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TIM Fuck is one of three membership sites run by Paul Morris Treasure Island Media. Based in San Francisco, TIM is well known for producing the nastiest, dirtiest bareback porn on the planet. Along with a selection of their DVDs, they offer lots of never-before-seen content from the vaults as well as fresh scenes that they film exclusively for the website. The site adds new content every week, and there's the new TIM Pass option that gives you access to their entire network of sites, so let's head over and see what's been happening since our last review.

TIM Fuck features hot, masculine men fucking without condoms. The men come in a variety of flavors from average-bodied guys to muscle men in ages ranging from 18 to 60. You'll find jocks fucking alongside muscle bears, daddies, tattooed studs, Latin guys and black men. The site doesn't focus on a particular type of man but rather on raw fucking and guys giving and taking cum loads. Most of the men are American, but one of TIM's directors is Liam Cole and he films out of the U.K., so you'll find plenty of European performers, too.

Over the years there have been some well-known gay pornstars who have appeared in TIM videos, men including Brad McGuire, Steve Parker, Steve "Tit Pig" Hurley, Tober Brandt, and Nick Moretti, and more recently, porn hunks like Drew Sebastian, Derek Parker, Rocco Steele, Dolf Dietrich, Hugh Hunter, Hans Berlin, and Adam Russo. Although Treasure Island has had a stable of regulars like Jeremy Stearns, Derek Anthony and Dan Fisk, many of the men here are amateurs

Others, like Dawson, were made famous by Treasure Island. Dawson caused quite a stir when he appeared in "Dawson's 20 Load Weekend" where he gets fucked by 20 different men over the course of a weekend. Bareback sex was just emerging from the underground at the time, so it was quite controversial. Single-name power bottom Christian is another who has taken dozens of loads in TIM videos, and my favorite is "24 Cocks in 24 Hours," which is pretty self-explanatory.

Most of the TIM Fuck exclusive scenes are filmed in hotel rooms, but some are shot in warehouse settings or sex clubs. Many of the latest episodes are duos, but of the 20 latest updates, there are five threesomes and two foursomes shot for the site, and if you dig into the archives, you'll find heaps of threeways, fourgies, and even a couple of gangbangs with five or six men.

TIM Fucks has two areas where you'll find videos. Under Scenes you'll find 285 videos that are called "Latest Exclusive Scenes" and under Movies you'll find 36 DVDs, each featuring four to 12 scenes for a total of 269 scenes. But this is a bit confusing because under Scenes you'll not only find web exclusive scenes but also videos from DVDs that aren't listed on the Movies page. Also, when we reviewed the site a year and a half ago there were 99 Movies, then a few months ago there were 31 showing in that section, and now there are 36. And to complicate things just a little bit more, the Scenes section lists 734 scenes, but there are really only 285 on the page. I believe the 734 refers to all of the scenes available in the Treasure Island Media network, but more about that in a minute.

The 285 videos listed under Scenes are offered in streaming MP4 format, the newest ones sized at 848x478 while the oldest play at 580x434. The newest videos are good amateur quality and hold up pretty well in full-screen mode, but the older ones are less crisp and don't fare very well when you enlarge them. The 269 scenes in the Movies section all play at 848x478, and they're good amateur quality DVD productions that do pretty well at full screen and are sharp and clear at their default size. And one last thing about the Movies: the last movie listed called "Breeding Season" doesn't have any scenes at this time.

The videos under Scenes are dated, and one is added every week. I'm not sure how often a new DVD scene is released under Movies because while the latest DVDs are listed with their dates added to the site and their release dates, the DVD scenes are added individually and there are no dates listed.

Most of the Scenes episodes come with a decent description and a gallery of photos offering from 10 to 60 or more pics. The photos are screencaps, the newest ones display at 1920x1080 and older ones at 720x480, but there may be other sizes as well. There are no slideshows; there is a forward and back button for pic-to-pic navigation, but they didn't work for me, although they did work for my editor. You can right-click save the images, but sets aren't available as zip downloads. The DVD scenes do not have picture galleries, and neither do many of the oldest vids in Scenes.

One of the extras that I liked is a cam-to-cam feature called Fuck Roulette that randomly pairs you with other cam users for a chat session, and whatever else you do is your business. There's also a personals section and a discussion forum. There's also a link to the Treasure Island Media blog featuring the latest goings on in the TIM world as well as stories from fans, interviews with the performers, and more, and there's another blog by Max Sohl, the TIM director. There are also two tube areas, one called Toxxxic Tube, which features amateur videos uploaded by members and the other, TIM X Tube, offers short trailers from various TIM DVDs and videos, as well some amateur content. I'm not sure why they don't just merge these into one large tube.

While I get a hard-on for TIM Fuck videos, I don't love everything about the site. First, there are four pre-checked email offers that will sign you up for regular mailings from Treasure Island, but you can opt out on the join page. Second, the monthly price has increased by $10 since last year, and that's because you can no longer join just this site; you must get the TIM Pass option that gives you access to TIM Suck and TIM Jack as well as TIM Fuck, so while you pay more, you get more content, too. There are also a couple other Treasure Island sites you can add for $4 each or $6 for both, and I'm happy to report that TIM Fuck has simplified the join page, which on our last visit was the most confusing I've seen.

There are a couple navigation issues, too. The video homepage shows all 285 videos on one very long page, which makes for a lot of scrolling. The Models page does this as well, but with all the men who have filmed for TIM over the years, it's even longer. And I wasn't thrilled that video downloads aren't included for members; if you want downloads, you'll have to go to the TIM Store (listed on the bottom of all the pages) and find the scene or DVD you're looking for there - the downloads aren't linked from the individual scenes.

If you're into bareback sex and breeding, it just doesn't get much nastier than TIM Fuck. And even if you have a huge collection of Treasure Island DVDs, TIM Fuck gives you a nice offering of 285 exclusive web scenes plus a new scene added weekly; there are also 36 multi-scene DVDs with a total of 269 scenes currently. The videos will stream on desktops and mobiles, and there are some picture sets and extra features like a forum and two blogs. The men are hot and the raw fucking is nasty with hard cocks spunking cum-hungry butt holes. While the only join option is for the TIM Pass, it is a good deal, giving you access to three sites and 1,407 Treasure Island Media videos.

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