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BruthaLoad is a series of DVDs produced by Treasure Island Media and features hung black men in solo jack-off sessions, and now it's a standalone site, as well. We haven't reviewed it before because the site is fairly new, so let's take a look and see what's going on.

The men at BruthaLoad are mostly single-name performers, unknowns and amateurs in Pornland who wanted to make a JO video. The guys look to be mostly in their twenties and thirties with slim, athletic or muscular bodies. They are a mixed bag featuring different hair styles; some have smooth bodies while others are hairy, some are tattooed and others aren't. Quite a few of the men have facial hair, but lots of other don't. And the dicks, well, there's variety here, too - you'll find sizes from average to huge fat dicks. If you like black men, BruthaLoad offers a sexy mix of guys. There are a few porn regulars like Ray Diesel, Rogan Hardy and Bamm Bamm, but these are few and far between.

The action is all solo jack-off sessions with guys stroking their bones in home or hotel settings, and a few are filmed in the TIM studio or elsewhere. There are no outdoor scenes and there's only one threeway with a trio of studs jacking their meat side by side on a couch. Occasionally the videographer will reach in for a feel or to help out, but otherwise these are solo sessions with the men pleasuring their own dicks. And when they're ready, they blow their juicy loads wherever they want - on the floor, on the bed or couch, on their bellies or thighs, into their fists, or the more lively ones are able to shoot up onto their chests. Some of the men like the taste of their own jizz and lick their fingers – that's always a hot sight.

There are 113 videos offered at BruthaLoad. These are streaming-only and they play at 848x478 with a full-screen option. The newest videos are quite good, sharp and clear, but the older aren't as crisp and may not fare as well in full-screen mode, but they're still enjoyable. The videos aren't available for download, although there is a store in the members area where you can buy the DVDs and download them or have them shipped, but members don't get a special discount. The site adds a new scene every two weeks on Wednesday. As mentioned, BruthaLoad is a series of DVDs, and Treasure Island has produced seven of them so far. Not every scene in the member area comes from these DVDs, however - some of them are web productions.

Most of the scenes have a gallery of pictures, although not every one does. These are screencaps and each gallery has between 20 to 60 pics. The newer pics display at 1920x1080 and the older come in at 720x480. Thumbnails can be enlarged in a picture viewer with forward and back controls but no hands-free slideshow. You can save the pics individually, but there's no downloadable zip file. Image  quality depends on the original production, but generally they're pretty good.

There are a number of bonuses in the member area. You'll get access to two tube sites; one is right in the members area and the other is a standalone site. They seem to feature a mix of amateur videos uploaded by members and also advertise TIM videos in various ways. There's a discussion board and a personals section as well as two blogs, one written by producer Max Sohl. And there's Fuck Roulette that connects you cam-to-cam with other members.

BruthaLoad is a standalone site and only costs $8 a month, but it's also offered for half that price as a cross-sell when you join TIM Fuck or TIM Suck, so you might want to take a look at that option. And if you're really just into watching guys jack off then TIM Jack also offers BruthaLoad as a cross-sell and you'll get to watch both white, Latino, and black men stroking their cocks. Or you can just join BruthaLoad and spend less than $10 per month.

Are there any drawbacks? When you do sign up, be mindful of the four pre-checked email offers on the join page. These will get lots of email arriving in your inbox but they're easy to opt out of. I was disappointed that the videos weren't offered for download, but that's nothing new for Treasure Island Media. And while I wish the site updated weekly, at least it updates every other week - lots of sites don't update at all, so this isn't a huge issue.

BruthaLoad features horny and hung black men stroking their cocks and unloading their nuts. There's a hot mix of men here and some of these dicks are eye-poppingly huge, so I enjoyed my visit. The site offers 113 streaming, mobile compatible videos and adds a new one every two weeks. While there are no downloads, the action and the men are hot, and at only $8 per month, you'll really get your money's worth here - plus over 100 big black cocks.

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