kid.

'Hi baby boy, you look like I could eat you up!' He grinned some more.

'Maybe later, Daddy, you look like a dream!' I was stunned by his impact on me. My dick was hard, my brain was happy and my ass was ready.

The restaurant was stunning, white tablecloths were crisp and laden with silverware, crystal and fresh flowers.

We split a bottle of wine and kind of stared at each other.

'Baby, I know it's only been a couple of days but I feel things for you that really touch me in my heart. You are a kind man, very attractive and your soul is decent - I've been with a lot of guys that only seem to want one thing but with you I feel like we are sharing ourselves as well as our time.' He toasted me with his wineglass.

I was stunned. He had put my thoughts into words and said them to me.

'Derrick, beautiful Daddy Derrick, you are wonderful, you have given me more in the past few days than I can ever thank you for.' We clinked glasses.

The server asked for our order and Derrick asked him to check back in about 15 minutes. He got up and motioned me with him as we moved back towards the kitchen.

Off a hallway, there was a door marked 'Private' that Derrick opened. Inside was a small office with a walnut desk, chairs and a comfy looking couch.

'Uh, Derrick, should we be in here?' I asked nervously.

'Baby boy, trust me, my friend is the manager here and knows I needed the room for a few minutes to ask you something.' He guided me over to the desk and kissed me deeply, looking deeply into my eyes as our tongues darted and I felt him pressing against me, that engorged cock of his growing even more, hard against me and growing more insistent.

He turned me around and told me to unbuckle my pants, slipping them down around my knees. His breath was hot on my neck as I felt his hand caress my ass, rubbing around the rosebud and testing the lube I had placed there earlier.

'Baby, you are such a good little white boy,' he purred, 'lubed up, no underwear and that tight little ass ready for Daddy.'

I heard a zipper and knew that he had released his dick and then I felt him lean over me, covering me, as his prick rubbed up and down between my cheeks. Grabbing the edges of the desk, my breathing was labored.

'Now baby, I want this big black dick to be in your hole and I want to shoot my sperm up into your ass.' He whispered as he rubbed his dick in my cheeks, taking a hand to guide it to the ring of my hole, slippery and wet and waiting and needy and so fucking ready to be impaled on that spear.

I tensed a bit as he took both hands and placed them on the desk, on either side of my shoulders.

'Okay, baby, here we go.' He jabbed slightly and felt that mushroom head pop inside my ass, then he bent down to lick my neck as he slowly pushed his erection deeper into my oh so needy ass.

'Liking that, baby, aren't you? You like this big black Daddy cock filling that pussy up, don't you?' He continued pushing and I was sure he was going to split me open. I pushed some papers off the desk as the force of him deepened.

'Oh Derrick, you feel like home, fuck me please.' I wriggled against his cock, my ass stuffed and feeling expanded and happy. He pushed a bit more and hit bottom, my bottom. Putting his hands on my shoulders, he pulled me back onto his cock as I felt it expand into my tender insides.

'Okay, baby boy, this is your Daddy Derrick and he's going to fuck you and fill you up with cum because he loves you and wants you to be his.' His low voice lay soft on my ear as that big ass cock invaded my butt like it was going to claim it, ride it and put a flag on it. And maybe it was.

'Oh Daddy, I love you too, make me yours, give me your cum, your rich creamy cum.' I was practically panting.

'You got it boy.' He pushed deep, grabbed me by the waist and held me still and his last thrusts spilled him of his sperm.

'Uh, uh, uh, here you go.' As he gripped and pushed and seeded I pushed against him and felt the torrent of black dick ejaculating.

Into me.

He pulled out, walked around the side of the desk and presented me his moist tool.

'Clean me off, babe.' He stuck his softening cock into my mouth and I licked him clean of stray cum and my ass.

Leaning down, he kissed me.

'We'd better get to dinner.' He said. 'I'll be taking care of your needs for dessert.'

We got up, tucked in, and were walking out of the office when this really cute asian man passed us.

'Hello Derrick, I see you found the office okay.' He winked.

'Tan, you are a lifesaver, my boyfriend and I both thank you for your hospitality.' Derrick shook the man's hand as we moved back into the dining room.

Boyfriend? Whoa. What a Daddy and a dinner this was turning out to be.

After dinner was even better.


Topper Chef


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