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29 Jan 2024 Score 82 / 100 Mobile friendly

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  • Pictures 4 stars
  • Unique 4 stars
  • Size 4 stars
Review score 82
  • 4 stars Cost
  • 4 stars Updates
  • 3 stars Usability
  • 3 stars Claims
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Introduction to

Treasure Island Media brings together six sizzling hot and filthy bareback sex sites offering members over 3,600 videos. Horny men of all ages, body types, and backgrounds cum together in dirty suck and fuck videos, and there are masturbation scenes, too. With 2 membership options, you’ll get 16 updates monthly plus some extras.

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Since Last Review

  • TIMPass now offers all 6 sites that used to be from TIMPass+

Treasure Island Topics

Video info

Videos are streaming only.

3,675 exclusive streaming videos in MP4 format ranging from average to good quality, depending of video’s age. The site’s player automatically resizes videos to fit your device. VIdeos are mobile compatible.

Picture info

Each episode has a set of good quality screencaps, newer ones displaying at 1600x900 and older ones at various other smaller sizes. No slideshows or zip files. Pics can be saved individually.

Bonus content

A news blog, user-submitted amateur videos on site’s tube video, members discussion forum.

Site issues

TIM Classics and Grindhouse Raw no longer updates 2 Pre-checked email offers on billing page; you can deselect and still join, however site Terms states that by joining you give TIM permission to send you emails.

Membership cost of Treasure Island Media

  • TIM Pass: $24.95 (recurring every 30 days)
  • TIM Pass Plus: $34.95 (recurring every 30 days)
  • TIM Classics: $19.95 (recurring every 30 days)

Treasure Island Media Review

Treasure Island Media (also known as TIM) was founded by Paul Morris in 1998, and it was the first commercial producer of gay bareback videos. It emerged out of an underground movement of men who wanted the freedom to explore sex in their own way including sex without condoms. Since then, it has produced hundreds of DVDs and now has production offices in San Francisco, New York, London, and Mexico City. Previously, Treasure Island Media itself was split into six sub-sites, one for each of it’s main brands, but TIM brings everything together under one roof. There’s a lot to cover here, so let’s get started.

At Treasure Island Media, you can expect the dirtiest and raunchiest bareback sex videos ever produced with men sucking dick and guzzling cum, bottoms getting fucked with raw cocks and taking loads in their freshly-fucked holes, and there’s some masturbation here, as well. Thee action includes duos, threeways, and fourways, but TIM is well known for it’s massive gang bangs with men piling into a hotel room to fuck each other or to focus their breeding efforts on one man. “Dawson’s 20 Load Weekend” rock the world in 2004 with this infamous bottom taking 20 loads over the course of a weekend, and a year later, they released “Dawson’s 50 Load Weekend.” You’ll find men sucking and fucking in hotel rooms, warehouses, dirty basements, bar playrooms, parking garages, stairwells, and even some outdoor action. The camera work is always fantastic offering us lots of cock-in-hole close-ups and creamy loads being blasted all over well fucked holes then fucked deep inside. Honestly, if you’re inner pig is hankering to get out for a horny jack-off session, it doesn’t get much hotter than Treasure Island Media.

You’ll find every almost every type of man imaginable. Having said that, I don’t see a lot of twinks here, although there are about 80 showing under Twinks in the category menu, and while there are plenty of hairy men, I don’t see many big-bellied bears, although there are certainly men packing a few extra pounds. Most of the men are slim, in shape, or muscular and come from a variety of backgrounds, so expect Caucasians, Latins, Black men, and a handful of Asian men. The men come in smooth and hairy flavors, tattooed or not, and range in age from 18 to their 60s, although most are probably between 20 to 40 years old. On the Men page, you can sort the men by hair and eye color, body type, cock size and type (uncut or cut), tattoos, sex role (top, bottom, versatile), or you can use a freeform field to search for the models name.

There are a three ways to enjoy the TreasureIslandMedia content. TIM Pass gives you access to TIM Fuck, TIM SuckTIM Jack, BruthaLoad, Latin Loads, and Grindhouse Raw while TIM Pass Plus gives you access to those six sites plus TIM Classics or you can join TIM Classics as a standalone site that costs less but won't give you access to any of those six sites; you’ll get 200 classic older TIM DVD titles with over 2,100 scenes.

Under Newest TIMPass Scenes, you’ll find tabs for its three channels. TIM Fuck features all 1,463 bareback fucking videos including duos, threeways, and group scenes. TIM Suck is the blowjob and cum eating brand with 849 videos, and TIM Jack features guys jacking off and cumming in 606 videos. You’ll also find BruthaLoad with Black men masturbating and raw fucking in 319 videos, and these are Black-on-Black sessions -interracial action appears elsewhere on the site under the various other brands. Latin Loads is one of the company’s newer brands, and it brings us Mexican, Central and South American men bareback fucking in 310 videos. Grindhouse Raw is the newest label, and it brings us 127 videos filmed in South Africa. And if you join TIMPass+, you'll also have access to TIM Classics.

Treasure Island has 3,674 total scenes, but how many you can access depends on the membership option you select. If you purchase a TIM Pass membership, you’ll get 2,918 videos from TIM Fuck, TIM Suck and TIM Jack, plus another 756 videos from BruthaLoad, Grindhouse Raw, and Latin Loads. The videos stream in MP4 format, and there seems to be a 540p and an HD version, and while the site automatically selected 540p for me, changing it to HD didn’t seem to improve the quality at all. The video player is adaptive, so it’ll resize the videos to fit your screen. There is a full-screen option, although the results vary. Many of the oldest scenes look just as good as the newer ones, but some are smaller in size and only average quality. That’s to be expected when production spans 25 years, but nevertheless, they’re enjoyable. All the videos are mobile compatible.

Each scene has a picture set. The pics are screencaps ranging from 406x360 (oldest) to 1600x900 (newest), and they range in quality from not great to good. The galleries appear under each episode’s video player with anywhere up to 30 pics, but many have less. You can save the pictures individually, but there’s no downloadable zip files. There are forward and back controls on the viewer, but there’s no slideshow feature.

Let’s talk about updates. Only the latest four episodes are dated on the homepage, but inside, the episodes aren’t dated at all, so I can’t confirm the tour’s update claims. It seems members get four weekly updates. I have access to a promotional back-end site for affiliates and here’s what I saw for January: TIM Fuck added seven videos (one was a cumshot compilation), TIM Suck, TIM Jack, and BruthaLoad added two scenes each, Latin Loads added six videos, and Grindhouse Raw hasn’t updated since May 2023. Breaking those numbers down another way: TIM Pass members got 11 updates in January 2024 and TIM Pass Plus got 19 scenes, but since our visit, TIMPass members get access to all the sites, so hopefully we can expect around 19 updates per month.

There are some bonuses here. TIM X Tube offers 2,266 videos that appear to be filmed and submitted by amateurs. Most of them are a minute or less, but there are some that are as long as five minutes. There’s no set update schedule, but so far in January there have been 17 videos uploaded. TIM News is a blog that covers mostly Treasure Island news, but there are stories like one about being gay on the frontline of Ukraine or a piece about taking antibiotics after sex to reduce the risk of catching an STI. There’s lots of interesting and weird stuff here, so check it out. TIM Forum is a discussion forum where you can wade in on all kinds of topics and issues. One thing that I’m sad to say is missing is Fuck Roulette, which was available on our last visit.

There are all sorts of other things to explore on the TreasureIslandMedia site, but most of them will cost you extra. You can buy movies to download or have DVDs shipped to your home; there’s a Toys & Gear store where you can buy lube, poppers, and BDSM gear, along with sex toys and clothing.

No site is perfect, so let’s talk about a few downsides. There are two pre-checked email offers on the join page; if you don't want to receive emails, you can unclick them both, click to agree to the site terms, and still join. That being said, the site terms say by joining you agree to receive emails, so if you're not interested, you may have to opt out again after the first email arrives. As I mentioned, downloads aren’t included, and while there is a store where you can buy DVDs or scenes, it appears that only scenes released on DVDs are available. Also, the site's search is of limited use.

I find the navigation awkward, and I wish they’d simplify it. You can access the various brands, which they’re calling Channels, from the homepage under Newest. But you can also click Scenes on the top navigation bar and display all of the videos regardless of their channel affiliation. There is a sort menu, but this can be cumbersome. If you want movies from a specific channel, simple select it from the Channel dropdown. You can also sort the movies by Membership, which is handy if you only purchased the TIM Pass. There’s also a freeform search field which is of limited use because it only displays results for your keyword if it appears in the scene description.

Last, I wish they’d dispense with the two levels of membership, and while the big change here is that TIMPass members now get access to all the sites but TIMClassics, it's still a bit cumbersome,  There’s a $10 difference between the two options, go for the higher price and make it easier on everyone, including reviewers who have to sort it all out.

Treasure Island Media has redesigned its website, so where they used to have a separate site for each brand, they now bring all six together on one big site and now call the brands channels. What’s important to know is that you’ll have access to as many as 3,674 of the filthiest raw sex and breeding videos you’ll find anywhere. TIM always pushes the envelope urging us to go deeper into the dark and depraved world of bareback sex. It can be challenging to figure out the organization and navigation of this site, but it’s worth the effort because your cock will be rock hard watching all these horny men sucking, fucking, and blowing their loads.

Things we disliked

  • TIM Classics, Grindhouse Raw don't update
  • No downloads available
  • Navigation is cumbersome
  • Search produces limited results

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