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If you're a fan of bareback porn, you've heard of Treasure Island Media. The production company was founded by Paul Morris in 1998 and is largely credited with the underground emergence of bareback sex in videos. And the Treasure Island Media online store brings together the full line of TIM DVDs in one place.

The Treasure Island Media site is one of the nicest online stores I've seen in a while. The first thing I noticed is that they've done away with the standard, long, left-side navigation bar we're used to seeing at online stores. In fact, at first glance, the TIM site doesn't even look like a store. And I like that. The front page gives you large thumbs displaying the latest TIM releases in their Bareback (fucking), Swallow (blowjobs and cum eating), and Porn Stash (jack off) categories. And from these front-page categories you can click a "see all" link that shows you all of the DVDs offered in each. The categories also run across the top of the site, so they're also easy to get back to.

But what I really loved about Treasure Island Media is their movie detail pages. One of TIM's latest releases is Outlaws, and the details page has a nice big thumb of the box cover flanked by a free preview video of the movie. There's a full cast listing as well as other basic information. There are five picture sliders showing you screencaps from each scene. And lastly is the customer review area. TIM is an active site with many faithful fans who don't hesitate to comment on the movies. Outlaws was just released in July 2013 (a month before this review) and it already has 30 comments.

And you a few options when it comes to buying TIM DVDs: you can buy a DVD and have it shipped to your address or you can purchase the DVD under their download-to-own option, and they both cost the same. You can also can purchase individual scenes for $5.00, which are download options; I couldn't find any information on the site about whether you can burn your download purchases to a DVD.

The only thing I didn't like about the DVD details page is that the performers names aren't linked, which would have made it easy to find more of my favorites. But their free-form search field seems to work well.

Shipping within the United States is by FedEx and runs between $9.50 to $25 depending on whether you want ground or overnight service. I live in Canada, so I put in an order and the shipping charges were $15 for FedEx Group and $20 for FedEx Priority, which is pretty reasonable. Depending on how the order is packaged, however, I might be subject to paying duty when the parcel arrives. And there's always the possibility on international orders that local customs officials could seize the products if they deem them offensive.

The Treasure Island Media store also offers clothing (shirts, underwear, jocks) branded with the company logo, and as well, they offer a small collection of e-books and one hardcover book.

The site also gives you easy access to their community section that includes a blog detailing the latest goings-on at TIM, as well as a personals section and discussion forum putting you in touch with other barebackers and TIM fans. And if you find that you just can't wait for your DVDs to arrive, there are links to join the company's three membership sites.

There's a lot to like about this store, from the layout to the community. I would have liked to have a bit more information on the Treasure Island Media site about the download options, especially about burning them to a disc yourself. Their terms and services say that you can't copy their videos (and a whole list of other things like trading or uploading them to other sites) but making a copy for your own enjoyment should be a pretty standard allowance. Still, I really like the TIM store. It's a breath of fresh air from the standard store designs and really got me interested in the videos with big preview pics and free sample videos. And I really liked that I could buy whole DVDs or just the scenes that I really liked.

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