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Renowned bareback studio Treasure Island Media has several membership sites, and TIM Suck highlights cum-hungry cocksuckers who love practicing their oral skills. Treasure Island has been filming in San Francisco for many years and has more than 100 DVDs in their library. But lots of scenes never make it to DVD, too, and some are filmed exclusively for the TIM membership sites, so there's a lot of never-before-seen blowjob content inside this dirty site.

The men of TIM Suck come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and about the only kind of guys you won't find much of here are twinks and bears. The men are generally masculine guys from 18 to 60 with slender to well-built physiques, and there's a good selection of both hairy and smooth bodies. There are lots of muscle men, Latinos and black guys, clean shaven guys and bearded men, some with tattoos, as well as a wide array of dicks from average sizes to big, not to mention several absolutely huge cocks, and you'll find both cut and uncut meat. Most of the guys are amateurs with single names, but there are some gay porn stars here, as well, including Dolf Dietrich, Hugh Hunter, Adam Russo, Christian Wilde, Luke Harding, Rogue Status and Cam Christou. And Treasure Island Media itself has created several bareback stars like Brad McGuire, Jesse O'Toole, Dan Fisk, Jerry Stearns and power bottoms Christian and Dawson.

TIM (Treasure Island Media) is best known for their dirty bareback fucking and cum-loading gangbangs, but they also film a lot of blowjob scenes. While these are mostly filmed in home or hotel settings, there are several gloryhole scenes, as well. If you like watching a hungry cocksucker servicing a bone, you'll love the action here. Most of the sucking occurs in duos but there are a few group scenes, sometimes featuring several guys getting serviced by one cocksucker, others with one or a couple of guys servicing several dicks. And these cum eaters end up with deliciously creamy loads squirting in their mouths. There's not a lot in the way of facial cumshots, but cumming cocks are unpredictable, so sometimes the cocksuckers end up with splooge on their faces or dripping off their chins.

TIM Suck offers 413 videos; 255 are listed in the Scenes section and 158 in the Movies section. Those in the Movies section are scenes from 17 DVDs. These are streaming videos in MP4 format sized at 848x478 (newer) or 636x478 (older). Quality is average to good amateur with mostly decent sound and lighting, although some of the rooms are on the dim side. You'll find lots of close-up action as the cocksuckers go down on the dicks. The camera men are also quite attentive and gets in close for those cum-spurting scenes so you don't miss a drop of jizz flying into these hungry mouths. There is also a full-screen option on the streaming player, although unsurprisingly the newest videos fare best. The videos will also stream on most mobiles.

Each of the videos in the Scenes section comes with a picture set, but the ones in the Movies section do not. The pics are screencaps with about 28 to 60 photos in each gallery. The pics are sized between 640x427 and 1920x1080, depending on the age of the scene. Quality is average or better, and some sets have sharp, clear pics that could easily pass for digital stills. There are no zip files available, however you can save the photos individually. Also, while there are no hands-free slideshows, the photo player has forward and back controls so you can easily navigate from pic to pic.

Now let's talk about site updates. The site adds a new exclusive video in Scenes once each week, and although the existing DVD scenes aren't dated, the to-be-added scenes are, and they show the site adds all the scenes from one DVD each month. This coming month there are eight DVD scenes scheduled to be added and next month, nine the month after. The catch is that three months ago there were several more DVDs than there are now, which may indicate that the site is recycling DVD scene updates.

Your TIM Suck membership includes access to Tim Fuck and TIM Jack. In fact, when joining it's impossible to sign up for TIM Suck alone - you have to buy a TIM Pass which gives you access to all three sites. TIM Fuck updates weekly while TIM Jack adds a new scene every other week. There are some other bonuses, as well; two blogs (The Island and Max Sohl Blog), two tubes sites (Toxxxictube featuring amateur videos and TimXTube featuring more Treasure Island trailers), there's also a personals section and discussion forum. My favorite bonus feature is Fuck Roulette, where you can be connected to random members for jack off sessions on live cam. By the way, you'll find two other membership offers in a section marked "click to see more options" where you can add two additional Treasure Island sites to your membership for $4 each or $6 for both if you want. These offers are not pre-checked.

While I love watching these blowjob videos, I didn't love everything about TIM Suck. As I already mentioned, you have to sign up for the TIM Pass whether you want to or not, and while this gives you access to three sites, it's also $10 more than the single site membership used to be, and the multi-month options show the per-month prices rather than the total price, so a six-month membership shows a cost of $21.50 instead of the actual price of $129. Also, there are four pre-checked email offers that will sign you up for four separate email lists, but you can opt out of these.

Something that I found confusing is that the site lists 451 in the scenes section, even though there are actually 255 right now. I already mentioned that the videos aren't offered for download, but it took me a while to figure that out because the all 255 scenes are listed on one very long page as are the men in the Models section. I found this inconvenient, but you may feel otherwise - I guess it depends on your point of view.

TIM Suck offers guys sucking dick and guzzling cum, and I enjoyed having all of the Treasure Island Media blowjob videos in a single location. Still, sometimes I'm in the mood to watch guys bareback fucking or jacking their dicks, so the bonus access to TIM Fuck and TIM Jack is nice and there are convenient links to both sites right in the member area. There are 413 videos - 255 exclusive vids in Scenes and 158 in the Movies section - and these are streaming videos that are also mobile compatible. A new exclusive video in Scenes is added once a week plus they add a couple DVD scenes, although these may be recycled, and the bonus sites bring an additional six updates per month. If you like watching skilled cocksuckers enjoying their craft, I'm sure you'll enjoy what TIM Suck's offering.

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