I lay back and stared at my sleeping lover, Derrick, well over 6 feet, amazing body of velvet and sinew and that slumbering giant of a black cock that had invaded my body repeatedly leaving me full and satisfied.

My ass was still sore and what cum was inside me was held securely in place with a butt plug. Reaching down, I felt the base, giving it a little push and feeling my ass clench around it.

Wow. What was happening here?

Derrick was kind and a tremendous lover, self assured and knew how to use his cock. I nestled into his back and drifted, my new black daddy snoring softly.

Hours later, I woke up and looked around. I was alone. Sounds of the shower let me know where Derrick was so I hopped off the bed and went into the bathroom. Derrick was indded showering, soaping his magnificent body and humming softly.

I stood there and watched him lather those rounded, full pecs and move down to soap his stomach moving round and round as his dick started moving. Entranced, I watched as he grabbed the base of his cock and slowly rubbed up and down the length of the shaft. Thickening, his meat responded to his ministrations as it grew and then he turned around and saw me standing there outside the glass door.

He smiled lazily.

'Hey baby boy, Daddy was just thinking about you, get that ass in here.' He crooned as he gripped his black monster tigher and pointed it at me.

I stepped in the shower and he gently kissed me, giving me the full force of his tongue. His arms moved down my body as one hand felt between my ass and fingered the butt plug.

'Oh, good baby boy, still have Daddy Derrick's seed in you, what a nice little boy you are.' He gently pushed the plug up into me as I softly groaned.

'Yes, Daddy, I kept it in there for you.' My hips were moving under his hands.

'Thank you baby, now let's get you cleaned up.' As he said that, he removed the butt plug and I felt this sudden emptiness. He soaped up my ass and worked a finger up into me - moving it around as he grabbed my cock with his other hand.

'Let's get you ready for the next round, baby boy, okay?' He continued to work another finger into me as my cock started to swell.

'Yes, Daddy, thank you for cleaning me.' I was in a trance, water running down, this black man working my dick as he fingered my ass.

He rubbed my dick then moved down to cup my balls as he worked a third finger up in my hole. I turned around to brace myself on the shower wall as he covered me with his broad frame, pushing my legs farther apart with his knees.

'What a pretty white boy you are, this Daddy is so lucky isn't he?' As he gently removed his fingers I felt the head of his cock probe against my ass cheeks.

'Okay, baby, I can't wait, can I have your ass around this big cock?' He whispered in my ear, licking my neck.

'Daddy, I need that black dick inside me - can you put it there deep?' I begged as his answer found its way to my soaped up hole.

Grabbing both my hips, he pushed me back against his hard on as I felt the big head push into my hole, stopping briefly at the ring and then popping inside.

'There baby, Daddy's home.' He grunted as he kept on forcing himself into me. 'Reach around and feel your Daddy's dick, c'mon baby.'

Leaning with one hand, I reached with the other and felt the base of his so hard cock buried in me, his balls lightly slapping my ass.

'Oh, Derrick, you feel so fucking hard in me and I want this so much, please fuck this ass.' I panted as I felt my slick hole filled with his thick cock.

'Baby boy, we're gonna ride together and I'm going to take this black rock deep into your smooth, hot pussy, baby.' He gave his cock another shove and slowly pulled out then rammed back into me, my ass slippery with soap and dick.

I was pushed up against the shower stall and panting like a bitch as his hands grasped my waist and brought me back onto his dick as he pushed in and in and in, royally fucking me as he encouraged me onward.

'Nice tight ass, grip that dick with that moist ass, baby, let Daddy know you love his black meat inside you - c'mon on, take Daddy's dick, all the way, that's a good boy, you like it, don't you, this black hard dick taking that pussy?' He continued to piston into me as I felt my own dick rubbing against the shower stall.

'Oh, boy, I can't hold it, you are too tight and I want to give you Daddy's seed.' As he pushed one last time, he slammed me hard and underneath the cascading water, he filled me with hot, milky sperm.

'There baby, take it, take your Daddy's cum.' He grabbed my shoulders as he forced himself up into me one last time.

Shuddering, I pushed my greedy ass back one more time as he slowly took that monstrous dick out of my wet hole.

Turning me around, he kissed me lightly, looked at and said 'Now I want you to feed Daddy.'

Turning off the shower, he then kneeled down and took my cock into his mouth, working the head lightly as my dick grew in size.

Putting a finger into my warm and used ass, he continued to suck as I felt my own load building up and I looked deeply into his eyes, he looked into mine, his finger was massaging my happy hole and I shot.

Into his mouth. He sucked my dick as I spurted into him, moaning as he milked me dry, then licking me off.

Swallowing, he looked up and said, 'Now we have each others' seeds inside of us. We are one, my sweet white baby.'

I wrapped my arms around him, kissed him and whispered, 'Thank you, Daddy Derrick, thank you.'

'Oh you are welcome, Daddy loves you. And that ass that I now own.' He smiled as he reached down to cup the ass that I so willignly wanted him to have.

And will again.


Topper Chef


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